Stop command missing in xp home Task Manager menu bar

Have file, Options, display, Windows, help in the menu bar.

Stop command and the menu link drop down corresponding disappeared.  Another xp pro system has this command.

How to repair or restore?

Current running XP Home Edition SP3, recent updates to windows (including the out-of-band for 2011) applied.



I tried the same fix... change the way users log on power and it has not worked for me. This seems to have happened recently.

Joe, to the extent where lines underscore...

Right-click on your desktop and select "Properties".

Click on the tab "appearance".

Click on the "Effects" button... »

Uncheck the option "hide underlined... letters. »

Hope this works


Uh, I just had to close the Task Manager and restart it to see the change... uh

Thank you all


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  • How to restore my Windows Task Manager menu bar?

    This morning (1/27) then I tried to unlock my computer through a boring program Norton 360 use, I have somehow disabled/deleted not only my menu bar in my Windows Task Manager, but the icons that reduce, maximize, and close the screen for both Task Manager. The only way I can shut it down now is by right-clicking on the icon when it appears in my task bar.

    Looks like you run the Task Manager using tiny/small footprint.

    If you double-click on the empty space around the border of the screen of the Task Manager, it will change from normal mode, and then you should see the tabs you are accustomed to seeing.

    You can read about it here:

  • Explorer Windows has stopped working. Same for the Task Manager.

    I have Windows Vista and have had this computer for several years.

    I tried to work on something yesterday and I found that all my Office 2007 programs would be would break immediately at the opening, while they were working fine a week ago (the last time we used them).  I ran the diagnostic program came not upward with anything and then installed a bunch of windows updates I received automatically.  When the computer restarts now, I get a window in the corner that says 'Custom settings', then a window appears and says that Windows Explorer has stopped working.  I can ctrl/alt/del and open Manager tasks, but when I try to do no matter what to whom, it also stops working.  I not to download anything so I really don't think it is a virus.

    I can't open programs or menus, even if I think I can get a screen of command.  I ran all the tests in the installation disc and did not get any where or the other.

    If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you


    I can show you a workaround until Microsoft fixes their problem.

    As soon as you enter the office hit

    1-CTRL/ALT/DEL to get into the Task Manager
    2. click on the tab Applications (top left corner)
    3. click the new button on the task (lower right corner)
    4. in the Open box, type explore and click the Enter key
    5 do step 3 and 4 once more as quickly as possible

    This should stop the process of recycling the error message

    After stops in the process recycling, you can leave the Task Manager and minimize the Explorer window.  Also, you should be able to leave the Task Manager and windows Explorer now.  If this is not the case, just keep the Explorer minimized window.

    You should now be able to use your computer as usual.

    Let me know how it works for you.  If it works well, spread the word.

  • accidental stop of a process in the Task Manager

    I accidentally stopped a process in my task manager, & now I have no icons on the desktop or the taskbar. I can't do anything. How can I fix this please?

    I accidentally stopped a process in my task manager, & now I have no icons on the desktop or the taskbar. I can't do anything. How can I fix this please?

    If you stopped the process, restart your computer. All processes will return to normal.

    Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, and then select Restart from the icon at the bottom right.

  • even when I stopped any adobe process using the Task Manager I still get error code 86. the download is at 56% then appears the error message

    as the title suggests I get error message 86 that I close all processes from adobe using the Task Manager and always update fails and the 86 error message reappears. I was stuck with this for 2 days. any suggestions please.


    Please see Error Code 86 | Cloud Creative

    Kind regards


  • How doI recover lost Manager menu bar tabs tasks and data use

    Some how I lost the menu bar and tabs and impossible to get processes, CPU use and commit chgs.

    checked to increase the resolution to increase (maximize) visibility without change.

    Anyone got a clue?  Thank you

    If you don't see the tabs in the Task Manager, then that means it works in 'tiny footprint mode' (sometimes referred to as 'Kiosk mode' or 'format') which does not show the legs or the menus above. This mode exists mainly for advanced users who want to put a small CPU counter in the corner of the screen using the performance tab. Sometimes this happens accidentally if you open and use the task manager often. To return to normal mode, open the Task Manager and double-click anywhere in the area of border (open) to reveal the tabs.

    See screenshot here.

  • The Firefox button is missing in my worm 4.0 menu bar - where can I find the command to add it back in?

