Software conflict or improper installation?

Yesterday, I installed an update of Silverlight. Today, when I tried to use Netflix, the backgroundphoto that I use on my desktop (I have a Mac OS x 10.6.8 with iPhoto) disappeared. Whenever I try to upload a photo, it appears, and then suddenly disappears. Could there be some kind of conflict with the update of Silverlight? I tnink I do not close my browser window during the installation. In any case I would like to uninstall the update and then re - install, this time with closed browser. How do I do that? Thank you.


You can visit the article to uninstall and reinstall Silverlight from Mac.

Download Microsoft Silverlight

You can also contact Apple for assistance on this issue.

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    Thank you for the screenshot.  The title line of the installation panel shows clearly that you want to install Acrobat Standard XI, not the Software Adobe Reader.

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  • Software conflict

    Hey fam... I have a serious problem. I think that the last updated OS (10.10), he created a software conflict somewhere. When I connect it goes into perpetual search mode, and then my machine just stops. If I sign up in any accounts or the comments of my children it opens fine. And to top things off to something which arrived at my back upwards as well drive. I just need to make my files. Can someone out there tell me how I can access my files.

    Thank you...


    Disconnect all external devices

    start in safe mode and log on to the account

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

    Open utility disk (macintosh utility HD/applications/utilities/disk)

    Select the boot hard drive, click on repair permissions (if you misrepresented your last "10.10" instead of El Capitan 10.11.x OS then it will not be available in disk utility.)

    You can also start on the child's account and access your account files by changing the permissions that should not be taken by chance and probably not tempted until find you what the problem is with your backup. If you want to specify to include the details in this thread.

    In any case, that you can target your mac to another computer on disk and access the drive from another computer.

    Share files between two computers with target - Apple Support disk mode

  • Nikon NX2 with Win 7 Home Premium software conflict

    I installed Nikon NX2 software on my laptop HP G71-340US, Win 7 Home Premium edition, 64-bit and the program opens, the camera sees the laptop (I can even "go down" to the DMTC map and see the photo on the camera chip but will not automatically fill the transfer software to go from camera to the laptop (I can do it manually).)

    I checked the compatibility of the program (defined on W7). uninstalled, even restore to an earlier point (cannot go back to an earlier date than the original installation).

    I know that this is a conflict with this laptop that I installed the same software on another computer and it works fine.

    Just puzzled as to look elsewhere, short total reinstall I would avoid as much as possible.

    Hoping that someone out there has an idea or a solution.



    I installed Nikon NX2 software on my laptop HP G71-340US, Win 7 Home Premium edition, 64-bit and the program opens, the camera sees the laptop (I can even "go down" to the DMTC map and see the photo on the camera chip but will not automatically fill the transfer software to go from camera to the laptop (I can do it manually).)

    I checked the compatibility of the program (defined on W7). uninstalled, even restore to an earlier point (cannot go back to an earlier date than the original installation).

    I know that this is a conflict with this laptop that I installed the same software on another computer and it works fine.

    Just puzzled as to look elsewhere, short total reinstall I would avoid as much as possible.

    Hoping that someone out there has an idea or a solution.



    I changed the setting of compatibility for XP SP3 and it works now.

  • Toshiba software conflicts with Microsoft and prevent the wireless connection

    The Toshiba Software on this laptop I have is causing a conflict with Microsoft software and I can't connect wirelessly to an ad - hoc network. Wireless Auto configuration does not automatically start as Toshiba Software is causing a conflict, above, this rolling. If you have also encountered this problem please can you me what you can do to permanently solve this problem? For the moment, I have to go through a process of manually start the Wireless Zero Configuration services and fiddling around with disable and then re-enable wireless network connections if I'm lucky then it finally works, and I have internet! If you are unsure how to permanently solve this problem you know what the telephone support number is for Toshiba UK?

    Thank you very much


    Hello John

    What model of laptop and operating system are you using?
    Do you use the preinstalled original Toshiba OS?

    If you want to talk with Toshiba Toshiba s call hotline in the United Kingdom. The number is on the Toshiba UK support page.

