Speech recognition does not match the language of the User Interface in Windows 8.1

How can I update my speech reconition language that matches my user interface language? Thank you


Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft Community.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

I understand that the problem with speech recognition does not correspond with the user interface in Windows 8.1

This issue would have occurred due to some damaged system registry entries.

Please provide me with the following information to better understand the issue.

  1. What language is speech recognition uses in the system?

  2. What is the base language that is installed in the system?

Note: Speech recognition is available in the following languages: English (United States & United Kingdom), French, German, Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional) and Spanish.

You can also check out the link below.

How to use speech recognition


Please provide the information above to help you best.

Thank you.

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    The same effect that restore a virtual machine can be achieved with a reloading-VM as this operation:

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  • total size of the files of Windows 7 does not match the size of partition

    In the D: partition

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    There is only one visible folder: Daisy, size: 87.4 GB from the Explorer

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    Of course free space does not match the file size.

    Do not partition system, no problem to update windows and restoration, sleep or page file.

    Some strange things:

    1. with the help of file size 3.4 correctly see the size of the file

    Daisy file occupies 206GB

    Once I copied the whole file to the other partition Daisy

    and the result is the record more like 2xxGB

    so I guess that 206GB is the right size


    may be ignored.

    2 folder being read-only Daisy

    Even uncheck or untick read only box in the properties of the folder does no effect

    After loading, it still shows read only

    3. 'read only' does not work

    2, daisy file is read only

    but I managed to delete files inside



    Is it a mistake to folder structure?

    It's a newly installed windows, so I guess that windows is clean

    Hope to see the solution and identify the problem

    Thank you very much

    OK, based on your new information, the error is that Daisy is 206 GB but Windows Explorer reports it as 87GB.

    No other information seems more relevant.


    1 run ChkDsk on the drive - [first of all, make sure you have a backup of Daisy or make a new backup always] in Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive & select Properties, then the Tools tab, then click the check now button, turn off the option to make repairs in first to see if there are errors or not before making any decision as repairs can delete or corrupt files which are reported in the file allocation table.

    2. find another utility that measures the size of record to help you track down all the difference here.  TreeSize Free will be repeated.

    I do not understand your comment "later, I found the reason why I can't locate the"office"is the language of auto change." It's in Chinese at first but watch the 'bureau' cmd"that this had not been mentioned before.


  • Speech recognition does not work in Windows 7

    Original title: Windows 7 and speech recognition

    I try to use speech recognition (Microsoft) on Windows 7. Whenever I have try and use it after a few seconds it stops working. I looked on the Microsoft website for updates or tips on the memory required etc. Any suggestions? I have the latest service pack applied. I have 2 GB of memory should I more?

    Thank you

    Hi Anne,.

    Thanks to join Microsoft Community where you will find all necessary information about the Windows operating systems.

    Speech recognition does not work in Windows 7.

    The problem may occur if the microphone is not close enough to the voice or the microphone input is too low.

    Do you get any error messages?

    To check if the problem is for the above reasons, I suggest to visit:

    Why the computer does not understand my voice commands?


    I hope this helps. If the problem persists, or if you have problems of Windows in the future, let us know and we would be happy to help you.

  • Date does not match the format DD-MON-RR

    I've created a form, and I have an element bound to a date type field.
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    But I do not understand how to solve this problem. The date is correct as far as I KNOW.

    Kind regards.

    change Application language derived from-> Application primary language

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    I'm trying to install Acrobat XI Std silently by SCCM.

    I used the Adobe Customization Wizard to create an STD which include the serial number of the volume that we have with our license purchases. Note that I am in Australia. I use the command line in SCCM for installation as "msiexec /i"AcroStan.msi"TRANSFORMS = /'D & B_AcroStd.mst' SB ' fails silently. If I install on a local computer using an admin command prompt and replacing /qb in the end, I get the above error.

    I have a few things to try to solve, after searching the forums adobe and other forums for the solution. The mst is only trying to install U.S. English & I even went up to use the Editor directly in the Customization Wizard and change some values in the property table for this problem. In the property table, I can confirm that LANG_SEL_DEFAULT = FRA, REGIONAL_LIST = FRA, LANG_LIST = en_US, ProductLanguage = 1033

    Is there a way to check the language specified for the ym serial number?