    I just downloaded Firefox Ver 4.0 and have been customization - one thing I can't understand... I HAVE the menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.), but the "Firefox" button (which indicates to your image 'customize' the first button before the menu drop down "File") is missing. I watched all I can think to add, but have had no luck.

    For more details, the operating system is Vista (ugh, but I'm stuck with it for now).

    Would love to help! Thank you very much.

    To get the new interface, you need to hide the menu bar. Do, in the view menu, select Toolbars, then click on the entrance to the "Menu bar".

    If you need to access the menus, you can press Alt or F10 to display temporarily.

  • is it safe to stop svchost.exe running in my task manager

    I have a lot of ongoing process and I don't know what I can close safely to make my computer work better. There are a lot of svchost.exe process in the list.

    Leave them alone.

  • How to display the tasks and menu bar start on windows 7?

    Ive tried all to display the taskbar and start menu in windows 7, but nothing does.  Could you please help me?


    Were there any changes made on the computer before the show?

    See the article and check if that helps:

    Show or hide the taskbar

  • How to close the task manager full screen?

    How to close the new task manager? There is no close button, just end task, switch or the new task. I want to talk about the program itself?


    The Task Manager is running in tiny footprint mode - double-click on the border to return to full mode.

    Tabs in the Manager of tasks and Menu Bar missing or disappear

    Small footprint Mode

    How to switch between Normal Mode and small footprint in Vista and Windows 7 Task Manager

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • The Task Manager does not work properly

    My admin task manager does not work properly... its not showing menu bars and process... what should I do now?


    The Task Manager is running in tiny footprint mode - double-click on the border to return to full mode.

    Tabs in the Manager of tasks and Menu Bar missing or disappear

    Small footprint Mode

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • recognition of the application via the Task Manager

    If my 2 applications are run on the server and by any means that this system locks into place... and now I want to stop only one request by the task manager then how to recognize that, as in the Task Manager I wud see only esssvr.exe for both...


    You can do it by the process id in the go Task Manager to display the select columns, check PID.
    One way to match is looking in the essbase.log - you will see entries like
    Start the application [example] with the process id [6988]

    Try to use the microsoft process Explorer, it will identify the process much easier.

    See you soon


  • The Task Manager opens and closes.

    When I select the the Task Manager, tool bar options. It appears a second and then closes.  Won't open

    Your computer is probably infected by malicious software. Try the sequence of steps 1 and 2 in this virus/malware removal guide:
    It provides simple instructions on how to remove malware from a computer. If you have any questions, just ask. I hope this helps you.
  • Please help me. My task manager disappeared, also run the command

    I have automatic updated my computer this morning. After the update, I had to reboot my computer. After the reboot, my task manager disappeared, I received a message that it is disabled by the administrator. The thing is, I am the administrator. I tried to bring it using command run, but he went too. I tried the command run in the properties of the start menu, impossible to find. How can I bring back?

    Another thing, all my word files are now listed as files Visual Basic EDITOR. I guess it's because of virus. I turned off to avoid any automated scripts from script virus running, but then I can't open any word file, so I still allowed him. I can open word file after that, but they are still reported VBEfile. What is VBEfile anyway?

    Another problem, the automated system recovery tab is also missing from my computer properties after the update.

    Please help me, I'm desperate here.

    If you see things like this:

    You do not have sufficient security privileges to restore your system.
    The System Restore tab is missing from the my computer properties.
    System Restore has been disabled by group policy.  To turn on system restore, contact your domain administrator.
    The System Restore tab is available, but the turn off System Restore (disabled by Group Policy) box is grayed out.
    The task manager has been disabled by your system administrator.
    The registry editor has been disabled by your system administrator.
    The task manager has been disabled by group policy.
    The registry editor has been disabled by group policy.
    The command prompt has been disabled by your administrator.  Press a key to continue...
    The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.  Please contact your system administrator.
    The "Run" option is missing from the start menu.
    The option "Log off."... ' is missing from the Start Menu.

    The usual advice are something in the sense of "something has been disabled in the group policy...". ", and it is probably true that something has been disabled, but you know what something is and what it takes to do about it.

    If you are using XP Home Edition, you will get away with advice to use the Group Policy Editor, because there is no Group Policy Editor in XP Home and that really doesn't tell you where to look in group policy, even if you run the Group Policy Editor.

