Split screen on the iPhone 6 sec more

Is it possible to get more split screen on an iPhone 6s?


N ° split screen was designed for iPads, iPhones not.  I've seen videos of youtube on the 'hacking' iPhones to activate the split screen, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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  • split screen on the iPhone 6 s more?

    iPhone more than 6 s has got split screen function? THX

    Hello klai_apple,

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    Split view is not a feature on iPhones.  You will need to have an iPad, iPad, iPad 2 Air or Pro mini 4 to use mode split on an iOS device.

    Use in split view

    With split view, you can open and run both applications at the same time. Open an application, then press or drag the app to start separator to use both applications. Slide down from the top of the screen to change the application on the right. If you want to close one of the applications, drag the divider on the application you want to close.

    You can use mode split with multiple applications, such as Safari, Notes, Photos, calendar and more. Split view is not available with all applications.

    You can use split with iPad Pro, mini iPad or iPad 2 Air 4.

    On multitasking on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Take care.

  • 7 pixel dead on the iPhone 6 sec more


    I bought an iPhone 6 s 12/01/2015 more. Not even a week using it.

    The pixels are white and they are all over the screen.

    If I take it to an Apple Store, they replaced it for a new?

    I restored the OS, and I have no backup now.

    What is Apple's policy on dead pixels?

    Thank you.

    Yes, as long as you have not deleted the phone in water or physical damage are present, Apple will be either replace the phone for you with a new place, or send in for repair, but most likely just give you a new, since you have possession for less than a week. This is obviously a defective unit and is covered by the warranty. I hope that answers your question!

  • The iPhone 6 s more. Is it reconditioned or refurbished? They even mean?

    I am always disappointed by the bad service from apple.

    They put pressure on me to choose limited choice.

    I bought the iPhone 6 s more gold pink Verizon at Costco, but I traded iPhone 6s twice because of the brightness of the uneven screen at Costco. Today was

    the second Exchange of time, but it's the last time for me to share. However, there was still the same problem. Top of the screen a lot of dark spot along the edge

    of the line. This time, I went to the apple store to Chestnut street in San Francisco. I showed them the dark part of the screen and they admit the problem and they said that they can repair the part of the screen for me, also, on the other hand, they suggested alternative instead, but I didn't because it must be refurbished, but they said that it is not handed over to new. It is refurbished. I said no, so they fixed the part of the screen. It took one and a half hour. But the problem is screen just got worse. still more lively dark part. I was really upset because they said we're going to make sure everything is ok before give you. But it got worse. First, one of the guys lied that he saw no dark part, even though I knew it was so obvious. and then the other guy admitted Yes once again see us the darkness, but said he can't do something again. If you are not satisfied the sell to someone else. That's what he said. I was even upset by his attitude. So I kept complaining and then had me replace the other, but I feared, if the same thing will happen again. He said once you choose, we cannot replace it is more for you. It was close to closing time. If I swapped my new iPhone with a refurbished. I'm sorry for the length of writing for a simple question. I was so frustrated. He repeated it is not renovated, but when I looked at the receipt it says that they can replace with renovated. They lie? Why the apple service is so bad?

    Given that your phone has not been published for a long time, your chances are good that your replacement has not been renovated, but one of these 'new' devices, intended to be for the replacement. You can get a refurbished unit, if your phone is out of stock or is no longer produced.

    In any case, they will have to indicate on your invoice that your device has been replaced.

    Some users prefer to get a phone handed to nine when they get their devices replaced, because these devices are still extra carefully inspected by Apple technicians, to ensure that they meet their standards. All buttons and others who may show signs of use are replaced with new parts including the battery and the screen.

    I had to get my 3G and 4 s, replaced by the past and features where am I in perfect condition and still operate without problems.

  • Unbelievable, dust under the screen of the iPhone 7

    Good night everyone.

    I've posted a few times before here in discussions about the dust under the screen of the iPhone 6 s, which mine was when I bought it, when they changed my screen 9 times and when they exanged to renovated ones and even an Envoy to Ireland brand new with new warranty at all.

    Last Friday I went and waited all night to buy an iPhone 7 hoping being dust-tight its screen would be perfect, and as I got it, I saw something under the protection of screen thinking it was something that got stuck all by placing, but today, I deleted and found which can be seen in the attached picture (he can be seen in the crossbar left angle)

    Is it not possible to exchange it for another iPhone during the day 14 guarantee now that West no stock?

    Thank you very much

    1st world problems are something to see indeed!

  • How to wake up the iphone 6 sec without pressing any button

    How to wake up the iphone 6 sec without pressing any button, which will help you maintain your buttons on the iPhone. Please let me know if you have any ideas on this subject. Thanks in advance.

    You do not have.

  • I have a split screen with the left part always my Wordpress site. I don't know how to get rid of him... Help!

    I have a split screen with the left part always my Wordpress site. I don't know how to get rid of him... Help!


  • new iPhone changed another iPhone 6 sec more

    My wife changed my s iPhone new iPhone more parameters, but not a sound is mostly been change.

    You did not notice this problem until today, just had the SE yesterday at Verizon.

    To read the sounds settings was especially change on the iPhone 6 s more.

  • I bought the iphone 6 s more time face in Saudi Arabia. I need to check if the original phone to apple or duplicated. So please help me find this problem.

    I bought the iphone 6 s more time face in Saudi Arabia. I need to check if the original phone to apple or duplicate. So please help me find this problem.

    Hey there, I guess your question is "how to determine if my iphone is true or false. If Yes, then if you go here https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do just enter your serial number and code and if his 'real', then it will show you the model of the Iphone and guaranteed dates. If this isn't the case, then you know the rest. If this is not the case then try to download apps from the app store and run or can it connect to itunes. Tell me what best worked: D - Jon

  • IPhone 7 and 7 more dimmer/yellowish screen than the iphone 5 and 6 years


    Everyone knows the same problem as me watching their new iphone 7/7plus?

