SOM alto-falantes amendments

Boa noite,

Favor instalar o som amendments falantes alto do meu PC, I can not. Obrigada. Socorro

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  • SEM som

    MEU MacBook Air esta sem o som do alto-falantes. Coloquei ja e retirei os ouvidos fones, como relatado, e nada. Cruiser parece funcionar usually, POIS quando ligo ele o som caracteristico Grill. Antes EU ligava e quando desligava o som voltava a funcionar, mas agora não but volta.

    Is there a red light in the Audio output Port?

    Try a reset of the NVRAM:


  • Error updating LR CC via CC

    I'm trying to update my LR via CC, but when he is at 54 percent, it gives an error (U44M1I210).

    I deleted the uploaded file in the \AppData\Local\Adobe\AAMUpdater\1.0\Install directory to download it again without success. It gives me the same error.

    Here is my LR information system.

    It shows Windows 8.1, but I use Windows 10.

    Anyone know how to solve?


    Version of Lightroom: CC 2015 [1014445]

    License: Creative Cloud

    Operating system: Windows 8.1 home edition Premium

    Version: 6.3 [9600]

    Application architecture: x 64

    System architecture: x 64

    Number of logical CPUs: 4

    Processor speed: 2.5 GHz

    Built-in memory: 8080,3 MB

    Real memory for Lightroom: 8080,3 MB

    Real memory used by Lightroom: 932,2 MB (11.5%)

    Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 1042,1 MB

    Memory cache size: 788,6 MB

    Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 2

    Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2, AVX, AVX2

    System DPI setting: 120 DPI

    Composition of the Bureau enabled: Yes

    Exhibition: 1) 1920 x 1080

    Entry types: Multitouch: Yes, integrated touch: Yes, built-in pen: no, touch external: no, external pen: no keyboard: No.

    Graphic processor News:

    AMD Radeon R7 M265

    Check the supported OpenGL: past

    Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.

    Version: 3.3.13399 basic profile context 0

    Renderer: AMD Radeon R7 M265

    LanguageVersion: 4.40

    Plugins installed:

    (1) Behance

    (2) substantive canon Plugin

    (3) Facebook

    (4) Flickr

    (5) attachment Plugin Leica

    (6) LR/Mogrify 2

    (7) attachment Plugin Nikon

    Config.LUA flags: None

    Map #1: Seller: 1002

    Feature: 6900

    Subsystem: 6401028

    Revision: 0

    Video memory: 2035

    Map #2: Vendor: 8086

    Feature: a16

    Subsystem: 6401028

    Revision: b

    Video memory: 70

    Map #3: Seller: 1414

    Device: 8 c

    Subsystem: 0

    Revision: 0

    Video memory: 0

    AudioDeviceIOBlockSize: 1024

    AudioDeviceName: Fones of me / Alto-falantes (Realtek High Definition Audio)

    AudioDeviceNumberOfChannels: 2

    AudioDeviceSampleRate: 44100

    Build: not initialized

    Direct2DEnabled: false

    GPUDevice: not available

    OGLEnabled: true


    Have you downloaded from this site: keeping up-to-date for Lightroom

    If you did, try to download it again and repeat the process.

  • Snow Leopard - external Photoshop retouching stops working after too many Lightroom edits

    Recognition of symptom:

    You make adjustments to a file in Lightroom and then you try and change in Photoshop CS4 using surface-mounted-> Comand-E.

    Nothing happens.

    You check the Console log and you see

    02-09-09 02:29:58 Adobe Photoshop CS4 [7706] * CFMessagePort: Mach corrupt prompted a fall (b 0, 00100)

    You back into history, to cancel some of your amendments to LR, and he ends by working again.

