Songs don't copy on iPhone after iOS 10


Hello. I seem to have two problems with my iTunes now past.

(1) because I have installed iOS 10, iTunes won't actually add songs to my iPhone. I can copy in the playlist, but then they "cling" grayed out, without actually copying on the phone, like this...

"The gray ring" never turns and really puts the song on my phone. Some tips?

(2.) I was not able to update iTunes itself for some time now. I don't know why, while I lived and screen captured the error looking for help. Perhaps it would help to the first question, too, although nothing to update iTunes regularly got really bad until iOS 10 came a few weeks ago...

I have download to update...

Here goes...

And then it's the case...

Tips on how to solve this problem? Or do I just reinstall the program completely? I'm worried that might spoil playlists and my sync with my phone, however, want to NOT lose everything that he and I am worry that anything that prevents the update prevents a 'cold' in installation and not really fix the problem.

Thank you very much.


I also experience question (1). The only solution I've found so far is to delete the files greyed out iPhone, unplug it from my machine and start the process again. However I also add this problem with a previous version of iTunes and iOS with my old iPhone 4s, but he seems to be even worse with iOS 12.5.1 iTunes 10 and my iPhone 6.

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    HI guys,.

    Not sure if it's a coincidence, but after update my iOS 10 s 6, my Windows 7 laptop cannot recognize the iPhone as a drive or a drive so that I can open and shoot pictures on my PC. It was that the laptop only opens a window "auto play" when the iPhone was connected, thanks to which I could open the drive and see all the photos from my camera roll. Now, he will even appear in the file Explorer despite syncing with iTunes without any problems.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    I'm not totally convinced, but I think that you need to update iTunes to version 12.5. What I'd normally do is manually uninstall iTunes and all Apple related software. I have download and install iTunes. This article can help you:

    Remove and reinstall iTunes and related software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 - Apple Support

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    When I select Library > songs my library is presented in alphabetical order of the artist.  How can I show the songs in alphabetical order?   iOS version 10.0.1

    .............. Mike

    Hello Michael Stupinski!

    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! It's a big question that you have about the sorting of your music on your device iOS by title in alphabetical order. What you need to do is to go to settings > music. Once there, you will see the option to sort by. Press that and change it to TITLE.

    Once this is done, open your music app and press library. Make sure you have songs in option. If you do not, go to editing on the top of the right side and select it. Then go to the songs and the songs should be listed in alphabetical order by title.

    Have a great day and enjoy your music from Apple!

  • iPhone after iOS 9.3.5

    Recently, I upgraded my iOS to 9.3.5.

    Now my iPhone 5 will hardly retain a charge for a day with little or no use.  And it loses about 25% power during the night.

    Everyone knows about this problem?

    Thank you

    For the record of previous updates... It seems that some updates require some extensive 'household' that causes the CPU work behind the scenes until the end.
    See this response 'Recommended Apple' > Re: update ios 9 battery drain problem

  • Songs are not playable on the Iphone after itunes syncing


    I have a big problem, I synced my iPhone 6 with iTunes on my PC Windows 8.1 (both have the most recent version of the software installed), but now, nearly half of my songs are included on the Iphone but gray and cannot be played with itunes there is no problem playing them.

    Not all the songs are bought on itunes, that some are other portals of the time download before I used iTunes and some are CD. Until I synced the majority of my songs worked perfectly fine now with about 50 songs playlist can play around half of the songs is not available... If I click on it I get two different messages:

    seriously what is that, I do not use Apple, iCloud or game music and that you don't want to listen, I want to just my music files on my computer to be synced my Iphone so I can listen to.

    These are my settings on the iPhone:

    What I did yesterday was to remove all music from my iPhone via iPhone options, after I made a link to my PC and sync the iphone without music, then I restarted the iPhone by holding down the home button and lock until she has been reset, after it restarts I have once again it connected to PC and sync all my music (so I thought) back to the iPhone , but after this process even more music was missing, before I had only a few songs don't sync, but now half of the songs is not playable.

    Can someone tell me what is the reason for this and how do I solve it, I want to listen to my music and I don't understand why it does not work, where some dreams perfectly worked well yesterday.

