SPLASH SCREEN doesn't show Windows 7 as an option

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Go to start / computer / system properties and check what is installed.  If she says Windows7, I can't explain the message of Vista.  If it says that Vista, so maybe the disc is mislabeled and you have really installed Vista.

Although it shows like Win Vista, it is a problem of Windows7, because that's what you are trying to install (unless the drive is mislabeled - then you need to get a replacement drive).  Please repost your question in the Forums Windows7:http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/category/windows7 where Windows7 experts will be happy to help you.

Good luck!

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  • How can I get the TestStand splash screen to not show up when I call the results treatment Utility offline?

    So I call the Offline processing Utility (ORPU) a not executable call results in a plugin to perform a personalised treatment in another configuration.  Everything works fine, including having run reduced (mostly hidden) by using the option/tray.  When he called, the TestStand splash screen appears (certainly is not a show-stopper but it's confusing from the point of view of the user).

    Is it possible that I can get this start screen to not appear when calling the ORPU?  I noticed in the help, mention is made of the use of the callback file, and I wonder if someone has successfully used this to avoid the dialog box or other behaviors.  I would like more info on how it works, but it doesn't seem to be a vast detail on this in the help, and I'm not also find me useful examples.

    The source of the Offline utility treatment results is included with TestStand and can be changed.

    The ORPU source is located under "Components\Models\TestStandModels\Offline utility treatment results"

    From the source, you can see that there is no flag that allows you to hide the splash screen (except for / I leave, but that it will also close the ORPU!); However, you can easily change the ORPU so it does not show the start screen by removing the following lines in \Components\Models\TestStandModels\Offline Results Processing Utility\OfflineResultsProcessingUtility\MainForm.cs

    If (! data.) Quit smoking)
    splashScreenForm = new SplashScreen (mEngine, false);

    Regarding the flags without papers, there are not really many flags undocumented in the ORPU (even once, you can see them in the source), and undocumented flags have very specific use cases (open files from shell and NEITHER internal regression tests).

    A (non-official) complete list of indicators ORPU from 2014 TS:

    Shows help

    / tray
    Starts the ORPU in the status bar

    / exit-when-done
    Exits when all files are made

    / I'm leaving
    Leave immediately

    /process - files - Missing - Data
    Treats the files even if they lack of data

    / which-process-files-Missing-Data
    Do not process files that are missing data, show only a mistake (it is the default behavior).

    / Process-All-Profiles
    Start all profiles

    / Process-No.-Profiles
    Don't start any profile

    / Process-Profiles
    Treat the profiles specified in the following arguments

    / process-files
    Add the files specified for the specified profile

    / log - level

    Sets the logging level for the newspaper ORPU, all of the messages above, the specified log level is saved.

    It is an internal indicator, it is used to treat applications for the shell (for example, after a double click on a tsr in Windows Explorer). Do not use this indicator.

    / non-interactive
    It is an internal indicator used for the test. Do not use this indicator.

    Please note that NEITHER does not support appellant flags undocumented and that NEITHER is not guaranteeing backward compatibility of these flags undocumented and they could change at any time, without warning.

    For a more detailed explanation of the working of each option, refer to the Arguments of the command line Utility using TestStand treatment results offline.

    Hope this helps,


  • Splash screen doesn't work does not correctly?

    When using the start of the bar screen - descriptor.xml file it loads resolution PB screen instead of the resolution of Dev Alpha on the BB10 Simulator.  Is this a bug?

    From Beta3 (R9) to splash for the resolution of Dev Alpha screens are working as they should.

  • Adobe acrobat DC still open in mode full screen (doesn't remember window size)


    Since I install Acrobat pro DC, it always opens the window in full screen. Apparently he does not remember the size of the windows when it closes and to reopen the window takes in the size of the entire screen.

    I don't have this behavior in AC 11 pro. Only in the new DC. I'm running on MacOS (Yosemite) 10.10.5.

    This behavior is very annoying, because it forces us to scale each time the size of the window.

    Do you know how to fix this?


    file > properties > initial view.

  • After update El Capitan, no splash screen doesn't sound...

    Dear Sir

    My name is Bert and I have the following problem:

    My sisters has a macbook mid of 2012 Pro, bought in October 2014. She did the update of El Capitan on the 20th of December and when she wants to use his macbook now, all she gets is a sound that marks his pc's start-up work but the remains of screen black-ish (monitor definitely works). She gets no slider or whatever. She used the option of auto restart of the upgrade, but that did not work as expected. When she was the problem.

