Spotlight indexing problems

I cleaned files on my hard drive - re-filing of certain documents (pdf files) rename photos - adding text says pictures of things like that.

Have had occasional problems with gel - startup etc - that only seem to happen after a cleaning.

By checking newspapers led to a finder error - saying his flight, or a job did not finish before the closure.

Never really used it yesterday and it deleted all the files the search-, but if it ends up falling on indexing - or anyway to clear it.

I was wondering if the problem is that indexing never delete old stuff - maybe the problem after snow leopard from is that the re-indexing after each update is in fact eventually causing an overflow (leak) because the size of some user data was not provided (or someone to pull).

I'm on snow leopard on a Mac Pro 2008.

Update on this problem...

If you are looking for articles on how Spotlight indexing problems - other sites of mac users - OSXdaily, for example - to have discussions on this topic, including advice on how to use a statement in a terminal to turn it off completely - the problems are similar to those that I have - then it's perhaps a question that has not been reported to Apple.

My problem seems to be a combination of chaining a large number of files and moving them - combined with Time Machine.   I have restore a plu Time Machine folder which contained 1200 small pdf files - which lost some how because of permission issues when I moved them.    As well as readonly files I could not restore them unless I put them in the box and then changed all the permissions read and write.   The older folder was actually the first time machine upward when the main folder in question had been copied from the CD for the office (he gave no permission to write to the subfolders in the main but to load data)

My time machine is now stopped and I ejected the drive until I decide how to restart backup.

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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  • How to tell if Spotlight indexes


    I want to Spotlight index, or rather, re - index volume. I added then it subtracts Soptlight > privacy, but was curious:

    How will I know if Spotlight indexes?

    Open the activity monitor and see how active the process of mdworker is.

  • Stuck at Spotlight indexing

    My MacBook Air (13-inch, early 2015, bought in September 2015), started the battery and overheating (temp CPU to 80 ° C), but fun to 1300 RPM in the last days. He also became slow, simple things like put YouTube video to play in full screen would freeze this tab and sometimes entire Safari. I got about 20 tabs open in Safari, and nothing else, but most of the time I have many more tabs and other programs that are running and it works. Several reboots and a SMC reset din't help.

    Today, I noticed that when I use the projector there is a progress bar indicating the indexing. Also, I noticed that high CPU usage (so slow performance and overheating) is caused by a few mdworker and mds_stores process. These processes are used for indexing, so I let it run all by checking from time to time of the progress bar. Once I watched the progress bar amounts to 30% and a few minutes after his return at first. He continued like that for a while.

    I did some research and found this: rebuild the index Spotlight to your Mac - Apple Support. When I put the disk hard Macintosh in the use of Spotlight Privacy tab CPU is back to normal and battery stopped draining. But I couldn't let Macintosh HD here because I use Spotlight much so I took it from there. After that I did this renewed Spotlight from indexing, but after leaving it for awhile, it just goes forward, jumps back and continues like this circle.

    What should I do Spotlight could be successfully completed indexing?

    Try the procedure suggested here: hat-can-i-do

    But be very careful with the necessary controls in the Terminal!

  • Spotlight indexing of content for anything that creates a mess


    When searching for my Mac, I get the problem that Spotlight always indexes the contents of each file, which makes it almost unusable.

    This happens when you have lots of text files scattered across your HDD (s). In my case, they almost always contain the word you are looking for, such as "Photoshop".

    So if I'm looking for a file called "Photoshop.dmg" and enter "photoshop" onstage, I also get tens of thousands of results, because a ton of items that appear has created or modified by Photoshop. This applies also to other general search terms.

    More "smart" (smart in terms of indexing of content everythings and not only the name of the file) Spotlight became more useless, it has become for people who have to handle a lot of data, which is a shame. A captain must have a quick overview on his stuff (files), ironically, it doesn't seem to be the case with El Capitan. This problem is much older than that, older versions has also suffer from it, but I always ignored it. El Capitan has been adopted to solve the problems that yosemite is spent, I now voice this concern.

