Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager - backup and restore

Hi all

This function could help me save my contacts (phone numbers) from my device and restore them on another Blackberry I have?

Thanks in advance.


You are welcome. When you connect your other blackberry to the top and click on the wizard button - the info will download.

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  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager "disconnected" and I cannot get rid of the error message

    I just bought a Blackberry Curve 8530, running v5 software, my computer is Windows 7. I installed the 501_b073_multilanguage software that I downloaded from the site Web of Blackberry. When I run the Desktop Manager I get this message: "Before you start, check that your current BlackBerry device is connected to your computer." Troubleshooting functions I've seen on this forum: many tips (ones I've tried is below). One in particular, that I can't do is "Office Manager shows"off". ".
    -Make sure that the user has entered in the Desktop Manager and select options > connection settings > detect. »

    ... because I can't get rid of the error message dialoge box, and I can't click on the menu options in the BB Desktop Manager.

    I tried the following:

    • uninstalled and reinstalled twice - 2nd uninstall was a "hard" uninstall where I deleted the registry files by hand
    • installs the cable to the USB port at the back (after having tried both ports at the front) of the computer
    • rebooted the computer several times
    • hard starts the phone by removing the battery
    • plugged in, removed and replugged in the phone.


    • The phone is properly install when I plug it in, but the software still does not seem to see it.
    • In Device Manager, the BlackBerry appears under portable devices. Double clicking on it gives me the message "this device is working properly." of reassurring.
    • The Com1 port is working properly, according to Device Manager.
    • A double-click on the icon of the Device Manager to get the properties indicates that the Com1 port is "disconnected" - when I try to set it up, it appears just back to the disconnected state.

    If someone has an idea or something that I have not tried, I'd be happy of course!

    Thank you!


    Good, people, after a phone call from 3 1/2 hour with a (very patient) phone support person to Blackberry, here's what I learned.

    You can check your drivers USB in this way:

    1. Plug your phone into your USB key. Assuming that your Blackberry is "seen" by your computer...
    2. Go into the Device Manager on your computer (Panel)
    3. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers at the bottom of the list item
    4. Right-click on the BlackBerry smartphone, and then select Properties
    5. Click on the driver tab
    6. Click the driver Details button
    7. You should see a driver. I saw two. The one like the BlackBerry is the RimUsb one.

    So here's what NOT to do: we threw any driver who has been the "extra". This actually made using my mouse and keyboard cannot, because they are USB and my poor husband has sent in the basement to find a million-year-old keyboard (and mouse) with the old fashioned type of connectors (PS2). Bleh. Don't, don't.

    Here's what I did that worked (not saything this will work for you - it changes the registry to a backup system with this backup and restore if you are nervous about this kind of thing):

    1. On the start menu, choose run and type regedit into the registry editor.
    2. Follow this path to the file: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM, CurrentControlSet, Control, computer, class
    3. Click: {36FCE60-C465-11CF-8056-4445535400000}
    4. If there is an article called law "UpperFilters", delete it. (See photos)

    Hope this helps someone.


    First photo: Watch 'before '.

    Second picture: displays the full path of the file and 'after '.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager stops and does not sync

    Hello, I just got my new BlackBerry Storm and I installed the software on my laptop running Vista Home.  The software loaded properly, the icon is on the desktop, but when I use the USB cable and open the Desktop Manager, then I click on synchronize and I get an error.  There is no error number, it just says: unknown error reported

    How can I get my mobile calendar and Notes to synchronize with my Blackberry Storm?

    Thank you


    Well, I broke down and called Bell Mobility.  They had me up and running in a few minutes.  I guess I would have called them first, but history with Bell Mobility Technical Support... Well I only use as a last resort.

    in any case, the fix for this problem is to go into your control panel / user accounts / turn user account or disable / and then make sure that the box is NOT checked where it says use User Account Control to help protect your computer.

    My box has a check mark, so when I removed, then returned to the BBDM I was then able to synchronize my data between the Storm and my laptop.

    Thanks to those who helped, now we know what to do if someone else comes in the Forum with the same problem.