    Reproduction of bug:

    1. Making adjustments to a RAW in Lightroom - my 5DMKII case, canon raw or dng file
    2. Select the softener in skin (default settings) brush in Lightroom
    3. Paint on the image with several clicks (I've seen sometimes in 5 stokes and 20 shots)
    4. Occasionally check if command-E will bring up the image in Photoshop
    5. If so, exit without save changes and continue to apply the brush strokes and check again.
    6. If it is not the case, check the Console, and you will see the above error
    7. Now start on a brush stoke back in history and stay in control with the command edit
    8. In my case, it works once again a number of brush stokes finally have been removed

    I tried:

    • Re-install Snow Leopard on a disk wiping
    • Re-installing Photoshop
    • Re-installing Lightroom
    • Deleting the files preference com.adobe. < software > Photoshop and Lightroom


    I also tried to edit the same file as a different user on the same computer and I DID NOT SEE THE PROBLEM

    There is a problem with something in my profile user, Snow Leopard, Lightroom and Photoshop, and I can't seem to find it.

    Anyone know what may designate the console error message?

    02-09-09 02:29:58 Adobe Photoshop CS4 [7706] * CFMessagePort: Mach corrupt prompted a fall (b 0, 00100)

    I spent THREE days on this... it's driving me NUTS!

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you

    I had the same problem, as I wrote in this post.

    I solved with Lightroom on 32 bit... Please tell me if it works for you.

  • Quando EU vou instalar o appears uma mensagem dizendo e para can some back para continue an instalacao After Effects. So as EU fecho todos os than e fala as precisa can o: Adobe Bridge, sendo ele esta run, what the EU FACO?

    I can not instalar Adobe After Effects meu, sempre appears as e preciso can some than antes, sendo than ja fechei todos, fala em especial do Adobe Bridge.

    Programs interfere with the Installation of fence

    Task Manager - PC: (CTRL-ALT-DEL)

    Mac - Activity Monitor:

  • Some brasileiro or someone as fale pra portugues me help?

    EU assinei o pacote adobe para students, mas esta really tudo e to the Québec dizendo a licença expirou...

    Log, activation, or connection errors. CS5.5 and later versions


  • Configuration of the L3 Switch to send the traffic to Palo Alto

    Please forgive my ignorance when it comes to Palo Alto. This is the first time that I do business with them. We need to ensure one VLAN located behind the Palo Alto. I am including a diagram to show a simulation of what we seek to do. We have by default VLAN1 which is our default data VLAN. We have 19 VLAN is VLAN we want it secure. The VLAN1 SVI IP is and VLAN19 SVI IP is On the Palo Alto, we have an IP interface was like for default data VLAN and for the VLAN secure. There are also a pair of HA with IPS and respectively. We have EIGRP that announces the network default VLAN1. Here's what we want to do. Anything from the 10.1.1.x network, go to the 10.1.2.x network, must pass through the Palo Alto. Whatever either from the 10.1.2.x network, must go through the Palo Alto as well. Nothing to any other network 10.1.1.x, takes the route by default (and), and anything from 10.1.2.x to anything else on 10.1.2.x should stay local to the LAN (not pass through Palo Alto. Need just for the MAC address arp). My question is, how do I tell my L3 switch to send all traffic created in the 10.1.2.x, through the Palestinian Authority? I can't do an IP route because from the local network VIRTUAL lives on these L3 switches and is a directly connected route. Really, I can't do the ACB on the switch, because that is really meant to routers. I can put a long match, for everything on the 10.1.2.x network (i.e. the route ip, but for some reason when do whatsoever of 10.1.2.x another thing goes on 10.1.2.x through the palo alto so. Anyone have any suggestions on what would be the best practice, from a network perspective, on how to do this? Thanks for any help!

    Looks like you want all traffic to and from the secure virtual local network to pass through the firewall of your description?

    I'm not familiar with Palo Alto firewall is so I don't know how they work in HA, IE. with other devices do you want to simply talk to a VIP which is responsible for two firewalls?

    In your example the two firewalls have an IP address per vlan, but always just use you one IP addresses for the end-end connectivity. I'll assume that you do, you may need to change, but when I say that I mean the one that reminds you of the devices for routing etc..

    So for all the traffic to and from the network to go through the firewall, you must-

    (1) remove the battery switch the IVR for vlan 19. You need the firewall to be routing vlan not secure the 3750 s. You leave vlan 19 in the database for vlan.