    I appreciate the research of Spotlight in PDF files, text files, it is useless for me, so I would like to be able to disable that (not only for txt files, with the ability to also search emails only for their topic rather than the content referaient research as viable Mail).

    The 'Privacy' in the spotlight system preferences is not an option that the files are scattered in many files and also I always want to be able to locate them with a search like Spotlight tool.

    Yes, these files are needed.

    I use Mac OS X (the X mind) for 10.3 and looking for our days became so paralyzed that he must go back to the old school 10.3 way: by opening a new Finder window, searching for a text, the removal of this text and in this search window, you need to press on the '+' and select "file name contains" with the actual search term or obliged to hold tools a la Sherlock.

    Is not simple, easy or simple and the reason why the spotlight has been introduced: to facilitate the search of files.

    Are there any shortcuts to search only the file name? Name of file for example: * name *, if so, please tell me, I could not find them (no pun intended, really).

    If not, create them, many users who would appreciate.

    Sometimes a user does not know that he wants a feature, so just to implement instead of saying "nobody wants / wanted this."

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


    And here! file name: * filename * now works.

    Don't mind, nothing to see here. Thread can be closed.

  • How to check if spotlight indexes a disc?

    OS X 10.11.4 on a mini mac configured as a server

    LaCie 2big external Thunderbolt drive

    In addition to the use of EI mdutil (which does not always - seems to sometimes work without returning a result)

    How can I see if spotlight built a clue?

    The point on the Magnifier glass seems to have disappeared and no indication either when you click on the magnifying glass icon.

    By clicking on the icon magnifying glass does not display the Find dialog box and no window of information as before in 10.6.8



    Start typing in the search box. If it's indexing, the progress bar will then appear.

  • Indexing problem

    I'm running a state machine in a loop and wish to record the errors that occur and diplay on the fron Panel. Because there are many caases and many mistakes possible I want to make sure that all is displayed something like the following.

    Error of gain coefficient

    Setpoint error

    Response error

    etc, but my problem is that the table of errors only displays an error message and replaces it if another error occurs. I thought that indexing would allow me to 'stack' errors so I see all erros that occurred during my test. The "case"TRUE"in the right lower structure case does nothing with the CR. Any suggestions?... Error writing to a file would be easier?

    No, no, no. You must pass in the table since the shift register. An entry in the table build is connected to one and the other input is connected to the error.

    Have you taken the LabVIEW tutorial or resembled any of the examples? An example that illustrates an instruction box with a shift register and table construction is called "separate table values. It is listed under Fundamentals > tables and classes.

  • Function Index problem.


    I have a problem regarding a function function index.


    TableName: Test

    Column: A, B, C, D

    I create the index on the table, column, a test using a user-defined function.

    If I do a select on the column, he'll be fine. In other words, I'll get the results you want.

    However, if I insert in the table and validation, and I do a query using the 'A' column in the where clause. I don't have any query hits. Its really weird.

    Have you ever experienced this problem? and is there an index of function according to back and donts w.r.t.?

    Thank you.


    If you use a deterministic function really, it works:

    create or replace function test_fn (p_number number) return number deterministic
      vreturn number := 0;
      if p_number = 1 then vreturn := 55; end if;
      if p_number = 2 then vreturn := 89; end if;
      return vreturn;

    Or, if you reverse the order of your second inserts (insert the folder before the recording of test1 test2) - it works fine.

    The reason why you get no results is when you insert the file test1 with a = 2, Oracle executes the function and gets no data, so it assumes that the result is NULL and puts in the index. You said Oracle function is deterministic, so he starts from the principle that any time test_fn (2) is called, it retrieves a null response.

  • index problem

    I created a new site where I created a version of the Tablet and a version phone... when I exported it in the HTML code... it created separate index's for the Tablet and phone version... now when I open the site on chrome... I was unable to check the version of the tablet or version phone... so I installed google chrome app known as mobile reagent tester... and when I opened the site on the tester... I have not seen the phone version... is to open the desktop version... I dunno what to do now... I have to open the index of the version phone? If Yes... How can I work combine the versions... for that my client is not facing any problem...

    I guess you used these updates by replacing, instead of (somewhat) sensitive design?

