Status Bar disappears after iOS updated 9.3.2 at level

Given that I have improved my 6s iPhone to the latest iOS (9.3.2) my status bar disappears at random (see photo below).

If I lock the phone and unlock the status bar returns.

All this experience? Is there a solution?

Thank you


Try a simple Reset: hold down the Home and Power buttons until you see the Apple logo (10 to 20 seconds).

If this does not help, you may need to restore your iPhone.

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    Hi QuiqueRS,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. I understand after iOS update, you receive notifications when the birthdays of your contacts are no longer. I know it's nice to have these birthday reminders. I'll be happy to help you.

    If I can get it please, you open the calendar on the iPhone app, and then press the calendars below. Then scroll to the section titled 'OTHER' and to ensure that there is a checkbox on the birthdays calendar. Then go to settings > Notifications and ensure that the notifications for calendar is enabled and "Display in the Notification Center" is also on.

    Have a great day!

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    I don't really know where to go then except put it there the 9.3.1 upgrade did not fix my problem.

    Thinking that I might have to consider for an Apple Tech which is an expense I really don't think I should have to bear, because I did not cause the problem that everything worked fine with my iBook before upgrading the OS 9.3.

    Thank you

  • The Firefox status bar disappeared, disappeared. What can I do to get it back?

    The Firefox status bar disappeared, disappeared. What can I do to get it back?

    Menu bar (File, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, help)

    Press Alt V T M (CTRL + V T M on Mac) on your keyboard. This should restore the menu bar (Firefox 3.6)

    Other toolbars

    View | Toolbars | Select the desired toolbar

    Other measures to try

    Try to restore the default value set by going to display. Toolbars | Customize | Restore the default set. This will put the toolbars in the default slot

    Safe mode

    You may need to reset toolbars and controls through Firefox in Safe Mode troubleshooting questions
    Make sure that completely close Firefox first. When you get to the Safe Mode window, select controls and then make changes and restart and reset toolbars.

    I hope this helps!

  • iPhone 6s is stuck after iOS update to 9.2.1.

    My 6 s iPhone is stuck after iOS update to 9.2.1. Laminates to 9.2 & the problem still exists. If someone has had this problem before and how it was resolved. Need help!

    Hi ahamedrzk,

    Thank you for your participation in the communities of Support from Apple.

    If your iPhone 6 is stuck during startup, try the following steps from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond or won't turn on:

    If your device turns on but hangs when starting

    You can see a blue or Red Apple logo screen for a long time during early upward. Try the following steps:

    1. Connect your device to a computer and open iTunes. If you don't have a computer, you can borrow one, or go to an Apple Store or service provider authorized Apple for help.
    2. When your device is connected, force it to restart. Press and hold buttons sleep/wake and Home at the same time. Don't release when you see the Apple logo. Keep now until you see the Recovery mode screen.

    3. When you have the ability to restore or update, choose update. iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data.

    iTunes will download the software for your device. If it takes more than 15 minutes, your device will exit Recovery mode and you need to repeat steps 2 and 3.

    All the best.

  • Short cut Thunderbird disappeared after an update this morning after a windiw stated that this shortcut is not found. I can't find where is the executable file. It

    This morning Thunderbird updated itself and a window pops up saying shortcut to thunderbird does not exist. After that I can't find where it is so that I can run.

    Thank you very much. Yes, the problem was exactly the same. Thunderbird executable disappeared after an update. I reinstalled it simply by downloading the configuration file. All my configurations and emails and folders, etc were in place. A great feeling to not lose everything. Again, thank you for your kind reply.

  • iPhone 5 s hangs after ios Update 9

    My iPhone 5 s, which is about 17 months old and used in good working condition, often hangs and won't often turns on after the upgrade to IOS 9 a month back. The Genius bar person (mall in Bridgewater, NJ) has checked the phone and noticed several messages of "panic" from the hardware store and recommended that we buy a new phone.

    I am amazed that this phone is brick by a software update and Apple suggests coldly that I have to buy a new phone. This is not a refurbished phone cheap that I bought and am wondering how to recover.

    Try to restore the unit to the factory, and then give it a try. It is very possible that there is a corrupted in your backup file, and which helps to restore would reintroduce the problem. If the device works well after the restore, then synchronize your back content manually, without using the backup. That should help, but if there is a problem with the device, he could not. Many times, software updates can cause devices that can be an underlying problem to fail after the update. This is not unusual. Nobody said that you bought a phone cheap, refurbished, but the material may fail.