  • Office jet pro 8600 software not available for installation mac


    We are trying to install a jet of office pro on mac OS X 10.8.3 8600.   It keeps saying that the software is not available?

    I tried installation disc as well as the driver download from the internet.

    Hi hghlanderschool,

    I can't wait to hear that you have questions.  Can you send me a picture of the dialog box that fills the error.  Based on the information provided the procedure below can help solve the problem.  To learn more about your product, click here.

    A. remove all instances of the OJ8600 which is present in the applications software

    1 double-click on icon HD Mac desktop

    2. Click Applications, and then click folder Hewlett-Packard

    3. double click on uninstall HP

    4. click on continue when opens

    5 Select HP product to remove (OJ8600), then click on uninstall

    6. When prompted enter admin information (name of user and password)

    7. when the UI program uninstall is complete, drag all icons of the product to the trash

    8. return to the Applications and then click the Utilities folder

    9. double-click on activity monitor. Open the activity monitor

    10. under the name of process, click on any process that begins by HP, and then click on leave

    11. click on leave again.

    12. close the activity monitor

    13 empty the trash

    14 disconnect the product and then restart your computer

    B. reset the operating system printing system: NOTE: If OTHER PRINTERS ARE INSTALLED this WILL REMOVE THEM, if YOU DO NOT WANT that to HAPPEN please DO NOT COMPLETE THIS STEP

    1. choose System Preferences from the menu Apple .

    2. choose Print & Fax on the menu display .

    3 hold down the Option key while clicking on the "-" (deletion of printer). If no printer currently not added, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the box that appears above the button "+" (add printer), and then choose Reset printing system... from the context menu.

    C. all software update:

    1. from the Apple menu, choose software update

    2 software Update checks the available updates. In the software update window, select the items you want to install, then click on install. Usually, you should install all available updates.

    3. Enter an administrator account name and password.

    4. when the installation is complete, restart the computer if necessary.


    D. reinstall printer with USB cable

    1. turn the printer and the computer

    2. connect the USB cable for printer

    3. USB connection to computer

    Note: this should automatically add the printer, if it does not manually add the TI-see below *.

    4. open system preferences, and then click Print & Fax

    5. click on the sign under component printer +.

    6. click on the name of the printer

    7. click on add

    8. test the functionality

    I hope this helps!



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    1320 error occurred during the installation of SPSS 16.0 (statistical analysis software).

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  • wireless software conflict or problem of driver... not sure.

    Just wiped my hard drive and reinstalled XP software system. I downloaded all the patches and windows stuff. When I try to connect with my wireless my computer detects the presence of my network, but when I click on 'connect' (in the prompt "choose a wireless network") it connects for 10 seconds and then immediately disconnects. I'm sure that I have downloaded all the drivers legs and patches, too.

    "Reinstalled XP software system" can mean different things to different people.

    If you have just reinstalled XP, instead of using the technique of "recovery" of the computer manufacturer to return the computer as it was when it left the factory, you need to install the drivers for any hardware of the computer.  Windows XP has some drivers built - which is why the system can start with a clean installation of XP, but to get full use of your hardware, you must install the system-specific drivers.

    Don't get drivers from Windows Update.  If you have a computer of 'brand', you can probably get the drivers for your particular computer all at once to the web site of the manufacturer of the computer.  Otherwise, you will need to identify the make and model of the different bits of hardware and get the drivers of their respective manufacturers.

    In general, you will need the drivers for:
    network card
    Video adapter
    audio adapter
    and, of course, devices such as printers and scanners.

  • Windows 7 (Ultimate, 64-bit) Software-Raid: possible after installation?


    already have Windows 7 (and tons of other programms) installed. I currently plan to add another hard drive and enable Raid 0. The only thing that's keeping me currently is: I Don t want to go through a whole new installation.

    During the fist installation (upgrade from Vista), I also installed AHCI.

    (a) is it possible to activate a software raid without having to go through a whole new installation?
    (b) would it also possible to create and save an image of the current installation and then rewrite in the scratched disks?

    Any hint is appreciated.

    Thank you


    There are two types of RAID arrays.
    (1) software RAID
    (2) hardware RAID

    Hardware RAID usually requires a smart controller on the motherboard, a gigabyte or JMicron chip.

