spare parts for laptop

I have a hp probook 5220 m. Why when I want to replace the keyboard not available in Indonesia.


Unfortunately, it's just the way the business is. If there is not enough demand of a party, then the low lying dictates that now the part in stock would be unaffordable.

You can order the spare part online from a vendor that ships internationally.

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  • Dv6-3298en Rossignol Edition: spare parts for laptop HP DV6 - 3298en Rossignol Edition


    I have a laptop HP DV6 - 3298en Rossignol Edition which must be replaced it's heatsink of heat due to the damage. Since it is a special edition, I have trouble finding parts for this model.

    Can someone offers what other models will be similar to this model?

    All series DV6-3000 models have similar components?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, he shares the repair and the list of parts with other models dv6-3000. You have a processor i5 - 480M and AMD HD 6550 M switchable graphics.


    See p. 21-22. Here is the part you need:

    Memory of graphics and 35 W processor 603691-001

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  • Spare part for discontinued part number 641477-001?


    Part number 641477-001 is discontinued, is there a replacement part for it so I can fix it my laptop DV6-6060sa?

    I don't particularly want to buy a whole new notebook because of a ventilation module failed!

    Thank you, Simon.

    Hello Simon,.

    Sorry that there is no spare part for 641477-001 with HP from now, but the part is accessible to the general public with other providers.

  • Impossible to find a spare part for satellite A100-197

    I have trouble finding a spare part for this model. While moving I lost the charger/power supply cable - can someone help me!



    If you need power adapter part number is E/PA2521U-2ACA, but if you need just cable to connect the power adapter to a power outlet, it may be a bit more problematic. I don't know if you can order this single cable but you can try to contact the service authorized in your country. They can get everything you need.

  • Spare part for print to the top of my outlook express e-mail accounts can't get.

    Spare part for print to the top of my outlook express e-mail accounts can't get.

    Save an attachment to disk.  Then open it.  Then try to print it.  If you print messages of OE, then

    Spare part for print to the top of my outlook express e-mail accounts can't get.

  • Spare parts for a C7280

    While a move, I managed to drop the reverse on the back of my C7280 paper box and break the pins of small Assembly on one of the paper tray.
    Spare parts can be obtained?
    Or I have to buy a complete unit?
    Y at - it a parts/repair center nr Gloucester or Edinburgh?

    On most printers, the DUPLEXER is a replaceable part. Contact support HP (1800-474-6836). If you choose to buy another printer, you may qualify for a discount on an upgrade. Hope this helps, thanks.

  • Acer does not have any spare part for the B326HK monitor.

    I bought on 11.06.2014 in the monitor of Belgium a B326HK 4 K and it was after 2 days already broken. The monitor has been sent to the Acer service center, but it seems that they have no spare parts. I've had better service expected of Acer. Their explanation is that it is a fairly new monitor and they can get difficult spare parts. Are there people who are facing this problem?

    @ Cory. Today I finally received news of Acer with the message that the motherboard of the monitor showed an error. Because apparently these motherboards are currently difficult to obtain, Acer will send me a new monitor. When I read here on the forum about problems that have other owners of this Acer B326HK, I think they could actually sit with the same faulty motherboard in their monitor.

  • Spare parts for the IdeaPad u260-0876

    Having trouble finding parts for this machine. Was waiting with Lenovo for about 20 minutes.

    The LCD and the hinges need to be replaced. After disassembling the machine, I can not find the hinges with any part number, I searched for. I don't mind these Lenovo parts ordering, but I was looking for a P/N and/or prices directly from Lenovo on ordering them.

    Thank you


  • View the number of spare part for the Pavilion DV6 - black 2020ev

    Hi all

    Recently, my screen was broken. I need to replace it, but I don't know the part number for that I can look for it. My laptop is Pavilion DV6 - black 2020ev. Thank you for your help.



    This is the correct screen on eBay:

    Here is the Manual:


    See page 4-24

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  • repair and spare parts for dv6-3008so

    I dv6-3008so and plastic base case broke around the hinge of the right hand. There are also other places where he broke the plastic on the laptop.  Is it possible to replace the parts of the casing of the laptop? and where I could get it done in Copenhagen to the Denmark?


    1. please check part (if any) in this Book:

    2 you can find phone number (for your country or the nearest location) in the following list:

    Kind regards.

  • Spare part for the fan T42p

    I want to order a spare for my T42p type 2373-C96 fan. The index of system parts to:

    is a bit confusing, I couldn't find my model next to the listed parts fan designation.

    You need a 'long' M10, FRU 13R2657 fan or equivalent.

    Good luck.

  • Spare parts for Dynabook EX / 2513CDST

    Hey, I have a Toshiba Dynabook EX / 2513CDST I bought from Japan. I realize that this is not the best place to ask, but I don't have enough proficiency in Japanese to post in the forums.

    This is a picture of my laptop:

    in any case, I'm looking for two things:

    (1) replacement hinges. One of the hinges of the screen broke, and now the monitor can almost freely down the back. In essence, I'm looking for something like this:

    But I need to find a site that sells those specific to the ex series

    (2) my laptop has a built-in TV Tuner, but miss me the drivers for it I need for Windows to recognize it. Toshiba won't send me a new CD for some reason any. I can't seem to identify hard-ware or the other (no manual).

    If someone knows the solutions or advice perhaps even could get somewhere with these problems, I would appreciate it!

    See you soon,.

    Hey Buddy,

    are you sure that you need specifically for EX? I think they will be in a range of designs available and you can certainly use a machine with a different name of type, but the same design.

    So, with have this TV Tuner integrated... you tried to identify it with a linux from the CD? Maybe a knoppix distribution? There are a few other CD-vivid as the Ultimate Boot CD that has a lot of tools.
    I think that with some of them you can identify the hardware.

    Here are the links:


    I hope I could help... :)

    Welcome them

  • Need spare parts for TE2000

    Can other tecra part I use on the TE2000?

    Hey Buddy,

    What you mean? You would like to know if the parts of the other tecras adapted in your machine? If this is your question, I can tell you:

    It wouldn't fit. Almost all of the toshiba machines has it s own material which makes it very difficult for us, users try the setting on our own machines.

    Sorry dude.
    Have a nice weekend

  • Need info on the spare parts for Satellite A40-221

    Can someone help me locate the LCD for my Satellite A40-221 hinges? The LCD keeps on the flop backwards in certain positions and stays put in still other positions.

    Hey Buddy,

    I googled around a bit and found this store:

    they have some parts. If you don t find what you need then contact service partner, maybe, they will be able to help you:

    Hope I could help you a little bit :)

    Welcome them

  • New spare part for Elitebook 8440p battery hand #463310-763?

    I find no replacement for Elitebook 8440p battery hand #463310-763. What is not new replacement. ?


    This is available to the descriptions of battery with HP for the Elitebook 8440p, part the #.


    4 cells, 2, 55 - Ah Li - ion (37 Wh) 489961-001

    6-cell, 2, 55 - Ah Li - ion (55-Wh) 486296-001

    6-cell, 2, 55 - Ah (51-Wh) 1000-cycle battery 593578-001

    9-cell, 3.0 - Ah Li - ion (100-Wh) 593579-001

    Maintenance manual is on the link below, see Chapter 3, page 3-5.


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