Speech recognition automatically press the home key

Hey, I had a problem with the text-to-speech software since I started using it.  If to dictate or Commander, several times when he does not understand me it displays "what was it?" then automatically, press the home key.  It's especially annoying when you try to use the becauset internet it always takes me to my home page when he doesn't understand me.  I hope that this can be easily treated.  Thank you.



Did you change your computer?

I suggest you to follow the links and check out them.

Set up speech recognition


Dictate text using speech recognition


Common commands in speech recognition


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  • Keep playing sound after pressing the home key in iOS


    I have an application that loads an MP3 from a URL and then read it (Flash cs6 - Air 3.9)

    In Android (when I publish it as APK), when the user press Power, or reduce the App, the sound continues to play (I like)

    But the same code in iOS, when I press Home or Power, the sound "paused" and continue playing only after I re - activate my App.

    I tried to resolve it with this line of code:

    NativeApplication.nativeApplication.executeInBackground = true;

    But without success.

    Everyone please help me what should I do to prevent the INTERRUPTION of the sound in my application after pressing Home and Power iOS ?

    Thank you in advance.

    Hi Pouradam,

    I know it sucks.

    On iOS, the only way to have a sound be played while the application is reduced to a minimum, is if the application is actually running in the background (obviously).  To do this in the application manifest, you must set UIBackgroundModes = audio, as follows:




    However, since "batterygate" on iPhone4, Apple has been tightening its policy on applications that unnecessarily run in the background.  If the sound is supposed to play continuously (ex: music player), then they will * probably * be ok with it.  But if the sound is intermittent (even if it's the sound a clock radio alarm), they will likely ban.

    So, if you want your application to play intermittent sounds while in the background, your only chance is to configure notifications and associate a sound for notifications if you can.

    If you try the road local of notification, to help DONKEY of Juan Carlos Pazmino, however, that the sound function is broken right now, at least on iOS 5.1.1.  Also, at the time where he worked, I was not able to choose the sound through the app: I got was the standard "ding" sound.  Maybe push notifications are more robust.

    See you soon.

  • Why Firefox opens another Page on Startup tab whenever I hit the home key (which lead me to my home page under the current tab)?

    When I type the original Firefox key brings back me to my home page (AOL), but also opens a new tab in Mozilla Firefox Start Page. I find myself with plenty of unwanted tabs.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    is always

    Hello Ismahil.

    Please, check the following:
    Click on Tools > Options.
    Then click on general.
    Now, it must be said: http://aol.com/ (or similar), but please check if it has something after that. For example, if there is a | after him, who says FF open 2 pages when you press the home button: AOL and the other page, which in this case is a blank page.

    If you see a | in there, go ahead and set or remove, if you wish. If this isn't the case, please post here and let me know!

  • Press the backslash key shows the start menu, how to stop it from happening?

    Original title: keyboard shortcut


    Windows XP system.  Any program I use, when you press the backslash key, the menu Start come.  How can I disable that I can't find a list of shortcuts for this a key operation.
    Thank you.

    It sounds as if you have inadvertently created a "shortcut" that makes the Act key backslash as the Windows key.  Or you may have a faulty keyboard.

    • What happened to your system, just as this behavior started?
    • You have another keyboard that you can try (and Yes, that happens)?
    • What do you use for an antivirus application and is his current subscription?
    • Establishing general principles, download, install, update and run scans with each of these two free tools; do not run the scans at the same time; Let tools delete or quarantine any malware they find; You can uninstall when in fact, if you want to
      MalwareBytes AntiMalware
    • What is the brand and model of your keyboard?
    • You have a special keyboard installed, for example, Microsoft IntelliType software or "DellTouch programmable keys?
    • You have XP Home or XP Pro?  And what service pack?
    • You can also download and run The key Mapper to verify or reset the mappings of keys.
  • hot key cards hidden even when I press the FN key

    hot key cards usually appear at the top of the screen when I press the FN key.  Now the cards remain hidden when I press the FN key.