    Installation of hardware RAID on Windows 7

    Information on the Raid Windows 7 software:

    Nothing is absolutely foolproof, if the chip RAID controller failure, then two readers are probably currupt.

    If I had the choice, he would be RAID 5 or 50.


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • Looking for what software required for the Installation of Enterprise Manager

    Hi all

    I'm quite new to work with Enterprise Manager, previously used 11g Database Control, but never install Enterprise Manager (OEM). Now, due to the increase of the databases, I am planning to install OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) to list all the database (more than 20 Linux servers) in one place.

    I have read the documentation and still confused on what needs to be installed for the OEM. I intend to use OEM 12 c Release (, my current databases are 11 GR 2 (

    Could you tell what I need to at the bottom of the list?

    1. OEM (
    2. Web logic Server (do I need that separately, or it will be installed with OEM)?
    3. OEM agent on all other 20 servers (I have to install a software on them? Please guide)
    4. A specific version of Java.

    Please guide me if I need any other software or plugin.

    I have already installed the oracle software and created a database by using the "Custom" option in DBCA. My server operating system is Linux 64 Bit for Enterprise Manager.

    Thanks in advance.


    You need to control software for cloud 12 c OEM, software database (for creating repository) and software agent (for tracking targets on other hosts)

    Java Development Kit (JDK) and Oracle WebLogic Server 11 g Release 1 (10.3.6) are installed by default with the installation of SGD 12 c, even if you have a possibility to install it separately if you want, but Oracle strongly recommends using the installation process of 12 c to install the JDK and Oracle WebLogic Server for use with Enterprise Manager 12 c.

    Here is the link for Enterprise Manager Cloud control 12 c Architecture

    For 12 c WHO installation steps refer to

    EM 12 c R2: How to Install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control using a Graphics Mode (Doc ID 1488154.1)

    For installing the agent, see

    Installation of the Management Agents to help add host Wizard or EM CLI targets

    Installing agents using other methods

    Download 12 c

    Kind regards


  • Reclassification of LR 2.4 to 5 - software downloaded but the installation does not work on Windows Vista


    I'm upgrading from 2.4 LR LR 5. The software downloaded OK, but when I try to run the Lightroom_5_LS11.exe file nothing happens - no installer, no error message, nothing. I use Windows Vista on my personal system - I have administrator access. Can anyone suggest a solution?

    Thank you


    You can go ahead and make the change. The version of Windows and the Mac version use the same catalog. Your biggest problem could show Lightroom where the images are found on the new computer.

    Now, you need to do is to take note of the serial number of your Lightroom existing. When you install an upgrade on the Mac version you will need your serial number current as well as new to Lightroom 5.

  • Re-install the HP software on the new installation of Windows 8

    HI -.

    When I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 to Windows 8 Preview of consumer he kept all the settings and the HP programs. Last night I upgraded Windows 8 for the preview of exit and he forced a clean install.

    Where can I get the HP recovery program that allows me to re - install the HP programs? I can't find the software on the HP site. I did the media before doing the upgrade, and I still have the recovery partition on my computer. I can't find that consumables HP recovery program that links to the recovery partition...


    I suggest that restore you your system using the recovery Partition (by pressing F11 at startup) or recovery media that you created.  Select the system recovery that will repair your system to orginal factory State.  From there, you can go to Win 8 Preview Release.  I think that upgrade to win 8 to another Win 8 version may require clean install and hoping that this is not the same case when you switch from Win 7 to 8 Win.  Good luck.

    help88 (an employee of long date HP)

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  • improper installation of el capitan cannot access applications

    Did an upgrade ti 10.11.3 yesterday on my mac mini (end of 2012).  Restarted at the end.  Tried to access applications by opening 1 password and a browser to see that it was not possible.  Receipt of pop-up error "cannot open the application""because it amy is damaged or incomplete" same error message on any .app, including those who are in excellent shape is copied from another machine.

    Everything worked fine before.

    Finder also works but extremely slow. Example 2-4 minutes to open a file or a folder. It starts then stops running something in the background. more 2-4 minutes later it will work again.  For a period of time.

