space required?

How much space Foxfire requires for downloading? How to operate optimally?


For the storage of these figures are somewhat obsolete. The binary is about 35 MB uncompressed after installation, it's about 60 MB and depending on the amount of storage available on the device it will use 2 to ~ 60 MB for implementing caching of downloaded files.

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    I have a windows Xp, Im trying to download Windows live sign in assistant. It seems to be stuck in (Please wait until the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements) I'm not quite sure what to do, Ive has been looking for an awnser for quite awhile. Im trying to download a game called also age of empires online. If there is a way I can by pass this dl all together that would be even better. I just went to re - install the program and this is the link ( ), it is not windows 7 but I'm not sure if it would work for my windows Xp. This link pop when I run the games for windows marketplace... Thanks - Matt...

    Well, I had it works for me without re doing not, but by going to my downloads and put back on the download I re install a couple of times and the same results, once I started it of my downloads, it worked like a charm! Hope this helps someone out there.

  • I can't install iTunes 10.7 to Windows 7, 64-bit, install stops at the space required with miscalculation: restoration of action

    Original title: I can't install iTunes 10.7 to Windows 7, 64-bit

    I tried to install iTunes 10.7 on my computer, but it stops when the installation says: calculation of space requirements. Then he said only: "roll back the action", "installation failed." I don't know what is happening because I have more than 40 GB of free space on my hard drive. I also tried with an older version of iTunes, but it keeps doing the same thing.

    You can not install itunes while another update that uses the microsoft windows (MSI) Setup program is running.

    what you need to do is:
    update of windows OS and restart.
    install itunes to a partition with at least 250 MB of free space.

    System requirements Windows

    • PC with a processor Intel or AMD 1 GHz and 512 MB of RAM
    • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, 32-bit editions of Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • 64-bit of Windows Vista or Windows 7 require the iTunes 64-bit Installer
    • 250 MB of available disk space
    • Internet connection broadband to use the iTunes Store
  • Bare minimum space required to create a DB pluggable C 12 (12.1)

    Operating system platform: Oracle Linux 6.6

    DB version: (Group of patches 1 c 12, released July 22, 2014)

    Edition: Enterprise Edition

    Type: Independent, no - ASM (data files stored in Linux Filesystem)

    Using DBCA, I want to create a container of 12 DB and a snap-in DB for development purposes. I just want to know the bare-minimum space required for this. Our test application data will need 20 GB of space.

    If I remember correctly, a starter 11.2 DB (with no data of the application) will be approximately 5 GB in size. We want to know what size will have a 12.1 DB starter.

    That is to say. I just want to know how much space is needed for a DB database container and a Pluggable-DB with options (like XMLDB,... etc.).

    I tried citing the following DOC. But it is not mentioned there.

    Post edited by: greeny fixed mobile DB DB-ins.

    Just so you guys know that the DB + DB container connectable to a bare minimum size is 5.2 GB

    That is to say. not without any data of the company

    That's what looked like the file system, just after the creation of the DB

    $ df - Ph /oradata

    Size of filesystem used Avail use % mounted on

    / dev/map/vg_oradata-LogVol_oradata 12 G 5.2 G 6.0 G 47% /oradata

    I used the file system Linux (ext4) and OMF

    version: (Group of patches 1 c 12, released on July 22, 2014)

    DBCA used to create the DB

  • Attempt to determine the space required for the migration of the opening...


    I'll put together a plan to migrate from Aperture to Lightroom.  My research is coming short on a particular issue... If I use Adobe plug-in to convert, if it changes the file system existing opening, thus converting the Lightroom folder structure?  Or, is, in essence, "duplicate" files by creating a new set for Lightroom and leaving the intact existing opening?

    If it gives all existing files, I'm fine.  If it is redundant with, I have to approach differently - since my opening set is about 400 GB, and I have about 100GB left on my drive.

    I've almost worn out G for Google tries to find an answer.  Your help is appreciated.

    Thank you!

    PS I posted this on the General discussion of Lightroom, but I have received no feedback.

    The migration tool calculates the space required before continuing. It really depends on if your Aperture library is managed or referenced. In the case of a managed library, your images will be get duplicated in order to protect the opening of corruption. See this link for more information:

  • Calculate the disk space required for the INDEX


    How to calculate the disk space required to create an INDEX? Please tell me where I can get the details of resources.

    For example:
    I need to create a non-UNIQUE INDEX on the columns, an approximate size would do.

    < PRE >
    < / PRE >

    The table has some 7 300 000 rows. I would like to know how to calculate too.