    (2) point them vlan 19 customers as default gateway

    (3) addition of a route on the stack of 3750 for the network

    IP route

    (4) if the network needs to talk to other that remote subnets, then for each of these networks the firewall should be a route. The syntax will not be IOS, but this should give you an idea-

    IP road

    etc... for each remote network

    That means foregoing is all the traffic going and coming from 10.1.2.x customers to other subnets must go through the firewall. The customer traffic in the vlan secured to other clients in the vlan safe doesn't have to go the firewalls.



    Por that nao ha som amendments filmes em rodo dvd no pc, quando no hd audio e o normal? Por favor, help - me. Windows 7 Home Basic.

    Grato, um Abraço.
    Oficio com Deus.

    Look in the lower left corner of the page.

    Where we see English, click on it.

    Then select your language from the list.


  • SEM som only auscultadores

    Instalei recently W 7 64, tenho som nas colunas mas nao tenho amendments auscultadores, alguem me pode help

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  • L2l vpn with Firewall Palo Alto

    I'm setting up a tunnel of l2l with a firewall of palo alto and evil.  It is a fairly simple installation, we are traffic encryption public to the public for download of the side sftp asa.  Here are the parts relevant to the config and various outputs...  Remote admin side asserts that the phase 1 pass and we have a timeout of waiting for phase 2.  Any help would be appreciated. (customer2 destination address) (customer2 vpn gateway) (space local public ip)

    description of CustomerVPN2 name customer VPN2

    Inside_nat0_outbound to access extended list ip allow host CustomerVPN2
    Outside_4_cryptomap to access extended list ip allow host CustomerVPN2

    card crypto Outside_map 4 corresponds to the address Outside_4_cryptomap
    crypto map Outside_map 4 set type of connection are created only
    card crypto Outside_map 4 set peer
    card crypto Outside_map 4 the value transform-set ESP-AES-256-SHA

    crypto ISAKMP policy 50
    preshared authentication
    aes-256 encryption
    sha hash
    Group 2
    life 86400

    tunnel-group type ipsec-l2l tunnel-group ipsec-attributes
    pre-shared-key *.

    SH crypto isakmp (reviews listed as type: user)

    8 peer IKE:
    Type: user role: initiator
    Generate a new key: no State: MM_WAIT_MSG2

    Debug crypto ipsec (looks like he's trying all cryptographic cards except one)

    IPSec (crypto_map_check): crypto Outside_map 1 hole card no match for ACL Outside_1_cryptomap.

    IPSec (crypto_map_check): card crypto Outside_map 2 do not match for ACL Outside_2_cryptomap hole.

    IPSec (crypto_map_check): card crypto Outside_map 3 hole not correspond to ACL Outside_3_cryptomap.

    IPSec (crypto_map_check): card crypto Outside_map 3 hole not correspond to ACL OO_temp_Outside_map3.

    and finally.

    03 Oct 10:39:09 [IKEv1]: IP =, removing counterpart peer table faile
    d, no match!
    03 Oct 10:39:09 [IKEv1]: IP =, error: cannot delete PeerTblEntr

    Hey Evo,

    You asa public interface is the same as the public ip address that you are trying to encrypt?

    I think you need to create a Nat policy that can be a private ip address as well and then use it as your side of interesting traffic, because the Admin in Palo Alto is right about the vpn route accordingly.

    Here are some links for policy based Nat & paloalto side vpn screenshots and explanations.


  • Open the characteristics of Michael Ferrante on forms 12 c :) and some c omplaints

    I had seen that he's open to talk about new features, but I think that most of the oracle forms is not very well defined, and maybe someone want some comment on that.

    Hello Michale Ferrante I have some questions for you.

    I am a certified oracle developer forms and oracle database and our company has worked with oracle, more than ten years ago.

    (1) the design and the niche in the market that Oracle Forms and the need for advanced graphic features

    I remember a beta version of forms, I think that it was 3.2, it has all the features to move and draw on the screen, and for some oracle of reason which rejected, and I think it was OK under the strategy of a client database, this isn't a software to make the games.

    But as time passes, the customer needs more features visual, I must acknowledge the work of François Degrelle in forms look and feel project .

    Most of the software in large companies are now client server, and they have too many mobile client software and others that requires the features of high graphics, from one screen to buy items, to a customer of entertainment to marketing.

    In the example: you have a restaurant, they want in an ipad, a menu, and you want to do in the form of oracle, here is where oracle has a big hole.