    Hot key cards on top of the F1 to F12 key board.
    Thank you

    Try this

    Click on the "Start" button and type the flash word in the search field. In the programs that appear on the top, you should see "restart Flash Cards' and 'Settings for Flash Cards'." First, click on "restart Flash Cards", then click "Start" and type the word flash in the search field. " This time, click "Settings for Flash Cards" and make sure that there is NOT a check mark on "Disable all the function keys", click 'Apply' and 'OK '.

    If the above does not go to the Toshiba Support:

    Choose your model and download and install the 'Toshiba value added Package"for your system, then restart. On the right side of the page are links to forums of Toshiba.

  • Mouse Sonar: Registry key? Specify the location of the pointer when I press the CTRL key

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    (But this feature existed for several years, at least as old as XP).

    In Control Panel mouse pointer Options tab, there is a checkbox option:

    [b] "see the location of the pointer when I press the CTRL key". [/ b]

    When this field is selected, pressing the CTRL key causes concentric circles around the mouse pointer, to help you find it quickly. HE often called mouse Sonar.

    I want to activate this option, but my mouse control panel does not have a pointer Options tab. I installed a mouse of third-party providers of hardware, software and drivers, and they hid the pointer Options tab. If I knew that the registry key for this option, I can activate it via regedit.

    Someone knows the active registry key or disables this option?

    This option is stored under this registry key:

    HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\UserPreferencesMask
    However, it is coded to store several variables, and this direct modification is very far from a supported scenario.  You can try to install the Microsoft IntelliPoint software instead.
  • I can't turn on my wireless (wifi) on my laptop, even when I tried to press the function key and F8

    I can't turn on my wireless (wifi) on my laptop, even when I tried to press the function key and F8. I have a toshiba laptop, and there is no switch on the side of my computer what is expected? Help someone?


    My older Toshiba has a power switch WiFi.

    My new Toshiba has a WiFi switch above the F keys, although I do not know which varies
    by model. So check with Toshiba support, their documentation online and drivers, and
    ask in their forums where there will be others with the same model.

    Toshiba - Forums

    Toshiba - Contacts

    Toshiba - drivers - access your model

    Toshiba - Support

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • I recently blocked my macbook pro using find my iphone app now, he continues to display in 'your computer is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes. I tried pressing the option key and also the R button at startup. same thing is happening.

    I recently blocked my macbook pro using find my iphone app now, he continues to display in 'your computer is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes. I tried pressing the option key and also the R button at startup. same thing is happening.

    Hi iambjan,

    I understand that your MacBook Pro has been lost by the intermediary of find my Mac mode. Fortunately, you can go to the off mode lost through the steps described below.

    You can disable the lost Mode by entering the password of the device, or by following the steps below. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to change the details displayed on your lost device.

    Note: If your credit cards and debit to pay Apple have been suspended because you put your iPhone in lost Mode, when you disable lost Mode and reconnect to iCloud, you can continue using your cards.

    1. Go to find my iPhone on iCloud.com.

      If you don't find my iPhone on iCloud.com, your account has fair access to the web features only iCloud. To access find my iPhone and other iCloud features, set up on your device iOS or Mac iCloud.

    2. Click on all devices, and then select the device that is lost.

    3. Click on lost Mode, then change the information or lost the stop Mode.

    If you cannot use lost fashion as find my iPhone is not configured on your lost device, see the article by Apple Support If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is lost or stolen.

    Remove credit and debit of the portfolio (or book) maps

    iCloud: use lost Mode

    Kind regards.

  • iOS 10 - now I touch Touch ID, * and * press the Home button to open iPhone?

    I have an iPhone 6, and today I have updated to iOS 9.3.5, to 10.0.1.  One thing I noticed that really bothers me, it's unlocking the device.  With iOS 9, I had to touch the Touch ID to unlock.  Now I touch the ID to touch and sometimes it unlocks, and sometimes, I see 'Unlocked' at the top of the screen and "Press home to open" at the bottom.  I have to press the Home button to open the phone.

    It seems to me that having to push the home button more often will put more wear and tear, causing to fail more sooner than it otherwise.  Who thought it was a good idea?  It is perhaps a subtle boost to force me to update the iPhone 7, with his home in the solid state button?

