Stor.e TV + loader error keeps coming up when you turn it on

I experienced ongoing problems accessing the hard drive. Error message "No Loader" keeps coming up when you turn it on.

The so-called 'solution' to this problem on this forum is to open the box and play with the cables. While I had some success with this method initially, disassembly of the box 10 times a week is not on.

In desperation, I tried something else.
When the message no. Loader is in place, I pass in the box and the new on the remote control.
After 2 or 3 times, and then the folder of the HARD disk appears generally.

I did that constantly now with great success. However, this suggests that the error no. Loader is NOT a mechanical connector with the hard drive problem, but (as usual) poor software (what else?).

Dismantling of the unit is shut down for an extended period of time so may explain why this technique works.

Put the unit on and off the power several times also solves the problem of file D are not on the network even if Win7 shows shop-TV-Plus as a mapped drive on NTFS (but can not find the file D).

See the resemblance?

Another thing that exacerbates the problems is poor ventilation of the device. The first thing that happens with this device, it's rubber feet sticky garbage fall.

While this may seem trivial, the ventilation slots are under the device and will be blocked if he has no feet. I live in a hot country so this appliance gets very hot and behaves even more erratic, unless it is well ventilated.

Ideally keep well away from other units and preferably sitting it on a small box in itself with the vents in many exposed.

I always also have problems to read files FLAC, MKV. The unit sometimes lost synch with files FLAC which generally play OK and crashes or causes a large noise or white noise on the speakers (dangerous).

Some just MKV files play quite although VLC reads. There are many other inconsistencies, but these are more boring.

Everyone knows these problems or someone at - it other solutions for these problems?

I don't think we can expect another software upgrade from Toshiba? Your dreams, pal.


I m not Stor.E + owner and can not say much about the issues mentioned, but the first sounds of mentioned problem (error no. Loader") for me much more like a hardware problem as a software related issue.

Files mkv seems to be supported.
The mkv must be encoded in H.264 and MPEG-4 format
This is what I found on a Web page.

In addition, there seems to be an update of the firmware

[3.5 inches StorE TV + ROM Image 2.12_UI1.0 | = 4 & selFamily = 271 & selSeries = 254 & selProduct = 6350 salt ShortMod = null & language = 13 & selOS = all & selType = all & ye arupload = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = allMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = all & selectedLanguage = 13 & type = all & page = 1 & ID = 80742 & DISO =-1 & driverLanguage = 42]

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