Stolen Apple pencil, can I track it?

Is it possible to track a stolen Apple pencil or find a lost?

N ° they put GPS.

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  • Where can I get a map of lightning for my Apple pencil reload the tool?

    Where can I get a map of lightning for my Apple pencil reload the tool?

    It is packed with the pencil of Apple.

    If you lose it, there is currently no way to buy a replacement because they are not sold on their own. You must contact the Apple Support and inquire about a replacement or load the pencil by plugging in the port of lightning of the iPad.

    Use the pencil to Apple with iPad Pro - Apple Support

    You can also purchase third party for pencil Chargers:

  • Is Apple pencil exclusively for the writing/drawing?  Or, can it be used as an older stylus?

    I've been using a stylus with my iPad more old to move objects in applications (my favorite moves the puzzle pieces) and would like to know if the new "pencil" can also work like this, or is it only for writing?

    It is my understanding that recent updates have made much more focused on drawing and less able to be used for navigation or games.

    The pencil of Apple, if you're not already, also only works on Pro models.

  • Can I use my iPhone dock Lightning to load Apple pencil?

    Can I use my iPhone dock Lightning to load Apple pencil?

    It should work, but will require the adapter of the lightning and F as the cones with the pencil of Apple.  Make sure that the adapter is the right way around.  It won't work if inverted.

    There's also this:

  • I lost the top hat of pencil of Apple. Can anyone recommend where to buy a new one same 3rd party?

    Anyone know where I can buy the cover for Apple pencil? Not the lead but the CAP that protects the charger. mine fell off when I was working and I can not find it.

    Right now it seems to be no outlet for spare parts.

    has a link to chat with Apple. You can try to talk to them.

  • Can't connect Apple pencil

    I can't connect my Apple pencil. I have the Bluetooth on and it is linked to. I tried to restart the application and restart my iPad and that did not work. The pencil is also charged (77%).


    Hi Brigitte,.

    You're on the new, smaller iPad Pro? This icon is reserved for third-party pens, so you shouldn't use it to connect your pencil. Try using your pencil without connect here.

    Let me know how it goes.


  • Replacement for apple pencil Cap

    Too, I've lost the magnetic plug in the week of owning the pencil!  I looked everywhere but no luck it is.  Find clips Sonix Gel stick pen cap fits perfectly - same clicks on.   I spent a lot of time trying to find a pen CAP that would be appropriate and it is.

    There would have been a user of replacement in the store, but I can't find them.

    If you talked to someone at the link they might direct you to the replacement caps

  • Battery Apple pencil level check on iOS10

    Please share how to check control pencil Apple on iOS10 battery level

    I solved this by plugging the pencil of Apple in the Port of lightning on my iPad 9.7 Pro - once I did the battery widget came showing both iPad & Apple pencil battery.

    Note - the Guide Update for iPad for IOS10 have only a reference to the Apple pencil indicating it can be used with application Notes

  • What is the life expectancy of the battery in the pen of Apple? Can it be replaced or do I need to buy another pen?

    What is the life expectancy of the Apple pencil? The battery can be replaced or do I need to buy a new stylus?

    According to iFixit (of )

    • The pencil is clearly not intended to be opened or repaired; You can't get inside without destroying the device.
    • The layers of plastic and metal holding the interior components are impossible to remove without grinding.
    • The battery enough for a 12 hour race, is impossible to replace, which gives the device a limited life expectancy.
  • Recommended for the load of Apple pencil

    I realize that I can plug my Apple pencil in my iPad to load. In addition, provided with the Apple pencil is an adapter of lightning... I used this map of lightning with my Apple 5 watt power adapter and the light provided with my iPhone cable to recharge my pencil to Apple as well. I have not, however, used the lightning with my iPad Pro 12 watt adapter adaptor and cable lightning because I guess it will be dangerous for the pencil of Apple... Am I wrong? In an effort to try to extend the life of my pencil to Apple and not to damage through loading wrong practices, I wonder what Apple recommended to load that my Apple pencil is?

    Should be charge with the power adapter supplied with your iPad Pro.

  • My apple pencil does not work after the 9.3.4 update.

    My apple pencil does not work after the 9.3.4 update. I tried to restart but still does not work. Tried to forget the device and whenever I connect the pencil to the ipad pro, it is said that it does not recognize the cable / device. Help please.

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    Greetings RechargeableJam,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support!

    I see that your Apple pencil does not work after update to iOS 9.3.4. I guess it's about to have a problem with something that worked with the previous version of the iOS software. I'm happy to help you to help you find the best resolution.

    First of all, let's close open applications on your iPad Pro. This can ensure that there is nothing running in the background that is causing a conflict. The following article will help you:

    Force a nearby application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Then connect the pencil of Apple and see if it is recognized for the time being. If you don't see the Pair button, wait a minute while your Apple pencil costs. Then disconnect your Apple pencil, Plug and back on hold until you see the button in hand.

    Best regards.

  • My Iphone was stolen. How can I find my iphone if someone reset my iphone?

    The first time that my phone was stolen was around the year 2014. I got my phone after that I went to the teacher and Director in this regard. The second time is when I put my phone to my friend because we had ipads at school for schoolwork, but she did not have an iPad, so I let him hold my phone until the end of the school. After school, waiting for her, but she was not outside. The next day, I asked where was my phone?, but she said she's going to give back my phone tomorrow because she has left it home. After this time, only it never gave my phone back to me.  I tried to find my iPhone app, but no response. I think she reset it. How can I locate my phone? Please help me, I want my phone back.

    Follow the instructions here > If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is lost or stolen - Apple Support

  • Apple pencil must be reconnected?

    Just got a pencil of Apple and the iPad Pro. I love! Used last night and went to use it this morning and the pencil did nothing. I had to connect to the iPad, then plug it back in Bluetooth settings. Is this normal? Should not always simply works without reconnecting?

    He must stay in touch.

    Make sure that the pencil is responsibility.

    Load your Apple pencil

    For a quick charge, plug the connector of lightning on your Pro your pen for Apple iPad. If the battery runs out, you can load from your iPad Pro for 15 seconds and 30 minutes of use

    You can also connect the pencil of Apple in a USB port to charge Apple pencil adapter and a USB cable Flash.

    To see the load your pencil Apple left, check the display of Widgets in Notifications on your iPad Pro.

    Use the pencil to Apple with iPad Pro - Apple Support

  • Uncertified Apple pencil

    Hi guys! I recently bought an iPad 9.7 Pro and now I have iOS 9.3.1 on it. I bought the Apple pencil too but when I tried to connect it to the iPad Pro, I received the message "uncertified". Since I bought it on the Apple Online Store, can't simply a fake pencil, but more probably a defective. You know as a troubleshooting for this problem? I'd like to think it's only a software issue and not a hardware one.

    Thanks for your help!


    This is probably a software bug. You have iOS 9.3.1 on your iPad 9.7 Pro (incidentally do not upgrade to iOS 9.3.2 that your device can get bricked) so you can expect a reliable update. If you really want to use the pencil, you might go to Apple to solve the problem, since the guarantee of your pencil is 1 year.

    iPad 2 Air, iOS 9.3.2

  • State of charge of the Apple pencil

    How can we get the State of charge of the Apple pencil and confirm when it is fully charged?

    Slide down from the top of the screen to access Notification Center, then tap on change downstairs. Find the option "Stacks" and press on the + sign next to it. Tap done. Battery display should show you the charge of Apple pencil when he is in charge.

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