Sorry I am thick

I've never used Skype before aside one night 11 years ago as a Messenger - I had a problem looking for solutions to my problem, but I'm not well up on terms and do not understand much

I purchased a monthly subscription for unlimited calls and texts to the United States and Canada - I am in the United Kingdom - I have a friend in the United States who moves Saturday and cannot have internet - she has a phone that allows you to send and receive SMS texts

I'm on a PC and I understand that I can send texts to it, but don't know if I can receive their return to the PC to Skype interface

I also have an Android tablet, I can use and download the Skype app for - it will work for me?

Can someone please answer in terms that an old fool can understand? -Thank you


If you have a mobile phone on your Android tablet device, you can specify the phone number as your Caller ID.

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    I recently bought an equium L20.

    I didn't know he had wirless, I use wanadoo wireless and talk and currently plugin a wireless adapter for access internet.
    When I put on the L20 it has detected my wireless connection but I can't connect to internet because it rpet aqquiring network address, but nothing more.
    I have to buy a card or something?
    Sorry to be thick but it's all new to me...

    Hello Nicola

    Please visit this page on WLAN. Very simply, it is described how you configure your WLAN network.

    Your device has a wireless card and you do not need to buy something.

    Good luck and if you have more questions please write again.

  • Satellite 2410-504 supports USB 1.0 or 2.0

    Glances sorry to be thick, but that s what are these forums, because I guess.
    I have a Satellite 2410-504.
    It s about 5 years.

    Can someone tell me if it is USB 1 or 2?

    If its USB2.0 do I need a driver for it

    Thanks again



    USB ports support the 1.1 standard.
    If you use the Win XP or W2k and then the ports should be recognized automatically and you don't need drivers.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P200-1JV of music rises like a sound card will not play

    I have a toshiba Satellite P200-1JV and I'm on spotify (music player)
    Music is coming as a flaw of the sound card and will not play. Little play and it's a little bit distorted.

    Are there updates/drivers sound card I should be downloading?

    Sorry to be thick. And thanks for any answers



    To be honest, it looks like bad equalizer settings, so try to reset as Akuma said.
    And by the way, do you have the same problem with external speakers?

    In your case, I will try to update the audio drivers. You can find it on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    I hope it works for you!

    Good bye

  • Get the 3rd word in a string

    I have these sample data:

    set linesize 500
    with tbl_data AS
    (SELECT '1234567 JAMES BOND MI5 Spy 01-MAY-14 31-MAY-14 543.21' str FROM DUAL)
    SELECT str
         , REGEXP_SUBSTR(str, '[0-9]+') AS emp_no
         , REGEXP_SUBSTR(str,'\ ([^ ]*)\ ', 1,1,null,1) first_name
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    ----------------------------------------------------- ------------ ------------
    1234567 JAMES BOND MI5 Spy 01-MAY-14 31-MAY-14 543.21 1234567      JAMES       
    1 row selected.

    I'm stuck trying to get the family name, which in this case would be "LEAP."

    Sorry to be thick and lazy.

    Thank you

    with tbl_data AS (SELECT 1234567 JAMES BOND MI5 Spy may 1, 14 May 31, 14 543,21' FROM DUAL str)

    SELECT str

    REGEXP_SUBSTR(str, '\w+',1,3) AS emp_no

    OF tbl_data;


  • 8 gestures of Captivate

    Pretty cool to see this made up this time. At the risk of being "that guy", is there a reason why it is simply a world on or OFF solution and not something that can be applied to a set of slides. My thought was that in many cases, we really don't want the learner simply pass through the whole course simply by drag, slide, slide. If that were the case, there is no reason to use an action to hide the playback bar, right?

    I like that it allows a more intuitive way of browsing for users of the Tablet, but if you are keen to ensure that learners follow a specific flow of information, your gestures activation options is a bit theoretical, is it not?

    Would it not be better to make the call to the next, for example, be an attribute that is applied to a specific slide "deck". Kind of makes more than a specific interaction rather that a world you can do, or you can not do?

    It seems that if you can actually control what actions are available and WHERE they are available... it could be a bit more useful in presenting interesting interactivity without compromising the ability to control the flow of content, IE: hits just after the learner when they feel like it.

    Well sure, if I'm missing something and there's a way to control the features a bit more, I'm sorry to be thick

    I hope that makes sense.

