Some keys stop working after the update of the Sierra (only for a specific profile)

After update to Sierra my keyboard worked well for a while.  But at random, U I O P J K L keys stopped working.

The bug only shows 1 profile. If I create another profile new profile keyboard works very well.

Anyone know what that sometimes caused that and with the fix is?


Hello ExcelsiorPath,

After reviewing your post, it seems that several keys do not work on a single profile. This looks like an option that may have been changed.  I recommend you to read this article, it may be able to help solve the problem.

If the other keys do not work

You may have accidentally set an option that changes your keyboard works.

  • Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, and then click keyboard. Make sure that slow keys is turned off. If slow keys is enabled, you will need to keep a key longer than usually before it is recognized.

  • Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, and then click mouse and Trackpad. Make sure that the mouse keys is turned off. If the mouse keys is enabled, pressing the keys in the numeric keypad moves the pointer instead of entering the numbers.

  • Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, click keyboard, and then click input methods. Select "Show the menu in the menu bar." Open the menu entry, then make sure that the correct keyboard layout is selected.

    To display the keyboard layout, click keyboard, and then choose "See the viewers for emoji keyboard symbols in the menu bar."

macOS Sierra: If your keyboard does not work

Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. Good day.

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  • access keys stopped working after the upgrade from vista to windows 7 Professional,

    keyboard shortcuts no longer works after upgrading vista to windows 7 Professional, I have a desktop hp, 64 bit, and use of wireless, my keys, i.e. hot keyboard.  have been, key, key club hp, search key email, help key, eject the dvd buttons, stop, play, etc. before keys do not work, THE VOLUME BUTTON SLEEP MODE KEY ŒUVRES WELL, Please HELP, HP AND MICROSOFT will not HELP ME, ILS ARE SAYING what CALL HP, HP SAID CALL MICROSOFT, SO No. MORE MICROSOFT or HP for ME ANYMORE ITS APPLE MAC TIMES, THANKS IN ADVANCE

    You need a version of Windows 7, the keyboard drivers for your HP computer model.  Go to Support & drivers HP to start site. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • Satellite A300 - some keys stopped working after downgrde from Vista to XP


    Excuse me for my bad English. I have a problem with my Satellite A 300 PSAG4E-0450. Operating system went from Vista to XP. Easy keys, keys shortcut and illumination stopped working. All the drivers have been downloaded. I tried to find it in Control Panel-> Toshiba controls. I changed to bright power, but this isn't work. If I try to turn it off, I see a window with "choose order".

    What can be wrong?
    Thanks for your help.


    As far as I know, the lighting can be disabled and enabled in the BIOS.
    Check it!

    To shortcut keys, you should try to install the Toshiba controls and utilities hotkey.
    From Toshiba Web site:

    I hope it's useful for you.

    Good bye

  • Some keys stop working after formatting...

    Recently I have formatted my laptop and reinstalled Windows XP and all the drivers.

    Everything is going well except 2-3 keys on the keyboard do not work (@ and -keys do not come). It is due to bad/lack of driver or another setting is it?

    Laptops must they keyboard drivers? I installed all the drivers that I had in the bundle.

    Any ideas what it could be for Compaq C794wu? (XP)

    I mean, the keys work, but the result is different.

  • < Fn > keys stopped working after XP updates

    I have XP Home Edition sp3. I was invited for 6 updates for XP. After installation and restarting in now my keys on laptop are not working. None of them work. Other combinations of keys are OK. + C, etc are OK. Is there a way to remove the updates that have been installed?

    The laptop manufacturers implement the Fn key by using different techniques.  The first thing to do is to go to the website of the manufacturer of your laptop and download and install the driver of current keyboard for your computer.

    Still problems?  Post back with the brand and model of your computer.

    FYI, you can always go to windows update and click on the link to 'Review your update history'.  You will be able to identify the specific updates that have been installed.  Post their KB numbers here if you do not understand them.

    For diagnostic purposes, you can uninstall more updates by going to control panel > add or remove programs and by checking the box at the top to 'See the updates'.  In general, however, it is not a good idea to leave uninstalled patches 'critical'.

