Still, it is impossible to move the folder of drive iCloud on another drive?

I'm looking to free up disk space where the operating system is located. I have an external hard drive with alarge amount of free space that I prefer to use the location iCloud against my SSD drive that on the space due to data 'stored' in the iCloud is insufficient.

Data not synchronize if you try to move iCloud drive.

Storage space, there is a solution > iCloud: delete the pictures and videos to save storage

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  • Satellite U400-138: can I move the folder of recovery


    I just bought my nw laptop Toshiba (U400-138 to be precise).
    It came with Windows Vista Home Premium preinstalled with the possibility to recover the HARD disk. When installing the disk has been partitioned like this:

    C: / 145 GB - Windows Vista
    E: / 150 GB - Data

    The E drive the folder of HARD disk recovery.
    The problem here is that I would use Linux instead of Vista and also I want to re - partition the drive in a different way.

    So here are my questions:

    1.) it is possible to move the folder of disk recovery HARD to separate and perhaps much more small partition (6 GB or more) without doing any harm to its functionality? I want to keep just in case

    2.) I lose my warranty if I install Linux?

    Thx for your replies ;)


    (1) If you change the folder or delete file recovery that you will not be able to recover the laptop using the recovery of HARD drive!
    That is why it s is strongly recommended to create a diskette using the creative tool for recovery disk pre-installed Toshiba's own recovery.
    If you create this DVD then you are on the right side and you can change everything on the HARD drive. If something goes wrong, you will be able to restore the operating system using this disk.

    (2) No, you will not lose warranty if install you Linux


  • Move the folder of Photos on an external drive

    Hello my MacBook Air is near capacity. I'm going through iTunes and Photos on an external drive to free up disk space on the internal drive. I searched the threads and found the right solution for iTunes. I moved the entire iTunes folder to the external drive. Then, in the Advanced tab of iTunes preferences, I made the file to the new location on the external hard drive. That worked very well.

    Now, I'm ready to try the same process with my library of Photos (which also includes years of photos iPhoto migrated). Can I move the folder full of images (as I did with iTunes) or simply pictures library on external drive? My suspicion is the entire pictures folder, because it also contains the migrated iPhoto Pictures folders, Lightroom, Adobe and Photo Booth also. After searching for the discussions, it is not clear to me how to do it with pictures.

    Thank you


    You can move either; Once completed, launch Photos with the key Option key, click library and choose the one on the external hard drive. ITunes library should be moved in the same way rather than change the setting in the preferences.


  • move the folder to a vista user account to another user on the same computer account

    How to move the file from one user to another

    How to move the file from one user to another

    Place the file in the Public folder.

    Public folder is accessible by all users. For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Just recently I have not been able to move the folder on my desktop. I have to copy and paste it into a new folder, and then delete the old on.

    Just recently I have not been able to move the folder on my desktop. I save videos to my office then then move in different folders, but now need to copy and paste, then remove the video from office.  Around the same time, when I try to use help I have Windows Help cannot start.  So please HELP.  Using Win7.


    1. Did you of recent changes made to your computer that caused the problem?
    2. It happens that the Office? Have you tried with Documents and other readers?

    Step 1: File system [SFC] Checker

    Try to run a scan of the file system [SFC] checker on the computer that will replace missing or corrupt files & check if the problem persists.

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Step 2: Run a virus scan to check if there are infections on the computer:

    Microsoft safety scanner

    Note: If infections are detected during the scan, there is a risk of data loss because infected files will be deleted.

    Step 3: Follow the instructions in the article to fix the problem of files and folders in Windows:

    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically

    For more information, follow the instructions in the article to improve the performance of Windows 7:

    Optimize Windows 7 for better performance

    It will be useful.

  • How to move the folder 'Liibraries' default 'C' drive "D".

    In Windows 8 default 'Libraries' folder is on drive "C". Is it possible to move this folder (NOTE: not to do another 'Library' folder!) on the "D" drive, so that when starting for example file Explorer, or saving images, music, widow of the first video... that opens is "Libraries" located on the disk "D"?

    Libraries are not located anywhere. Libraries are a collection of references to the files. The files referenced in the libraries have locations.

    You can delete all entries in the library itself: This removes only the entry in the library, not the target folder. But beware: once you are working with an item referenced in the library of your actions are on this point, not on a library reference.

    Go to C:\Users\ and right click on any of the folders below that; select properties then the tab location and change of the location of the folders you want to Windows D. will move all files in the files to the new location.

    You can then include this location in the appropriate (or a new name you choose) library and delete the reference to the old location.

    Saving and opening elements will start with the default location specified for the application you're using. This must be paid for each application.

  • Impossible to move the location of ScratchConfig


    I want to move the folder .locker on the 1 data store, but when I change the ScratchConfig setting under Advanced I get the error "the value entered is not valid. Enter a different value. "Error stack" call failed "OptionManager.UpdateValues" to "ha-adv-options" on ESXi "wn1esxi1" object

    I tried to enter the values /vmfs/volumes/4ce0ba21-c3f2f0a8-5c36-0016355b5497/.locker and /vmfs/volumes/DataStore1/.locker without success.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why I get this error and how to fix it?

    Thank you very much


    Just enter the path, for example, / vmfs/volumes/DataStore1


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  • How to move the FILE from one place to another and keep "Indexing" have to move to the unknown location so you can't discover its full file path? Windows instructions provide information wrong re: how to do this!

