Sony Xperia Z2 D6503 broken screen


My name is Enea Buka and I am of the Albania.

Before 9 months, I bought a phone Sony Xperia Z2 D6503 in Greece. Everything worked very well, until 2 weeks ago. I took my phone out of the Pocket and he had a problem on the screen. At the top of the screen, it was a black mark, and in the middle of the tha of this brand, it is a line, a broken line. I don't know how it happened, because it was on my pocket and 5 minutes before it was all ok. I didn't wat to do, because I don't remember giving up my phone from my hands. Despite this, the touchscreen worked perfectly. From outside its all right, nothing is broken. The internal screen is broken. As I picked up the phone in Greece because I thought it was on the guarantee. They said they took the phone in the direction of Sony in Greece, and their tecnitians told them that the screen was broken and to fix the screen, it costs 250 euros. So, it was not on my warranty. No question. 250 euros I can buy a new Xperia Z2. Now I don't know wat to because it was a problem not caused by me. The cost of the screen is high. What can I do for this problem? Can SONY help me with this problem?

Thank you.

Impatience on your part.

PS: below I have attached photos of the screen 2.



I'm sorry to hear that, you have less options, you can contact the seller or you could fix the phone, if you do, make sure you check this guide

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  • Sony Xperia Z2 D6503 always on kitkat 4.4.2


    Please update Xperia Z2 phones with customization 1279-0989_R3A 'Commercial and journalists' from 17.1.2.A.0.314 to 23.1.A.1.28.

    I've never seen something like that, but you can contact your local care Xperia

  • Sony Xperia tipo stuck in Sony screen

    Hello, Sony Support.
    Therefore, what is happening to me:
    I tried to install a new ROM, factory reset, format hides, all this, but when I rebooted, my Sony Xperia tipo got stuck in the Sony screen. I waited for 2-3 hours, but nothing.
    I also tried the Update Service, but it says I have the latest version available.
    What should I do? Really need help!

    PS My Sony Xperia tipo had locked bootscreen and the available unlocking bootscreen: no, but I managed to find and install the MCG for locked bootscreens and find a ROM for locked bootscreens... I did it wrong?

    Edit: P.P.S. Update Service not implemented to date actually says, there or anything like that for me. Please help me!

    Nevermind, fixed it by myself. I didn't like a few measures freaking weird to fix it, but I managed to fix it.

    So, you tried to flash a ROM but did not work as expected? Then tried to fix the phone via PC Companion or a Sony update service, but did not work? Then I tried to Flash via Flashtool but it got stuck? This happened to me, but I managed to fix it! And the solution is there for you guys!

    Everyone knows these problems must follow the following steps:
    1 - Download these files:
    1.1-1.2 - of the

    (these files are for Xperia J but also works for Xperia tipo and Miró)

    2 extract the files

    3 - Connect your phone normally. Do not connect in fastmode or flashmode, just connect it to the computer.

    4 - Open the files that you have extracted from and run RunMe

    5 - Choose option 1 and click on enter

    6. it will push some files on the phone. After pressing the files, it will ask to select RESTORE in the phone and it will tell you if it worked, but ignore it, because you can't do anything in the phone. So just close RunMe.

    7. with the phone still on, go to the files you have extracted from and start install

    8. you have to push some files to the phone and when he finished it will be back up a few things. He will say that he finished, so now you can close the installation program.

    9 - disconnect the phone from the computer and remove the battery for 10 sec. Then put the battery and switch on the phone by clicking flight-button repeatedly. This will bring you to the menu of the CWM. (don't worry, I know that your phone has been blocked on the logo sony like mine, but it works, just keep hitting the button flight-while in the sony logo)

    10 - now that you are in the menu of MCG, connect your phone to the computer. This will make the computer install new drivers, because you are in the menu of MCG. After that, disconnect the phone from the computer and remove the battery. Leave it like that.

    11 - Download flashtool by here: (you will need to an account registered, but don't worry, you don't have to pay)

    12 - and download Sony XPERIA tipo rom stock by here:

    (you need to register here, but don't worry, also unpaid)

    13 - now that you have these files, install flashtool. Once installed, the firmware downloaded on C:\Flashtool\firmwares. Then go to C:\Flashtool\drivers and open the Installer package.

    14 - click Next. Now, a lot of drivers for select should appear. Go down and select Flashmode pilots and Fastboot. Only. These. Two.

