Sober Duda the memoria...

UNA dudilla...

If I have a 6 gb might con vm, y el vc me as tiene los 6 GB occupied, but in el visor of resources of windows me solo as busy tiene el 60% possible that el visor me diga el total con memoria swap? por eso el visor vc me of Québec tiene todo ocupado?

Gracias. Seguro are una chorrada! jejeje

VCP 410


Hola Jose,

Vayamos por partes (diria como aquel) para analizar a poco all the information that my proporcionado en you last comment

If revisamos information provided por the pestana of performance of administrator of tasks we can see that esa maquina virtual esta consumiendo casi el total memoria (esta cerca los 6 GB). Approximately you like free unos 700-800 MB, are lo what podrá usar is Québec como esta disco/ram cache. AHI you diga than you have used 5.31 GB 6.

Been segun mi opinion are Nations United uso excesivo of RAM is that if consultas los datos that da performance pestana, veras is esta beginning a usar swap in el operating system of the virtual machine (approximately 124 MB). El usar swapping siempre afecta al general performance of the machine. Física o virtual sea.

Por lo that yo you aconsejaria revisar esa virtual machine to see what esta using esos mas 5 GB of RAM.

Must UN reinicio has Máquina esa not evil of nada were, porque veo that leads UN buen rato burning. If ese RAM fuera assistance para el correcto uso (y normal) use of the virtual machine without seria bad idea increase the virtual memory asignada has the virtual machine. Siempre y cuando you host ESX (i) you lo Permite, claro.

Respecto a los values you muestra pestana Escalin mv in el servidor ESX (i), if you have into account overhead the propia veras Máquina el virtual Los numbers básicamente 'cuadran '.

En 'memory of comments' you da a valor aproximado 6 GB uso (memoria usada + cache are reportados in el administrator of tasks of the mv) y despues en 'memory of the host' son esos 6 GB of RAM + overhead asociado por vmware para management memoria del comments.

Espero ayuda sido acercado

Best wishes / Saludos.


Please consider to assign all useful or correct answer. Thank you!! - Por favor considered premiar any respuesta correcta o util. ¡¡MUCHAS gracias!

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    Any advice on how to free up memory on the first level of the "Macintosh" or if it's still causing my problem with the Mac not turn not not on?

    Thanks in advance.


    You seem to be talking about the space on your hard drive rather than 'memory '.

    Try to boot into recovery mode - if your OS is 10.7 or later - now pressed the command and R keys at startup. Choose utility disk, then run first aid on your startup disk. It is one that is indented to the right and is usually called Macintosh HD.

  • Can I increase the memory on my old Satellite Pro P100?

    I have a Satellite Pro P100 (P6PA4E-002001EN) with only 512 MB of memory and the desire to know if it can be increased and if so what memory should I buy and it is easy to open the machine and adapt?


    You can increase the memory on this laptop amazing plu of 4 GB of RAM.

    RAM modules compatible that you can use to upgrade:
    PA3511U - 1 M 51 (Kit of memory 512 MB DDR2-667)
    PA3512U-1M1G (memory 1 GB DDR2-667 Kit)
    PA3513U-1M2G (memory 2 GB DDR2-667 Kit)

    Check the underside of your laptop and there should be probably set with a cover of Ram screw. Remove it and you will have access to the memory locations.

  • Files saved in the memory

    All my files appear to be save the evaluator of computer as the hardrive memory
    What can I do to save on the hard drive?

    A strange question. Can you please explain to us how you mean exactly and why do you believe that the files are saved in the memory only? What are you doing exactly?

    I mean if you want to copy some files or saved on the HARD drive you can set the destination using Windows Explorer.

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    No, the memory could not be "traded" on an iDevice.

  • DesignJet T2530: How to save the file to the memory of the printer to the flash player?

    We had printed a 19 page file with our DesignJet printer and then deleted the file from our desktop. Customer had need another copy so we printed from the file saved in the memory of the DesignJet. Question: How can I put that it was saved on a USB? Thank you very much!


