Some web sites give the error "TypeError: PlacesUtils.bookmarks.getKeywordForURI is not a function"-why?

This problem has just begun for some pages. I was not able to choose a model. Any help to fix this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Philipp said

Hello, you can try to reproduce this behavior when you start firefox in safe mode, once? If not, perhaps an addon intrudes here...

Troubleshoot extensions, themes, and issues of hardware acceleration to resolve common problems of Firefox

Thanks philipp,.

I found the problem was with the: -.

  • ' Places' Tooltips 3.0.20110409.1 - signed "addon

There was a solution posted on 6 July 2015 on the web page of the addon '' as follows: -.

  • Works in Firefox 39 if you disable keywords, click the options in the Add-ons page and uncheck 'Show the keyword'.

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