    15. it will appear (sorry for the Portuguese language) (just click)

    16 - a warning will be displayed. Simply select that you have confidence in it, and're you good to go.

    17. now, open flashtool and connect your Xperia tipo via flashmode (put on the battery, make sure that the phone turns, and then connect the cable to your phone while holding the button flight)

    18 - Flashtool, will recognize everything as you can see in the following picture:

    19 - click on the lightning button in the upper left corner. This should appear. Check Flashmode and click OK.

    20 - a screen with the firmwares should appear. Select the ST21i firmware, make sure the "without final check" is not checked and wipe CACHE and DATA are checked and click flash. Does not check for other things, or you will ruin the solin.

    21 - Flashtool will prepare the files, and then the flash on your phone. If you have done all these steps correctly, Flashtool will not get stuck again. Well well, just for 1 to 5 seconds maybe. But then it will continue.

    22 - be patient and wait for flashing the ROM. When it flashes system.sin, it seems that late, that it gets stuck, but isn't. Just be patient. Wait for 1 to 5 minutes or less and it will finish.

    23 - once finished, you can now unplug your phone and start. It will take you 2 minutes. the first boot, just be patient. It will stay dark for a while and it seems that he died in the Sony logo. Just keep pressing the power button / stop and you're good to go.

    So there you go! Long steps but I could not make it easier. But don't worry, your phone is now its stock rom, but it works correctly. So I think you just learned a lesson like me: don't try to do stuff without properly follow the steps, heheh.

    Also, sorry for spelling errors, I'm Portuguese, heheh

    I hope I helped you! If I did, please click that button. Have a great day!

  • Sony Xperia Z5 Premium screen pixelated when the landscape and square on screen grid points.

    When I turn on my new Sony Xperia Z5 Premium landscape mode, I can vaguely see a lot of horizontal and vertical lines on the screen.
    But when I shoot in portrait mode, you can't really see them more

    I tried the 4K images and video to see if it was only a matter of scale down, but it wans't ' t. Even at 4K, I always saw them.

    Finally, I used a magnifying glass, just to make sure I wasn't seeing things, and I, they were much more noticeable under the magnifying glass.

    It's rather annoying. I want to watch YouTube or websites in landscape mode, but the screen will look pixelated. Reminds me of the old QVGA screens. Loses clarity and crispness of images, videos, etc.

    In addition, it seems to be points, LEDs, I don't really know what they are, in the screen of my phone, without worrying if my phone is turned on or off. They can be seen when the light is reflected by the screen. I did not have this problem on my Z1 or Z Ultra.

    If it's a screen defect, please let me know, so I can return the phone while it is still brand new condition.

    Thank you

    Hi guys,.

    That's right, the lines are the digitizer behind the glass and is present on all Xperia devices and visible on different angles.

  • Sony Xperia M4 Aqua double used what type of screen Protection?

    What type of screen / double protection used by Sony Xperia M4 Aqua glass?

    His motorcade of Gorilla glass or Dragon or any other glass?

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    The phone features a touch panel cover resistant to scratches, 0.55 mm Asahi Glass.

  • unlock my Sony Xperia z3 compact screen

    I have a Sony Xperia z3 compact, I took my phone and the lock was on the screen when I went to unlock the keyboard don't pull up only google to talk cock rises and it does not take account of the how to make the return key board so I can't unlock my phone.

    As nadine says it looks like the default keyboard has been disabled. It is possible to do when a keyboard of party 3:rd has been downloaded to the phone, and if the keyboard of the 3:rd group does not or is uninstalled it is possible that this can happen.

    You have access to a USB OTG cable? To resolve this problem, you can connect a keyboard to the phone with a USB OTG cable, enter your password and then select the keyboard default settings-> language & entry-> current keyboard-> choose keyboards.

  • Sony xperia L hangs after software update for 15.3.A.0.26

    I've updated my Sony Xperia L C2104 yesterday to 15.3.A.0.26. Now, since today in the evening after an update through Google game store, Google + and chrome keep crashing and force the phone to reboot. The phone is not actually restart completely, but the screen shuts down for a few seconds, then it shows the loading screen, as when we turn on the phone, and then the screen lights up again in lock screen mode.

    I tried to restart the phone in safe mode, but that doesn't happen too. I also removed the battery, sim card and memory card and put it back again but the phone is facing the same problem.

