Sony QX10 do not work on android lollipop

When you try to use Sony qx10 with NFC he doesn't don't work properly on android lollipop. Hade Sony AS30V works.
It is not possible to manually enter the WiFi key is. Phone or app does not accept the key. It worked on KitKat.
Steps to reproduce:
Android nexus with lollipop device (nexus 4 and nexus 7 2013) used.
Last official game memorues app.
Try to connect using NFC, expires.
Try to enter key and connect manually. Without success.
Tried with Sony hdr AS30V and it worked.


Thanks for the reply. It was resolved by resetting the camera. It somehow stuck in a State where he did not accept all direct WiFi connections, but self-proclaimed as having an open connection.

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    This is one feature of iPad at the moment, so it does not work on Android devices.

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    Hi putthapanp


    • Open Photoshop
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    ~ Rohit

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    The details on why Adobe dropped support for Android are here, but yes, we have not published an Android Flash Player since the end of 2012.

    Adobe roadmap for the Flash execution environments. Adobe Developer Connection

    There are some alternatives that you can use to get Flash on your phone.  They are for the most of the web browsers based on a cloud, where they run the Flash in the cloud and the flow of content to your phone.  It works surprisingly well.

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    Sections are not supported on Android. I'll make that more clear in the documentation. This is the only place wherever it is mentioned:

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    Kind regards

    You have saved a MouseEvent.CLICK event for the event. It works for Android as long as your Multitouch.inputMode is MultitouchInputMode.NONE or MultitouchInputMode.GESTURE.

    If your Multitouch.inputMode MultitouchInputMode.TOUCH_POINT, you rather to listening for the TouchEvent.TOUCH_TAP event. It would be the first thing to check.

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    There is no problem if I install a new win xp media center edition (retail pack) and CDTOOLS drivers. But I want to use my setup of the Qosmio factory, I don't want to buy a new win xp media center edition.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Thank you all.

    Hello Amon

    I tested it with Qosmio G20 and my Sony camcorder using the same port.
    I tested it with Windows movie maker, WinDVD Creator, Adobe Premiere and Ulead Media studio Pro 8.

    You may believe, but each application was able to see my cam and I copied movies on the HARD drive, edited and created DVDs. I don't really know what is happening in your case, but when you connect your switch cam on game mode, and the cam must be recognized as new hardware and listed in Device Manager.

    When it works well to start the applications and check again.

  • Skype does not work on android devices, once AGAIN!

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    You know what I mean. This problem has existed for centuries, since android 2.1. Now I have an android 4.0.3 (ICS) device and yet what happened past. SKYPE, PLEASE FIX! Up to now, how is he is not yet an official solution to this!

    Skype, please, please, at least tell me how this has happened even if you have no solution to this.

    They don't allow links on this forum. But if you go to my site on the sidebar is a widget of most popular messages, one of the very top is a post I did a year on this POS. There is an older version available for download on this post. Also in this posts many comments is an added link today to download a mod of 2.9 which corrects and adds a lot of options for ring tone selection and a lot more options. I have this installed on my T-mobile G2 and it works fantastic!

    If a programmer can mod this .apk and do work, why cant Skype / Microsoft? It takes than Meg Whitman / eBay stench that is still!

    Best wishes to everyone y):

    Doc @DocsPlaceOnline

  • Cover of compact with xperia z5 SCR44 style does not work on Android 6

    Hello people, after that I got my update (marshmallow), my cover has stopped working. Basically, I can accept calls but nothing more. The screen is great, no camera. He worked in 5.1.1 android, but not now. I have reset my phone with PC Companion and nothing. When I close the lid, I got a message: «style coverage Unfortunatlly stopped working...» »


    Access Style covers the app permissions and give a permit at all.

  • Organizer (bridge) does not connect to Android Lollipop

    My carrier without my consent improved my LG G3 to Lollipop Android.  Now Adobe Bridge does not connect on my device.  After 1-2 minutes, I get the error code: c0000005 address: abb6f3c

    Y at - it an update on the horizon?

    lollipop error.png

    I came across this problem with my Galaxy Note 3. Firstly, I connected my phone and got the same error as you. When I plug in my phone, it says "connected as media (MTP) device". On my phone, I clicked on that and changed to "camera PTP. I tried again and the files were able to download without error. Hope that helps

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    Well... I created account synchronization and synchronize the 2 devices with success, but only the first time. Now, I hit sync now on Win7 ff and ff Android is not update of bookmarks (I want only the bookmarks to be synchronized). After a few minutes, that I realize that feature "SyncNow" in android is in Control Panel under accounts. But in fact does not synchronize anything (both android > Office and office > android) also attempted to delete the account and added it but the same thing.

    Since it is only of bookmarks:

    You synchronize a mobile device? It may be in mobile bookmarks folder.

    The network for Firefox sync problem was just determined, you see the error messages: "unknown error occurred"?

    Looking for a bookmark missing in "Show all bookmarks" shows the bookmark after waiting for the initial synchronization complete?

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    New version of Skype donot make calls to mobile

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    My LR mobile worked like a charm on my Nexus 6 p Marshmallow running. I've upgraded to the official version of Android 7.0 Nougat and the camera has disappeared.

    Anyone who has experienced the same thing? Any fixes out there?

    Happy to announce that the new version works like a charm. The camera is back!

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    I have a clip of connection that works on my website It uses .NET and SQL Server.

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    What could be wrong?

    Thank you. kglad, for your help. I started fresh and rebuilt from a different angle and it works now.

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