Spell checking IN Mac

In a document of TextEdit with known spelling mistakes, trying to discover VO commands for:

  • Go to the window "spelling and grammar".
  • Navigate in the field within the window and button choices
  • Scroll down and select the substitution in the proposed list

From OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan - tries to help a blind friend who is familiar with VO _very_.

But none of us could find the right commands VO to substitute for misspelled words.

What do we lack?

Thank you for the kind help.


I don't have much experience with VO on OS X yet, but I've tried to understand. This is what I found worked for me.

Track 1:

First press: command;  to find the miss spelled the word (s)

Then: Caps lock, SHIFT + M - you will hear "a menu of X items". Use the arrow down to navigate in the menu. When you hear the desired replacement word, press Command-Option-space.

Track 2:

You can use Caps Lock - Shift - M to bring up a menu of anywhere in the document. When you do this, you should hear "menu of X items" use again the arrow down to navigate. The submenu of the spelling and the grammar is the 5th or 6th item on this list.

I found that I was able to use the standard commands of the VO in the window of the spelling and grammar (for me, it was lock shift and the arrow keys). Esc has worked to close the menu when I'm done with corrections.


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  • Mac Mail: Spell checking, AutoCorrect off?

    Older versions of mail were good. New version seems quite willing that the spell checker auto correction required, and without no spelling correction at all.

    It is a nightmare for dyslexics, we want to underscore red (as in this box here) to inform that we'll type wrongly, but we don't want EVER a word randomly mortise in where we can see it happened. Good spelling, AutoCorrect absolute nightmare with emails going to full of gibberish characters.

    Why have silly programmers at Apple set up like that? If my boss fiddled with my work to make me look like an idiot I could him sacked by HR. But coders numpty at Apple think it's ok to bully customers who bought faithfully their expensive products for decades with completely bad and cruel decisions that cannot be changed.

    Can they? Please tell me that there is a work around. Please?

    And while I'm here - can do us to stop this site suddenly add text as I type to the top line as I type. That is just put cruelty on top of everything else.

    Thank you

    PS Can not update my details: now on El Cap 11.6

    System Preferences > keyboard > text tab > uncheck: automatically fix spelling.

    It is a systemic framework.

  • How to disable the spell checking when using facebook

    Hello. I just started using Firefox and am really impressed. I like it.

    I noticed that when you post a message on Facebook, there is a spell checker that runs and highlights words that are misspelled. I don't see this using IE9. Is it possible to disable this "spell check"?

    Thank you


    You can enable spell check:

    • Tools > Options (Edit > Preferences in Mac and Linux)
    • On the Advanced Options tab, uncheck "check my spelling as I type".

    Alternatively inside any input text area, you just right-click and select "Check my spelling" - he should stop checking your spelling.

  • Annoying automatic spell checking!

    How to close spell that keeps change correctly the words spelled and hurt so much? Levant alone and let me go back and rest myself spelling. I was more going back to reset the changes than the check spelling automatically mess up time. I would be easier to fix the errors manually. Arrrrgh I don't like not all required automations. We had Mac WordPerfect moulder. When you have finished the keyboard input, I would hit 'spell check', the CPU would highlight and I would fix the errors. I have neuromuscular damage caused by the unfortunate encounter with a truck while Street crossing in the crosswalk. So my keyboard leaves much to be desired.)

    Example, I indexed " leave it" in one word, and you can see the results above. Also rest instead of reset.

    Go to system preferences/keyboard/text and uncheck automatically correct spelling. Then, depending on the application, go to the Edit menu/spelling and grammar and uncheck automatically here.

  • Spell Checker buit in there with the operating system?


    My desktop computer is a mac and I love how he goes out confirms what I type regardless of the program.  Is there a function like that I put on for my computer which has windows vista?

    Thank you


    Sorry, but Vista is not equipped with a spell checker - not even in some programs that should have one.

    There are probably 3 third-party software programs you can get which will add this feature ("Vista Spell Checker" on Bing, Google,www.tucows.comand www.download.com for optionns wheck.  You download and install 3rd party software at your own risk.

    I hope this help even if wasn't the answer you wanted to hear.

    Good luck!

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  • Spell check does not work for me

    I don't know when this started happening exactly.  I just thought that my horrible spelling mistakes had disappeared... until a customer their level for me.  Oh!

    In any case, when I use spell check and click Start, it doesn't do anything.  Just as it would be when there is no spelling errors in a document.  I misspelled intentionally words to see if he could catch him and he did not.  I tried selecting the text item, then out check - does not work either.  I tried highlighting misspelled words and then start the spell checker - once again, did not work.

    The only real change I had is when I transferred all my data from one Mac to another.  Spell check works on original Mac, but does not work on Mac I transferred the data.  I had some small problems with that as well, but I solved these me.  It's just what left me speechless.

    Does anyone have any solutions for this?  I use Illustrator CS5.


    I'm afraid that the solution is to reinstall. Transfer to a new computer or OS seems a middle course of boredom.

    It can be better, safer to reinstall using the way complete three steps (the otherwise strange things may persist):

    (1) uninstall (check the box to delete the preferences),

    (2) run the cleanup tool, see the link below,

    (3) reinstall.


    The cleaning tool works for all versions of CS3 on (you can see the top of the page).

    Here are the instructions for use, including individual applications:


  • Spell check for young?

    I've noticed lately that spelling is falling a few words that should be OK. This has happened in several documents. In my current document, it marked 'benefits' and 'specific '. My InDesign preference dictionary language is set to English: USA, there is no style applied to the text character sheet, and the paragraph style sheet parameter (which applies) the language is English: USA (there are no substitutions). The window check spelling shows also the language is set to English: USA when it is open.