    Make a bunch of audio files, placed in a folder on my desktop. Files initially sent to RealPlayer to burn, but when finished burning CD and went to read a CD, folder got seized by Media Player, 'Indexed' and disappeared from the office. I'm a relatively new computer user, and I need to learn more about file paths, how to view the path FULL of a file on my computer and how to type (create) full path when I need to. The "Indexing" feature seems to erase this lesson for me, and after having spent four hours trying to find Vista instructions on "How to move the file from one place to another", I gave up! Windows 'Help and Support' on my computer gives wrong directions. It states that if I right click on a folder > properties, a dialog box opens with a tab by which I can move my account. There is no tab location here. I found locations tab when right click on the "Mobile" folder, but still no option to "move file". No idea what is the folder "Roaming" or why it's on my computer. I want my audio files in the My Music folder, but this place is "access denied." Don't know how to get the audio file it in any case, but if anyone has any advice, I would be very happy! Thank you. PS - I had no problem moving folders in XP. I don't like the idea that a computer is to decide where to put my files. I want to control where I put my files. I don't like the way search works under Vista. I liked the XP search companion better because, for a computer fool like me, it was really easy to organize and find files and folders and had an option specific to find audio and video file TYPES.

    Here is an article on how to move your personal folders in Vista:  If you're talking about the special folders (such as photos, Documents, office...), then here is an article on how to move:

    If you have trouble with the search after you move the files, then rebuild the index:  Here is an article on how to use Indexing Options in Vista that may be useful for you:

    If the above does not help, your problem seems to relate to the image of the files/folders and their interactions with Media Center (which operate on different other folders).  Please repost your question in images and video Forum at: where the people who specialize in issues of the image will be more than happy to help you with your quesitons.

    Good luck!

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  • I am logged in as administrator. When I try to move the files from drive c to e drive, I get the message that I have currently not authorized to access this file.

    Administrator permissions

    I am logged in as administrator.  When I try to move the files from drive c to e drive, I get the message that I currently don't have permission
    to access this file.

    As an administrator, I though I had permission.  How can I fix it?

    I've only logged on as administrator.

    Even logged on as administrator, you have not all privileges unless you raise them. This is done to prevent malware to take control of your computer when logged in as an administrator.

    What files you try to move?

  • move the CS6 from one computer to another

    I'm trying to move the CS6 from one computer to another, but I can't get the serial number to activate.  Help


    Please visit the below mentioned link doc KB and try the solutions:

    Error: "this serial number is not for a product calling it" | Adobe Creative Suite

    Hope this will help.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Is it possible to move the video of a prelude to another project?

    Is it possible to move the video of a prelude to another project?

    Hi Lekepistol,

    Thank you to try prelude workflows.

    Prelude working with one project at a time. He cannot communicate between different projects. You just need to close the current project, open the other and ingest the file to use.

    Customer feedback is important for us to improve the workflow and functionality. We are working hard to implement the features desired among our products.

    Please fill out the following form with accuracy. We will discuss the suggestions.

    Feature request/Bug Report Form

    Thank you


  • Try to move the folder ' AppData/Local' to another hard drive without success...

    Hi all

    I have a problem which seems to have been discussed here, a few years back, but it seemed no resolution at the time.

    The problem is, I am trying to get my personal files moved to drive B: to the C: drive.

    This to Re-partitioning of the C: drive for less of a catastrophe should my drive C: never kick the bucket.

    I found the instructions online to move all (Local, LocalLow and roaming files.  The instructions worked well upward, to the folder (Local).

    I can't make it move.  I checked the permissions and I should be OK here as I am the only user and administrator.  All are checked in the Security tab.

    Bottom line is I have aprox. 1.7 GB of info that I probably need to move to this folder (Local) and still can not.

    I am attaching a sample of the message that I get trying to move the property path.

    Can someone help me out here telling me:

    (1) is it possible to move this folder?

    (2) what I lose if I have a dead hard drive, if the (Local) file is not moved to the other disk?

    (3) any person having legitimate suggestions, who has the same goal as me and want the cold hard facts to do that, we can

    get help?

    To all those who give their time, many thanks in advance and best wishes to you!


    Thanks for the comments. Be sure to mark my answer as "Response" to this topic.

  • Move the folder outside the folder music iTunes

    by default iTunes stores its settings, the file iTunes Library.itl and tracks audio library of music, in the \Users\username\Music\iTunes folder.

    I don't want my music folder polluted by the parameters of the program, especially because I'm synchronize this folder on the cloud.

    Via the Control Panel, I can only change the path of the audio tracks, but the settings remain in the default position.
    Is it possible to move the iTunes folder to another path?

    Drag the iTunes folder to another location, launch iTunes with the SHIFT key pressed and select it.


  • Move the folder of my movies on external hard drive?

    I am relatively new to the mac computer and tried to find a way to spend all my movies on an external drive folder.  My movies is more than 400 GB now and really causing me problems, I know that if I just copy paste the folder that iMovie will not find my videos as they were.  I found a few articles really old to do this using the terminal but I failed again.  Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


    Movies like in the home movies in iMovie or movies like in the movies purchased on iTunes...?

    For iMovie, see > move your iMovie for library (2014) Mac - Apple Support

    For iTunes, see > manage and backup your iTunes media library - Apple Support

    For external media storage either and/or, it is wise to have the media stored in a second location.

  • move the folder of backups

    I found a folder of backups FCPX in my movie users folder and its approximately 10 GB. I'm trying to find ways to clear up my internal SSD. Can I move my outside where I store all my libraries of FCPX? And if so, how? I watched a video that saids to 10.1 its preferences and general of the time, but Im not to see in 10.2.2.

    BBackups is a property of the library, in the Inspector of the photo library.

Maybe you are looking for