    This includes of course more functions for working with media types, such as audio in the database, video in the database, audio and video from other sources, like youtube, etc.

    (2) the positioning of oracle forms againt other products oracle, oracle should give a clear positioning of all products related to oracle forms and how they incorporate.

    Oracle has proposed new products, such as adf, apex, etc. and is not only my perception, much thought customer oracle forms would be replaced, but they can't because the idea of oracle is an easy tool for development and in theory with more features (it's the reason why you should have to pay more than 20,000 per customer)

    But personally, I see that I do not see BETTER in the product.

    Customers need a clear vision of how the oracle introduces their different tools in example, specifically oracle must decide where is oracle in this net of product development, client of Mr. If you want to develop, forms oracle is why adf this apex for that, for this java, etc. instead of presenting a confusing set of products ,

    Oracle gives messages are confusing, that is the reason why many customers thought oracle forms would be abandoned and they MUST migrate to adf, this message that I saw too much while reading about adf.

    If coupled with additional confusion with previous development of sun products, Oracle must order their ideas and show a structure of the tools in the suite, which is full, which makes sense, instead of "we have all the tools of development of this, study and choose one, and good luck."

    (3) improvement of the editor

    no more comments, just update the form with all editor the Editor doesn't like any other software.

    (4) new and interesting ideas, a real change of attitude of the oracle and oracle reports developer

    I think the additional graphics functionality, clarity in the relationship of forms with other products, and improvements in the editor are obvious.

    then comes something new and interesting forms oracle could present, no necessary to what the current client does, if not for the new procedures, for example a great app for ipads, a generator of models of various boxes,.

    I said something big, because until now, I had seen oracle is a tool of gray, all other tools, delphi, visual studio, adf, etc. has several very interesting improvements, but forms oracle moves like a turtle in this way, as living separated from the jurisdiction of the market development tools.

    It's like a wake-up CALL

    (5) to separate the teams of developing forms and oracle reports.

    The reason is to offer a less expensive product, and because for reports, there are cheapersolutions, plain html pages to free software as reports of jasper.

    It is is important to separate development of oracle reports and forms of the oracle team, he moves to make it really better justify the investment and the reports to be considered as an independent product compatible with other oracle products.

    In example, perhaps you could add as a solution at the apex, not only to print pdf reports.

    (6) the graphical component lost and optional free projects open (requiring the license of oracle forms-based of course)

    graph of Oracle Server customer oracle 6i, has several problems, but in a moment lost, idon't see nowadays too dificult to make a graphic really nice editor, oracle forms could make a free graphics project.

    Oracle Forms should motivate in an organized system, the developer of forms oracle to use and improve open components, it is 1) good items you need and should install 2) the elements of ther o based on ideas, you may find it useful in some way at the same time they develop to become an interesting compoennt and move to the Group 1).

    (7) the albums of other development oracle technologies Integrator

    Oracle Forms, especially for the price, I think that should be the High option and integrate all the other tools of development, it is, you can use free apex or essential to the adf, but if you want more, then purchase a license of the adf, if you want more then buy forms oracle, something like that.

    Think of this form of Oracle idea should be somehow integrated with jheadstart.

    Once you do this, then the oracle development tools will make sense, instead the attitude oracle currently has to "choose all these development tools, we have and good luck."

    In this idea, and then force to buy oracle reports might be a good idea, because it comes to the top of every thing, the best more than adf and apex, java, etc.

    (8) specialists in the oracle database

    These are the oracle forms is something important, a client for oracle, so it should support all the features of oracle databas, e this includes the posibility

    software sincronize with versions of oracle database,

    return of flame, etc. should be part of counter, create environments to test and restore the backups.

    It's don't forget Oracle their first venture is the database and their tools should complement technologies in the database.

    (9) the new age of basic developed compoements

    Anyone who wants to start a business must program all the fundamentals, it's exhange management, user management, etc..

    I've suggested previously to oracle is to create a software base (database, developer and reports), free, so you can take them and start over, this should include basci funcions to manage basic safety features such as creating a user, the user of the monitor, etc basic functionality for enterprise software, etc., clob, number, date.

