software that only works on xp

I have engineering software very expensive that only works on XP. Communicating with suppliers - born some update offers for several thousand dollars. No improvement as other TI so that would run on 7 or newer.  Any suggestions?    I also lost a lot of software including my xp pro disks and manuals in an office fire. How to get an installation disk to other computer or reinstall if necessary - or reinstall if necessary.

Thank you


Although xp is certainly get gradually, creating applications on the current

MS software has benefits. However, you can run a pc running xp and

another operating system with application virtualization. For this info, visit this link Ms.

In what concerns the CD lost, if the pc is shipped with xp, then contact the mfg, if she

was the commercial version, its going to be difficult, probably to buy another

CD. in addition, with xp being endangered (3 years ago), maybe check the other

Engineering of sellers, if they even work with xp only, question their

business practices, little about each software vendor has upgraded software,

most don't even consider xp at the moment...

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