  • Catastorphe Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager and "BOLD"

    I just downloaded the new Blackberry Desktop Manager Mac and synced my "BOLD", then I was stupid enough to upgrade the software on the "BOLD". It was after a while the Office Manager gave me a message that it was unable to complete the upgrade. The "BOLD" ended with a whitescreen, a list of the applications and the BlackBerryPlatform at the top of any time I try to select one from the list, I get a variety of error 'uncaught exception' message etc. When I try to reload the old OS, "BOLD" does not connect (even though my MAC initially recognises there is a plugged USB cable.)

    Bright ideas? up until now, I liked my "BOLD"...

    Exactly the same thing with the new Archbishop Desktop for Mac and a BB "BOLD".


    for a way to restore the OS BB (but you need a Windows PC to do that).

    Good luck.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager crashes since loading v6.0.0.43

    I just lost another hour trying to synchronize my 9530 BB with MS Outlook (v2003 on laptop with XP SP3) when the BB Desktop v6 hung several times during the launch.  I just downloaded the old desktop v5 and install it now.  My BB is 2 years, I'm in the mkt for a new phone. Due to timing issues, as well as the low battery performance, it is difficult for me to not switch to Android as soon as POSSIBLE.  I love BB, but it was due to the steady performance and high reliability.  Without that, I'm better with new Android phones and more applications.

    I'll try to roll back to the b 82 5.0.1 to see if the Desktop Manager will synchronize as it was as an interim solution.

    Does anyone know how to run the v6?

    (Otherwise, I'm out of here and I'll see how Android or iPhone sync.)

    Successfully removed Desktop Manager v6 and restored to v5.  Works as expected - syncs between Outlook and the storm without hanging.

    Why would a broken version be released?

    In any case, solution seems to be to keep the version of the software that actually works.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 and hang up Roxio Media Manager

    OK, I spent an hour searching for messages on the forum and not gettting any where.

    Here are the details:

    New laptop with Windows XP - SP3

    New installation of BB Desktop Manager 500_B28_Multilanguage

    I use Sync to update my address book via Ascii one-way.

    What does once.  No problem

    Restarted my laptop.  Now I get Windows Installer looking for Roxio Media Manager.msi and now I can't get rid of it.

    I hit Cancel and it comes back.

    The only thing in Add/Remove programs is Desktop Manager 5.0 and Blackberry Media Sync

    Try to remove one and I get this message 'Installation pending'.

    If there is a problem with 5.0 why is a new version correcting not out?

    Means do a "Clean uninstall" (KB02206) of Blackberry Desktop Software positions, means (KB19218) Windows Installer Cleanup several positions.

    Before I get started, y at - it a real solution?  If I do the clean uninstall and then install 500_B28 I'll hang whenever I start the computer while the installer looking for Roxio?

    Could someone help me please.

    Twas obivous that I was going to get NO HELP from RIM, so I called my IT Department.

    Here's what I've done so far.

    Open the Task Manager.

    In Applications, do a right-click on the RMM install process.

    Left click on go in the process.

    This step puts you on ISUSPM.exe

    Click on end process.

    Click OK.

    Go back to Task Manager, select process

    find misexec.exe

    Click on end process.

    Click OK.

    Go to add / remove programs

    Uninstall the Blackberry Desktop Manager

    Uninstall using DELETE all user settings

    After 15 minutes, finally deletes it on MMR also

    I ran Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (290301)

    verified that no Roxio programs or programs BB were on the computer

    and restarted.

    So far so good.

    Now, I have to decide if I want to put BBDM with or WITHOUT the MM.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager has stopped working

    "Desktop Manager has stopped working", that's what I get when trying to sync my curve.  He will get through the address book but stops each time on the calendar.  Any suggestions?

    Hmm. Maybe it's something in your Calendar database is corrupted. Your device has never been synchronized before? There is a way to clear the Calendar database. So if you have your device to sync with Outlook, after it is cleared from the BlackBerry, you can try to synchronize again.