    The following steps should resolve things:

    1. Backup of your device.
    2. Restoration as a new device/factory.
    3. Restore the backup that you made earlier.


  • Apple's music songs can be copied to an iPhone

    I get this message when you try to sync my music.  I would like to manually manage my music so I can select the playlists I want to synchronize.  If I have the cloud, I can not choose what to synchronize selections. Even after the synchronization of the playlist, music from Apple is not copied to the device and I have to manually download the Apple music to fill the playlist.  If I have the cloud off the COAST, I can choose the playlists, including those with Apple music, but I get this message "title song" was not copied to the iPhone "IPhone of Greg" because the songs in Apple's music can be copied to an iPhone"is there a way to copy Apple music downloaded on my PC so that it syncs with my iPhone and copy music Apple on?  If not, is there a reason why?

    Thank you



  • How to keep iTunes formatted on a song, as start and stop time, after it is copied to another location?

    I tried to figure out how to keep my departure and preserved end after I copied my songs to, say, a microSD card.  For those who asked, I cut the pieces in first and last White/boring songs, don't ask why.  If it is possible, and if someone knows how, I would be very happy.  Thank you!

    For those of us who read webdings, here's the translation:

    I tried to figure out how to keep my departure and preserved end after I copied my songs to, say, a microSD card.  For those who asked, I cut the pieces in first and last White/boring songs, don't ask why.  If it is possible, and if someone knows how, I would be very happy.  Thank you!

    Edit: Also, is there a program that will quickly and easily do the same, but save your changes MP3?  GarageBand will he?

    Edit: Also, is there a program that will quickly and easily do the same, but save your changes MP3?  GarageBand will he?

    You want to change the original work of artists and I can't tolerate that. Its like make-up a painting or hit the arm of a statue. Don't you jump in the last chapter of fast forward through movies and books too? Sorry not resist. .

  • iPhone 6s is stuck after iOS update to 9.2.1.

    My 6 s iPhone is stuck after iOS update to 9.2.1. Laminates to 9.2 & the problem still exists. If someone has had this problem before and how it was resolved. Need help!

    Hi ahamedrzk,

    Thank you for your participation in the communities of Support from Apple.

    If your iPhone 6 is stuck during startup, try the following steps from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond or won't turn on:

    If your device turns on but hangs when starting

    You can see a blue or Red Apple logo screen for a long time during early upward. Try the following steps:

    1. Connect your device to a computer and open iTunes. If you don't have a computer, you can borrow one, or go to an Apple Store or service provider authorized Apple for help.
    2. When your device is connected, force it to restart. Press and hold buttons sleep/wake and Home at the same time. Don't release when you see the Apple logo. Keep now until you see the Recovery mode screen.

    3. When you have the ability to restore or update, choose update. iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data.

    iTunes will download the software for your device. If it takes more than 15 minutes, your device will exit Recovery mode and you need to repeat steps 2 and 3.

    All the best.

  • After my wife 5 iphone update ios 10.0.2, ringtone sounds is more when a call comes in.  What should I do?

    After the update my wife 5 iPhone and my iPhone 6 ios 10.0.2, we met problems.  His phone will not ring when a call comes in, and my phone does not sound an alert when a message arrives.

    Hi MikeDallos,

    I understand that after your wife 5 iPhone update and your iPhone 6 the new iOS, you both know questions in regards the phone doesn't ring do not or may not alert you to the alert notifications when you receive a message. I use my iPhone all the time and I count on the possibility of having my phone alert me for incoming calls and messages. We'll see what we can do.

    The first thing I want you to do is to restart the two iPhones. Make sure that your wife's iPhone has the ring/silent switch on mute.

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Here is an article that goes on measures to be taken for this issue:

    If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch speaker

    For your iPhone you did not give a warning sound with message notifications, you'll also want to review this article as well:

    Use the Notifications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Please tender back if you still have problems.

    Have a great day.

  • iPhone 6 ~ freeze after IOS 10.0.1 update

    Just after have downloaded you the new IOS 10.0.1 software on my iPhone 6, some of my applications, like sending TEXT messages, emails and other applications where you type the words, the screen freezes and I have to restart my iPhone.  I backed up my iPhone to my computer restored my phone, retelecharge 6 10.0.1, IOS reinstalled my backup files; However, my phone is still freezing... Everyone knows this problem or does anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy this situation?

    Hi Watanabj66,

    Thank you for updating your iPhone on iOS 10! I understand the importance having a device that works is made for you. Kudos to restore the device to solve the problem. If after restoring your backup files freeze returned, the problem may be with the files itself. You can try to restore the device once more using iTunes on your computer, set up as a new device, and then test the functionality of the iPhone IOS 10. If it works as expected, try to reinstall the applications from the App Store instead of restore from the backup, then if use you iCloud you can log in and add your Contacts, calendar, etc. back to the iPhone.