    I noticed the two 7 resolution of the display of the model were more yellowish and weaker than previous models, even if each of them had their brightness set to the maximum value.

    Anyone has an idea why is it like that? Thank you!

    From left to right (iphone 7plus, 7, 6 and 5 years)


    I thought I was the only one with this problem! I noticed exactly the same where my 6s displays blanks that are white just neutral and my iPhone 7 tends to be on the warm side. I don't know why, but this effect when the iPhone screen 7 is dimmer reminds me of AMOLED screens.

    My idea would be that the glue between the LCD and the glass needs time to completely dry, but I m not sure.

    Also, I noticed that my iPhone 6s is much smoother. In particular, the animation when you click the home button feels liquid smooth on my 6 s, then the iPhone 7 feels like the animation is cut into two pieces.

    Last thing I noticed during the last 24 hours is overheating. If she's in charge, making simple tasks, this new phone overheat very easily.

    (I apologize if there are some grammatical errors in my post, I'm French)

  • can't use the iphone 6 s more like ipod touch for calls/texts?

    OK, it's probably a unique situation. I have two iPhones to verizon. One is a 6 sec more not active, the other is a 5s which is activated. Basically, I use 5S for when I go out (where I prefer to use a hand on a bigger screen), and I want to use the 6s more as a second phone (via continuity) exclusively at home (where I prefer a bigger screen on one-handed use), but I am running into problems.

    First of all, let me say that I tried a mini ipad for a few weeks... twice... and every time I found it is too big for what I wanted. I wanted a screen larger than my 5s at home, but I wanted to still be able to easily grab a single hand and use my thumb to scroll. And I wanted to put always in my pocket when I was moving from room to room of my house. The mini was simply too great for that. The 5.5 "more does the job much better. But then again, I prefer the small size of 5 when I when I go out, especially since I don't spend much time on my phone outside the House, so I couldn't use more to replace my main phone.

    I would like therefore to anchor my 5s when I go home and just use my more like my phone then at home. The problem is trying to get calls and texts of the function on the most through continuity. Both devices are signed in my Apple ID and are the same wifi network. But on my more...

    In message settings, under "imessage" he says only: "awaiting activation...". »

    In Facetime settings, under 'facetime' he also says 'awaiting activation... ". »

    The messages app shows no history of conversation.

    The facetime app, shows, however, that ONE of my previous facetime calls in history. The strange thing is that this call is not listed in my 5s facetime app even though it shows the call history, before and after this date.

    I tried to send/receive texts on my 5 since setting up the most and none appear on my. I tried to make a call, but there was some message automatic verizon to pay money to make the call. Tried not to receive phone calls still well.

    As I understand it, iphones that are not activated are simply ipod touch, but for some reason, this does not seem to be true, since on ipod touch, facetime and messages can connect to one identifier Apple and manage the calls and texts with full transparency.

    Any ideas? Much appreciated!

    Sorry... I'm a bit confused. Which phone has the SIM inside? You will use the 6 s + as an iPod Touch, but your post seems to say that you will use it as a phone your title says.

    Regardless, I think that you need to activate the "iPod Touch", using a SIM card, and then you could remove it. You would lose any function that relies on the SIM door of course.

    Activation of a phone is a thing of the part 2. One for the carrier, one for Apple. A real iPod Touch activation would be fair for Apple.

    I don't think or other device would do anything if not enabled. Internally, your two devices are phones and probably must be activated in this way. Out the SIM card after activation would be where your phone becomes an iPod Touch.

  • Issues of his iPhone 6 sec more

    Help! I have an iPhone more than 6 s and a Apple Watch. When my Bluetooth is turned on, I only receive notifications to my watch and receive all the sounds of my phone at ALL! I have to turn off my Bluetooth completely of sound notifications to phone-texts or emails. I tried to turn my phone working with no luck. This isn't really a problem during the day when I use my watch to see who's calling or SMS but during the night (if I forgot to turn off bluetooth,) I have not all sounds on my phone at all.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


    How notifications behave depends on the State of your devices and your settings. In order to provide notifications to your attention as soon as possible:

    • If your iPhone is unlocked, you will receive notifications on your iPhone instead of on your watch.
    • If your iPhone is locked or mode and your watch is unlocked (regardless of the question of whether the screen saver is awake or asleep) and on your wrist, you will receive notifications on your watch.
    • If your watch is locked or allowed to do not disturb, notifications will be sent to your iPhone.

    More information:

    Notifications on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • Pencil of Apple with the iPhone work 7 more?

    I saw no mention of this ability to today's event. There, anyone know?


    Apple pencil is not described in the Apple Store update online as being compatible with 7 iPhone iPhone 7 or more (see compatibility):


  • iPhone 6 sec more


    I have an iPhone 6 more which the carrier is Verizon, and I want to switch to AT & T. This I just put the AT & T sim card or is there more I should do?

    The iPhone 6 for Verizon has already unlocked phone GSM part. If you have an AT & T account, you should be able to just put the SIM card in the device and turn on AT & T network.

  • Weird glow on the screen of the iphone 5

    I recently got my iPhone 5, but it's a second hand phone, so I can't replace. He has this strange glow behind the screen all the time though, and I don't know if it's dangerous or not or if I can do something about it? I can see when I switch my phone on the side.

    It is not dangerous, but if it bothers you then you should get it replaced. Have a second hand phone has no impact on your ability to be replaced. If it is out of warranty, it is likely, then you will have to pay for the replacement, but you are still able to get it replaced.

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