  • Satellite L300D-135 - some keys stop working after a few minutes

    Satellite L300D-135 (PSLC8E-02P013EN) portable model, boot cold keyboard is fine. As things warm up the keys R and there stop responding as do 7890 keys. May be heat related.

    The keyboard has been replaced, old and new are doing the same thing, so it's more like a controller issue. Have flashed the latest BIOS as saw talk of the keyboard problems in one of the versions of the BIOS. The end user has been tolerated for a few months, but now, Dyslexic child needs to use the laptop and cannot deal with dead keys.

    Any ideas? Laptop is 2 weeks out of warranty and user end just asked me to take a peek, problem has been around for the warranty period.


    Hi Phil

    Can you notice the question even if you connect an external keyboard or this only happens with an intern?

    I can t imagine it has something to do with the heat, but if you want you can clean your laptop using a jet of compressed air. This could blow out the dust from the cooling fans.

    If this isn't the case, you must replace the entire keyboard. Normally it of not so expensive so Don t you worry not about it. You can also ask your ASP if they can repair as a gesture of goodwill.

  • Firefox extension: 'TrueSuite 5.2.500.16' stopped working after the last update of firefox (30.0), although subject: said plugin activated. No difficulty to make it work?

    Firefox extension: 'TrueSuite 5.2.500.16' stopped working after the last update of firefox (30.0), although subject: said plugin activated.

    I tried to reset firefox and search for similar problems, unfortunately found nothing.

    It is also weird empty space before the address in the address bar

    other extensions and addons seems to work very well.

    Firefox 30 spent some less commonly used "Always turned on" plugins "asking to activate. To check and change this to TrueSuite, you can use the page modules. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click on Plugins. Then on the right, check the setting on the right side of TrueSuite.

    Any difference?

    Note to other readers: the original poster had to leave Firefox and start it again until it is actually entered into force.

  • Satellite A105-S4254: several keyboard keys stop working after startup


    I have a laptop A105-S4254, which is less than a year.
    When I boot it upward a few minutes most of the keys stopped working.
    The F keys will however continue to work.
    I can laugh with the brightness and activate / disable the num lock and scroll but I can't type.

    A number of key just freeze.
    When I reboot the keys work for a few minutes and then stop working again.

    Please help me with suggestions and solutions.


    For me, it looks like a hardware problem. Maybe it s the keyboard or keyboard controller itself.
    But first, you must be sure that this failure was not due to a software problem.
    Therefore, it would be desirable to update the system and install the OS from the Toshiba Recovery CD.

    If the keyboard problem appears again, I'd recommend contacting the ASP in your country to control the laptop.

    It seems that the guarantee could be valid for all replacements must be done for free.

    See you soon

  • laptop keyboard stopped working after Windows update.

    have a toshiba satellite A505 laptop and the keyboard stops working after Windows Update reboots. We reinstalled Windows 7, which fixed the problem until the updates have come. Now the keyboard is unresponsive. Sounds like a software problem, no material. Also checked the keyboard drivers that are up to date.

    As a first response, go to the control panel, device, keyboard, keyboard Manager and right click, uninstall it and let it rediscover Windows and then reinstall it.

    It suits it much of the time.

  • My illustrator CS3 has stopped working after I updated my OS to Yosemite 10.10.5

    My illustrator CS3 has stopped working after I updated my OS to Yosemite 10.10.5, but my InDesign and Photoshop work very well. How can I get Illustrator to start working again?

    NOTE: I read a previous thread on the opening of the Java Control Panel in the system preferences (because I installed the new java my computer asked me for marketing immediately after in the new yosemite), but there is no icon Java not found. I installed this new java download more than once and still can not find it. Help!


    If the suggestion on possible recording by Larry fails, see this page

    I'll try to ask a personal forum friend who knows what to do.

    For download, read this

    and update, see

  • HP ENVY laptop - 15-ae178ca: Second monitor stopped working after the automatic update of HP

    I use my laptop with a second monitor (HP Pavillion 22xw) connected by HDMI. It was working fine until yesterday (including yesterday it worked), when a message from automatic upgrade HP was shown to informing him that the system needs to be restarted. After that, my second monitor stopped working. The system will not identify it more. I tried another cable, I rebooted several times, I tried to update the specific Intel graphics driver, I tried to uninstall and install manually another (I can't get this one done, because when I run manually downloaded driver there is a message saying that I need to contact the manufacturer). Please notify that I need my second monitor is fully functional!