    I tried and its great to be able to do that, but I don't see any way to actually control what gestures were used and where... yet once, I may have missed something, ergo the question.

    Thank you!!


    It is not possible at this time to put out a single gesture, sorry.

  • Accommodation Muse BC site.

    I have a full subscription to CC and therefore allowed 5 free sites of BC.

    Are these only for 28 days or that it either for tests and sharing, or can they be housed long-term under 5 free sites, free of charge?

    Sorry to be thick, but it doesn't seem to be clear from what I have read on the site.

    Take a look at this article -

    You can create a maximum of 100 free test sites with your free partner account Business Catalyst, you would usually use these for previewing and testing purposes or share the work with your clients for review. A trial site remains active for 30 days after the last time, it is published on.

    The Business Catalyst direct free sites that you push (max 5) automatically renew your subscription to creative cloud. If you just need to pay for the subscription of the CC and your free sites hosted with Business Catalyst remain ' live '. These sites are webBasics by plan (and may still be upgraded to the highest), learn more about the site of plans here -

    Thank you


  • Thickness of Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 HDD; Replacement of SSD

    Hey guys,.

    I own a Z500 IdeaPad with a ST500LM012 HN-M500MBB 500 GB HDD by Samsung.

    I would like to do an upgrade with a 1 TB of HDD, I would put in the HARD Drive Caddy (replacement CD/DVD drive).

    And I also intend to get an EVO 840 Samsung SSD, I place in the main HARD disk location.

    BUT the HARD drive I have now is 9, 5mm thick. And the EVO 840 is 7 mm thick. I have problems in the main HARD disk location?

    And are there opportunities that I can fit a 12, 5mm disk in the location of main HARD drive or the HARD drive caddy?

    I'm terribly sorry for my English is not my mother tongue.

    Thanks in advance.

    medo994 wrote:... HARD drive, I have at the moment is 9, 5mm thick. And the EVO 840 is 7 mm thick. I have problems in the main HARD disk location?

    Answer: Page 71 of the Hardware maintenance manual provides 9.5 mm hdd/sdd can be used. If you have the Player 7.0 mm it can also be accommodated.

    medo994 wrote:... And are there opportunities that I can fit a 12, 5mm disk in the location of main HARD drive or the HARD drive caddy?

    Answer: For the housing of the primary hard drive, the cage hdd/ssd mounting is designed to 9.5 mm, so a 7.0 mm or 9.5 mm hdd/ssd will fit. However, a 12.5 mm will not match. The caddy, you see the caddy if it can accommodate a hard drive of 12.5 mm. You may need to check the side of the caddy against the STRANGE to see if it will fit in the odd-NUMBERED slot.

  • Thick vertical black line on the entire length of the page

    I have a HP LaserJet M1530 MFP Series PCL 6.  When I print normally there is no mistake in the image, but when I make a copy I have a thick vertical black line on the entire length of the page. The black line is about 2 inches from the left edge of the page. The problem is older than the current drum cartridge which was just replaced a couple of months. Never, the problem occurs with a normal printing, copy only and occurs with every copy without exception. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

    Hello somedudeand welcome to the Forums of HP.

    I'm sorry, but to get your question more exposure I suggest posting in the trade forums since it is a commercial product. You can do so at .

    I hope this helps!

  • [iOS] Thick VMDK watch with alarm


    Virtual machines with thick VMDK are displayed with alarm of disk space, it's a false positive error. If the disc is thin, it works fine.

    Best regards

    Jose Luis Gomez

    Oh, I'm sorry, you were referring to the Red not bar a real triggered alarm.  When a disc is thick, it would always be full disk size so it would be always full.  I think you are totally right.  We need to reassess how show us the bar for storage.

  • I want to create layouts with a starter design using JS in CS6 strengthened an exact distance across, then (the Group) down an exact distance.  What methods are available to do this, please?  Sorry I'm new to JS/OOP and it is stolen (mostly) code.

