Spare on Satellite Pro A10 (30 GB)


I am after some advice on what replacement drive to buy this laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro A10, model PSA15E-03U7V-EN. It still has the original disc of 30 GB in it, but he has demonstrated errors when checking the disc with Windows XP utility (it is still usable if). I did a full backup on an external drive.

Thanks in advance
Jessica Tsikas

Next exit HWinfo32:

General information
Drive: E - IDE (ATA-5)
Drive channel: Primary master
Drive model: TOSHIBA MK3021GAS
The review: GA124A
Drive serial number: 73J94628T
Disk capacity: 28 615 MB (30 GB)

Geometry of the disk
Number of cylinders: 16383
Number of Heads: 16
Sectors per track: 63
Bytes per sector: unknown
Bytes per track: unknown
Number of ECC bytes: 46
Number of sectors: 16514064
Total of 32-bit LBA sectors: 58605120
Size of the buffer cache: n/a
Controller type: not specified

Transfer modes
Sectors per interrupt: Total: Active, 16:16
Maximum PIO transfer Mode: 4
Multiword DMA mode: Total: 2, active: -.
Singleword DMA Mode: Total: 2, active: -.
Ultra-DMA Mode: Total: 5 (ATA-100), Active: 5 (ATA-100)
Max. multiword DMA transfer rate: 16.7 MB/s
Maximum PIO with IORDY transfer rate: 16.7 MB/s
Maximum PIO w/o IORDY transfer rate: 16.7 MB/s
Transfer width: 16 bits
Native Command Queuing: Unsupported
The TRIM command: not supported

Flags of the device
Fixed Drive: Present
Removable drive: Absent
Magnetic storage: present
LBA Mode: Supported
DMA Mode: Supported
IORDY: Supported
IORDY Disableable: supported

Write cache: present, Active
S.M.A.R.T. feature: Present, Active
Security feature: present, inactive
Removable media feature: not Present, disabled
Power management: present, Active
Advanced Power Management: Present, Active
Interface package: not Present, disabled
Come to buffer: present, Active
Host protected area: Present, enabled
Power-Up In Standby: not supported, inactive
Automatic acoustic management: not supported, inactive
48-bit LBA: not supported, inactive

Self-monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
Raw read error rate: 100/50, worst: 100
Throughput performance: 100/50, worst: 100
Spin Up Time: 1/100, worst: 100 (data = 942)
Start/Stop Count: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 5072)
Reallocated sector Count: 100/50, worst: 100 (data = 52)
Seek error rate: 100/50, worst: 100
Look for punctuality: 100/50, worst: 100
Turn on the hours/Cycle Count: 69/always OK, worst: 69 (data = 12677)
Spin Retry Count: 201/30, worst: 100
Number of power Cycle: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 4823)
Power - off retract Count: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 126)
Load/Unload Cycle Count: 18/always OK, worst: 18 (data = 824818)
Temperature 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 43.0 ° C)
Number of events of reallocation: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 46)
Current pending sector count: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 233)
County of sector incorrigible off-line: 100/always OK, worst: 100
Error CRC Ultra DMA/SATA rate: 200/always OK, worst: 200
Change disc: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 118)
Hours of loads: 82/always OK, worst: 82 (data = 7578)
Number of attempts at loading/unloading: 100/always OK, worst: 100
Friction of load: 100/always OK, worst: 100
Assembly time: 100/always OK, worst: 100 (data = 389)
Head flying hours: 100/1, worst: 100

In my opinion, you can use each up to 100 GB HARD drive. HARD drive interface is important and, as far as I know, in this old Satellite notebook HARD drive was IDE (ATA-5) connector.

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  • Can I use a 12.5 mm HDD satellite Pro A10?

    Hi all just joined forum

    My daughter has a old enough Satellite Pro laptop computer A10m, and it was said that his hard drive is passed, question, I have a spare 20gig 2.5 "IDE / PATA 12.5 mm thickness of hard disk, it will fit. I know normal laptops have a 9.5 mm thick disc, not sure where I got this from, it was just in my trash drawer.

    see you soon



    As far as I know standard 20 GB HARD drive used by Satellite Pro A10 is 9.5 mm but I think you can also use 12.5 mm.
    Test it.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - CD/DVD drive - updated?

    I have an A10 and a few remnants of the A15 which I cannibalise the parts.
    The A10 has DVD playback only, while the A15 motorway had features of reading / writing DVD.

    Desperately the A10 BIOS does not recognize the A15 CD/DVD drive.
    Anyone know if it is possible to obtain this recognition - could I swap chips BIOS with the A15 for example?

    This machine is my toy and I have it running with a Pentium 4 M 2.4 GHz and 1 GB of ram (frustrating it does not accept the sticks of 1 GB!).

    It's a gift so if I break, well I'll be sad - but not heart broken...

    You can only use the BIOS that came out for the Satellite Pro A10 series and which is available on the Toshiba page.

