[SOLVED] Satellite L300 wireless dead, suddenly stop, then won't power ON

Well, actually, that this post is NOT a question that I already found the solution, but it took me much time searching through forums (and in fact I had not found response), so I decided to post it here to help someone in the same situation later.

Ok.. I'm all new Satellite L300 laptop a week ago, which runs under WinXP SP2. First five days, everything was OK, but then I confronted the following symptoms:

-Material Wi - fi could disappear suddenly. After the restart, winXP found the map of wireless as a new device, but could not accept pilots (who has worked on OK again a few hours before).
-Notebook could stop 'tough' at any time and it is not in the CPU load. After that I could not turn on again than by pressing the power button only turned on CPU cooler. I had to wait for at least 30 min power turn on the laptop again.

So, I started to search the forums, and as a result, I was sure the reason was overheating of the CPU to 115.337%. It was strange for me that I could not find similar reports for satellite L300 on the web and even all dust cpu overheating reports for other models Toshiba II found - they all have been written on popular laptops, but I got mine just a week ago.

Since I didn't bring my laptop to the local service center and leave it there for a long time - I decided to locate the problem myself as much as I can and I finally found the reason:

* He was one of the two Samsung modules of 1 GB of RAM installed in notebook.*

As I removed a suspect (2nd) - all symptoms have disappeared. As I removed another installed back suspicious as 1st - I even haven't been able to turn on the laptop. So, I deleted completely suspicious module and now I had no problem with laptop computers running more than 2 days (except the performance decreased due to the loss of memory of 50%).

Hope this is helpful to someone who has a similar problem whose symptoms may resemble the overheating of the CPU.


Really great job and a very nice display!

I have a Satellite L300 too but never had any problems with it. I'll put this in my favorites because it s very useful for people who have this problem.

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  • Satellite L50-B-1HU suddenly stops


    My Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1HU suddenly stops three times last month.
    Twice when the laptop is connected to food, at a time when it was not (just working on the battery).

    Overheating does not seem to be implied: the fan isn't really hot after these 'accidents '. The laptop can be restarted too many immediateley.

    This known issue is - and how to fix it?

    Thank you

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here and what can be the reason of these judgments.
    Have you used a certain application when this happened?

  • Satellite L300 Wireless icon has the Cross Red but connected - SOLUTION

    Satellite L300. Home Premium Windows 7 32.

    Updated the wireless driver Atheros to the download area of Toshiba (the newest driver released on 11/27/11). After the reboot, the icon in the notification area wireless shows with red cross through it even if it is connected. Not a big deal but annoying.

    Corrected by:
    (Note: you must take note of your routers WEP key before doing this and if SSID is not it broadcasts)

    1. go on the network and sharing Center
    2. click on manage networks wireless on the left-hand menu
    3. highlight your connection and remove it.
    4. stop and restart the network connections service (to go to the Services console right-click on computer in the start menu and click on manage.) Expand Services and Applications, click Services).
    5. reconnect to your network by choosing from the list of available and entering the WEP key (or use him manually add... option if you must enter the SSID).
    6. If still the same then restart and reconnect to your network.

    Worked for me.

    Alternatively you can try of course to roll back to the old driver.

    Thank you much for sharing this info with us!
    Perhaps, it might be useful to other people here in the forum!

    Great post!

  • Satellite L300 - DVD Toshiba drive stopped working

    I have the Satellite L300 and Vista Home Premium installed.

    When I try to open the DVD player, it is said: "Toshiba DVD has stopped working. Try to find the solution for this program. »

    It was working before. I watched 3 movies on it and then simply collapsed without known reason.

    Do not want to reinstall if not necessary.


    > Don't want to reinstall if not necessary.
    I m not very well why the software doesn't work anymore, but I think that it s advisable to reinstall.
    You must first remove the old software (reader Toshiba).
    Then you need to download the most recent version of the page of the European driver Toshiba DVD player and needs to be reinstalled it.

    Check it out!

  • Satellite L300 - wireless not working do not at all

    Hello world

    IM new here and my name is Jodie. My husband and I bought new computers laptop a few weeks ago, Satellite L300.

    On my husband a wireless just stopped working, the switch is on but no lights appear. I tried FN and F8 says the Wireless does not work. I checked in the device under netwrok Manager cards to see if he said the same thing as mine and the wireless adapter is missing? It's the Atheros AR5007EG wireless Netwrok adapter.

    Can anyone help? Cannot believe what has happened and they are only 2 weeks :(

    Thank you guys

    Hi Jodie!

