SmartWatch 3 & Lifelog

Anyone had any chance to get the Smartwatch 3 and lifelog app to work together?  Just recently purchased 3 Smartwatch and nothing about the works of app lifelog.  Any help would be appreciated.



This isn't to Sony but until Google.

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  • New owner of smartwatch 3, only about 12 hours of battery life!

    Hi, seems that I'm not the problem of battery life only experience on smartwatch 3. Just received the watch last week to use with my Xperia XZ, overall satisfied with the watch but the life of the battery.

    Expected to last two days, but have misery through one day, software up-to-date, tried resetting and turning still wide screen, still not sustainable as it should.

    Use it mostly for review, some applications and sometimes music.

    My Apple Watch series 2 rated power up to 18 hours on the other hand lasts about two days, was expected at least on the SW3.

    What is the problem, and have the battery gets worse with subsequent updates? Someone here suggested it could be lifelog app the cause, but have no experience with it before the last update.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    trenzterra wrote:
    A fix was just released yesterday evening, and the battery life is back to normal with lifelog!

    Thanks for the info. Just updated earlier today and Lifelog reinstalled/activated on the phone, SW3 far, no battery drain and seams very stable batterylife, 12 hours and up to 66% with about 22 hours battery left . A happy field here.

    Anyone else having this problem, updates to Lifelog and go to carry Android app and apps to sync again, to ensure that the update is synchronized to your SW3.

  • What happens if I uninstall Google able to use lifelog only?

    If I uninstall able to use google lifelog only, is possible to check data on smartwatch instead of mobile phone?
    As I noticed Android porter needs to display data from google.

    I have my SW3, google app was active, but only on the watch. It measures steps. And on the phone I am lifelog.

  • SmartWatch. c the polar watch

    I'm trying to decide between buying a smartwatch or a Polar watch to track my fitness, heart rate, etc... Any thoughts?

    The smart watch is that you consider the Apple Watch? If this isn't the case, it is perhaps not the place for the question.

    In my opinion, the Apple Watch fine for basic fitness and then some. However, if you are training for a race where the precise rhythm and time are critical, you can consider a dedicated watch with built-in GPS.

    See for customers of lots of fitness gadgets. Many fitness watches have features of type Smart Watch (e.g. text and call notifications).

  • Bluetooth and Smartwatch 3 swr50


    Is it possible to connect the Smartwatch 3/swr50 bluetooth headset and a HBR as polar heart beat rate band at the time sime?

    And use 3 smartwarch bluetooth headset and HBR with endomondo without phone?

    It seems that ghostracer will be able to do the thing

  • SmartWatch 3 screen won't stay on any actions of the wrist

    Essentially what title says

    Watching about 6 months 1st time that I had a problem. Always on screen is defined but shuts off and only lights up with touch screen do not twist of the wrist.

    Watching is at 80% battery and we tried to turn on/off, restart watch and stop and then power up to no effect settings!

    Help, please!

    Here you go

  • Missing data of Lifelog - after changing phones


    I just changed my cell phone from Z3 Xperia Xperia XY this week

    and some of my Lifelog data are missing as shown below:-

    Data of Xperia Z3


    Xperia XZ data (new phone)


    I also checked and may confirmed that two of my IDs are the same.

    Please advise, thank you.

    See you soon


    I do not see the photos immediately, but it will take a few days so that it can synchronize all data.

  • Historical data for missing Lifelog after resetting the software and restore


    I used lifelog with sony account for one year. Two weeks ago, I sent my cell phone from Z3 to solve the problem of speaker. Before gaving the phone I save the data with the company Sony PC with all the options checked and reset the phone.

    After the fixed number, I restored the phone. Now I tried to lifelog of logon with the account of sony, and he says no account found. I'm doing a loss all records in history.

    I would like to have the records. Is it possible get it back my backup? I really hope I could have those back, would be very grateful for help.


    You are probably using a different account, the data, it is stored with Sony servers, so even if the factory reset you phone or change phones, you can synchronize your data.

  • LifeLog app


    LifeLog do not count the time I SLEEP. I don't have a smartband.

    Thanks in advance.

    You need a smartband or smartband talk

  • LifeLog only show the past 3 months of data.

    My Lifelog is only show my data in the last three months. Can someone please?

    Thank you very much.

  • Sony Smartwatch 3 - gone rubber flap! Help!

    The rubber flap that seals the USB charger access has disappeared from my smartwatch 3 those who know where I could order a replacement? Called Sony, but it didn't help much to get there.

    The rubber seal is added for aesthetic reason for the USB just wont stay open, because it would be terrible.

    However, the usb port is a port without "Cap." I don't know why sony said that the port must be closed. The port is not the same version to make the sealed flap. There isn't any silicone around (like sw2 Rabat) the flap is just a part that fits into the port, but does not impermeable to water. My watch has been several times in the water and I see her wet inside the port. Ive contacted sony and they said "we prefer to be closed" and "its normall see water inside the port" badly trying to find the email and take a screenshot of what they were saying.

    Just to add, the part that goes into the usb port has an opening that allows water in bad certainly take a picture and send it.

  • How to register 3 SmartWatch on the Sony site?

    How to register 3 SmartWatch on the Sony site?
    I am not finding an ID number to enter on the website nor I can get the number directly from a keyboard on the SmartWatch.

    Hi mjoaquim,

    Welcome to the community,

    The my support and my account only allow tablets combined and be added to this section, because they use the specific IMEI.

    Just make sure you keep hold of your purchase for warranty reasons documents,

  • SmartWatch 3 voice texts does not

    Hi all, hope someone can help or advise me.

    I recently bought a SmartWatch 3 with a new Ultra Z and the clock operated voice to send texts does not work. I get the screen OK Google (G +) then whne I give instruction to text it says only in offline mode.

    I wear Android installed on both (of course) and the other functions work, but not the text. I looked into the list of the applications of voice in A porter on the phone and it does not list the texts and I can't add it.

    Can anyone help?

    At soon SBM

    What I can do is the message from the team to take a look at your post and then they can for this degenerate to the team of good - so if you do not receive a response from a member of the staff of Sony please be reassured that they have read your message and if I hear anything so I'll post here on this

  • SmartWatch disconnects

    After that software update of the SmartWatch (yesterday) looks like everything works ok... I hope to be final...

  • SWR50 SmartWatch 3 & 3 Wrist Strap SWR510 SmartWatch


    I just bought a SRW50 of 3 Smartwatch (standard black edition: & I would buy the strap metal and black - brown leather in order to change the style. (out-of-order now)

    All bracelets is compatible with my standard edition SWR50? Sony France say no telephone and, Yes, on facebook, I am a bit lost...

    Thanks in advance & best wishes for 2016

    Of course, at least they should be.

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