    But remember this file is a temporary file until that backup file more, all are County for sequential printing job. It is not possible to copy for the thumb of the printer.

    Thank you

    I'm not an employee of HP, but I am an engineer @ HP Partner and I share my knowledge of my own time.

    If your problem is resolved please click the button "accept as a Solution.

    If my answer was helpful, please click the 'Thumbs Up' to say 'thank you '.

  • Satellite M40x - where the memory?

    Hi all

    I want to improve my memory of 512 MB to 1.5 GB. I bought 1 G RAM and when I plugged in the screen become white and computer laptop does not work. RAM is fine. I have contact the technical service of the seller, and according to them I need to remove the old 512 MB of RAM and plugged it my 1 GB of RAM for my laptop recognize the new RAM.

    To do this, I opened my keboard and under what I can only find WLAN in the middle in the left there is another local network. and the far left, I see my DVD - ROM. On the right PC card and what is - this. I don't know where is the 512 MB RAM slot. It is there somewhere.

    Is there any expert who can tell me where to find 512 MB RAM slot?

    PS: I even call Toshiba support and they said sorry according to policy, we cannot tell you.
    If expert laymen captions please help me to solve this problem.


    I checked the manual of the Satellite M40x (it can be downloaded from the Toshiba site) and if you look at page 8-7 you can find a description of the memory upgrade.

    In my opinion the 512 MB that you already is a built-in RAM that can t be upgraded because the bottom of the laptop is on only one memory slot.

    However, I think that it is not a problem to use an additional RAM module, but maybe the new RAM is not compatible with your laptop.
    What type of memory you have bought exactly? Maybe you should try it with another.

    I hope I could help a bit.

  • Satellite Pro P100-327: memory card reader does not read the Memory Stick Duo

    I just received a P100-327
    aShop = true)
    According to this page, is supposed to have "1 x 5-in-1 Bridge Media slot (supports SD Card, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMedia Card, xD-Picture Card)", but the pdf manual that comes with it says that it supports not the Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo or mini-SD.

    However, I have a Memory Stick Pro, and a Memory Stick Pro Duo in a Memory Stick Pro adapter, and the reader can't read one of them (they both count as Memory Stick Pro, which should be readable, right?)

    Would I be able to read my Memory Stick Pro cards? Why I can't because it says that I should be able to? Should I install something first?


    To my knowledge and according to the manual of bridge housing media supports media type
    -SD memory card
    -MultiMediaCard, xD-Picture Card
    -Memory Stick
    -Memory Stick Pro

    Please note that the Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro are not the same in the Memory stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro Duo.
    Don t mix.

  • Tecra R850 - How can I reduce the memory shared graphics card?

    Hi all

    I need help with a few questions:
    My system says I have 2, 66 GB RAM available for applications, services, etc. The rest (between 1.1 and 1.3 GB of RAM) is shared and reserved for the graphics card. I looked for a way to reduce it through the BIOS (how it works normally), tried an update for the bios jumps that he would add this feature. But it wasn't the case.

    I don't understand why Toshiba won't allow its customers to modifity this setting!
    I can understand putting such a context by default, but also giving an option for advanced users to change this setting.

    2, 66 GB RAM are not very good and I often need more than that... 500 MB more of RAM for sys would be really nice.
    And 64 bit OSs don't are currently not supported in our society.

    Does anyone know if a way to reduce the memory shared to 500 MB for example?

    My system features:

    Windows 7 Pro SP1 (32-bit)
    Model: TECRA R850
    SERIALNO. : 7B042670H
    PartNo. : PT525E-03E00KGR

    Thank you in advanced for your answers!


    As far as I know shared memory works automatically and laptop user cannot control it.
    There is nothing new and the same principle is on all Toshiba laptops.

    Sorry but there is nothing to do about it.

  • Satellite C660-1F1 - Question about newer drivers and the speed of the memory

    Some of the drivers for this laptop are outdated compared to the most recent drivers on peripheral manufacters website. Is it safe to use these new drivers or is it recommended to stick with the old drivers that are on the Toshiba site?