    To clear the Calendar database, you can go to the Office Manager. Backup and restore | Advanced. On the right, select the Calendar database and click the clear button. Then try to synchronize again

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager Version 5 desperately!

    My laptop crashed by a virus and I had to reinstal the OS.  I lost my Blackberry Desktop Manager with everything else.  I tried to download it from the Blackberry site, but now they have only a link to Version 6 who won, sync t with my Agent's Office Organizer. Where can I get Version 5?

    Hey henrybliss,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    I'm sorry, but that the latest version of BlackBerry® Desktop Software is available for download.  Go to

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager does not

    My version of Desktop Manager (DM) 4.2 on my Vista PC does not work correctly.  I can open it and connect to my Sprint

    8703e, but it is very little I can do with my DM such as the opening of aid.  Backup and restore option as well as other options are no longer available in my DM.  What happened to these options?

    Thank you

    Hmmm... I think that I have answered your exact same question to

    Try to update your Desktop Manager.  Also, I wonder if there is a COMPUTER policy on your device.  Look into the Options > Security Options > General settings and scroll down and look for any reference to politics.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7 quit unexpectedly during synchronization of Outlook calendar

    1. given the thread of the previous poster on deleting the Intelisynch folder-finished

    2. still not managed to resynchronization

    Options?  I don't know there is a kind of file corrupted in Outlook, but I can't really delete the entire calendar to find.

    Vista and Outlook 2007 SP1

    Dean, try this... got Texashem and it worked perfectly.

    My "BOLD" just had this problem today.  After 3 hours, my solution that seems to work (so far!): delete the entries in the calendar of "BOLD", then re-sync.

    To wipe the calendar of the "BOLD" entries: open the Desktop Manager with the device connected to the computer.  In the main menu, select "Backup and Restore".  Click on "Advanced".  On the right, under guard of databases, scroll down to "calendar-All".  Select it and click the button 'clear '.

    In the synchronization settings, I put the management of conflicts, as well as 'Microsoft Outlook wins'.  To do this, in the main menu of Desktop Manager, click on synchronize, and then on the left, under Configuration, select Sync.  On the right, click the sync button.  Click on the button "Advanced...". "and on the Schedule tab, click the button of"Conflict Resolution. "

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager: error needs to close

    Hi all

    I prowled around and tried to solve this problem, now I ask for assistance at the feet of the masters...

    Simply, Blackberry Desktop Manager has worked well because original install last November.  Recently, I get the popup "BlackBerry Desktop Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close."  Digging for information, it says "AppName: AppVer desktopmgr.exe: ModName: mshtml.dll ModVer: 8.0.6001.18812 Offset: 00209d2c.

    BB Storm (VZW) and Windows XP desktop PC.

    Clarification - the Office Manager will remain until the BB is connected.  The PIN number is displayed when connecting via USB.  In 5-10 seconds the error box appears and the program stops.  If the BB is connected before launching the Desktop Manager program starts, poster PIN code, then the error pops up after 5 to 10 seconds.  Tried USB ports on the front and the back of the PC.

    I followed the instructions elsewhere in the forum to uninstall the Desktop Manager and the settings from the PC, then a new download and reinstall.  No joy.

    I use outlook 2003 (pop3 mail) and BIS.  Yet once, it worked fine until recently.

    I installed on another PC Desktop Manager (identical hardware) and it works very well and allows me to save the BB, no error message.  However that the PC is not my main (with Outlook) machine that I need to synchronize.

    So - what to do now?

    Thank you very much

    Hey there sdgardne:

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions.  I followed your instructions (many markets) described in your message 1256 19/10/2009.  Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem.

    So I started looking in the updates for Outlook 2003, and in the process, I installed Windows XP updates and has encountered a problem in Internet Explorer (I'm normally on Firefox).  Liquidation of reinstall IE8.  That clears up the conflict BB/DM - no error "needs to close" more and I can sync the BB to Outlook very well now.  Never had the updates for Outlook, which will save for another day.  Only so many times one day Microsoft...

    Be well.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager - several SMS messages?