    I think it's something that needs to be modified in iOS 10.0.2.  Make sure that touching just the Touch ID opens the phone each time, as iOS 9 has done.

    Happened to me too.  To repair. go to General settings accessibility HomeButton scroll Restfinger unlock... .and turn on.

  • Increase in Wake - should not have to press the Home button to unlock

    Hi all

    I appreciate the work that the Apple development team did to iOS 10. Most of it's amazing as usual! BUT...

    The revival of the Wake feature needs an additional configuration option. In fact, some of us LIKE how quickly iOS 9 unlocks the phone and have the habit of hitting the power button to turn the screen to access the shortcut of the camera or using a finger not configured to press the Home button.

    That said, if I 'raises to Wake"my iPhone, having to press the Home button to complete the unlocking process is not intuitive. It must simply unlock and go to my home screen.

    As this MUST have been done intentionally, I think that you should give us the option attached to "Raise to Wake" function to enable or disable the duty press the Home button to unlock.

    Who else agrees? Thanks for your time!

    byersbw wrote:

    Who else agrees? Thanks for your time!

    Polls don't is not allowed here and probably wouldn't have much affect Apple's not read here.

    Submit your comments directly to Apple here:


    Good luck.

  • How to disable the menu popping up when I press the ALT key.

    Is there a way I can disable the menu that appears when I press the ALT key? I use it as a shortcut on teamspeak and it's really annoying to see the menu everytime I press ALT.

    See this article:

    If you have the menu bar to show all the time, the Alt will be disabled and hit don't reveal not the menu bar. Use show/hide toolbars for the menu bar always see in Firefox.

  • By pressing the home button does not take me to the home screen of iOS 9.3.3

    I have recenly updated upgraded to iOS 9.3.3 and I noticed that pressing the home button does not take me to the home screen. The only way to get there is by using the creature of multitasking. (double pressing the home button) Also, some applications seem to freeze if turn my phone off and then turn it back on, or when I access it via the multitasking function. Can someone please help?

    Try a forced reboot. Hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time for about 15 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. You won't lose anything.

    If a force restart does not help, try a system restore. First save your device via iTunes. Also import your photos on your computer and copy all the important data. Reconstruction of the support first test and test. If this does not help, you may need to restore as a new and reconfigure from scratch as the backup may be damaged. It is important to have your photos and your saved data separately from the backup. Here are the steps for a restoration:


  • Why does my screen half way down when I press the home screen time 2 or 3?

    I can't see any advantage as to why my home screen comes down to halfway, exposing a black screen when I press the home button.  What is this for?

    This is a feature called accessibility.


    Accessibility helps you more easily interact with elements at the top of the screen on the iPhone 6, iPhone iPhone 6s and 6 s 6 Plus more.

    Bring items at hand. Go to settings > general > accessibility, turn on accessibility, then slightly double - tap the Home button to align the top of the screen on the scope.

    See here: https://help.apple.com/iphone/9/#/iph66e10a71cand http://www.imore.com/how-use-iphone-6-and-6-plus-one-handed-reachability


  • How can I solve very slow scrolling with the mouse when you press the command key? (MacBook Pro, Lion, no problem when using trackpad, no problem with other web browsers, other mice have the same problem)

    Scrolling speed is fine, but when you press the command key and then it becomes very slow.

    He does it with a mouse, but not with the trackpad.
    It does when the modules are disabled.
    No problem on Safari or Chrome.
    No problem on PC.

    I think it all started when I went form a MacBook with Snow Leopard on a MacBook Pro with Lion.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    You use the mouse wheel to scroll?

    There are some prefs mousewheel, which control the behavior when you press the modifier keys.

    You can set the key to the action of each to 0 for normal scroll.

    See http://kb.mozillazine.org/About:config_entries #Mousewheel.

  • I want to import favorites from Bing, but when I press the alt key I do not get an import tab

    I'm following the instructions on importing the Favorites (bookmarks) of Bing. I press the ALT key, but I don't get any menu that says import.

    ALT > file-> import...

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