    All AIDS are very much appreciated.

    A rough estimate of the index space will need is possible by

    adding the actual length expected from each column, plus 6 for the rowid, 2 for the number of the X-header of the rows in the table that will be so an entry

    Date are 7 bytes internal + 15 + 4 + 2 + 6 = 34 X 7.3 M = 248200000 X General fresh for the block header, initrans, etc...

    We will use 20% overhead block or 1.2 X 248200000 = 297840000, which is about 285 M

    The actual distribution will vary according to your method of range tablespace.

    HTH - Mark D Powell.

  • 16 GB of free disk space required to upgrade?

    I have a 80 GB drive partitioned and C: has 3 GB of spare, I would like to upgrade to windows 7, but it says I need 16 GB of free disk, Vista is already using 22 gb - if I upgrade to I win 6 GB or is windows really 38 GB because none of my partitions are that big. (E: a 22 GB of spare I put windows on both Partitions?).

    I tried to resize the two partitions by using disk management C: offers the possibility of reduction of the score but the expand option is grayed out.

    Windows 7 32-bit requires 16 GB of free disk space
    Windows 7 64-bit requires 20 GB of free space on the disk

    In fact, Windows 7 does not use that amount of space, but for the actual installation, Windows 7 will store some files temporarily to help with the installation. Disk space actually used by Windows varies from 6 to 10 GB, depending on the edition you are installing.

    You can try to free disk space by running disk clean up and remove old system restore points. You can also try clearing your temporary files directory:

    Click Start, type: folder
    Press ENTER, delete the contents of this folder.

    Additional details and instructions for the release of disk space:
    How to speed up your Windows 7 system:! E8E5CC039D51E3DB! 40406.entry

    You should try to uninstall applications you do not use and move files you use for example videos, photos on an external hard drive, you could do temporarily, then restore them after the installation of Windows 7.

  • Space required on the server vCenter for statistical level increased

    I'm in vCenter Server and this is the SQL database on separate virtual machines.  I have size my SQL database for level 2 of the statistics.  What is the size of the disk hard virtual on my server vCenter Server must support statistics level 2 to 3000 VMs and 150 physical servers?  I know that the main impact of the size of the disk is SQL Server according to the requirements not vCenter to because the VCDB database is stored on my SQL Server in this case.  However, if a major impact is to increase your level of 1 to 2 on virtual disks of vCenter Server statistics? (I have already addressed vCPU and needs of vRAM and prepared for this, I just need to look at the disk space now)

    Thank you!

    You're right, the size of the database will be the primary component that is affected when you increase the level of statistics. I don't see any impact on the vCenter Server disks.

  • Instant space requirements


    I have a few questions on space for a virtual machine snapshots including an 80G hard for hard Windows OS and 500G for data. We use the VSphere 4.1 and VSphere 5.

    1. how much space is required for the instant 80 G or 580 G?

    2. If the .vmdks are on different LUNS will be snapshots stored with the virtual machine configuration file?

    Thanks for helping clear this up.


    As mentioned previously, a snapshot can grow up to the size of certain overhead costs as well as the basic disk. Regarding overhead, take a look at table "Load calculation required by the snapshot files" at


  • disk memory and space requirment for development database

    Hi all

    I want to know the disk space and memory required for the configuration of the environment development database.

    Production database size is max 25 to 30 concerts
    and only 3 user will use this database

    on this info my suggesion is to go with 3 GB memory 60 GB of backup space and archivelog. Let me know experts comment on that

    xuv500 wrote:

    I want to know the disk space and memory required for the configuration of the environment development database.

    Production database size is max 25 to 30 concerts
    and only 3 user will use this database

    on this info my suggesion is to go with 3 GB memory 60 GB of backup space and archivelog. Let me know experts comment on that

    How long lasts this string? ++

    So, in other words - it depends. Development environment might include a database logic dev (containing data from prod), one database Q & A logic (to test changes in dev) and a complete copy of the prod database logic (to test the final deployment).

    It could contain an R & D environment - where all data from prod is necessary for data mining research and then to deploy processes of extraction of useful data in the production.

    It could be used in a number of ways - and some of them will be more intensive in the transformation and requiring more data, than the production.

    Ideally - dev environment should look like as close as possible to the prod environment. Ideally, that means a server hardware and similar size, same o/s and Oracle versions and same volumes of data.

  • Space required by float

    Hi guys,.

    Just as char (n) can store maximum n bytes of storage, number (p) can maximum ((p+1) / 2) + 1 bytes of storage, then the amount of maximum storage space taken by float and float (n)...