    Hello @MAlex_B,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums from the HP Support! The forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your problems, with the help of the community!

    I understand that you have a problem with the display and wanted to help you!  I see only after an update, the external monitor no longer works.

    Given that this problem happened recently, have you tried to perform a System Restore, to define the notebook to its previous working state?  If this does not work, have you tried to update the drivers of graphics Chipset and BIOS on the HP website directly?  You can find the drivers for you product here: drivers - HP's ENVY for laptop - 15-ae178ca

    Please post back with the results.  Let me know if this information helps you solve the problem by marking this message as 'accept as Solution', this will help others easily find the information they seek.  In addition, by clicking on the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thank you!

    Have a great day!

  • All browsers stop working after the automatic updates

    * Original title: Windows 8 - all browsers stop working after update

    Hi, I have a Dell 14R with Windows 8, standard configuration.  After the automatic updates pushed on 06-04-14, computer laptop start behaving strange - not able to connect to any external website.  Home page only on a browser worked.  Troubleshooting auto did not find any problems. I restored the computer to the last point saved, generated an error "cannot restore', perhaps due to MacAfee, but solved the problem.   Then I disabled the updates for windows, just in case.  Did you anyone has a similar experience lately and was able to locate and solved the problem?

    I've updated for Windows 8.1 over the weekend, it seems to work great so far.

  • Satellite A105 shift stop working after BIOS update

    I have a stack of boards of laptop of the A105 (Intel chipset) series that I received with the wrong BIOS. Both worked, and I updated the BIOS on them to solve CPU compatibility issues. After that, the shift keys stopped working and pressing Shift-A causes the power led to decrease in intensity. Return to ANY BIOS version, either by the Windows, CD or floppy disk of crisis recovery program (magic key is 'F', not 'B', 'Esc' or 'U'), does not solve the problem of the keyboard.

    To make things more confusing, I've noticed that single BIOS one that actually seems to correct the problem is version 1.50, which I have not seen available for any Tecra A7 or Satellite A100/A105, with the exception of a few 100, but the BIOS file is too small and cannot be loaded.

    Anyone has an idea why these cards Intel processor do that? Or did someone knows where I can get a usable version of BIOS 1.50?

    In the interest of this post, please consider my high level of competence. (In other words, I would be grateful for the people trying to help 'Replace the keyboard', but I have about a dozen keyboards, that everything I tried, and all work on other laptops. In addition, if you have just a theoretical solution, I'm certainly open to hearing. In addition, if a Toshiba tech would answer, I really appreciate it!)

    An update, it seems that the laptop from a different manufacture series show almost the same problem. There are certainly similarities of BIOS, since these Toshiba use the magic key to Fujitsu to trigger the block to start recovery from the crisis. I guess it's very likely that this problem is specifically a problem of Phoenix BIOS.

  • Canvio Basic 2 TB suddenly stopped working after Xbox update?

    While to say that the title of the hard drive has stopped working once an update has taken place on the Xbox one a few days ago.

    Now I tried it on a different Xbox one (didn't read), and also tried on a computer laptop windows 10 has yet no chance, at first he tried to install it but only got up then stopped, but even after having passed, still nothing, now its there if I go to device management (depending on whether its fine) but I can not even open the hard drive itself.

    I've had it for about 6 months maybe a little more, but still is it safe, placed just behind the xbox connected, never needed to move it.

    I hope someone can help or suggest something, but im now puzzled.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have the exact same problem mate

  • Satellite C70D-B-307 - brightness keys stopped working after migration Windows 10

    The brightness keys have stopped working after migration Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (Satellite C70D-B-307).

    How did solve you this?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Did a search but everything was a year or so old. What would be a good video card for games that I could use in my Dell? I thought it was a 300w ps and I really want to change. I read that there no power extra pipe for video cards that requires that.

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