    Update Service (SUS)

    PC Companion (CCP)

    Bridge (for Mac)

    Alternatives on how to backup Xperias

  • Sony Z3 Proplems after replacement screen


    My Sony Xperia Z3 after replacing new screen, I tested the screen that was the real work, but after he correct that no picture, does not and see the red light...

    After a lot of testing active phone with sony pc Companion... and I flash with android 5.1.1

    I hear the sound when I turn the phone on... but no image on the screen... I try change with the new screen but no picture also.

    When using the charger I see the red light 15 second after that the Orange light.

    the MRI technician,

    wait for help and thank you


    I'm running out of ideas, you can try a different flex cable

  • broken screen can I access my phone via laptop?

    broken screen can I access my phone via my laptop?

    Yes, you can connect to iTunes and iPhoto if your screen is cracked. The screen lights up at all? Or is it cracked.

  • You can backup iphone 4s to icloud or itunes that has a broken screen

    can you back up an i phone 4s to icloud or itunes that has a broken screen? Im trying to transfer data on the old phone broke the new iPhone but cannot get a lot in the process due to cant whats reading on screen to access info is to say... ser # or follow the prompts... of suggestions?


    May be more than just a broken screen. May be a hardware problem, you can not see.

    Repair - iPhone official Apple Support

  • Help - Final Cut Pro does support the phone Sony Xperia Z5?

    I think to buy a phone Sony Xperia Z5.  However, it is supported by Final Cut Pro 10.2.3.  MaxBook Pro, OS X Yosemite, 10.10.5 version I'd be so

    grateful for the help on this!  Arwen

    You will probably get a quicker response by asking users to this phone. Sony has a system of support forum?

    It is not the phone, which is usually the problem, it is the codec the phone registers with it and then the file structure of the memory of the phone card that determine if FCPX can watch films from the phone. If you plan to spend a lot of time to make movies with your phone and edit them in a powerful and expensive tool like FCPX, do yourself a HUGE favor and just get an iPhone.

  • Replace a Macbook with a notice of need broken screen

    My hard drive went out on my early 2011 Macbook Pro with a broken screen. The broken screen this weekend, I've not had the chance to put in place for repair. Before the hard drive went out I used it Clamshack mode I know that it does not in recovery mode, but how bad of an idea do you think it would be to replace the hard drive and install Mac OS X blindly? Or do you think I should buy a tablet in Windows of 100 dollar budget to use temporary while that I set up for the fixed screen?

    I can't speak for your calendar or your budget, but... I asked when my MBP 2011 will no longer support the Genius Bar (products Apple will "legacy / obsolete ' possibly) the deadline is the end of this year early next year.   Don't wait too long to save for repair in my opinion.

  • Broken screen, iPhone 5 c Unresponsive and doesn't turn on

    Hello guys,.

    About a month back I dropped my iPhone 5 c from far away, I would say a metre or more. I couldn't get it fixed so I decided to let the battery drains down and leaving a safe place. After two weeks I went to turn on my iPhone and nothing don't to happen so I decided to try to load. Still nothing, I tried pressing the lock button and home for 15 seconds and connection to the computer and still nothing happens.

    I would appreciate an answer on what to do.

    Thank you

    Tare in there and see if you can get one off mandate changes for her.  Completely drain a lithium-polymer battery will usually ruin it - they do not real discharge of 100% recover and probably will never charge again.  And with your broken screen you cannot use the device anyway, and you don't know if there are other internal collateral damage.  I would say to cut your loses and get a new phone at this point.

  • Broken screen IOS unstable


    Just dropped my iphone 6 64 GB in the ground. The screen got a bigger crack for it. After this incident the whole phone became unstable and it has randomly restarted, got stuck at the logo apple to start etc. When I finally is come to the home screen after several reboots the phone worked perfectly until I opened a random application as parameters or messeges. When I did the app crashed and the phone freezes and restarted itself.

    I tried to resett via DFU mode without success.

    So here's my question: can a broken screen create this kind of errors on the phone? A new screen would fix my problems or is it maybe a major hardware failure?

    It seems that if the impact damaged over the screen. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar at your local Apple store for the assessment.

  • New need hinges for Satellite Pro A40-251 broken screen


    The two hinges on my broken screen and I am struggling to find brand new or 2nd hand to replace them.

    Can anyone suggest a supplier and some reference numbers please?

    Thank you very much, George.

    Hi mate

    I think you should get in touch with service partners authorized Toshiba in your country if you want to get some parts of the laptop.
    If the parts are not available, the ASP should be able to order this Toshiba stock head.

    Welcome them

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