    But why you n t use a CD/DVD drive that is compatible with the model Satellite Pro A10?
    The manual provides details on supported devices.
    I found the user manual [here:]

    On page 4-7 you will find info on the STRANGE devices supported by Pro A10
    -TEAC CD-224th CD-ROM drive
    -DW-224th drive TEAC CD-RW/DVD-ROM
    -Toshiba DVD - ROM SD-C2612
    -Diving Toshiba CD-RW/DVD-ROM SD-R2412
    -DVD-R /-RW drive SD-R6012
    -Hitachi drive of DVD - ROM RDA-8082
    -Player Panasonic UJDA-740/750 CD/RW/DVD-ROM

    Hope that the list could be useful.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro A10


    I have a PSA15E A10-IN running a celeron 2.0 chip. Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the processor and if what chips it would take? Thanks in advance.


    In most cases, the upgrade of the CPU is not possible because of the BIOS and chipset restrictions.
    But sometimes it is possible to use a different CPU, which is supported by the chipset.
    I have no idea what chipset supports your laptop, but you can check this in the Device Manager or you could install some hardware diagnostic such as Sisoft SANDRA or Everest Home Edition software.

    Then, you can view properties chipset Intel ARK on page for a list of compatible processors.

    However, Satellite Pro A10 is very old and I doubt its value to upgrade the processor because you won't see a great performance.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - need information about upgrading RAM

    Dear members of Ant
    Regarding the above machine: Please can someone advise:-how many slots memory has.
    I think it's two but do not know.
    Also size maximum memory can this module we have in this laptop please.
    If it's 2 @ 1 GB per module, then we would have a total of 2 GB.

    Is the standard hard drive on this computer, a hard drive of the laptop. Can I get out the small 20 GB one and replace it with a larger. for example 120 GB etc.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Satellite Pro A10 two memory locations are available. Laptop computer can manage with 1 GB of RAM and you can use two compatible PC2100 512 MB (PA3164U - 1 M 51) modules.

    This old machine uses 2.5 HDD with old IDE connector. I found some info that it has been bundled with 20GB, 30GB and 40GB HDD. I think you can improve it with up to 100 GB HARD drive but just to be sure he has the same connector on the HARD drive.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.
    For more information after the exact model number please.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - no wireless network card are not not in Device Manager

    Can you help me - Toshiba Satellite Pro A10
    Model no PSA15E-01PFQ-FR
    Series No Y3602494G
    Windows XP Pro

    On the front of this laptop is a wireless switch - this switch is set on, Windows XP Pro can't find any wireless device - Windows Device Manager shows not all adater wireless. You can advice please - what do I need to install driver - this laptop supports wireless?

    Thank you very much



    Usually, if you have a laptop wireless switch should have a wireless LAN card too. In your case I would try to install the driver. Then the WLAn card should appear correctly in Device Manager: > support & downloads > download drivers

    If that doesn t work, you can try a BIOS update.

    Are you running the factory settings or you have installed your own version of Windows?

  • How to recalibrate battery on Satellite Pro A10?

    The battery that came with my laptop has begun behaving oddly a couple of months (it's almost two years, Satellite Pro A10). She arrive at about 50% and then immediately fall to about 2 percent. After setting up with this for a few months, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new battery (charge not trivial, I might add). The new battery behaves exactly the same way. Someone has any advice on how to recalibrate battery PC Toshiba laptop, or verify that the problem is with the system and not the battery itself?

    Hi Richard,

    Check in options power management Toshiba you have the right setting for your type of battery. In my opinion, there are different settings for long battery duration, high power batteries, etc..

    If the problem persists, then I recommend re-installing the power management utility to make sure that it is not at fault, and if the problem persists, then there may be a problem with the power system of your laptop, in which case you will need to return to an authorized Service Agent Toshiba.

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro A10 to the United Kingdom: impossible to find some drivers for XP


    Just my old laptop slung and bought a 2nd hand, Satellite Pro A10 and have reformatted and installed my existing copy of XP home that uses the SP1, I managed to find all drivers I need except for the "USB Controller" and 2 instances of "Base system device".

    I can't find the USB driver anywhere, nor do I have any idea what a 'Base system device' is, any help greatly appreciated as its delay my work :/

    Thank you

    [Edited by: admin August 23 05 20:01]


    I do not understand why you changed the operating system. I think XP Prof is the best version of Windows XP.

    Anyway, you can find all the necessary drivers on the utility CD & tools and programs. Drivers for XP Home and teacher are the same. On the CD drivers and programs are listed in the order. Follow this order during installation to avoid conflicts. And always reboot the system if necessary.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A10 HDD

    I have the Satellite Pro A10 C2.2GHz/XP Home/256 MB/20 GB/14TFT/DVD/WiFi. One day, the computer just froze and then resets and would not start again, and I kept getting the message:




    I tried some hard disk controllers, but they are unable to get anywhere, because they cannot access the drive. Anyone know of any solution to this, or if not, where would be the best place for replacement because my warranty has run out.