    First of all, we will make a backup of your iPhone:

    The backup of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    The link below can help you with the restore process using your computer.

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings

    This should have your iPhone works as expected! Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question. Have a great day.

  • Urgent: need help on problems on the iPhone after updating iOS 10 6s

    Hey there! It's my third post about the problems Ive been face on my devices after 10 updated iOS. Initially, after that I've updated, the music app was not running on my phone-all I could see was an empty screen and the APP crashed and I was redirected to the homepage in a few seconds. Tired to restart the phone, deleting and then adding the app back, nothing worked. Not at all. So I tried to restore my phone, save all content via icloud. Followed all the steps and after the restoration of the aircraft of other problems surfaced, BUT the music app still does not work.

    Now, not only the app does not work, I can no longer sync my iPhone with iTunes. Whenever I try, I get the following errors:

    (1) itunes cannot sync the iPhone connection has been reset

    (2) iTunes sync session could start.


    I have tried pretty much everything, restart both phone & iTunes, reset the network settings on my iphone, reset itunes sync history, by removing the lockdown folder, running iTunes as administrator on my PC, change my USB in corduroy, update iTunes, reinstall iTunes on PC-nothing seems to work AT ALL. And it's extremely frustrating. I can sync music/documents on my iPad after update of the device and the restaurant then (iPad also has major problems) and then play the music on it but just isn't my phone can be synchronized. It is a function important and if I can't synchronize my device is a sitting duck.

    The new update of iOS also gave my massive lag of phone. Screen freezes, apps for time-consuming, HDR photos take longer to be broken. It is just too heavy to wear.

    CCAN anyone help me please with my iTunes sync + music matters app... I really regret updating to the new iOS. Please help me.

    Thank you.

    PS apologies for this long post, I had to write everything I tried.

    If you are on Windows, uninstall iTunes, uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support. Once both are uninstalled, reinstall itunes, see if it syncs with itunes then.

  • my iphone 6s has completely a magma down after ios 10

    updated to ios 10 and now, my phone went into crisis. I tried to stop him, and now he did evidence the spinning wheel closed for hours.

    Hello Ronjoy,
    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    If I understand your message after update your iPhone to iOS 10 6s your iPhone not end correctly. I know how it is important for your iPhone to work properly after updating the software. In a situation like this, I recommend force restart your iPhone.

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    If this does not resolve the problem, the next step would be to try to restore your iPhone in recovery mode. The following articles will provide you with the steps to restart your iPhone and restore it in recovery mode:

    If you are unable to update or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Best regards

  • I wonder if I can pass my carrier unlocked iphone 4 iOS to iOS 7 8? or it will lock again after the upgrade?

    I wonder if I can pass my carrier unlocked iphone 4 iOS to iOS 7 8? or it will lock again after the upgrade?

    1 n ° iPhone 4S can only be directly updated to 9.3.3.

    2. update of the iOS on an iPhone that was originally sold as unlocked or is released by the carrier won't it relock.


  • Why can I not hear my 6plus iPhone calls after loading the Apple Watch? If I don't answer the iPhone instead of the Apple Watch for incoming calls?

    Why can I not hear my 6plus iPhone calls after loading the Apple Watch? If I don't answer the iPhone instead of the Apple Watch for incoming calls?


    It can help to cancel your iPhone in a Bluetooth headset pairing, if it is currently associated with it.

    -On your iPhone, go to: settings > Bluetooth > tap the info "i" beside your headset > tap Forget this device.

  • No display after iOS 9.2 installed on an iPhone 4S

    I just installed upgrading iOS on iPhone 4S 9.2 and have now no display. The phone always seems to work as it sounds

    one vibrates when you call it and if I drag where you would usually respond, she answers and he answers. have tried reloading thr holding power and the "home" button but without success. Any other suggestions?

    Hey K_arcus,

    Wow, lose all the screen of your iPhone after installing iOS 9.2 on your iPhone. I know that would bore me. Let's see if we can get you operational return.

    I suggest troubleshoot you by following the steps in this article - get help with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch screen. Start with the section If you see a screen of solid color (black, white, or blue). Specifically -.

    1. Connect your device to a power source. If you see the low battery screen when you plug in, charge your unit for at least 10 minutes (20 minutes for iPad) before using it.
    2. Force restart your device while it is connected.
    3. If this does not work, restore your device.
    4. If you still see the question after the restoration, contact Apple technical support.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    Calculation of the happy.

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