SPA9000 numbering issues.

Hello world

I am installing a SPA9000 / SPA400 phone solution with 6 SPA942 extensions.  I got all the boxes, connected to the network and I can set up the units via the wizard or the web interface.  My problem is that for some reason that I can't compose between extensions (my extensions are 101 to 106).  I got this job all previously to the title of the version 5 firmware, but I've updated the SPA9000 to ensure that I get 6 extensions to work.  I have factory reset everything several times and configured it according to the guidelines from the Wizard ( following the PDF document Wizard.  If I pick up the phone and try to dial another extension, as soon as I press the first digit (1 in this case), he stands up and says invalid number.  To me, it seems that the Dial Plan Wizard is not correct.

The default dial plan generated looks like this:

(<*97:vmm>| [0000], 000 S 0. [0000], 106S 0. [0000] 1 [38] xxxxxxxxS0 | [0000], 13 [1-9] xxxS0 | [0000] 1 [9] xxxxxxxxS0 | [0000], 0 [23478] xxxxxxxxS0 | xxxxxxxS0 [0000], [2-9] | ([0000], 0011xxx.)

Having said all that I can go to the corporate directory on the phone and there is an entry for the configured item numbers and if I select I get the same result, but at the end of the directory entered to phone 1, phone 2, etc. (names I assigned for phones), and these choices actually compose the other extensions.  Very strange

I'm setting up the system for use in Australia.

Any suggestions?


check the dial on the phones themselves plan and ensure that they have the same as on the SPA9000 dial plan. announced just a xx. at the end of the dial plan syntax so that you can dial any number as well.

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    Edit / / Oops, sorry I forgot to say that I have an e280v1 with the 1.02.24 loaded firmware.

    The DATA inside the SYSTEM folder is the database which can always be stuck with old information. You can delete the file DATA and it will regenerate the entire database.  The latter is hidden - you may have to display in Windows.

    That's like yours v1 units. The v2 database is mtable.sys

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    bryced87 wrote:

    Yes, I did. I hear some people all transcode AVCHD to prores on Mac

    Yes, if the project has value I. If it is very simple or non-consecutive, I have not.

    Because Adobe can't handle AVCHD with large maturities.

    I found that this was the case. You must have a fast computer with a good graphics card and fast storage for your media.

    I am currently working on an iMac of 2013 with 3.5 Ghz i7 CPU, Nvidia 780 M with 4 GB of VRAM and 32 GB of memory, connected to the drive via Thunderbolt and not having problems bays.

    Also read that the color correction is not as good with AVCHD and AVCHD is rendered every time or an effect is applied it degrades the quality in first.

    This is because AVCHD is an acquisition very, very compressed and, to a lesser extent, the codec of the delivery. It is designed mainly for the purpose and is far from the ideal editing codec.

    Your original image from the sensor was shattered tightly in a very tiny package, with 8 (or more) images stuck like a saw jumping puzzle in each box.  Your computer, on the fly, must unpack every box, rebuild management (separating each one from the other) 30 times per second. Compare that to ProRes, resembling a giant shipping cases, each case containing 1 full frame. Your computer has to work much less to display and manipulate images ProRes - but the trade-off is a much larger file size.

    Box of ProRes being much larger, when you add graphics, composites, etc. of your sequence, the resulting video image has no need to be smashed down to fit in a small box - the shipping case ProRes adapts easily. If the color correction, compositing, graphic overlays, etc. ' "less pain during editing.

    "Degradation" of decompression of the frame of AVCHD, add a graphic and recompression of the frame to AVCHD happen not matter what NLE you use.

    Video to ProRes or Cineform benefits far beyond the subsequent use of more disk space and the camera card. That's why many productions use outboard recorders that will record in ProRes, typed cameras that shoot AVCHD natively. They are much better production formats.


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    Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 12.08.02 PM.png

    (2) how do you know what predefined list of brush you use yet? It does not appear anywhere on the screen? (Assortment of brushes, calligraphic brushes, etc.) I don't see anywhere.

    (3) is it possible to rename brushes in a predefined list? All brushes are named right (I guess) for their digital size. Sometimes, there are several with the same digital name in a preset. If I use #60 in the calligraphic brush preset frequently, I renamed it 'Favorites' so I can find it faster? If so, how?

    4) related to question 3, I can pick up brushes favorite of several different lists predefined and form a new preset with these brushes that I use most often? If so, how?

    Virtual machine of chocolate to anyone who answers. Thanks in advance.

    You can rename all kinds of presets under Edit--> Preset Manager. Presets can be merged / attached by simply loading the corresponding files in the flyout, but naturally, different types of brushes will be always separated since for example mixer brushes simply to work completely different compared to conventional brooms. You can set brush different display modes found in the drop down palette preset, including various combos with trext, so if you name your protect brushes you can keep the lines in this way.