    I restarted InDesign (v7.0.4) and that there are no exceptional updates for all Adobe software on this computer. I also made sure to update the software system (Mac OS 10.6.8). I open the same document on another computer that is running Mac OS 10.7.5 and InDesign 8.0.1 and got the same results when I checked spelling.

    The document contains six pages with lots of text, the fact that only two words are reported seems odd. I would expect the majority of the words would be reported if there was something wrong with the dictionary. So I created a new document and made a text box containing the sentence "the benefits are specified. When I checked the spelling, there are no flags! The problem document has been received from a client in version CS5.

    It is possible the words flagged are using ligatures of f - for spell check i don't see as 'benefits' and 'specific', it reads them as "bene #ts" and "speci #c.

  • Medical Spell Check Library

    Hello, I work for a medical advertising agency and I would like to know if it is possible to download a library of medical control fate. A lot of times when I'm working on materials, medical terms are not recognized and are marked by the orthographic standard. I work with a MAC in InDesign CS4.

    Any help would be appreciated, as this is my first attempt to find such a library.

    Thank you, Tom

    Expect the character Panel. There is an element called menu language drop-down. It can be programmed for a number of languages, including English dictionaries: medical USA.

    It can also be playing Style settings in the paragraph (or character).

    Once that is defined for a text block, and then, the spell check will use this dictionary for the spelling correction.

    Edit: Also, it can be found in the control panel when set on the paragraph mode, on the right end.

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  • InDesign cs4 Spell check problems

    InDesign cs4/mac OSX:

    I chose the English of the United States as my dictionary language in Preferences, but when I go to run the spell check, spell check dialog box still says language: (no language), and the spell check does not work. It just sits there when I start and does not catch misspelled words. Any idea what's going on? Thank you.

    You must set the language is in the character Panel or via a paragraph style.


  • How can I check my Mac mini for spyware and other viruses

    How can I check my Mac mini for software spyware and other forms of virus? Recently, I received an electronic invoice which seems to come from Apple on a purchase that I did not. Unfortunately, I answered by clicking on a link that asked me to cancel or manage this purchase that led me to a site that didn't look like an official Apple site. I am afraid that simply by doing so, I welcomed the spyware on my Mac mini hard drive.

    My Mac was purchased in 2011 and runs on OS X El Capitan (version 10.11.6).

    Kind regards


    Receive a fraudulent e-mail for a purchase confirmation, you did not is a very common scam. Remember that you are not misled by providing personal information solicited by this e-mail.

    Unfortunately, I answered by clicking on a link that asked me to cancel or manage this purchase that led me to a site that didn't look like an official Apple site. I am afraid that simply by doing so, I welcomed the spyware on my Mac mini hard drive.

    No harm will come of the fact that you wrote. Fraudulent Web sites that are made to appear as legitimate those who are specially designed to convince you to reveal personal information. If you don't have that, no further action is necessary or justified. Do not install anything, no matter the source or the apparent popularity, in response to one such scam. To do this would be the first step in a path well worn to the misery.

    On the other hand, if you were tricked into providing personal information (like your Apple ID and password) you will need to change your password on Apple ID. Please write back for instructions.

  • How to disable permanently the spell check in Notes

    How to disable permanently the spell check in Notes?

    Here are my steps:

    1. With the help of Notes in OS X 10.11.5, click Edit/spelling and grammar and then clearly the 2 options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling."
    2. Close and re - open Notes.

    What I expected:

    only the two options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling" is always disabled when Notes is reopened

    In fact:

    the two options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling" is enabled once more

    Spell check in Notes for a reason any seems particularly disruptive and unnecessary. Any way to turn it off permanently?

    System text/keyboard/preferences and uncheck automatically correct spelling.

  • I have thunderbird E mail how to spell check my E mails

    I have NO spell check on my thunderbird Email how can I add it

    Click the AppMenu (3 horizontal lines)
    Hover over the Options
    When the next menu appears, click Options
    Select the Composition
    Select spelling

    You have activated the spell check?
    Is there a dictionary showing the area of the language?
    If this is not the case, click the link to download a just below the transnational language.

  • How to get spell checking to verify the entries of individual line?

    I recently had to create a new profile to resolve a problem with my old FF. But now the new profile, being new, do not check the spelling of the single line entries (as in the ' question' above.) But don't the input areas of text to spell check (like the one I'm typing right now).

    I know that there is a topic: changing the setting of configuration to get there, but I can't find it documented anywhere. Is there a topic: document config? Omitting can someone tell me what changes I need to do?

    layout.spellcheckDefault; 1

    Unofficial MozillaZine site has great documentation on many preferences in about: config. For this one:


    So it should work:

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press enter/return. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste SPEL and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the layout.spellcheckDefault preference and change 1-2 spell check single-line controls as well as controls the multiline.

    Note: This should turn the spell checking on by default, but sites can always turn off.

  • How to activate the spell checker

    I use Mozilla Thunderbirds e-mail and would like to know how to activate the spell checker - Help


  • How to keep English as a default value in the spell checker after adding another dictionary?

    I added a Spanish dictionary for firefox that I sometimes email Spanish-speaking. Since then, the spell checker has stuck to Spanish language by default whenever I restart the browser.
    As soon as I select English, it remains until I close the browser. But goes back to Spanish when I open a new window.
    I tried every setting I could find, and I also tried to remove and reinstall both languages via add dictionary.
    I am at a loss. Can anyone offer some advice?
    Thank you

    You can check the spellchecker.dictionary pref setting on the topic: config page and if the pref tells the user the value (in bold) and then try to reset via the context menu to the default value.

    You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

    If you do not keep the changes after a reboot or have problems with preferences, see:

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