Sound goes up and down in the HP Envy m6-1105dx laptop bat

Yes, Hello.

I just bought a hp envy m6-1105dx (windows 8) yesterday and I was put in place, I realized that the volume of the music in winamp told fort suddenly and they went there. It happens with all the songs. I downloaded the new drivers but the problem is still there. I've read about this problem in other types of laptops want to, but I don't see anything about my portable individual. Any help will be appreciated. This problem is started to irritate me.
I hope someone can help me. Thank you.


Yes, thanks for the help, but I found a solution that works for me, thanks to KGB999

If a lot, you have problems with you audio just follow these steps:

Follow these steps:

(1) press on [Windows] + [X] on your keyboard and go to Device Manager

(2) go to the sound, video and game controllers

3) click IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

4) click on the driver tab

5) click put updated driver

(6) select Browse my computer for driver software

(7) select Let me pick from a list of device driver on my computer

(8) select it Audio device high definition

(9) to read the warning and click Yes if you understand the risk

(10) restart the computer

When your computer restarts:

1) click on the Control of the Volume (speaker) in the bottom right of the taskbar.

2) click on speakers

3) click on the enhancements tab

(4) If you do not know a lot about audio and to help prevent speakers, earphones, ear lesions, click the Equalization of the volume and click settings, and then move the slider to 3/5-4/5 in the direction of Long, then click OK and apply

5) enjoy its AWESOME.

BE CAREFUL, the sound of unlocked chip IDT is VERY STRONG, and based on my experience in audio engineering, I wouldn't recommend listening to it more 45% volume without the Equalization of the volume turned on.  I'm listening to a modern CD and without the limiter and compressor, 50% by volume, border level EAR ENDOMMAGEANT level on my helmet.  Also, without the pre-installed, limiter high volume CAN DAMAGE YOUR SPEAKERS.

A little bit of my solution:

This solution essentially replaces the IDT pilot with a Microsoft driver.  If you damage your laptop using, your warranty may does not cover repairs, so please, please, please use the limiter or prudent.  On the same note, don't damage you either; hearing loss is very difficult to self-diagnose, because you lose hearing gradually by the loss of sensitivity to higher frequencies.  It is not 'feel' special, just somehow, you notice that you stopped to hear the singing of the birds and leaves rustling a day, in order not to blow your music.

Finally, I'll probably revisit this solution some time, as I prefer to use the IDT pilot and have my EQ work.  This is possible through the IDT folder in Program Files and hacking essentially parameter files in a text editor, but it is rather tedious and complicated.

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