    I contacted customer service and a live chat session. It turns out that the problem is to use a key volume license, you must download the installer from portal licenses on the adobe Web site. Once I downloaded from there, extract the msi file and used the same transformation, the installation worked.

    In other words, other downloads probably won't work for the silent installation of volume but works by Manuel installs. You will need to download it from https://licensing2.adobe.com/

  • Harger W530 AC does not match the Jack of the portable power

    I just got my new W530, but I can't load it. Looks like 170W AC/DC charger is just, but somehow the physical connector does not match the power supply of the portable computer. Charger AC/DC 170W is not circular but with two small rectangles, however W530 is completely circular. Someone had the same problem? I try to return W530 that looks like it was made of bad sense but takes to always come back. any recommendations? Technical service told me since it is within 21 days after the delivery, I better return.

    Technical service is great

    But after the sale to get back really really bad!

    It's quad-core, it requires 170W "brick" AC load, which has one taken not circular.

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    Hello James,.

    Welcome to the community of Sony.

    What is the model # of the TV?

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    Thank you PML

    Problem is now solved.
    Was a corrupted version of IE6, which, when updated to IE8, fixed the problem.

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    Thank you!

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Original title: error KB2618444setup

    I do not understand your question. Download IE8? Do you mean the installer for IE8? It's here.

    You try to install KB2618444? They make 3. For IE6, IE7, and IE8. You probably download one from a different version of Internet Explorer you have...
    I'm going to guess you really want that for IE8.
    That's it: IE8-WindowsXP-KB2618444 - x 86 - ENU.exe

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    service pack 3 error loading 'a components file does not match the verification information present in the component manifest ".

    I have SP2 with all updates, I have this error message after the failed attempt to load service pack 3.

    Hi Carl_Focus_Phone,

    ·         Is confined with Update Service Pack 3?

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    You can follow the steps in the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and check if that helps.


    How to troubleshoot an installation fails on Windows XP Service Pack 3


    You can also see the following articles for more information:

    Steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3



    Learn how to install Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)


    Let us know if that helps.

  • Possible error with module GWT.xml file. The value of time compilation agent user (ie6) does not match the value of user.agent (ie8) run time

    Hi there... How can I sort this problem as this message looks back constantly on google Account... ERROR POSSIBLE WITH GWT. The value of time compilation agent MODULE XML FILE user (ie6) does not match the value of user.agent (ie8) run time

    Hello nEve Adam,.

    Thanks for the return of the response.  Below, I've added some links Google support on this issue.  I hope this helps.

    ERROR: Problem Possible with your *. GWT.XML file module. The value of compile time user.agent (opera) does not match


    In addition,

    Message from Web page


  • "The file is maybe damaged. The file header checksum does not match the checksum calculated. »


    I work with a HP Pavilion a6030n PC with Vista OS base. I had problems with the computer recently when starting. He continues to work at some point during the process and crash, forcing a hard stop. I'm not too computer savvy, but can generally work through questions. I tried several (and probably useless) methods to try to get the computer to work, with a modicum of success. Today, I received this message: "the file is maybe damaged. The file header checksum does not match the checksum calculated. "Hmmm... I looked through the forums and found a lot of computer-speak, who basically told me that I'm over my head. I thought that I would try at least ask the question before resorting to what is the hard drive a person to fix if all goes well.
    I can get it working again, or is my HP to his last breath?
    Thank you!

    If warnings getting You ' r files are corrupted, which could indicate a problem with the hard drive (most likely) or the memory/RAM in the computer (a little less likely but a good possibility).  Your computer came with a disk diagnostic or diagnostic software you can run to test the components inside?  You can also download this software and run it to see if he can help you narrow the possibilities.  Otherwise, I recommend to find a local repairman good and trustworthy and have them check for you if you are not adept at hardware troubleshooting.  It can get very frustrating and very expensive, very quickly.

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