Start of satellite L10 fan speed and noise

My L10 cooling fan start always maximum speed, when it turns on it always burst at maximum speed (and noise) and then slow down to a speed (and slient relative). This fan start noise is very annoying (as fan departure every half hour in office work and every 15 minutes in some simple games).
I try muffler or bios settings performance they do not fix the noise and the starting speed.
Maybe Toshiba could release some bios update or patch or something to fix this? (my bios version 2.0)
Maybe this problem has the solution software thrid party?
Or the fan speed max is just a hardware problem?

Thank you.

Hello Albert

The same thing my Qosmio F20 and in my opinion, it is not any kind of technical problem. At the moment I'm typing this text and hear Internet radio at the same time. The cooling fan works regularly.

In my opinion, when the operating system runs several different processes running in the background and they need the CPU activity that needs to be cooled correctly. In my opinion, you should check the power settings management settings and change the performance of the processor to lower the level.

If the cooling fan runs every 15 minutes, in my opinion, it is not too often.

Good bye

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  • Satellite L850 - fan speed remains at 100%


    I bought a L850 Satellite a week ago.
    The fan works fine at first, when I play video games that it goes back to high speed, which is normal.
    The problem is to keep it at this speed even when I turn off a game.

    For example, my current CPU temperature is 45 c and the fan is 100%. The system idle process is at 2.3%.
    I updated the BIOS to version 1.60

    Restarting does not help, the fan is not slow at all.
    Only when I turn the LAPTOP market again it will start has normally until I got back on a video game.

    I'd appreciate any help.

    > Only when I turn the LAPTOP market again it will start has normally until I got back on a video game.

    Perhaps one of the game treats the sticks in the back of the system and emphasis on the CPU.
    This would cause the high-performance cooling module even if the temperature is low.
    You can check in the task manager system insists on the central unit and could turn off / close it manually

    Am I right that the fan speed is normal without starting the game?

  • Satellite M100 - fans begin and are quite loud

    I just bought a new Satellite M100 14 "with Intel Centrino Duo. I thought that newcomers are not very strong, so I was very surprised that mine is very noisy. Even if no program is open and when I just started, the ventilation starts and is quite noisy. Is this normal?

    My computer laptop friends make no noise at all or simply if they have already been used for hours. Please could someone tell me if this is normal with this model or if I should change?
    I can't imagine that after five minutes the processor becomes so hot already.

    Thank you.

    I also read here in the forum that an update of the BIOS has helped to reduce the rotation of the fan. After an update, the fans runs constantly every time but with lower turnover and many quitter.

  • Reinstall drive won't start no-Satellite L10

    Try to use reinstall on my L10 drive. The manual says to put the disk and start the computer while downpressing 'C'... nothing happends and when I released 'C' happening in windows normal mode... Anyone?


    By pressing the C button the unit should automatically booted from the CD/DVD drive. But if doesn t work so you can try to change the BIOS Boot order (CD in the first place player).
    Put the recovery CD in the drive and reboot the machine

  • Irratic fan speeds and abrupt closing of the bottom.

    I have a Hp A6203W aged three years and for the last 6 months or so the fan cycles sometimes for a second or two easy and other times, he is extremely strong and cycles... but constantly irratically cycling/racing. Recently, the fan was very loud and the computer shuts down automatically. It seems that the computer can run hot but the fan often (not always) begins right at the start.

    The closure was worried... Could it be overheating immediately?

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    I'll give it a try... Thank you!

  • After you have installed Windows 7 Ultimate, why is-from my laptop very high fan speed and battery remaining time very low?

    I installed the Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my laptop HP 1000. Since my cooling fan is almost went crazy and running at full speed all the time after in idle state for a half hour. The battery consumption also increased a lot.

    for example battery time was quite good before (3.4 hours) with fair use, but now he says 40 Minutes remaining with 50% battery left.

    There is no heavy process in the Task Manager.

    I have not installed a game or fancy software. (drivers & media players, browsers and photo viewers)

    Operating system: Service Pack Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)

    Model: HP 1000 Notebook PC

    BIOS: Version InsydeH2O 03.72.24F.12

    Processor: Intel Core i3-2370

    RAM: 2048MB RAM

    Need help.

    Thank you.

    Well until you install specific drivers of HP and no victory update drivers, you are flogging a dead horse, that its all controlled by the pilots of the system, not of victory

  • DL180 G6 Server Rack - permanently at 80% fan speed

    I bought a "SE326M1 G6 Twin Xeon Hex Core L5640 48 GB RAM HP Proliant DL180 G6 Server Rack 2U" on eBay. As he came not with all drives, I bought four caddies and some third party SATA hard disks. The computer works as such, but fans run constantly on the 80% fan speed and thus sounds like a rocket.

    The logging of the ILO 2 displays the following warning:

    "Error MESSAGE: 1717-Slot X Drive Array - the following discs declare a State of overheating:

    The temperature of the ILO 2 storage area (five separate readings) reading displays 'OK' and 0 degrees centigrade for five. So, I assume that the 'sea of sensors' place the fan speed 80% because there is no available temperature.