    It is doing something no one had done.

    hope to be useful

    Thank you very much for your comments and dedication to the product.  We appreciate all the ideas and comments.

    I wanted to comment on some things you said.

    "... the need for... advanced graphic features. »

    Years, Oracle Forms had a sister product called Oracle Graphics.  It was a product that gave you the ability to create almost any kind of graphics or graphics that your creative mind could imagine.  However, in my opinion, it was very difficult and tedious to use.  For various reasons, Oracle has decided to stop manufacturing and chart support a long time ago.  I suspect part of the reason for the abandonment of the product was that with today's web deployed forms, add your own graphics features are easy enough using Java Beans or even product Oracle BI-haricots.

    "... "This includes of course more functions to work with media types... »

    We are planning to add that support in future versions of some media.  Exactly what version or what types of media is yet to be determined.  Development is currently studying the best approach for implementing such features.  But as for tracing, add your own support via a Java Bean is simple enough and for people who are not very well informed in Java, there are many free examples available on the Internet.  This example should provide an excellent starting point.

    "... Client of Mr. If you want to develop, oracle forms is present, adf to do this, apex to do this, for that, etc. instead of presenting a confusing the value of products, java... »

    If you read a part, documentation each product (General presentation documents), you will see that, at a high level already do.  Explain us what the product, how it works, some of his strengths, etc.  However, it would be impossible for any vendor to tell you exactly which tool you use for your specific job.  We/they can offer an opinion, but exactly what you're using, it's a decision that you must make based on several factors.  For example, you talked about a restaurant.  You can build an application that is used to take orders in the forms or ADF.  Either will do the job.  In most cases, which will make you choose one over the other is the skill value available to accomplish the task.  If your organization does not have a single Java developer, but it has several pl/sql developers, then choosing ADF maybe not the best choice.  In this case, the forms can be the best choice.  Alternatively, you can recycle your existing developers, you can hire new employees who know Java or ADF or hire a third party to help you develop the application in the ADF.  Again, only you can answer these questions.

    It's no different than any other product.  Consider Microsoft Visual Studio.  I can use almost any technology throughout (VB, C++, c#, etc.) to build an application that performs the same tasks.  But if I don't know C++ (for example), why should I choose to use C++ if the application will accomplish the same task in the end?  I'd rather the product know my team.  An exception could be if some other technologies offers a feature not found in the other.  For example, with the ADF, you can easily access on mobile devices.  But even this can be overcome with Forms.  For example with the use of Oracle Partner, AuraPlayerof the product, you can use your existing form request to expose web services to mobile applications without having to change your code to forms.

    In short, we intend to add many new features for future versions of the forms.  Exactly what they will be always plans even though many have already been implemented for the next version.  For some people, the changes we present can be considered to be a much-needed change, and for others, they may feel that the amendments add little value.  It is always difficult to make everyone happy.  I hope that soon (I don't know exactly at what time yet) you will be able to meet up with me at various conferences around the world (Open World, WORLD, DOAG, etc) where I will introduce our new items for the new version of forms.  If all goes well, most of you will appreciate the hard work that Oracle Forms developers have put in updates for the next future releases.  We have a very dedicated team of developers who work on a regular basis to ensure that you can easily upgrade with confidence.

    Thanks again for your comments!

  • Impossible to save some snapshot due VM is being found


    I use ghettoVCB for the virtual computer backup for my NAS & after a while some of the virtual machine are not been saved. So I had a quick glance in the script and went through a dry that gave me below output;

    / vmfs/volumes/4e7a4edb-08851e40-0C1E-1cc1de700f23/utils/ghettoVCB #./ f vm_list.back d dryrun

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: #.

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: VM: GATEWAY

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: VM_ID: 7

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: VMX_PATH: / vmfs/volumes/datastore1/GATEWAY ( / BRIDGE ( .vmx

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: VMX_DIR: / vmfs/volumes/datastore1/GATEWAY (

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: VMX_CONF: ( gateway / GATEWAY ( .vmx

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: VMFS_VOLUME: datastore1

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: VMDK (s):

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: GATEWAY ( 50 GB

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: VMDK (s) INDEPENDENT:

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: TOTAL_VM_SIZE_TO_BACKUP: 50 GB

    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: Snapshots found for this virtual machine, please commit all snapshots before you continue!