    I don't think she has a back-up but would like to keep her precious homework.

    My other sister succesfully installed El Capitan on his macbook pro (2015) and has no problem.

    I'm not an expert on macbooks and also not a rocketscientist. If it is easily solveable I can handle. (keypressing-easy steps for example)

    Thanks for your time, my sister would be forever grateful!


    Reset the SMC.

    Choose the method for "on Mac Laptops with non-removable battery.


    Boot mode safe.  http://support.Apple.com/en-us/HT1564


  • Satellite A100: Black screen on startup of windows

    Hello everyone,

    my screen doesn't show anything until windows XP starts. No toshiba start screen, no boot menu. The rest works batteries, no errors. I would like to have the normal start with: "press del to enter setup" etc.

    Thanks for the help


    Something like press DELETE to enter Setup does not appear because usually, at the beginning, only the Toshiba start screen should appear.
    If you want to get into the BIOS you press "F2". Pressing the DEL you will not enter the BIOS. It s a notebook, not a desktop PC, my friend ;)

    What you can do is to disable Quiet Boot in the BIOS. Then active diagnosis and summary screen appears.

  • Splash screen iOS of the landscape


    I have included the '[email protected]' (960w x 640 h) file when exporting to flash cs5.5

    My application is in the landscape, but the splash screen is in portrait and spanned my ipod4.

    How can I fix this?

    Also, is it possible to specify how long the splash screen appears, but at the same time having the app loading in the background running code?

    With GPU, I visited addChildren to display while his list hidden by a black square at first. This allows smoother images when I finally shows them.

    I would like to add children to the display list, while the splash screen is still showing.

    Thank you

    The default png is always portrait, 320 x 480 or 640 x 960. You can use them for landscape applications, just take your landscaping and turn it sideways.

    In my view, that the start screen will disappear as soon as possible. You might have the same image in your swf file and do it sitting there while the preload happens.

  • Lightroom splash screen... (Announcement of adobe for its cloud-based services)

    I want to disable the startup screen, wondering I want to sync with the cloud of Adobe... no I'm not, and I don't want to ask me once again... .no box click

    IM tired enough waiting for Lightroom load I don't want the loading screen too...
    Basically, don't paste an ad and make me wait any longer to use a product that I PAY.


    The 'Splash' screen are you referring?

    Disable the option in the preferences tab "Général"

  • FX6831-03 will not be able to start Windows. Just shows the gateway splash screen, then freezes

    My Gateway FX6831-03 will not be able to start Windows.  Just shows the gateway splash screen, then freezes.  OS is updated to current MS Win7-64 bit-w/all and virus/malware protection., Went over 4 days vacation, and when I tried to turn it on, it should display the gateway splash screen, then stop. can't hear anything that happens on the inside.

    Problem solved!  An external hard drive, powered by a separate power supply, was not turned on, but it was plugged into a USB port. When the computer "seen" this cross-town 'dead', he just stop - but no message appears problem.

    The good part?  Vaced out all the dust and replace the bios battery.  [I'm good for at least another 2 years;-]

  • Windows Media Player 11 doesn't show video in full screen

    Original title: Windows Media Player 11

    Windows Media Player 11 shows no video mode full-screen. How to fix?

    Hi Rich HSY,
    Try the methods listed in this article to resolve the problem:
    Note: The information in this section are applicable to the Media Player 11 for Windows XP as well.
  • Windows 7 splash screen will not change after the vista update

    After updating vista 32 bit to windows 7 32 bits, the splash screen will not change and he showed the vista boot. I read a lot of forum and the web page, but this solution:

    «.. . the dummies and bad start screen for Windows 7 is due to the locale entry in the startup folder, which could not be set when editing or rebuilding the BCD. When the locale is not found, Windows boot loader doesn't know what local startup folder to look for the animated bootscreen. Thus, in order to fix the boot screen so that the splash screen can be re-established, restored or reset to original animated Windows 7 boot screen, just run one of the following commands at the prompt with administrator rights:

    bcdedit/set {current} settings regional en-US


    BCDboot % WinDir % / l en

    Change the US to the language version of Windows 7 installed, as ja - JP, en - us, es - ARE, pt - BR, zh - CN, zh - TW, fr - FR, fi - FI and etc.

    Restart the computer after running the command to see the new boot UI (user interface) be used again. To check if the locale has been entered properly, just run the bceedit command in the command prompt that is running as an administrator... »

    not solved my problem and also know for many users... after updating vista in windows 7 splash screen stay the same...