  • Distorted output Word images


    I am trying to generate a Word 2010 my RH9 project document, and everything works fine except for the screenshots, where most are very distorted (they are the right width, but a lot more time than they should be).

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    I see no reason in the distortion. Similar size dialog boxes can be well after a step, but then distorted after the next step.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Thank you all for your help.

    I forgot to mention that I finally managed to fix the problem: generate the Word .doc document and not as a .docx worked perfectly.

    Once the .doc was generated, I could save it as a .docx without any problem.

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    Can someone please explain on the spa9000 dial plan

    We have too many fields to fill...

    Explain the

    Call routing rule: where I put the lines and also some numbering plan?

    Then the numbering on the FXS 1 plan


    And then plan on each line numbering...

    Why son much dial plans and how to give a plant correctly.

    Thanks adavance.


    Visit for the SPA9000 dial plans or click on the link below.

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    Thank you



    Just to add to the excellent post from Rick. There is a way to do this in CP5, which is to export the project in XML format (file > export > To XML...)

    If you open the XML file in Notepad (or an HTML, like Dreamweaver editor) you can use the search feature to locate Quiz numbering. If you delete this, then reimport the XML file in CP5 (file > import > from XML...) then the numbering is removed. :-)

    Best regards


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    This can be caused by incompatible Firefox with your graphics card driver. To test this theory, try to disable the use of Firefox hardware acceleration of graphics and fonts.

    the button Firefox orange (or the Tools menu) > Options > advanced

    In the mini ' General' tab, uncheck the box for "use hardware acceleration when available.

    It will take effect after you exit and then restart Firefox.

    Any difference?

  • SPA9000/SPA941 Conference issue

    HI - we have a SPA9000 and in the course of running, but we are having problems with the Conference feature.

    In three Conference, there is always a phone that can not hear another thing everybody hears that conveys this phone.
    Internally using SPA941 Conference functionality works very well but is not with two external callers.
    We have a phone Polycon a FXS power and to make the phone Conference functionality works very well also.

    No idea why this is happening?

    Thank you!

    Hello! Thanks for your reply.

    After making a few changes on the SPA941, I got this job.

    That's essentially what I changed to make it work. Some of these setting changes have been suggested by our provider

    Within your SIP configuration page:
    RTP packet size: 0.020
    Name of the G729a Codec: G729
    Name of the G729ab Codec: G729
    Manage VIA received: Yes
    Manage VIA rport: Yes
    Insert VIA received: Yes
    Insert VIA rport: Yes

    Within your Ext configuration page:
    NAT Mapping Enable: Yes
    NAT Keep Alive Enable: Yes
    Favorite Codec: G.729a
    Use Pref Codec only: No.

  • I have version 12 installed elements, but was issued to serial numbers 13 version that won't work - what should I do?

    I can't seem to communicate with a person in chat to advise me how to get the serial numbers affected

    You can try to install version 13 if it's nice...

    PES 10, 11, 12, 13 -

    Otherwise, you will need to see if you can get the serial number chat support.

    To the link below, click on the still need help? the option in the blue box below and choose the option to chat...
    Make sure that you are logged on the Adobe site, having cookies enabled, clearing your cookie cache.  If it fails to connect, try to use another browser.

    Serial number and activation support (non - CC) chat nsing-activation_stillNeedHelp

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    I am trying to create a numbered list element that restarts at 1 whenever it is used.  The User Guide says "by default, each counter is initially set to zero. . The counter can maintain its current value, be incremented by 1 or reset to a different value. For example, use < n = 1 > in the format that resets the numbering to 1 at the beginning of a new series of numbered steps. »

    So, I built my EDD like this:


    But when I import the EDD to test in a document, each list continues the numbering of the seizure. I tried to play with the syntax, but it's new to me and I can't understand it.  How I set up so that each list begins with 1?

    Here's an example of what I get (sorry, it's ugly, I am following advice and get the structure put in place before implementing nice shaped!)


    Thank you!

    First of all, when you have several lists, as well as numbered tables and figures, it is preferable to use a label of different series for each type of list. This is especially important when you have lists within lists and you want that numbering for change say the numbers in letters to the Romans, etc. So, I would replace the L: in the format of bulleted to something else, say B:. In fact, you can probably leave out, because there is no visual distinction between the first shot and the second and the first item in the following list.

    Second, I'm not sure that you can use in the AutoNumber format and hope that it restarts with each new list 1. I think that "initially set to zero" means at the beginning of the document. You must add a paragraph within the context of numbered list that checks to the FIRST element of the element in the list item and set its number to L:. This is how I do it (just a cut and paste from my EDD):

    If the context is: {first}
    Dialing properties
    The auto-numbering format: L:\t. \t
    On the other
    Dialing properties
    The auto-numbering format: L:\t. \t

    If you have a case where you want the second list to continue the numbering of a previous list, you can add an attribute to the list item that you can set for continuous numbering, and then look in your EDD.

    Hope this helps,


    Post edited by: Van Kurtz

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