standard Gmail view does not load on MacBook Air, loads fine on iMac and MacBook

can only load in HTML view. Use the standard display on other computers on the same network. The MacBook Air only charge about 80% and goes no further.



Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Firefox Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode that temporarily disables hardware acceleration, restores some settings and disables add-ons (extensions and themes).

If Firefox is open, you can restart Firefox Safe mode in the Help menu:

  • Click the menu button

    click Help

    then select restart with disabled modules.

If Firefox does not work, you can start Firefox in Mode safe as follows:

  • On Windows: Hold down the SHIFT key when you open the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu.
  • On Mac: Hold the option key during the startup of Firefox.
  • On Linux: Exit Firefox, go to your Terminal and run firefox-safe-mode
    (you may need to specify the installation path of Firefox for example/usr/lib/firefox)

When the Firefox Safe Mode window appears, select "start mode safe."

If the problem is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, theme or hardware acceleration. Please follow the steps described in the section Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems to find the cause.

To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before you open Firefox for normal use again.

When find you what is causing your problems, please let us know. This might help others with the same problem.

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