    2014-04-12 12:15:46 - dryrun: #.

    I went in the connection of vSphere and had a looked in the VM's to see if snapshots are actually taken. But there is not, and I assumed that this is due to some files left during execution of the script. Alto! I found these delta files in the directory of the virtual machine. Below is the output;

    / vmfs/volumes/4e7a4edb-08851e40-0C1E-1cc1de700f23/Gateway ( # ls-l

    -rw - 1 root root 33660928 Mar 22 03:53 GATEWAY ( - 000001 - delta.vmdk

    -rw - 1 root root 358 Mar 22 02:45 GATEWAY (

    -rw - 1 root root 31741 Mar 22 02:45 GATEWAY ( - Snapshot1088.vmsn

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 23 5 March 2012 ( GATEWAY - f9e7a482.hlog

    -rw - 1 root root 53687091200 Mar 22 02:45 GATEWAY ( - flat hard

    -rw - 1 root root 8684 Mar 22 02:45 .nvram GATEWAY (

    -rw - 1 root root 515 Mar 21 06:28 hard GATEWAY (

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 498 Apr 12 04:50 .vmsd GATEWAY (

    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3626 Apr 12 04:50 .vmx GATEWAY (

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 2862 Mar 12 07:28 .vmxf GATEWAY (

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 44715 Mar 29 10:01 vmware - 41.log

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 44666 Apr 5 07:08 vmware - 42.log

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 44664 Apr 5 10:07 vmware - 43.log

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 44712 Apr 8 05:20 vmware - 44.log

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 44668 Apr 8 15:39 vmware - 45.log

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 44693 Apr 9 06:34 vmware - 46.log

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 44673 Apr 12 04:50 vmware.log

    -rw - 1 root root 47185920 5 March 2012 vmx-GATEWAY ( - 4192707714 - 2.vswp

    This is the max that I can go to and I wanted to do not remove or change anything. What can I do to fix this?


    The script is OK, you have files of snapshot down there.

    In vSphere Client or web client, choose "Consolidate" to get rid of them and does not change your virtual machine.



  • Someone at - it integreated Vebra Alto software in to Muse?

    Hi guys

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this real estate agency software. Alto Vebra - estate agency Ultimate Cloud Software

    I have yet to talk to their support, but they said its built-in in to websites using an API. I hope it will generate a code to insert in to Muse in the normal way, but I was wondering if anyone else had done it?

    Thank you


    You can insert external content in Muse via object > insert HTML, if the application you are looking for offers you exit code to embed on pages then surely you can use the html option.

    Rest if its about API calls via Server, then you will need to do some work on the end of your accommodation.

    Thank you


  • I have a macbook pro 2010 and already have updated twice.  Should I move a third time?  I was in the apple store some time ago and they told me not to upgrade a third time.  Can I update or not and why?

    I have a macbook pro 2010 and already have updated twice.  Should I move a third time?  I was in the apple store some time ago and I was told that I should not upgrade again.  Can I update or not and why?

    Upgrade what to what? We don't know what you're asking. Writing an effective communities of Apple Support question.

  • My computer with two hard drives and 2 starting systems has the car crash in the solid state. When I got the new drive and tried to restore from time capsule, I lost some data. How can I see what backups are on the time capsule? My laptop is also backed u

    My computer with two hard drives and 2 starting systems has the car crash in the solid state. When I got the new drive and tried to restore from time capsule, I lost some data. How can I see what backups are on the time capsule? My laptop is also saved to the time capsule. Everything is in 'Data' when I look through the Airport utility. I think that the information that I've lost are still there since I was a Capsule 3 to.

    Time Machine backup to a sparsebundle.

    The sparsebundle will use the share name of computer. So, it should be obvious who is your Macbook and that is your Macpro.

    Open the sparsebundle in Finder and keep open the subfolders until you get to the backup of each separate hard drive...

    You has of course set the exclusion in Time Machine?

    By default, Time Machine will exclude your second drive unless you have included it. Did you?

    Once you get to this level during the backup, you can do a full restore manually whenever you want.

Maybe you are looking for