Spectrum Notebook: Who are compatible docking station for portable spectrum?

Who are compatible docking station for portable spectrum? The new spectrum has only c type ports.

Have not tried this one or seen the reports on the question of whether it works with the spectrum, but in theory it should. The only thing I don't know is if it will load spectrum, but I use a charger HP USB - C that was not specially designed for the spectrum (OEM charger is too big to carry around) and it works so I would say that it would work. $ 150, I am tempted to get one myself. I also have the Zbook dock for my G3 Zbook 15 loan but there one owner dual usb - C and the connector of power PIN for the laptop that doesn't work on the spectrum.

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  • What are the choices of Sony Docking Station for a Sony VAIO VPCSE27RX/B computer laptop 15.6 "?

    What are the choices of Sony Docking Station for a Sony VAIO VPCSE27RX/B computer laptop 15.6 "?


    The docking station for a VPCSE2xx (15 ") is VGP-PRS25.

  • HP 15-g010dx: I need a docking station for my hp 15-g010dx

    I need to find a compatible docking for my laptop.  Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Yes, HP is no more real "docking stations" for its consumer laptops. A docking station is a platform of snap down which provides power to the laptop and replicate ports and allows extensions such as additional hard disks, etc.. Best you can do is use a USB 3.0 "port replicator", many of whom come with video and all the ports that you might want to but not powering the laptop computer. You must always connect a power adapter directly to the laptop to use the port replicator.

    There are a lot of these on the market. HP makes one and others, too. Post back if you need assistance. Expect to pay about $100 + / for one with video.

    https://www.Amazon.com/HP-3005PR-USB-port-replicator/DP/B008KMDVPQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8 & qid = 1475009377 & SR = 8-1 & Keywords = HP + USB + 3.0 + Port + Replicator + with + HDMI

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  • Is there a docking station for the NWZE385B?

    I just bought the MP3 Walkman of NWZE385 drive and am wondering if there is some docking stations for it. Or, Alternatively, if there are elements of 'conversion' which make it compatible with other docking stations. I have not found anything online, but I would check here before abandoning the idea.

    Thank you!

    Hi heresmeg,

    Please click the link below.
    You can use one of these portable speakers for your player via the AUDIO IN port.
    Please use the necessary cable.


    Thank you
    > Joffrey

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  • Docking station for Dell Precision 7510

    I have Dell communities very recently joined after I buy the laptop Dell Precision 7510. It's a great product so far, but I want something better. I want more ports. A cradle to go with it is the obvious solution.

    What is the best laptop computer Dell Precision 7510-compatible docking station? My specific needs/setup:

    -2 external screens (D - sub / HDMI, or for £50 in addition, connection I get display-port), screens may be more in the future

    -internet cable high speed


    -Sockets USB for mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, external hard drives, etc.

    I presume that the Advanced E-port replicator is the best/most appropriate. I just want to be sure of that, because my laptop model (7510 precision) is still very new and not all information everywhere put on compatibility. I don't want to make a costly mistake. I travel and will not be able to "return" the products I buy.

    Yes. I contacted Dell sales... service and they told me that the Dell E-Port Plus II is compatible with my 7510 accuracy. After written confirmation, I advanced and bought a British supplier on Amazon for £100... but he came in a suspicious package and did not work well, and the adapter was the size of a brick (literally). I went back to Amazon... and tried my luck with Amazon Germany. You can get the original product on their part for about 140 euros, and it works perfectly. The link to the product:


    (it's actually UK, now that I check it... it's that I bought and it's good)

    Basically, Dell has not updated its compatibility information yet. The docking station is listed in the check-out for precision 7510, but does not say specifically that it is compatible with this model. I had similar problems elsewhere too, as I want to install LoJack on my laptop, but can not find information about the question to know if my laptop model is supported by what is called the 'persistence technology' in the BIOS (which makes it impossible to uninstall LoJack even if you change hard drives).

  • T500 Recommande/compatible Docking Station

    Hey guys,.

    I have a T500 and looking to buy a docking station for professional use. I will be plug in an Ethernet cable, an external monitor the power cord of course.

    Can you recommend what is the cheapest model base that can do and is also compatible with my T500? So far I'm going around websites, try to find one that would fit, but I couldn't find an option and I am very scared that I could order something that is not compatible.