    And second question: is it possible to make the fastest possible working memory supported? Don t BIOS options include options for the parameters of memory. Why the memory is running as low mhz in case of default? CPU - Z shows that the current frequency of dram is 532, 2 mhz. What is the maximum, it is at 667 mhz? Probably she can´t be 1 066 MHz as promised in the specs?

    Hi cryogenized,.

    > Some of the drivers for this laptop are outdated compared to the most recent drivers on peripheral manufacters website. Is it safe to use these new drivers or is it recommended to stick with the old drivers that are on the Toshiba site?
    Why you want to update your drivers? Do you expect a gain of performance with newer drivers?

    Way General, with official Toshiba drivers you are on the safe side because they are pre-tested. If you can make sure that they work properly and don t cause property damage. Install the other drivers happens on your own risk!

    > And second question: is it possible to make the fastest possible working memory supported? Don t BIOS options include options for the parameters of memory. Why the memory is running as low mhz in case of default? CPU - Z shows that the current frequency of dram is 532, 2 mhz. What is the maximum, it is at 667 mhz? Probably she can´t be 1 066 MHz as promised in the specs?
    The laptop is equipped with modules of DDR3 1066 MHz and the RAM speed is dependent on the FSB of the processor. If your CPU is throttling down, RAM modules will work also on low speed. On a high utilization of the processor (100%) the RAM modules must run with speed of 1066 MHz I think.

  • What Satellite Pro A120-I own? -You want to expand the memory

    Hi all!

    I want to upgrade the memory on my Pro A120.
    When you are looking for is the right kind, I wonder if I am owner of a

    The list goes on and.

    I only know that he has a
    Satellite Pro A120 - 10 M

    How do I know what AE figure should choose behind the A120 -?



    And where you want to check the type of law?

    As you can see from the thumbnail you Satellite Pro A120 - 10 M. It's the answer to your question.
    Anyway, the memory modules compatible RAM for your laptop are:
    PA3499U - 1 M 25 (Kit of memory 256 Mo DDR2-667)
    PA3511U - 1 M 51 (Kit of memory 512 MB DDR2-667)
    PA3512U-1M1G (memory 1 GB DDR2-667 Kit)
    PA3513U-1M2G (memory 2 GB DDR2-667 Kit)
    DDR2-533 256 MB (PA3389U - 2M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-533 PA3412U - 2 M (51)
    1 GB OF DDR2-533 (PA3411U-2M1G)

    Your laptop can handle with 4 GB of RAM. So if you want to have the maximum amount of RAM, you must use 2 x PA3513U-1M2G.

    I have it? ;)

  • Y6F18EA 15-ba506ur HP: HP 15-ba506ur Extension of the memory

    Dear community,

    I recently bought 15-ba506ur and is looking to expand his memory with another unit of 8 GB of RAM at 1600 MHz. There seems to be a huge lack of any support for this model, as well on the product page and the support center and I can't find any way to contact HP directly, in my area, or online. So my questions are:

    (1) is there a vacant memory slot in my notebook, and if there is, what kind of RAM can I use to expand the memory?

    (2) there is no DVD player included in the notebook, so isn't it an option to connect and to add a SSD drive to a location where the DVD player must be? Is there still a SATA port?

    All the help I can get is extremely appreciated, because this model is so low end HP seems to consider his significant support, although it is a decent "average" user's machine

    Hello, Tuna_Fish_Nr5!

    The lack of better judgment, I decided to disassemble my device and study. The RAM used inside is a Samsung M471B5173EBO-KATE, who is a DDR3 (not DDR3L, as indicated on the product page!) running on 1600 MHz with 1.35 V.

    So, Yes, if I followed the User Guide specifications, I wouldn't even be able to insert the RAM from the motherboard!

    With regard to the implementation of the SSD:

    He has more than enough space to fit in an SSD, but it is not a SATA module to connect it to the motherboard.

    On another topic, the cooling system is a joke, how anyone who writes the marketing documents considers it enough to run games escapes me.

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