Software re - install requires XP SP2 but I am already using SP3

My PC crashed several weeks ago and I sent him to recover as much as possible. I was already working with WINDOW XP Pro SP3 update when the incident happened and everything worked very well. Unfortunately, I lost a few programs (Pinnacle's video editing software - Studio Plus Version 11) in the process.

While trying to load, I get an error message that says I have to have SP2 installed upgrading to continue.  As I said, I had already used SP3 is how to reset my system after the crash.  Microsoft does support SP2 and has no practical solution.  Software is also is no longer supported and all the world wants upgrade me to the most recent (WINDOWS 7 or VISTA, new video, new hardware for video capture, editing software, etc.)

Is it possible that I can get everything working properly (as it was previously)? The obvious answer is that SP3 should take care of it, but having the SP3 (instead of SP2) upgrade is what prevents the installation. How can I overcome the requirement for SP2 to SP3 is already there?


Does this solve the problem you are having?

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