    Which is a very good approach, don't get me wrong on this :-)

    These separate index html files are stored in special folders in the main HTML file. You can try to open them in your browser and take a look at them. But from the general index of HTML files, scripts embedded in this page are difficult to be "deceived" by referring to other index files. This passage is only 'live' on real and appropriate devices.

  • z-index problem (I think)

    Hi all

    I have a simple image (x 6 photos) click swap. I have 3 columns, left and Center with the image swap and they work fine, but the right column I can't make it work. I suspect that maybe it's the z-index?

    Would appreciate someones help please.


    "" "" < div id = "imageContainer-right" > < img class = src="templates/horme2/images/andrew_balemi_1.jpg 'active'" alt = "01" width = "388" height = "306" / > < img class = src="templates/horme2/images/andrew_balemi_2.jpg 'active'" alt = "01" width = height '388' = "306" / > < img class = src="templates/horme2/images/bruce_fergusson_1.jpg 'active'" alt = "01" width = height '388' = "306" / > < img class = src="templates/horme2/images/bruce_fergusson_2.jpg 'active'" alt = "01" width = "388" height = "306". "" > < img class = 'active' src="templates/horme2/images/lindsay_hooke_2.jpg ' alt = '01' width = '388' height = '306' / > < img class = src="templates/horme2/images/peter_hargreaves_3.jpg 'active' "alt ="01"width ="388"height ="306"/ > < / div >

    < / div >


    {#imageContainer right

    Width: 100%;

    height: 306px;

    position: relative;

    overflow: hidden;


    #imageContainer-right img {}

    position: absolute;

    top: 0;

    left: 0;

    z index: 6;

    cursor: pointer; cursor: hand


    { #imageContainer - right

    z-index: 1;



    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    var imageObject = {}

    clickSwap: {function (obj.)}

    {obj. Click (Function ()})

    London var = $(this) .children ('');

    activeImage.removeClass ('active');

    If ( () .length > 0) {} () .addClass ('active');

    } else {}

    $(this).children('img:first-child').addClass ('active');


    Returns false;





    imageObject.clickSwap ($('#imageContainer-right'));


    < /script >

    Thanks for the reply Nancy O,

    I have solved the problem, I was using the class "active" to all images when it should appear on the first frame.

    The site is now on a test server, would appreciate your thoughts, please go here: Homepage

    See you soon

  • index problem with regular letters

    Illustrator applies the effect index only to numeric characters, for example 1,2, etc.. But it does NOT apply it alphabetical characters, for example a, b, c etc. I observe that using the default Myriad Pro font, as well as the other fonts.

    How can I request letters exposing to regular (not only the numbers)?

    p.s., I use the menu Ctrl + T, and then go to the OpenType tab and select index under positional parameter and observe the above problem. I'm doing something wrong here?

    Thank you.

    Character Panel > sidebar > index. Works very well. Just tested.

  • z-index problem

    I'm having trouble with menus that appear in front of my enlarged Lighbox images. Please visit this page for example:

    I made sure the z-index is lower for the menus as it is for the light therapy device. I hope that someone here might be able to let me know what I missed.
    Thank you

    Maria Grist

    Ok!. Having found the cause of the problem. Take a look at line 109 to 111 of the p7PMMscripts.js and you will see

    P7_PMMremClass (TM, 'p7PMMnoscript'); = 'relative'; zIndex = '999999';

    Lowering this value, or better yet, increase the value of z-index of the light table to 1000000


  • CS4/JS: generate index problems

    Hello scripters.

    In fact, I have a problem with the generation of my index finger.

    The index already exists, the only thing to do with the script is to generate and place.