  • iPhoto book questions after iOS update

    I recently updated my MacBook Pro (2012) to the iOS of Maverick.  So, I had to update many other applications, including iPhoto. I had a book filled with pictures of family of 2015, but had not printed.  The book came through after the update, but not all of my placed photos are here. I have a few other books (which have already been printed), and their pictures were very good. In any case, I can restore the photos without having to recreate hours of work?  The pictures are still on my Mac. So frustrating!  Thank you for any advice and comments.

    Several members of the forum pointed out that the Apple Support told them, that you can not order books iPhoto after March 31. So, everything you do, hurry to order the book.

    The book came through after the update, but not all of my placed photos are here.

    If you have removed pictures of the library, they will be removed the book as well and will show black.

    If the photos are always in the library, get them back to an empty place holders.

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    Here is how I could solve the problem:
  • The Menu bar and status bar disappeared, but the worst of all the tabs is at the top of my computer. It's very annoying! How can I uninstall Firefox 4 and return to the old?

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    If you don't like the new look of Firefox 4, then you can change some settings to restore the appearance of Firefox 3.

    You can right click on the orange Firefox button to open the menu of the toolbar or use (F10) view > toolbars.

    • Click on the entry in the Menu bar to make the menus visible bar.
    • Click "Tabs at the top" to remove the check mark and place the tab to its original position bar just above the browser window.

    You can use this extension to retrieve the status bar:

  • Kuler has disappeared after the update this morning


    I use Illustrator CC French vesion. After the update this morning (10/06/2014), I can't find my Kuler platte more... However, I still have access to the web site.

    Thanks for your help!


    Hi Ben,

    Check the Panel "Color Themes". Kuler has been renamed.

    Thank you best regards &,.


  • No email after downloading updated 38.1.0 to level; uninstalled, reinstalled 38.1.0 38.0.1 - still unable to download email - and - no new profile not generated with rei

    After automatic update to Thunderbird 38.1.0 (PC, Windows 7 OS) - can download is no longer the primary email (server settings: i; card;) SSL/TLS; Password normal); Anti-virus: Sophos; the download is attempted with notice that newly installed Thunderbird 38.0.1 is connected to the server, imap, but email client continues to attempt to download and above all, do not ask for password to download. Old profile copied and replaced after downgrade and install the 38.0.1. Strangely, after installed decommissioning of 38.0.1, no new profile file has been generated in the profile folder (users / * name * / AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/Profiles); also, when newly installed launch 38.0.1, the display returns to what seems to be, 38.1.0. A strange situation that I can't solve after 3 uninstalls, installs computer re-boots and 38.0.1. The result appears as if 38.1.0 has never been uninstalled. I would like suggestions. Thank you.

    Thank you, smokva - I solved by contacting the staff of the imap server and has been rectified which seems to have fixed the problem at their end. However, my last resort if he fails again, download, create a new profile, as you suggest.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones top dropdown bar disappeared after update restart.

    I updated my Blackberry apps and when she lacked rebotted the menu bar. I tried to restart it, but as you can see below, it does not work.

    Any help welcome and thanks in advance

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I recommend that you try to start safe mode:

    • KB17877 How to start a smartphone BlackBerry in Mode safe

    It will take several attempts to get the combination of keys ESC (press/release/hold) OK, so be patient. When properly in Safe Mode, see what happens.

    If the behavior continues, then you watch remove specific 3rd party apps, likely those who have been updated.

    If the behavior persists, so actually you may need to perform device WIPE, a recharge of the BONE, or a clean CLOTH and recharge, as well as investigating the use of different OS packages.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Installed Windows updates, very well. But the small text size button '100% ' in the bottom right of the status bar disappeared. Text is too small. Change on 'View' does nothing but change the size of the icons.

    No matter where I go - to Internet Explorer new; to my address e-mail. to Web sites - print is too small and I want my little back button so that I can do text 125% or 150%. I am 67 and it is simply too fine print. When the updates of Windows 7 - Home Edition installed automatically, he took my button for print size and I want to. By clicking on 'medium' or 'big' on the screen do absolutely nothing.  Thanks for any help.

    N ° EC was not helpful.  Finally, I did a 'system restore' and got back my '%' button and all my favorites on my browser.  (I hadn't lost my favorites but had to go through the 'Owner' or 'Computer' to access.

Maybe you are looking for