    Have you tried to update the driver for wireless network? On the Toshiba WLAN portal, you can find the most recent version that should work on your laptop:

    I'm not sure, but you should look in the BIOS. Perhaps there is an option if wireless LAN where you can enable or disable WLAN.
    Check it!

    In addition, I recommend also updated the BIOS, and if nothing can help launch you the Toshiba recovery disc. You will receive the factory settings where everything should work fine.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300 is dead - the battery light blinks orange 6 times

    Does anyone know what was the cause of this yellow flashing light?
    I have the same problem with a Satellite L300.

    Battery light flashes orange 6 times when I press the power button and nothing else happens. Dead laptop.
    I just picked up a service guarantee yesterday where they replaced memory card and the mother.
    He worked for 45 minutes then screen erased and won't turn on again.

    Anyone know about this problem?


    The blink code provides some kind of clerical error, and this error is not always the same.

    Individual booklets are equiupped with different motherboards and provide different codes.

    It looks like a hardware problem and therefore, you should contact the ASP again.

    The warranty is still valid and you should take it!

    Don t waste time own investigation but get in touch with the guys again and explain your situation and that this error has occurred again.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L300 wireless works do not with my particular brand of modem

    Hello, I really need help here.

    My laptop is Toshiba Satellite L300, and I got it since April. I can't connect wireless via the modem I have here at home (netgear DGN2000).
    I can connect to other modems however. I've updated my wireless with Atheros card, but its still does not.
    If anyone has any suggestions please please please help!

    Thank you

    If you can connect to other routers on that it is proof that your laptop WLAN module works properly.
    In my opinion you cannot connect to your one because of wrong settings on your router.

    Your laptop detects your router? Your router is visible for Satellite L300?

  • Satellite L50Dt - A - touchpad suddenly stopped working

    I'm not a part of L50Dt-A Satellite. PSKM2A. It is running Windows 8.1.

    Last night the touchpad suddenly stopped not working, no cursor on the screen.
    The little mouse on the touchpad indicator has not been and is not yet lit.
    So I pressed the Fn + F5 key so many times, but that didn't work back.

    I went to the mouse properties in Control Panel, and under the hardware, it is listed.
    In Device Manager, there is nothing under the mouse either.
    I went to the site of Toshiba and downloaded the driver for the touchpad.

    However, on installation, it says that this is impossible because the computer already has one.
    I need to uninstall and reinstall.
    However, I don't find the touchpad synaptics original anywhere to uninstall driver.

    Everything is updated via windows update and I ran the troubleshooting tools and that you have restarted, and so far, nothing has worked.

    I plugged in an external mouse so I can use it.
    But I'd like my touchpad mouse works again.

    Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    > Yesterday the touch pad suddenly stopped working...
    I ve never been faced with this problem, but try first to make back the OS to an earlier time using system restore just to see what will happen.

    In this whole thing that it is confusing that touchpad isn't listed in the Manager under the mouse devices and other pointing devices.

  • Satellite L300 - recovery wipes C drive then fails to rebuild

    My Satellite L300 has come back to Toshiba for repair under warranty and before you have the ability to burn recovery discs came with the BSOD. Removed the hard drive and placed in a SATA cradle and ran chkdsk which repaired insofar as (back in the laptop) I could at least go to the Recovery Console.

    I chose back to the Toshiba factory condition (or something similar - don't remember the exact wording). Fast C screen came up and everything seemed to go well until he came up with an error. He retried two times but the error / notice of default came twice. Tried to reboot in safe mode but not bootmgr. Again removed the drive and placed it in the SATA cradle and the C partition seems to have been deleted.

    No windows installation at all, is it possible to run recovery Toshiba (departure and now 0 does nothing)?

    A Windows Vista recovery disc anything or allow me to access Toshiba Recovery is impossible?

    Any ideas? Help, please!

    Hi mate,

    Wait a minute, please! What error message you get exactly and what you mean exactly with the SATA docking station?

    Laptops vary between countries, so what L300 you have exactly? This is important because the HARD drive recovery works different on computers cell phones or let's say there are different ways it starts.

    > With no windows installation at all, is possible to run recovery Toshiba (departure and now 0 does nothing)?
    Another question: how you want to start the HARD drive recovery process so now Windows is installed? ;)
    Right, that s is not possible!

    In your case, I would order a new recovery disk. You must contact the ASP in your country!

  • Satellite L300 Wireless does not work in mode access point

    Satellite L300 with built in wifi Realtek device.
    Internet is coming from an external USB device, and I want to make wifi internal working as a router/hotspot/access point, just to connect with my cell phone.