    Hi all

    Nobody knows why, I have over 2,000 messages SMS, when I go in the DTM, backup and restore advanced?  I don't have any SMS on my BB.  I can delete this area and if so, does that affect anything?

    Thank you!

    Your SMS are not saved in the Desktop Manager. What you see when you connect to DM > Backup/Restore > advanced IN the right pane is your SMS to the device database.

    The left side is your backup file on your PC.

    On which side have you seen the SMS database?

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac KB19454 error message

    Hi all

    I am new to the community and would appreciate any help. I have two recent problems for which I'm looking for troubleshooting tips. The priority problem is first mentioned below.

    I just met this error message, "For help to resolve this problem, refer to KB19454 in the Knowledge Base of BlackBerry Desktop Manager" when trying to sync my Curve 8320. I use a Mac and I've not met difficulties of synchronization for downloading the new version of Desktop Manager for Mac in December/January. I was not able to download the last updated however. I saw a post initially by a user who has the same problem, but I didn't know the question, and so I am hopeful of possible suggestions for resolution.

    The other problem I have experienced recently, it's that I can't compose an SMS/MMS message. I can only answer to someone's message. When I try to send just one, by default back to the list of messages.

    Please Note: I don't have wireless on my phone. I use Blackberry Desktop Manager Version 1.0.1

    Also note that I am not able to access e-mail messages per day, but will try to return answers / inquires as quickly as possible.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    For your first question, I can't tell if you still worked through the reference KB... If not, you can find it here.

    For your second question, I'm not sure... but maybe it will help you:

    • Each time a random strange behavior or slow creeps, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.


  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 hangs at startup

    I installed the Desktop Manager 5.0.1 on the CD that came with my new Blackberry Bold 9700, after first use Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove programs to remove the Desktop Manager 4.6, I had already installed with my old camera. After the installation, from the beginning until Desktop Manager 5.0.1 the message "Before you start, check that your current Blackberry device is connected to your computer" appeared. To connect my camera to the computer, DTM 5.0.1 immediately crashed, with the message "Blackberry Desktop Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close."

    I tried a clean uninstallation (KB02206), then a reinstall with the same results.

    The file Desktop_ERRORLOG. TXT to C:\Program Research In Motion\Blackberry reads as follows:

    Problem solved when DM set to automatically upgrade to 6.0 on my computer. The new version works without crashing.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager asking for Device Manager

    When I try to boot my desktop manager, I get the following message:

    "The Application Loader Wizard requires BlackBerry device manager must be installed.  Please contact customer support. »

    But it seems that Device Manager is installed and running correctly.  It is also strange that the Office Manager window title says "connected - BlackBerry Desktop Manager»

    Then another box opens with the title, "Current task" and it displays the message:

    "Verification of updates of device applications.  Please wait... »

    I can't do anything while it checks updates and pressing the button cancel has no effect.  I end up having to close the Manager program office via the windows Task Manager.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the supplied CD and downloading the latest version of the desktop on the web Manager software.  I am running Vista Home Premium 64.  Anyone who can point me in the right direction to get my BB works fine on this computer?  (It works fine on my XP computer)

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Since it seems to be so many things, I suggest the following steps (reboots insert a lot of restarting your PC... not only restarts, but at full power down). In addition, it is recommended that you are connected to the PC on an account with full administrator rights. In addition, Vista, use the option "Run As Administrator" for everything.

    (1) remove the package to update your device OS of your PC (Add/Remove Programs)

    (2) properly uninstall the RIM DTM software:

    • KB02206 How to perform a clean uninstall of BlackBerry Desktop Software

    (3) get a new RIM DTM software download:

    • Choose the version which is more recent and (if any) compatible with your PIM (if you are synchornizing via USB):
    • KB12268 Applications supported by BlackBerry Desktop Manager to synchronize

    (4) to download a new copy of your package to your carrier OS device (on your PC):

    (5) install DTM on your PC

    Installation of 6) (also on your PC), device OS package

    (7) start whatever you were trying again.

    If all goes well, who's going to make things again.

    Good luck and let us know!

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