    My current conclusion, which is no more;

    1. the hard drives is not a temperature sensor and I need to use four hard drives certified HP

    2. the sensors on the Drive Cage Assembly (HP-530946-001) are defective

    3. berries for empty drives must be filled with blanks

    In order to exclude all these possible I have to spend very little money and time, and so I have the following questions.

    Issues related to the:

    1. do the disk drives HARD to have a temperature probe at all? Will they have, is the temperature read by the sea of sensors?

    2 iLO 2 would display a temperature for the "storage area" even if there is no disk HARD drive in one of the 25 bays at all? If this is the case, it would tell me that the Drive Cage Assembly sensors are defective.

    3. fill the HARD drive bays with white makes temperature sensors start working? What I wonder if whites have an electronic or similar, or that they are just empty pieces of plastic?


    You can also ask your question on the HP Business Support Forum - DL servers section.

  • Fan speed issue

    Hey I have a question and a problem on my computer laptop speed fan, first of all my features:

    Acer V3 571G

    Intel core i5-3210 m 2.5 Ghz

    GeForce GT630M 2 GB

    10GB Ram DDR3


    Windows 8.1

    My windows and graphics card are both fully implemented to update later.

    So the problem is that my Fan will not rotate at the speed of ROTATION more fast can when my PC is turned on high temperatures.

    I use speedfan to monitor temperatures (even if you can't control the speed of the fan with it for laptops), the idle temp for my CPU is about 40-50 ° C and can can go up to 90 c during the game or after the games. what I do not understand why my CPU fan is not running at its RPM max, I thought he wasn't spinning on its RPM max when I rebooted my pc (to get into the BIOS) and heard the fan is running hard and fast when I stay in the BIOS, but when I get to the bios, he returned to his usual steady speed the laptop also cools extremely fast 90 c when I enter the BIOS after I restarted my laptop. My question is why the fan turning at this speed when my pc starts to heat everything at stake, or doing cpu intensive tasks?

    I understand that when you start the laptop the fan speed are not controlled but then they turn to the max until what the bios is used to control its speed or something like that, I tried to look in the BIOS for the fan controls, but I couldn't find anything, the Bios itself had so few things that can be changed essentially only security, time and boot order. My laptop can be old (2 years) but I'm sure its not clogged with dust or he wouldn't be spinning on max when I turn it on and go into the bios and Yes adding thermal paste and others could help, but I would like to bring the question about why it is not spinning on max when possible. I will soon get a new pc, but for now I'm just curious to know is this problem is controllable or not.

    any advice on how to control the speed or anything would be helpful, if you would like more information I will glady give more.

    Thank you

    Nevermind, I found a program that allows me to control
    in this forum:

  • PowerEdge R230 fans speed & do not respond

    Hi all

    I have a new server with a weird behavior, which I'm not sure.

    Once we started the server, the fan speed is high then seattled to about 8000 RPM. Is this normal for R230 fan at its idle speed?

    We tried to install VMWare ESXi, but server will no response. We also tried installing normal Windows 7 as a test if it's a server problem or problem installing ESXi USB, same no response to the initial installation screen.

    BIOS Version 1.1.4
    Firmware Version

    Thanks Josh, we him had all solved.

    Number 1: Fan at idling speed is about 50% speed.

    BIOS: 1.1.4 Firmware:, controller of life cycle:

    Resolution: update BIOS to 1.2.5 & update firmware for


    , 2nd edition: Server freeze on ESXi 5.1U3 (Dell version) installation screen.

    Resolution: PowerEdge R230 supports ESXi 5.5 and above, earlier versions are not supported. We have installed ESXi 6.0U2 (Dell version) and everything went smoothly.

  • IE is slow, hangs in Google, will run Firefox under Windows 7 with speed and security?

    I'm not very tech savy English so good please. I have a desktop Dell Studio with Intel 2 Quad Processer. I have used IE for 15 years and more. Started using Google Chrome for speed and better security about 6 months without any problem. Shortly after the beginning of the year Chrome started crashing every day and from 1/14 he broke the 10-12 times a day. I don't like losing stuff and having to stop, re - load, raise or re-store that Chrome was more than that was working properly.

    Will Firefox work in my system operating system. I loan on your security, password protection and other things that are touted on your website on Firefox, but I'm mostly concerned about accidents and what are the causes. Is the problem in my own system and not questions of brower?

    I just want to surf, read, watch you tube, facebook with friends and family. I am 65 years old and retired, and I'm really disguested with all the problems I encounter.

    I think Firefox is a good product, but I need answers to the questions I asked.

    We hope to hear from someone very soon on the issues that I raised. If I download Firefox, should I uninstall IE. I already have an installed Chrome =.

    Thank you
    Jim Yeary
    jyeary3 @ spring TX

    I do not know what is causing your Chrome or IE falls down, but you can give a Firefox. I'll give you a few different things you need to do before installing Firefox to make sure that your computer works well if.

    Install all Windows updates. Check several times until there is no more.