    Tried to run a disk of an old macbook pro utility (2006) Yes it is limping.  But was not able to access the drive through the utility disc or with Drive Genius. Then it copied on an own USB.  When I tried to start, he got the same message as above.

    Then tried to download a new copy of the 10.11.3 hoping to create a usb startup and it reboot with it and do another installation.  But when I tried that received a score of the app store is stating that I can not download because my machine is not compatible (macbook), but not the case that I have sought to find a place to down load a copy.

    To add a taste of adventure, I'm in a small town of the Nicaragua.  The apple store is 2, 5-3 hours drive.

    Someone at - it suggestions as to how I can fix this without having to go to the apple store.  Because, generally, no matter how small the problem that they want to keep the camera which means another trip back to pick it up.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

    Thank you


    If everything worked really well before the upgrade, then you'd have no problems. Something was not right. Your computer is compatible with El Capitan?

    Try this:

    MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management

    Reset the PRAM and NVRAM on your Mac.

    Repair the hard drive and permissions - El Capitan

    HD recovery start:

    Restart the computer and after the buzzer, press on and hold down the COMMAND and R until the menu screen appears.


    When the recovery menu appears, select disk utility and press the continue button. Disk utility charges and select Macintosh HD entry indented from the list on the left.  Click the first aid tab in the toolbar... If disk utility reports any errors that have been corrected, then re-run first aid until no errors are reported. Wait until the operation is complete, then quit disk utility and return to the main menu. Select restart from the Apple menu.

    Now, download and reinstall OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 Combo Update.

        Mac that can be upgraded to OS X El Capitan

    1 iMac (mid-2007 or newer) - model identifier 7.1 or later

    2 MacBook (late 2008 or early 2009 or newer aluminium) - model identifier 5.1 or later

    3. MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)- model identifier 3.1 or later version

    4 MacBook Air (late 2008 or newer)- model identifier 2.1 or later

    5 mac mini (early 2009 or newer)- model identifier 3.1 or later version

    6 mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)- model identifier 3.1 or later version

    7 Xserve (early 2009) - model identifier 3.1 or later version

    To find the identifier of the model open system information in the Utilities folder. It is displayed in the Panel on the right.

    My applications are compatible?

    See table of application - RoaringApps compatibility

  • conflicts for the installation of two labview applications


    I have two applications LabVIEW 8.6 and can make the executable, then the installation for each of these files in the Project Explorer.

    After that I installed the FIRST application and when I want to install a SECOND, during the installation process, it indicates a newer version is currently installed even though I select a different installation path. The button "Next" is disabled, as shown in the attached screenshot.

    On the other hand, if I install the SECOND application first and then install the FIRST application, even if the installation paths are different, it installs the first application successfully but removes the second request.

    I don't know how to install both applications, one after another, regardless of the order. I appreciate any help or comment.

    See you soon,.


    Make sure that both versions have a different code level.

    (Builder installer... Version information... Code upgrade. Simply press "generate" to create a new one for the installation program that is not working)

    See also this help page

    (If both have the same upgrade code, windows thinks that they are the same program and keeps only the higher version)

    (This image comes from 2015, do not know if it has the same appearance in 8.6)

  • Improper installation now ask the administrator password

    Hi all

    I hope someone can help me.

    I had formatted my laptop hard drive and was trying to install Windows XP Professional when he told me that my disc is dirty or damaged.

    In desperation I left the system running too night to try to complete the installation, when I woke up he asked me an administrator password!

    Now it does not start in any disk I put in the drive. Despite the BIOS is configured to boot from the disk of the laptop before the hard drive.

    Obviously, I need to withdraw the request for a password, I guess it must be a password by default windows mount during my sleep, nobody knows how to get out of this mess?

    Kind regards


    Hi Xircal,

    It is a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5535.

    Kind regards

    Hi Paul,.

    I had a glance on the Fujitsu website for your machine on: but it seems to be almost nothing in the way of support documentation are located anywhere.

    I don't however find their support user here forum: Esprimo Mobile V5535

    I don't try to fob off the coast, but Fujitsu moderators and other users with the same machine will probably more info on their own equipment and what to do when it malfunctions.

Maybe you are looking for