    You need a complete solution that works for all versions of XP and requires no hunting around in the Group Policy Editor or registry to find where things are that have been disabled.

    Unless you have disabled these things on purpose, chances are good that your system has a malware infection.  The malware knows what tools you use to try to find and remove, for the malware disables the things you are more likely to consume and prevents them from running if you can't find the malware and remove it.

    If your system has this kind of affliction, all malicious software tools you currently use or have used failed to protect your system so that you can expand your horizons malware detection and prevention to prevent these kinds of afflictions in the first place.

    The malware will be happy you trick into thinking that you need to so something drastic to fix your system - as a facility repair, system restore point or a total reinstallation of XP.  This is what it would be like you, but these measures are not necessary.

    You must solve the immediate problem of the tools does not, then scan your system for malware when you are finished.

    No matter what kind of malware you've used analytical tools, they are unlikely to solve this problem, because they cannot tell if the changes made to your system have been on purpose (you or an administrator who makes them) or some malware changed them, so the analysis tools will let these things alone (it's usually a good thing).

    If your system is afflicted in this way, there are probably other things that also do not work - like the registry editor, System Restore and the command prompt, so fix them all at once even if you have not discovered they are broken again.

    These commands from registry removes the registry entries that are stop opening programs.  Although the registry entries do not exist, these commands are safe to run and will work for all versions of XP.

    Before making any changes to your registry, back up the registry with this free and popular tool:

    Open Notepad to create a new text file:

    Click Start, run and enter in the box:


    Click OK to open a new Notepad file.

    Copy and paste the following lines in bold text in the new Notepad file.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "DisableTaskMgr" = -.
    "DisableRegistryTools" = -.
    "DisableCMD" = -.
    "DisableTaskMgr" = -.
    "DisableTaskMgr" = -.
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
    "DisableCAD" = DWORD: 00000000
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\SystemRestore]
    "DisableConfig" = -.
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\SystemRestore]
    "DisableSR" = -.
    "NoRun" = -.
    "NoRun" = -.
    "NoClose" = -.
    "NoClose" = -.
    "NoSetTaskbar" = -.

    Save the new text file with extension .reg on your desktop or somewhere you can remember with a name you can remember, something like:


    After you save the file, close Notepad.

    Locate the file enableit.reg on your desktop and double-click it.

    Alternatively, you can right-click on the enableit.reg file, choose open with... and select the registry editor.

    Answer in the affirmative to the question... Are you sure you want to add the information in the registry?

    You should then see a message that information has been registered in the register.

    Reboot your system and test.

    You can delete the enableit.reg file when you are finished.

    If the registry editor has also been disabled, we first fix (not a problem).

    Because now you have or have had a malware infection, I would follow with this:

    Download, install, update and do a full scan with these free malware detection programs:
    Malwarebytes (MMFA):
    SUPERAntiSpyware: (SAS):
    They can be uninstalled later if you wish.
  • Windows Vista Home Premium - problem "task manager has been disabled by your administrator".

    Nice day

    I had problems with my task manager (I use the operating system "Windows Vista Home Premium"). Evertime I try to access the program, he returns with "task manager has been disabled by your administrator". I used different tools to remove malware and got rid of a lot of problems but still can not in Task Manager.

    I created a new user with administrator account and logged on it and had no problem until my 'Task Manager' program open, but when I went back to my origional administrator account the same problem occurred.

    Why can I get to "Task Manager" in my new account administrator and not the former?
    I still have malware in the old account or do I go into my registry and restore something?

    I am at a loss, and any help would be appreciated. I'm worried that I can always have some kind of malware that prevents me to access my task manager in my old account.

    Please give step by step instructions because I am not computer savvy computer even when it comes to fixing the problems of this kind.

    Thanks in advance.


    What antivirus/antispyware/security products are in use and which have ALREADY been on your machine
    even if you have uninstalled them?

    Never put any Parental controls?

    Start - type in the search box-> COMMAND - find top - CLICK RIGHT to it - RUN AS ADMIN

    Copy and paste in the command prompt - press enter

    Tracking Add HKCU/v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD


    Start - type in the search box-> Regedit - find top - make a RIGHT CLIC top - RUN AS ADMIN

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER-Software-Microsoft-Windows-CurrentVersion-Policies\ system

    Look in the right-hand panel and delete the value named DisableTaskMgr
    Right-click on it and delete

    Close Regedit
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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