    I am trying this:


    var newItem;

    var docSelected = app.activeDocument.selection;

    If (docSelected.length > 0) {}

    Create a new document and move the items selected to her

    var newDoc = app.documents.add ();


    If (docSelected.length > 0) {}

    for (i = 0; i < docSelected.length; i ++) {docSelected [i] .selected = false;}

    newItem is docSelected [i] .duplicate (newDoc, ElementPlacement.PLACEATEND);.



    docRef var = activeDocument

    iCount = docRef.groupItems.length var

    If (iCount > 0) {}

    graphRef = {}

    create an object for the step/repeat

    for (var i = 0; i < iCount; i ++) {}

    graphRef = docRef.groupItems [i]; graphRef.selected = true ;}


    ensures the selection of all items that have been copied to the new page

    OK here - but what then?  no idea what the settings are.

    but know those shown is false.

    for loop() {}


    as many times as necessary


    If it worked

    next step would be to group the result

    and copy it down in another loop .

    as many times as necessary

    var stepac is my defined distance to cross

    ... unless there is a better method to use

    to get the same result.

    Sorry if I badly copied something here, media, etc.

    Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.37.59.png

    "Here's one I prepared earlier".

    General information:

    I have a label to the step and repeat program (NOT of Esko stepX) which

    used to work fine in previous versions of CS but now regularly

    CS6 crashes.  Before that, I used to use actions, but need one for

    Every drill that we have (about 2500).  stepX was formerly offered to us for a great $ 4 figure.

    So I decided to try to "roll my own" script to work with my own details tailor .csv files.

    No JS experience before last week, but worked a

    Basic procedure called Arcplus DOS program for

    25 years... any assistance would be most welcome

    Hi, Monika

    I had seen that you had posted something on the subject of step and repeat before.

    Frankly, I can do that in Illustrator standing on my head: it's part of my job and I

    fact for years.  The point is to automate to save time and effort and avoid mistakes.

    I used actions and a plug-in purchased from a developer, but the plug-in is not

    as functional under CS6 and tends to crash the program and you would need an action

    for every cut we have - at least 2500.  You can buy Esko stepX for a sum of four thick numbers

    but I just less expensive than that - if I can do it, and I think I can by trials, errors and effort.

    Thanks for your advice - I'm sorry, but it's not to the point.

  • Thickness available eager to zero precarious?

    Hi all

    Please let me know that I'm missing something here.

    Http:// of document states:

    "A thick disk has all the space allocated to the creation. This space might contain outdated on the physical media. Thick disks are mainly used for the clustered virtual machine, but they are generally insecure and should not be used. Because better performance and security properties, use the format "préallouée" is preferred in this format. "

    My understanding, whether thick eager Zeroed.This of provision is a first time I see something on this type of security records.

    Has anyone seen anything in the literature about it being precarious and why?

    There is nothing to add here - other that "sorry - we will report this to the crew of webdesign.

  • After Storage vMotion my VMDK is thin, even after the selection of thickness


    I'm looking to convert the thick disks via svMotion.  I try to avoid interruptions of service on the virtual machine.  We have no space to achieve the svmotion in another data store.  So I thought that I move it to local storage on the host and then again to the NAS.

    I have svMotioned the virtual machine from a NAS device to the storage local to the host, verified size put into service and it was thick with success.

    So, I then tried to bring him back to the NAS and selected thickness, and as soon as it was over the disc was thin again.

    Why my storage vMotion finish and leave my discs to thin format?  Any ideas on what gives here?

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I searched and have not found a lot of thickness.  Does not appear that many use this format in good standing.  We are a large company and do not actively monitor the use of the disc - we use the thick option to avoid any downtime due to space problems.

    Thanks for any idea!

    The format of the virtual disk on a NAS storage is dictated by the NAS. Take a look at the configuration guide (page 101)


  • How to change the thickness of the lines of the response.


    Sorry for my English but I'm Italian.

    I ask experts, how do I change the thickness of the lines in the grids of answers.
    You can click on the link below to see a picture of what I mean.


    Thank you in advance.


    Try changing the porps cell:




  • Can you please tell me how to make the thicker arrows on the Pages.

    Can you please tell me how to make the thicker arrows on the Pages. Thank you very much. There is something incredibly simple to do, but I, having a disconcerting brain, am totally unable to understand. Please please help me. Thank you

    < re-titled by host >

    Try here > Pages for Mac: Add and edit forms

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    I have the LabVIEW compare the configuration of the tool of the differences for .ctl and .vi files in the source Surround SCM control system.  The source code control system is running on a network server.  My PC is on the same network as the server.

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