    Thank you!

    I suggest you the Advanced Mini Dock. It allows you to use a DVI or VGA cable. The USB port replicator with video might be cheaper, but it has a different approach, using a chip video 0ff-Board of Directors. The mini dock offers a more robust solution.

  • Docking station for Satellite Z30 - A - 1-2


    I'm looking for a docking station for my laptop, Satellite Z30 - has - 1 2.
    Can you please help me find the right model?

    Thank you!


    I found some info that you can use Hi-Speed Port Replicator III. The price is about 220 Euros.
    In any case, before order you you can check compatibility with your local dealer.

    One last thing: on the compatibility of the list your will find Portege Z30.-a. This model of Toshiba is in fact identical to your Satellite model.

  • Is there a docking station for the Qosmio series?

    I would definitely buy a docking station for the Qosmio (I bought the F10 but not yet received). Does one exist? I suspect that the answer is no, because I couldn't find anything on the site, but maybe someone knows for sure...


    Laptops Qosmio not usable with port replicator. As already said kypros only external USB docking station can be used.

    Good bye

  • Docking station for VPCSA4FGX

    Could someone kindly tell me what is the model number correct for my VPCSA4FGX port replicator?

    Greatly appreciated.

    Hi davidvpcsa,

    The docking station for VPCSA4FGX is VGPPRS20.


  • Universal docking station for Lenovo T430 and X 201


    I am looking for a universal docking station for both my en T430 my X 201 laptop.

    It must have a minimum of 2 ports usb + a HDMI output to connect to my TV. A displayport (mini or normal) is also correct.

    THX in advance for the help.


    You would need to port usb Replicator options, but noted that these devices require usb 3.0 ports. So for your X 201, you need to get an expresscard usb 3.0 card adapter.

  • Dv5-1110eo-compatible docking stations


    I have bin looking for a prober docking station for my hp dv5-1110eo. As far as I can see this computer has a "expansion port 3.

    The xb3000 works for me or what I care?

    Thank you


    Please try to check on this link. http://www.shopping.hp.com/can/computer/categories/docking_solutions/2/accessories; HHOJSID = TrTpNmPS3fzc1DKJgYnkcyJcJqpfh8jW8kT0hSprTvxK4b9jNLJG! 758711939? JumpID = in_R329_prodexp/hhoslp/psg/lateralnav_docking_solutions_home thank you! You can make your choice depending on what you need.

  • Docking stations for laptops

    How can I find the docking station for my laptop?

    What you want to do is to find your product on the HP website. Once you have found your web page of products, then just browse you accessories and you'll find it.

  • Port replicator / Docking station for smoker Pro 4600

    Hi all

    Anyone would be skillfully to provide me with info on what docking stations / port replicator is available for Satellite Pro 4600?

    I try to search the product section but for this model, the variety of the replicators has displayed, sometimes showing those compatible with the Tecra series.

    I need preferably a docking stereo inputs / outputs Sockets...

    Thanks a lot for your help.



    Check out this link. You'll find all compatible and supported the port replicator and docking stations.

    Docking stations are designed also for an another unit models. For example a certain units Tecra

    Good bye

  • Ultra docking station - for T410s and T450s

    Is there a docking station that works with the T410s AND the T450s?

    I'm thinking of it:

    Lenovo ThinkPad Dock Ultra 170W (40A20170EU)

    who really works with the T450s - but what of the T410s. Y there compatibility down or the interface has been changed over the years?

    The new docks are not compatible (with the exception of the docks of the USB).

    A reference tool handy to determine compatibility is compatibility Options Lenovo matrix you will find:


    If you need a Lenovo docking station abandoned for your T410s, there is a program called Continuation of Options Lenovo program that makes available abandoned docks of Lenovo and any other Options of Lenovo.


  • Docking station for Tecra M5

    If there is a docking station (universal or special) for Tecra M5 laptop computers?



    What do you think of a Dynadock?
    There's a Dynadock who takes in charge a VGA (PA3541E-2PRP) or DVI (PA3542E-2PRP) port.

    Otherwise I recommend to use an Advanced Port Replicator III more PA3474E-1PRP which is compatible with the Tecra M5.

    Google just for the part number and you will get some info on the Advanced Port Replicator III more

    Welcome them

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