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I'm tired of finding songs that are still in my folder iTunes, but were removed from my playlists.  I do not understand why this is happening, but it's getting very boring.

Recently, I made a CD for my grandson of soundtracks of her favorite movies, that I have in my iTunes library when I noticed a song is not listed under my songs.  I then checked the playlist it was supposed to be (3 different ones) and it isn't in any of them.  I then searched the folder in my iTunes music folder and it was still there.  Now, it is a song not purchased from iTunes but one that I added a disc.  Why this song would be available and always on my iPad and iPod, but removed from my playlists on iTunes?

Your slogan, I assume you are using Windows XP and therefor probably an older version of iTunes.  If you are unable to update to the latest version of iTunes, whatever it is, these can be workarounds:

11 iTunes for Windows: save a copy of your playlists

12 iTunes for Windows: save a copy of your playlists

That would allow you to export and import playlists whenever you wish (although you shouldn't).  Also, by chance, you use Apple music or iCloud music library?  Those who might have something to do with your problem.

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