Solution center appears to be installed, but is not

My sistem of the device is Windows 7 ultimate 64 SP1 update until February 1, 2014.
I can't find the "solution center" on my computer for my HP Deskjet F4280, I, ve tried so many times to reinstall all software downloaded from the HP website (DJ_AIO_03_F4200_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_130_140), but it's really impossible to find the solution center to scan my documents. Whenever I have reinstall the software seems central to this solution is already installed but is not.
Please help me, I don't really know what to do and do not want to reinstall windows just to scan my documents.


By myself, I found the solution.

I had to manually uninstall the HP software... unbeliveble! It is a very unpleasant thing to do...

I really don't understand why HP does not want to uninstall it from my computer.

In any case, you have to go in the directory windows temp (%temp%) and if you have a ram disk as I have, you will need to uninstall the software that, without reason, is no unistall for real and install it again because the temp directory will be reset to zero whenever you turn off the computer

do not close windows to go into the temp directory

my computer is R:\temp

Copy the directory starting with 7z and paste it into your desktop

now go to util\ccc and uninstall using Uninstall_L1, Uninstall_L2, Uninstall_L3, and Uninstall_L4

After that you can install by using DJ_AIO_03_F4200_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_130_140

Why should I waste my time to manually uninstall software? don't really understand

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