    Any help appreciated,

    Thank you

    Hi John,.

    Unfortunately, it seems that if your HARD drive has crashed. The message of your BIOS is normally what you see if the PC cannot detect any bootable devices. Usually, it is a bootable HARD drive.

    Assuming you have the Toshiba Recovery CD you could try to restore your existing system to your HDD (it will automatically reformat the hard disk first), but you might find although it will simply fail restore due to the failure of the drive.

    Your next option is to replace the HARD drive. You can do it yourself very easily, or you may prefer to take the laptop to a Service Agent for them to do. Note that you still need to rebuild your system from the recovery CD according to your choice.

    Given that your device has a 20 GB HARD drive standard you could take this opportunity to install a larger capacity drive.


  • Toshiba Satellite Pro A10, Windows XP Service Pack 2

    Hello world
    "I have a ' Toshiba Satellite Pro A10: P4 - M 2.2 GHz/XP Pro/15" TFT/40 GB / 768 MB.
    I have installed Windows XP Service pack 2 in my book.
    After the update to Windows XP SP2, the only way to start my computer after putting in "sleep mode" or "hibernation mode" is witch power off and then start up.
    I reinstalled "Toshiba Power Saver", but nothing came of it.

    What can I do about it?

    Kind regards

    Obviously the Service Pack 2 does not match current preinstalled saver.

    First installation, you have is to wait for an updated version of Toshiba Power Saver, which is XP Service Pack 2 tested. But so far, you have no "Standby" or "hibernate".

    Installation of the second. If you need to "Standby" or "Hibernate" feature, uninstall Service Pack 2 and wait until there is a solution to the problem of energy saving.

    The two sounds is not perfect, but I think the second installation is the best way. Toshiba will surely bring a new Service Pack 2 tested Power Saver version.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A10 won't boot up - where to get the disks

    I have a Satellite Pro A10 that currently does not start up Windows (XP) as it says

    The following file is corrupted or damaged:

    Tools & Utilities CD that came with my laptop has unfortunately been scratched and will not start.
    I have two system recovery disks, which are very good.

    My questions:

    1. is it possible to buy a replacement Tools & Utilities CD-Rom?
    2. If Yes, where to go?
    3. is there a way to restore my laptop without having to reinstall everything completely and lose all my files?

    Thank you

    Post edited by: Stuart_2007

    With regard to the point;

    (a) generally, it should be possible to order the CD of tools & utilities but I ask why?
    (b) you can buy the CD of the ASP in your country
    (c) the older recovery CD is supported by an expert mode. You can use this mode to choose the partition where the OS is to be installed. In this case only, this partition will be formatted.

    But look, man. You do not need to order the CD tools & utilities because on this CD, you will only find the Toshiba drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba page too.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - SP2 or 3 slows the performance of XP?


    I have a Satellite Pro A10 PSA15E that, over the years, had become very slow.

    Recently, I upgraded it's RAM from 256 to the maximum of 1 GB to try to speed things up, but it did not help.

    Then I reformatted the hard drive and reloaded the system using the Toshiba recovery disks. It worked well and the system performance has been excellent. However, with online safety in mind, I loaded the Windows SP2 (to go then to SP3) and it took the system back to where I started - very, very slow, in fact pretty much unusable.

    Does anyone know if Toshiba compatible SP2 and SP3 on this laptop model?

    If yes how install them without killing performance?

    Thanks in advance.


    According to me, SP2 or SP3 is supported on this Toshiba laptop because two Service Packs are contains important security updates and I think that's not the problem.

    If you install SP2 or SP3 you also get the center of security and better Windows Firewall. Maybe you should disable these two services given that the slowdown in the performance of the system (I always disable the two services).
    Just go to start-run-services.msc online online and disable both services and set the startup type to disabled.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A10 S811 - need drivers Vista 32 bit

    Hi all

    Im a new user in this forum my English not best... IM from Bulgaria.

    I need drivers for vista 32 bit

    Model: Satellite Pro A10 S811

    Satellite Pro A10 is model of 7 year old laptop and so old books are not supported for Windows Vista and for Windows only.
    Sorry, but Toshiba doesn't offer Vista drivers for this older model laptop.

  • Satellite Pro A10 fan

    Hi, I need to buy a new fan for my Satellite Pro A10. Where can I buy one and how much is it?

    I also need a battery, even once, where can I buy one?

    Thank you.

    Hi, you can buy all the parts of a Toshiba service partner.

    You can find them on the page of Toshiba:
    Downloads support & - find an approved service

  • Satellite Pro A10, cutting

    My satellite pro a10 guard stop instantly and I cannot find a reason why...
    I have service pack installed two


    It starts after installation of SP2 or an earlier version? Is if the processor works under full power?

    Here in the user forum, you can find a lot of discussion on this topic. If you want you can check by using the advanced search.

Maybe you are looking for

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