spare parts price is the same as the total price!

Good day, I hope to find a solution through your kindness

I live in Egypt, my uncle bought for me hp is separated from US March 2015

It is keyboard problem attach the oct 2015 and repaired by geeksquad (replaced the Board Slate wharf) so that my uncle is in US last jan 2016

After only one week, when he returned to Egypt, he got hardware failure

I try to resolve it through hp Egypt agent (Feb
2016) and give them the reception on (March 17, 2016) so I have all my rights to warranty

HP responds that he would not deliver the
Spare parts so that there is someone who, the United States, find that parts is available on $500 price where I shocked (total hp
Split price is around $ 500)
I hope hp to solve this complicated because they have parts why they did not send it to their agent here in Egypt to solve my problem

There was a contact social hp has not found a way to manage this problem
And they can help me just to organize the unit to ship to a friend or relative in the United States so that they can get a repair
but he is not allowed to ship the laptop while they give me emails to CEO and president Dion Weisler
I send emails in the problem mar 28 and he did not respond and send again on 7 April and waiting and not respond too

I don't really know who is the one who got the opportunity to take the aid administrators

With all my respect for you


Hello @ali_m,

I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers.

If you are not familiar with works of the function of the Forum, private messages
this message has instructions.

Please let me know if this information helps you solve the problem by marking this message as 'accept as Solution', this will help others easily find the information they seek.  In addition, by clicking on the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thank you!

Have a great day!

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    Published by: user10894682 on 05/02/2009 07:30

    There is a user guide available for the planning of services via metalink parts; 'Oracle Service Parts Planning Guide of the user' E13338-02 you can find this and the other new R12.1 application notices via metalink Note 746824.1

    Mustapha Krishnan, Oracle APS Product Management, provided an overview on Service parts planning GIS to OAUG advanced planning in November 2008. If your company is a member of OAUG, any employee can then join the GIS. You can then view this presentation and other previous educational sessions on the tab "events". there is also a link to join the GIS.

    Kind regards

  • authenticity of hp spare parts

    How I come to know that, the alternative presented by HP technician speakers are authentic. ??


    Well... usually each piece for computer laptop/Tablet/etc has two numbers on it (or box part entered).

    one is the number of product (P/N)...usually ends in - B21, the second number is a number of spare parts (SP) of the usually ending by a - xxx, where xxx is a number (for ex-001).)

    The first is indicating a number of option, the second is identical to the original replacement.

    The first number may be different from the original part (different manufacturing, different revision, etc.), but the number of MS will be the same. This issue of alternatives is what used HP Tech/engineer to order a spare part for your problem, and that you (the customer/consumer) ensures that the repair will put your laptop/Tablet/server back, etc. for the specifications of original (or better).

    In a previous life I worked for HP/Compaq/Dec...


  • ZBook G2: ZBook G2 - need id data or a picture of the disk of 512 GB Z Turbo - spare parts # 813138-001

    I'm looking for the identification data or a photo of the 512 GB Z Turbo Drive for a ZBook G2 module.

    I couldn't find spare HP part #: 813138-001.  Not even a product number.

    I know that this option has been introduced in June 2015, until late in the lifecycle ZBook G2 - Quickspecs.

    The price of the module that is sold as a spare part is way out of my range - about a$ 1,300 i.e. $ 900.

    I'm looking for a less expensive alternative - not as an option of HP or generic equivalent part.

    I know that this part should support PCIe 2.0 x 2, form factor of m2 and the format 22 x 60 mm.

    Your help will be appreciated.

    There is a lively discussion about the theme from here:

    He's going to nearly 200 comments.

    #153 post is located here:

    It includes the following information:

    I chose the disk of 512 GB Z Turbo option when configuring the ZBook 17 G2 on the HP website. According to Device Manager, it's a LITEON-CX1-JB512-HP.

    Basically, that answer to my original question.

  • Acer does not have any spare part for the B326HK monitor.

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    @ Cory. Today I finally received news of Acer with the message that the motherboard of the monitor showed an error. Because apparently these motherboards are currently difficult to obtain, Acer will send me a new monitor. When I read here on the forum about problems that have other owners of this Acer B326HK, I think they could actually sit with the same faulty motherboard in their monitor.

  • When you watch a video on Facebook, etc., the video part freezes and the sound continues to play until I have spend on them... Same video works fine on Chrome?

    When you watch a video on Facebook, etc., the video part freezes and the sound continues to play until I have to go over it. I use Wuindows 7. The video will restart when I pass this pointer/mouse.
    The same video (s) works correctly when you use Chrome?

    This issue may be caused by malicious software.

    Make a check of malware with several malware scanning of programs on the Windows computer.
    Please scan with all programs, because each program detects a different malicious program.
    All of these programs have free versions.

    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before scanning.