    Please suggest...

    Thank you


    The FLOAT data type is a subtype of NUMBER. It can be specified with or without precision, which has the same definition for NUMBER and can vary from 1 to 126. Scale cannot be specified, but it is interpreted from the data. Each FLOAT value requires 1 to 22 bytes.

    Oracle database provides two types of digital data only for numbers to floating-point:

    BINARY_FLOAT types is a 32-bit, single-precision floating point number data type. Each value of type BINARY_FLOAT requires 4 bytes.

    BINARY_DOUBLE is 64-bit double-precision floating-point number data type; Each BINARY_DOUBLE value requires 8 bytes.

    Take a look at these urls for more details.

    Kind regards

  • space requirement: this library file to move?

    Hi all

    I have all my photos on Mac and on my backup unit

    Last year, after buying my new MacBook, I did some work to migrate from old to new.

    Now I need free space on Hd on my Mac and my/images folder I have these files:

    -' Library foto' gb75 (also I can see in my Photo, last update settings now)

    -"iPhoto Library.migratedphotlibrary' gb47 (updated: October 13, 2015)

    -"libreria di Foto" gb5 (update now)

    Logically I could remove the 47 gb file.

    But in my picture, there is a folder ("eventi iPhoto", 9000 photos inside) imported from my old iPhoto (and Mac)

    I wouldn't want to delete the old photos.

    Please give me an advice.

    Thank you :-)

    -"iPhoto Library.migratedphotlibrary' gb47 (updated: October 13, 2015)

    It's your old iPhoto library.  The modified file name extension '.migratedphotolibrary' indicates that this library has been upsized to Photos and your largest photo library will contain all uploaded photos.

    Then you can move the iPhoto 'Library.migratedphotlibrary' on an external drive for backup.  All the photos in your photo library will continue to work. Pictures created its own copies of image files.  However, they are stored very efficiently as hard links to the originals in the old iPhoto library.  Delete the iPhoto library can not free as storage space that you expect. See this document: Photos saves disk space to share images with your iPhoto or Aperture - Apple Support libraries

    But in my picture, there is a folder ("eventi iPhoto", 9000 photos inside) imported from my old iPhoto (and Mac)

    This folder in your photo library will continue to work. Migration Photos tp copied all the pictures in the library, but very effective to save storage.

  • Space required on target RT for LabVIEW Control design and Simulation


    I want to run a DLL file on an RT target using LabVIEW Control design and Simulation, but I'm not sure of the required amount of RAM on the RT-target. My RT-target options are respectively cRIO 9002 and cRIO-9004 with 32 and 64 MB of RAM. Is this a sufficient amount of RAM to run the simulation? ¨¨

    Thanks in advance

    This will depend on the size of your dll, the size of the rest of the code, you can create other necessary drivers/modules, memory use when your application runs, etc.

    9002 and 9004 have not a lot of RAM on them and the minimum software installation to run a control application Design & Simulation (CD & Sim) will take around 22Mo of it (the majority of RAM available to the 9002). It would be possible to run your application on these two controllers if you keep it small but it will depend on what you want to do.

  • 127 GB of disk space required for Windows XP?

    I use the copy of XP comes with my computer 10 years ago.  I upgraded to SP 3.  XP is now 127 GB of my 142 GB disck drive.  I think it should be less than 70 GB.  How can I reduce the space occupied by Windows?

    Thank you!

    The brief flash was probably because you run msizap by double-clicking to open a command prompt window instead and it works there.

    This is probably the best at this time for you to take the computer to a local store.  I suggest does not go to a place geeksquad or type BigBoxStoreUSA, but you probably right that who take you to reinstall Windows.  Don't forget to tell them to back up your data files (photos, documents, music, etc.) first.

    Unless the Office was preinstalled on the computer when you bought it (and the store chooses to use the method of 'back to the conditions of the factory'), you must reinstall Office.  You also need to reinstall other applications that are now on the computer.  You need original installation media and product keys.  Ask the shop to extract the product keys for your various applications before reinstalling Windows.

    Good luck.

  • Space required for backup to disk more files

    How can I increase the space in my Recovery(D:) parce que je veux sauvegarder plus de fichiers.) I get the message disk space insufficient, even after a cleanup is performed.

    I free 173KO in my OS (c :)) can I transfer some of it to (D), who has only 9.99 KB.
    Thank you very much

    The recovery was put there by your OEM for the recovery of a factory default state.

    Buy an external USB disk for backup on.  Backup to the same disk hard physics is not a backup, if the hard drive dies, you lose your original and all backups.

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