SSHD MQ01ABD100H sound squeaky to spin down & to the stop

Hello world!

I recently bought a Toshiba SSHD (model MQ01ABD100H) and tried to install it. First thing, I noticed that BIOS of my HP Probook s 4370 could not find the disc, and therefore Windows did not install on it.

I was hoping it was an old BIOS problem without acknowledging a SSHD. OK, I said. Update BIOS! Check! But it did not help. Then, I tried and retried it exchanges with the old drive and then start with Hirens boot.

Hirens boot some utils HDD was unable to read the new SMART SSHD status. Yet once I hoped it was because of beeing SSHD a new design or something like that. Finally I mamanged to partition the drive with one of the utils and then install a new copy of Windows.

But the thing that bothers me is another: the sound of creaking at every spin down (usually to the computer is shut down). Taking my 15 years of experience which is a sing that the drive will not last much longer. OK, I've had enough.

Packed this shit and he returned to the store, citing the above problems and ask for a replacement. And today I got my rear disc. The former. With the Squeak. On paper that accompanies it reads: tested disc. No error found. No sh * t...

Now, I need your advice guys. Before I pick up the phone and send the technician to hell. What noise grinding spin-down? Anyone had similar problems? Should I continue to use the disk and ignore the sound?

Answers appreciated!
Kind regards




It of difficult to say something about this grinding sound.

I had a HARD (common 2.5 SATA) internal drive that makes some pinging, but this did not always appear. From time to time I could notice clicks, but the HARD drive was working normally and I have not noticed any problems.

But of course; in my opinion, everyone could be afraid of these special sounds if it comes from the HARD drive.

I can give you the appropriate recommendation because it is really hard to tell if its a HARD drive failure, or perhaps not you should simply call the service guy and should try to test another HARD disk.

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    You can try to connect this unit to an external monitor to check if there is a problem with the motherboard or display

    If the external monitor works fine, then there is no problem with the motherboard, only the display panel needs replacement.

    If the problem persists in the external monitor, suggest you to update the graphics drivers and see if the problem resolves

    I hope this helps


    Best regards;
    I am an employee of HP
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