    Alternatively, you can write a check for an infection rootkit TDSSKiller.

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  • Cannot open the spare part to thunderbird chart

    Thunderbird 24.5.0 on Win7. / / email with attachments of graphs (.jpg, etc.) cannot be opened directly from Thunderbird. When you click on it to open it, the antivirus scan these files, but no further action does take place. In order to open up graphic attachments, I have to save and open. Other accessories normally open (.doc, .pdf, etc.)

    (Alt + T) Tools menu > options > spare part and delete all entries on the types of files causing trouble.

    DELETE don't fix, even if the option is there.

    Now open an attachment.

  • What is the point number (spare part) protects cable for ILÇE-7RM2?

    What is the point number (spare part) protects cable for ILÇE-7RM2?

    I'm looking for this part:


    Thank you


    I discovered, that it is the part number:

    Cable protector: X-2591-933-2

  • S3000 - x 4: need to buy spare parts in the United Kingdom

    Hi, I need to buy a new lid for my s3000 - x 4 because it is cracked near the hinges. Does anyone know where I can get these to the United Kingdom? Thank you.


    Hello John

    I put t live in the United Kingdom, but there is not a lot of opportunities to find one:
    -order a service partner
    -check if you can find a defective unit by ebay and use it for spare parts or
    -Google bit.
    Maybe you will find a shop where you can order the necessary parts. If this is not the case in the United Kingdom avoid any problem to order the cover from another country.

    Good bye

  • What is the number of spare parts of the neck strap that comes with ILCA - 77M 2 (with printed logo a77II)?

    What is the number of spare parts of the neck strap that comes with ILCA - 77M 2 (with printed logo a77II)?

    Kind regards


    Hi cmosse,

    Welcome to the community of Sony!
    Good day and thanks for the comment. The part number for the neck strap is 4 - 535-925-01.

    For further assistance about your concern, please contact us recommended to visit our Sony Global Web site for more information on contacting the Sony's Support centre in your area to

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "accept as a Solution.

    Kind regards

  • Spare part for print to the top of my outlook express e-mail accounts can't get.

    Spare part for print to the top of my outlook express e-mail accounts can't get.

    Save an attachment to disk.  Then open it.  Then try to print it.  If you print messages of OE, then

    Spare part for print to the top of my outlook express e-mail accounts can't get.

  • G6-Notebook Pavilion try ID correctly so I can order the correct spare part.


    I have a HP Pavilion g6 - 2250sa Notebook where I lost the 'ENTER' key and fixing clips. I try to identify the correct spare parts but when I put my serial number, description of the product, or product on the HP product site is not recognized.

    I looked on several sites keyreplacement but none of the keyboards they show the configeration even than mine.

    They all have oblong shape keys long "ENTER" while mine has upside in the shape it of 'L' one.

    Can you advise me please?

    Here is the link to the guide service that has the reference numbers of the keyboard you need as well as the modalities of withdrawal and replacement:

  • Where can I get the spare parts (circuit boards) for my HP 2509 m monitor?

    Where can I get the spare parts (circuit boards) for my HP 2509 m monitor?

    Hello tsmit32,

    Here is a link to the parts list of what HP considers to be user replaceable.

    Replaceable parts by the user (Europe, Middle East and Africa)

    Since the part is not on the list as a replaceable user then HP does not provide the part for sale. The circuit boards are going to be hard to find, perhaps ebay and other online retailers research is your best option.

    The other option that you have is to create your own heel to tear the other monitors that ppl may be getting rid of. If you can find a job of monitoring of 2509 m on ebay with a fairly cheap crack screen then you essentially buy the guts and that's what you're looking for.

  • Satellite P300-1 has 8 - part number for the AC adapter / CC


    Can anyone tell me the part number of the AC adapter I need to buy for my Satellite P300-1 c 8?
    Model No.: PSPCOE-01H008EN 15550 / 1024/1024/160 G 54/17W + BT/D52/L/M/L

    The toshiba site list or recognize the model, CarPhone Warehouse does not provide me with detailed documents and the original adapter was stolen. If not, can anyone provide an email address for toshiba (I am unable to call during their office hours).

    Or failing that, some general tips on an adapter compatible Please, I bought an adapter for the correct base - 19V, 3 specification. 95 a, (75W), Connector (PA3715E-1ACE) 2.5/5.5mm however, it does not work. The toshiba site lists another card of the same specs (PA3468E-1AC3) but I am reluctant to risk without being sure that it is just to buy it. I'd be happy to buy a universal adapter but only a high quality which will not be an electrical danger.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hey Buddy,

    You can search for options and accessories here:

    Why you need an email at Toshiba?
    If you have questions about spare parts, you must contact a Toshiba instead authorized service provider.

    In general, I would recommend the original adapter because it of tested and designed for your laptop. With other words, it s a product of high quality.

Maybe you are looking for