    I try to create the ad - hoc network in Windows 7 and Linux Fedora.
    New network is listed in the OS cmdlets, but no SSID appears on my laptop.

    Also tried with hosted network (virtual wifi adapter) and app named Connectify in Win7.
    SSID appears, but is unable to connect or link broken after a few minutes without any data transfer.

    Now, I came to ask me for this built in hotspot wifi device support mode at all?

    If so, is there a setting I'm missing?
    Or some utility runs, to check if the device is broken or have a driver problem, or something...?

    I put t know who don't L300 you have exactly and can't say what WLAN card is inside but the audit model in Device Manager and try to find the specification exact Googling autour.

    To be honest I really don t know if your problem has nothing to do with Toshiba directly.

  • Satellite L300 wireless problem - 11 c

    I have a problem with my L300 - 11 c.
    I can't find a connection with my router.
    The serial number of my toshiba is: PSLB0E
    If I turn on the wireless switch, nothing happens
    FN + F8 does not work either.

    It says everywhere that there is a wireless network card.
    but in my list of equipment (configuration-> system), it seems to be this card:-Realtek RTL8102E Family...
    I tried looking for an update for this card but could not find.

    I searched further discussions on this issue, but they do not give the answer I need to solve it.

    Please help: p

    It seems that the drivers are not installed properly. The network adapter you mentioned is just for the LAN.
    Wireless network card is the RTL8187B.

    Go: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com (Support + downloads)

    Go to the download page and choose the right laptop type and operating system.

    You need the drivers realtek wireless lan.

  • Cannot connect by Satellite L300 wireless access point

    I have a new laptop L300 & I can't connect to the laptop to my wireless access point. I have an another mobile E-sytems with the same hardware Realtek RTL8187B & it connects without problems.

    The machine has the free two month Mcafee subscription & I have disabled all the protection incase that was causing the problem. I updated the driver for the wireless card & the bios on the Toshiba site, but nothing is.

    Can someone shed light on this problem because the laptop is only two weeks old?

    Thank you...


    To connect the laptop to the WLan, it must ensure that everything is enabled and configured correctly.
    You should check these points:

    -activated the WLan with the WLan switch and the FN + F8
    -don t use any 3rd party config tools WLan if you use the WLan configuration options own Vista
    -for the first test WLan disable the security settings of the Wlan router
    -configure settings to laptop as good SSID and search for your wireless local area network
    -After that the laptop is connected to the WLan router, you can turn back the security settings (encryption, mac address filtering, firewall, etc.)

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  • Satellite L300 - wireless switch power switch does not work

    I installed XP on my L300 - 110 (PSLB0E), cause I don't like Vista. I installed all the drivers, and everything is quiet OK. But one thing little annoying me - wireless, switch, it does not work. So I can turn on Wi - Fi only by pressing Start-> connections and so on.

    I need help! Who can tell me, what driver or software do I need to install? Thnx a lot!


    Do you mean the hardware switch on the side of the fron of the laptop?
    Normally this switch still works because he founded material s and must always be defined on IT if you want to use the WLAN and OFF to disable WLAN.

    Have you tested the switch on OS preinstalled Toshiba? Maybe it's a hardware problem

    Make sure that the latest drivers are installed!

  • Re: Satellite L550 - cooling fan suddenly stopped working

    About two weeks ago, I placed my laptop down on the ground. When I picked up two minutes later, there was an error on the screen that read something like "there is a problem with the cooling system, please contact your nearest centre of Toshiba. Since then, the cooling fan has failed.

    I replaced the fan with a different, which also failed, then maybe the problem is the system not the fan? Is there some settings within the system that allows me to manually turn the fan on and off?

    > I replaced the fan with another
    Which means that replace you it with another model?
    Well, I think that another model of fan will never work because notebooks are specific products designed for certain series/models only. This allows you to change the t as well as on desktop computers.

    In my opinion, you should contact the nearest authorized service provider. Guys can replace the fan and order a new one. If your laptop is under warranty, the repair will be free. :)

    See you soon

  • Satellite L300-195 has recently stopped working

    My phone has recently stopped working. It loads fine, but when I try to access one of the icons or the Start button, simply of freezes and does nothing, don't me even turn off.
    Can someone advise please?
    Thank you

    Try to start your computer in SafeMode (F8 at startup) and roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool.
    Perhaps some day you installed the last days or even the background process blocks the laptop.

    Do as first step to see if something will be changed. If this isn't the case, please inform us about it.

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