    Update your graphics Driver. Update your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL

    Scan of malware: troubleshoot Firefox problems caused by malicious software

    Once you have done this, install Firefox! How to download and install Firefox on Windows

  • Impossible to activate the card wireless network on Satellite L10-202


    I have a portable Satellite L10 that comes without WLAN.
    I bought and installed an Intel pro wireless 2200BG card on the MiniPCi slot. I have also installed and connected the mini-antennes.

    The device is activated but does not connect. I installed ConfigFree and the result was: "status of Communication Wireless: OFF." Switch where the arrow is pointing. "My laptop does not have this button, a plastic cap is here.

    Also, the combination FN + F8 does nothing.
    How can I solve this problem?
    How can I put it ON without having this button?

    Thank you.

    Hello, Lucy

    I tried to find the hardware configuration of your Satellite L10 202 (PSL10E) and now I'm complete confused now. I didn t find any information that this model of phone is upgradable WIFI and I do not understand that antenna WLAN is here.

    Anyway, is recognized WLAN antenna correctly in Device Manager?

  • Satellite L10: I want to install a wireless connection - how?

    I have a satellite L10... and I want to install a wireless connection on the help on the config free pages it is said that the alternative "quick connect" appears after the installation of the projector toshiba wireless... it is what? and is anyone knows how I can do this without getting more confused?


    It's Toshiba projector Wireless:
    As you can see it's not a fast connection wireless card or something like that.

    First of all, it would be very interesting to know the name of your unit, because I know if your laptop has a wireless card or if it of possible to update the device with the Mini-PCI Wireless card.

    If your laptop has a wireless card so you need activate the wireless antenna. The switch on the side of the unit, you should find. In addition, choose the wifi with the FN + F8 key combination.
    Well, now you have an AccesPoint in your neighborhood. If there isn't one available then you should see it. Go to network connections. Here, you must select the list of wireless network in network and refresh.

    But if you have a wireless card so you need to upgrade your laptop with the minPCI card, or the wireless USB stick or a PCMCIA wireless card

    Best regards

  • S50 satellite - B 15 P - Fans running at high speed and system crash


    I have a new SATELLITE S50 - B 15, i7-5500U, 8 GB Ram, SSD etc., IV and v have some problems with it.

    for unknown reasons the CPU fan starts to operate at high speed, even if the temperature of the CPU hit is not 35%.
    It also froze about 10 times since I got it (April this year).

    The only way to make it work again would be me to hold the power button down until stop and start it back up.
    Once launched upward there is no mention of potential problems in the newspapers of events other than the forced closure.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced problems?

    Thank you


    The only way to make it work again would be me to hold the power button down until stop and start it back up.

    Forcing order restores the fan activity and performance?
    Hmm it sounds like there must be some sort of system emits probably the bottom of some process locks the CPU and therefore increases the activity of the fan.

    You could start the the Task Manager and in the process tab, you will find all background applications that would appeal to the CPU.
    Click the CPU column to display all the processes of loading the CPU.

    However, you can also try to change the option of cooling method that is available in Windows Advanced Power options.
    Go to control panel → power options.
    Click here on the power plan that is currently in use.
    Then click on advanced power options and access the cooling method.
    Here you can change it from active to passive.

    In addition, you can decrease the status of CPU max at 90-05%

  • Satellite U500 - 11G - noise of the fan speed after BIOS update


    I have the Toshiba Satellite U500 - 11G.
    I've recently updated the BIOS because my CPU fan did not work under Ubuntu,
    But after the update, my CPU fan speed is faster then normal and make a lot of noise (even if the CPU is cool) when I use Windows 7 is still stay on fast speed making a lot of noise.

    Do we sort of degrading the BIOS or thw way to earn the slow CPU fan speed?


    Update BIOS because of Linux? You know that Linux is not possible on this laptop model?

    In any case, to reduce the fan sped Please reduce the cooling in saving settings method.
    Control Panel > Power Options > go to your preferred power plan settings and choose advanced power options > Toshiba saving settings > cooling method > set to optimized battery.

  • Satellite P500 - fan too loud and makes clicking noises

    I recently bought a Toshiba P500 - in late October / early November, and recently the hard drive continuously flashes when there are noises rattling from the laptop (even if im not doing anything)

    Also my fan will get random REALLY loud but usually run mediumly hard all the time, I rarely hear really calm even when I start it first to the top and nothing is running

    The laptop itself is on my desk and high upward so that the fan is fully ventilated, as the surface is regularly wiped away (about twice per week)


    If the clicks or hit its happening with disk HARD high use and sounds like a light tap with a light hammer on wood then this is your HARD drive and not necessarily fan.
    Fans usually have a hummimg and more regular sund whining when not.

    First thing I would do is take you a laptop somewhere cool temperature and prepare to back up the files on your HARD drive if you have not already.
    Second thing, it is to install a utility that will allow you to analyze the indicators SMART for your HDD (s) - mine has 2 drives x 500 GB, that should tell you if the HARD drive it's about to die.
    There is also a diagnostic utility called PC Diagnostic tool available via all Prorams/TOSHIBA/utilities if you have it installed.

    I would look then by contacting your local Toshiba support center to get your macine checked and covered in any warranty replaced elements.

    BR /.

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