Some add-ons installed do not show in the toolbar

I have some add-ons installed that keep disappears from the toolbar at the top of the page where I want what they (next to the search bar). They include the video Download Helper and Cookies-Self-Destructing. I entered in Customizing, and these modules do not appear in the "features and additional tools. They are permanently installed because they show in the Add-ons Manager, but they aren't in the top bar - I down the module restored Bar and several of my modules show there, but not those. There is no arrow indicating that they are actually there but hidden. They are not there. I guess that there is some kind of conflict, but I don't know what it could be. He seems to have nothing to do with this theme that I use at the same time. Thank you. use: Windows 7, Firefox 50.0.2


There seems to be a problem with Ublock. If I uninstall it, the Add-ons reappear and I am able to put them in the toolbar. I installed Adblock Plus.

I don't have these problems on my PC which has Windows XP Pro SP3 and the current Firefox with the same type of Ublock. So I don't know what happened. Thank you!

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    Just found on another thread, if anyone else has this problem, here's the answer. -.

    Go to your control panel and click on appearance and personalization

    Go to adjust the resolution of the screen

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  • Add bookmarks here does not show in the folder

    I have 'old add bookmark behavior. " «I can't find the original add on ' Add bookmark here» Is it still available?

    There is a version on the page Add Bookmark Here 2 version which is compatible with Firefox 3.6. * If that's what you're looking for.

    You must upgrade to the latest Firefox 3.6.x (3.6.28) version to get the latest security patches.

    This will probably be the last Firefox 3.6.x as version supports ends in April, then you will need to upgrade to the current version of Firefox 11 to get the security updates in the future.

  • Some add-ons unachievable in version 40.1

    I installed 40.1 FF and have you encountered a problem. I have some add-ons that do not work, for example Dashlane. It is stated that he "could not be verified for use in Firefox. Proceed with caution. Then, when I go into details, she mentions on a "signature of the add-on. I tried to do everything to get my extension work, even closing browser, erase my internet cache, cookies, history... Re-open FF and yet a few my custom extensions/add-ons will not come, the error of the add-on cannot be checked/add on signature.

    Can someone help me with this, or it can solve.

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    If Add-ons says "Proceed with caution" page, the extension is not blocked, this is just a warning for your information.

    Your Dashlane icon disappears from the toolbar, or the icon does not work? What problems are you having?

    You can try to update Dashlane to see if what works best with your Firefox 41? I installed version test and it appears on the toolbar. When I click on the button, after a delay, he invites me to create an account.

  • Add-ons Manager does not list the Add-ons

    I've updated to Firefox 6.0. Since doing so, the Add-ons Manager does not appear Add-ons (it is installed or those who have been disabled by the upgrade).

    The Add-ons Manager simply displays an hourglass "Loading" and no progress.

    A number of my modules was not suitable for Firefox 6.0 and were disabled during the production of process that the Manager screen does not load then I don't see a checklist of these installed or disabled. They appear in the troubleshooting information.

    Make sure that the "Get Add-ons" tab is not enabled on the subject: addons page.

    You can click on the tab 'Extensions' to see the installed extensions.

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    Hi wshuebner,

    Let's start by ensuring that the add-on is completely activated.

    1. click on the Tools icon in the upper left corner of the IE

    2. select Manage Add-ons.

    3. make sure that all the three segments of Easy-WebPrint are enabled.

    4. close and reopen Internet Explorer.

    It has not responded to your question or problem? Please call or write to us at one of the methods on the page contact us for further assistance.

  • I installed "downloadhelper". It shows in the list of add-ons/extensions, but it does not appear in the toolbar

    I installed "downloadhelper". It shows in the list of add-ons/extensions, but it does not appear in the toolbar. I reinstalled foxfire, various foxfire files updated, tried other modules, but none of this helps.

    Have you tried to click on "Restore default settings" in the palette to customize?

    Have you checked the settings in the VDH extension?

  • Cannot install some add-ons

    I'm running the last Aurora (8.0a2), although this problem existed also in 7.0a2. I have the add-on Compatibility Reporter extension installed, so I should be able to install add-ons for older versions of Firefox, and I can't.

    However, some Add - ons do not install. (Three I've tried are WebRunner, AdBlock Plus Element Hiding Helper and open IT Online). The little bubble that appears indicates that it is downloaded. If I go to about: addons, the installation state is given as 'Audit', although nothing ever happens. If I restart Aurora and try again to install, I get a message that the add-on is corrupt and can not be installed.

    What can I do to fix this?

    I also have this problem and I noticed that add-ons install normally in safe mode.

  • Add-ons - works does not correctly

    Recently (last 4-5 days my modules stopped working properly. Example: Tab Mix Plus shows as installed, but when I select all the options do not affect the behavior of tab; Not appearing LastPass icon is not in the bar of the add-on as it did before; NewsFox icon does not appear in the toolbar as it did. Using Firefox 26.0 on Windows 8 on Dell laptop.

    It is possible that there is a problem with the files that store the registry extensions.

    Delete the files (extensions.sqlite, extensions.ini) extensions.* and compatibibility.ini in the profile folder of Firefox to reset the extensions registry.

    New files will be created if necessary.

    See "extension corrupted files:

    If you see disabled extensions or is not compatible in ' Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions ' and then click the Tools button at the left end of the search bar to check if there is a compatibibility update available.

    If this did not help, then also delete the addons.sqlite file.

    You can also check the problems caused by a corrupt localstore.rdf file.

  • Download new modules that I appear on the Add-ons Manager, but not in the menu drop-down

    When I download a new add-on on the site add-on from Mozilla, the Add - it will appear in my Add-ons Manager, but I can't use, because it will not be displayed on my menu drop - even if the Add-ons Manager said that told Add-ons are enabled. How can I fix it? Also, I can download some add-ons that work very well when visiting sites like amazon or where their modules appear in the menu when you visit.

    Thank you.

    A search engine plugin.

  • The Add-ons Manager does not load

    I want to install McAfee siteadvisor, but I can not load the add-on Manager. I have win7 firefox6. I have the program on my computer and it works fine in Explorer.

    The add-on Manager is responsible, only that you probably have the "Get Add-ons" Panel selected and ging the loading icon. Just look to the left and click on the Extensions and if return you to the "Get Add-ons" Panel later that it should load.

    The Panel "Get Add-ons" can sometimes load slowly in the view of things, especially on the first start, probably because of two people looking for extension. / theme updated with recent versions of Firefox 6.0/3.6.20, 2.3.0/2.3.1 6.0 Thunderbird and SeaMonkey and recent change on

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    I have the same problem (sometimes):

    Without rhyme or reason, as far as I can tell.

  • some images (JPEG format) do not show in Design view, but show in live mode, any ideas why? Thank you

    some images (JPEG format) do not show in Design view, but show in live mode, any ideas why? Thank you

    Work within a site defined in DW?

    All images cropped and size?

    Are all the images for the Web as optimized JPG?

    All images are saved in your folder of Site Local DW?

    Nancy O.

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    I've updated Firefox yesterday when the update has been proposed. Now the Add-ons Manager (accessed through the Tools menu) crashes. It says loading and icon spins, but it's never full load. I'm running on a Mac. Thank you.

    I fixed that by clicking on the "Extensions" tab in the Add-ons Manager, then again to get the modules.
    It seams that get the modules need time to load all the necessary data.

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