Someone sent me a link to open the images. Now all the minutes this link opens a new tab. It will not stop. How can I stop it?

This is the link that opens a new tab ever few min. {222% 22% 3A % 22oz %22} & ctype = oz & xpc = {% 22cn % 22% 3A % 22GCComN6Q0d % 22 %2C % 22tp 22% 3Anull %2C % 22osh 22% 3Anull %2C % 22pru % 22% 3A % 22https % 3A % 2F %2F0.client - channel .google .com2Fclient-channel % 2Fclientxpc_relay % 22 %%2C % 22ppu % 22% 3A % 22https % 3A % 2F %2F0.client - channel .google .com2Fclient-channel % 2Fclientxpc_blank % 22 %%2C % 22lpu % 22% 3A % 22https % 3A % 2F %2F0.client - channel .google .com% 2Fclient-channel % 2Fclientxpc_blank % 22}}

Tags: Firefox

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