    Thanks for your help
    Hispanico hispanico

    Hi hispanico,

    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Answers.

    I suggest you do a repair from WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) system using a Windows 7 installation disc. Follow these steps:

    1. turn on your computer, insert the Windows installation DVD, and then restart your computer.

    2. Press any key when prompted to do so and follow the instructions that appear.

    3. when the Windows Installer page, click repair your computer to access system recovery options.

    4. follow the instructions.

    Please visit these links for more information on the Startup Repair:

    1. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Startup-Repair-frequently-asked-questions

    2. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/What-are-the-system-recovery-options-in-Windows-7

    Kind regards
    Amal-Microsoft Support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows starts to pitch up, then go back to the computer startup splash screen.

    Had a power outage during the startup of Windows XP. I have a computer to dual boot with Linux; Linux started normally, and shows that the expected files and directories in the partition Windows is here. When I try to start Windows, it begins to start with the first screen of boot of Windows, then instead of heading shots of Protocol of usual starting rear opening of the computer to start up splash screen. Did not start in safe mode - got a text but safe mode did not start. How to start?

    Hi Stapilus,

    ·          You receive an error message when you start the computer?

    Method 1

    Use the last known good Configuration tool to restore the operation of Windows XP

    To do this, follow these steps:

    (a) start the computer and press the F8 key when Windows begins to start. The Windows Advanced Options menu is displayed.

    (b) use the ARROW keys to select last good Configuration known (your most recent settings that worked), and then click OK.

    (c) If a boot menu appears, use the ARROW keys to select Microsoft Windows XP, and then click OK

    Windows XP starts your computer by using the registry information that were recorded at the close of the last.

    Method 2

    If the previous step fails, then you will need to repair the installation of Windows XP by performing the repair installation by using the Windows XP installation CD.

    Perform a repair Installation


  • Using firefox 14.0.1. Load a link using the right click and "Open link in new window", translates into a new window opens but doesn't show URL address bar...

    Using firefox 14.0.1. Load a link using the right click and "Open link in new window", translates into a new window opens but doesn't show URL address bar. However, if I click with the right button on a link and select "Open link in a new tab", the tab displays the URL in the address bar. If it works when a new tab it's not in a new window.

    The reset Firefox feature can solve a lot of problems in restaurant Firefox to its factory default condition while saving your vital information.
    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions, open Web sites and preferences.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the button 'Reset Firefox'.
    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

  • Tools-options-customize-disable 3rd party cookies window is great and save buttons at the bottom of the screen don't show up so I can't change anything or scroll or mak

    Tools-options-customize-disable 3rd party cookies window is great and save buttons at the bottom of the screen don't show up so I can't change anything or scroll, minimize the window somehow

    Hello, please try to start firefox in safe mode - interferes probably an extension or theme...
    Troubleshoot extensions, themes, and issues of hardware acceleration to resolve common problems of Firefox

  • Windows XP splash screen vanishes

    My desktop runs on Windows XP service pack 3. No recent new software.
    For the last 2 days when I boot the Windows splash screen (black background) runs, and at the point where it would usually turn into blue background (welcome, loading settings...) the screen disappears completely. No option is possible except reboot or turn off.
    Succeeded in getting going to start asking you to use the "last known good configuration".
    Rather than continue with this as a routine, I did a system restore, restore a few days ago point was good.
    It seemed to work if I do not remember if I rebooted it to test it.
    Today, that commissioning has the same problem. What happened to the point of restoration that I used? Is there something better, that I can do?
    Thanks for help.

    Try the steps listed in the link and check if this may help:
    Computer stops responding with a black screen when you start Windows XP:

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  • I downloaded firefox, but it will not start why?

    I had Firefox and it crashed. He would never launch again. Then, I removed from my laptop and rebooted. I then downloaded again. Same results. What is going on? Today, I downloaded again and it started but now when I open my computer again, it will n

  • Satellite P300-23V - marker is suddenly jump

    I have a SATELLITE P300-23V with Windows 7 Home Pemium.I have an irritating problem. When I write a document in Word or write an email in Hotmail manufacturer is suddenly hopping somewhere else during the writing. When you are looking at the keyboard

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    I have a problem with clients who have their RDP upgrade over version 7.1 connect to our remote applications. I can see the event on the event viewer of the broker connection that the client was allowed to connect to a host, but the connection cannot

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