    When you run the script, I get the following error message:

    invalid parameter line: myIndex.generate (myIndexPage, [myY1, myX1, myY2, myX2] myLayer, true, true);

    function generateIndex() {}
    myIndex = myDocument.indexes var [0];
    var myMasterSpread = myDocument.masterSpreads.item("A-Mustervorlage");
    var myIndexPage = myDocument.pages.add (LocationOptions.AT_END, myMasterSpread);
    myLayer var = myDocument.activeLayer;
    var myBounds = myGetBounds (myDocument, myIndexPage);
    var myY1 = Math.round(myBounds[0]);
    var myX1 = Math.round(myBounds[1]);
    var myY2 = Math.round(myBounds[2]);
    var myX2 = Math.round(myBounds[3]);
    myIndex.generate (myIndexPage, [myY1, myX1, myY2, myX2] myLayer, true, true);


    I checked all the settings, they're right.

    What else could be wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hi Franziska,

    You must define a place point with an array of two values instead of geometric with an array of four values limits - as you did:

    var myStory = myIndex.generate(myIndexPage, [myY1, myX1], myLayer, true, true);

    This generates a new history of the index.

    Later, you can do something with the textContainers of the new history of the index (for example to specify geometric limitations).


  • Why don't Spotlight indexes the .odt files?

    Made by OpenOffice files have an .odt extension.  Unfortunately, I can't Spotlight to search for files, .odt or .png images.  Is it possible that I can tweak the settings somehow?

    Thank you.

    This might help, since the search field in the Finder window, enter: type: odt

    Some genres: Open Document Text

    Finder should create a smart folder for your search criteria:

    You can do the same thing by entering: kind: p

    Some genres: Portable Network Graphics Image

    Finder should create a smart folder for your search criteria:

    This should also work for files .odp & .ods:

  • Tunnel of automatic indexing problem

    I have a data acquisition program that uses an Auto-Indexed Tunnel in a loop to process and display data in a table 1 d.  The program behaves strangely with the first value in the array (the point where the program worked, in a few seconds).  13 other values in the table all correct update, but the value of time always shows approximately the same number.  The loop is scheduled to update the front values once per second.  If I use a table outside of the loop Index block For to get the value of time out of the matrix, I get the correct value for time increments upward by about a second each time that the loop runs.

    So basically, when the value of time is passed through the auto-index Tunnel, its output fluctuates up and down a few tenths of seconds each time the loop is executed (remaining to a single value... usually about 90, even if it changes each time I run), instead of starting with 0 and increases with time as the summer running program.

    I'm under LabVIEW 8.5.1

    Thank you


    Because I have no data acquisition installed, I can not tell what is the size of the array is, but if it is greater than 14, the later elements overwrite time because 0 is also the default value. For safety, I add another case (empty) (e.g. - 1) and make it the default.

    A lot of things very unwise, for example in the 'calculate', you add an empty array in the table. This really does not something useful, right?

  • Min array index problem.

    Hello everyone,

    I want to take a trigger pulse data that only my trigger pulse takes the form of square wave. For that I am taking the min and max markings table. When I use this pellate, it does not index table min correctly, it gives the worng number. Could you please see the attached Vi and data, check the value of the minimum index and suggest me how to get the minimum index of the true picture?

    Is there a reason that you need 2D table, because samples are only in a single column? Attached to what a possible solution might look like in 1 d

Maybe you are looking for


    I implemented the airport Time Capsule, using a DSL modem connected to the internet as its bridge.  MacBook Pro was used for initial set up by the bolt of lightning to Ethernet connector and then disconnected and works perfectly.  Now, I would like t

  • Internal HD not mounted and not disk utility

    Hi Mac community. I have an early 2008 Mac Pro with 4 internal drive bays.  For now, they are all busy with special various backup and storage drives.  One of my backup / storage drives (not my boot drive) does not appear as "mounted" on the desktop.

  • How can I REMOVE Pocket ENTIRELY without a master's degree in computer science?

    Thanks to the Pocket being on my PC, I'm stuck with e-mails from the provider even after contact with the same directly and have been assured that my email address would be deleted. With reliability like that, I want to remove Pocket even MORE and no

  • How can I find my open question in this forum?

    I received a notification of a response, but have no idea how back to the original question.

  • Replacement of an old time capsule with a new

    I saw a few posts on this subject but they don't help me, but then again I'm not an expert! What I wanted to do, is to set up my new 2 TB Time Capsule (the high) using all the old settings. I'm not talking to duplicate the time capsule data; I'm happ