Sony Xperia P has battery problem after 4.1.2. Update

This morning I updated my Sony Xperia P to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The update itself was completed without problems.

But after the update used battery very fast, without being used. And it's hot.

I tried to reboot (several times) does not.

When we look at the use of the battery, it says my Exchange (build-in app email) is constantly active and is the main reason for my use of the large farm. I tried to change my sync to push manual, without significant difference.

I activated the ENDURANCE (why isn't this by default?). In doing so, it tells me I have the long lag time, but it still really drains my battery...

This afternoon I used about 50% battery in 2 hours, without the use of mobile telephony.

Finally, I forced the app Exchange stops, which effectively stopped the battery drain.

But it seems to me like incompatibility or similar between Jelly Bean and the application of the Exchange.

Anyone who has had, or has ideas for what?



Well, I made some progress with it. The "Exchange" Service unused by my outlook e-mail reader but by the mail client by default when you access my Hotmail account. It seems to keep the phone in a continuous "awake" State which will obviously flow fast enough (tiny) battery.

The solution is to remove the Hotmail account, and then reconfigure. I also took the opportunity to try another customer, but I don't think that makes the difference. The Exchange Service must return to its normal use and you should also see the phone not being is not in the State 'awake' all the time. This is visible in the form of advanced battery via the power management menu.

See you soon,.


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    Good luck! Lorien - MCSA/MCSE/network + / has + - if this post solves your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

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    Try recalibrating your battery meter:

    • Charges to 100%
    • Run the battery until the phone turns off
    • If it stops above 1% charge for only one minute, and then continue running the battery down. Repeat until it makes 1% before shutting
    • Load it back to 100%

    If the battery is defective, this should fix it.

    You can also check the battery using the autonomy application from the app store.

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    Because now I'm not able to operate on battery now.
    The battery led is bright orange.
    Help, please.

    Thank you


    Probably your battery is dead. My battery is good as new, because I never use it and when I plug it, it will last only 1 hour.

    You should buy another battery... they are pretty cheap... check on ebay!

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    Sorry if this question has already been answered, I was wondering just if the z3 was a flash screen for the front facing images as you get on the samsung/iphones?

    I couldn't find anything about it :/

    Thanks in advance


    It is not, you will need to use a third party to the application to do.

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