Strange behaviour of my 45.5.1. with regard to the address book

This happened today, out of nowhere I started to email. I clicked on WRITE as usual, then: and now where I typed the first letter of the address of the recipient, which was 'c', I got a drop-down list of my address book complete, arranged with addresses beginning with c first email, then all the rest who have 'c' somewhere in the address, then the rest. It happens to any letter I start with. What on earth I did (so I wouldn't do it again) and how can I disable it? PS: The new destination address is not in my address book, there is no shortcut, some inconvenience. When I managed to tap on the address book entry, the new address appeared in bright red. The only frame of reference I have for it is Christ's words in an old copy of the New Testament, I had. Is that where I should make my appeal? But seriously, I find a link that might have instructions but no luck, so any help will be much appreciated.


Seizure semi-automatic is not new but I just thought that you have ever used it and in the update process, it has become allowed. (I agree that Thunderbird will change frequently or that he loses all settings during upgrades. We have users who lose toolbars, or their connection fails, because a checkbox somewhere has changed its State during an upgrade).

It had not occurred to me that he could be disabled, or someone would.

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    Firefox does not have email or have an address book, it is strictly a web browser.

    If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, let know us and we can move this thread to the queue of Thunderbird. This issue is currently in the queue of Firefox to get answers.

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    Open the address book window.
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    Office at the above link forums

    Outlook Help Forums at the link above.

    They will help you with your Outlook questions when repost you in the Office Forums above.

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    There is unfortunately no way to disable the new look of the address book. This is the way that all the books addresses with OS 4.5 and higher. You would have to downgrade the OS less than 4.5 to go back to the old look.

  • Tour of blackBerry 9630 - entries in the address book multiple Smartphones / synchronize with Outlook 2007

    All data in Outlook is OK.  After the initial synchronization with Tower, everything looks OK.  After the opening address book two or three times, some entries

    are fine – others are duplicated 4 X (categories have disappeared in all the dups).

    I tried to overwrite the data on the device with Outlook data, but the problem resurfaces every time.

    That is what it is?

    Hello jaking777,

    You can try the following:

    Backup your data to the device as shown here. (We would not need the backup, but it is recommended any time you make a change to the data on the device).

    Delete folder Intellisync on your PC as shown here. (This will reset your configuration of PIM in the Desktop Manager).

    Clear the address book on the BlackBerry as described here only the task 2. (This will remove all contacts from the device in order to ensure that your data in Outlook are first updated.)

    Go back to the Desktop Manager and reconfigure your synchronization as shown here , then test the synchronization once more.

    See you soon!

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    Nothing not done, I ran twice SyncClean and 'Reset all devices to the first SYnc State'. I have re-started the Mac and Blackberry several times.

    What to do next?

    I deleted all my data via the Options > Security Options > then wipe Handheld. Necessary for the re-registration

    the BB with the carrier and then by downloading my backed up address book & calendar

    Re-creation of speed dials, themes, ringtones, etc., but it cures the problem of address book.

    My calendar now has 3 copies of holiday in the United States, but I can live with that.

    I find it interesting that nowhere on the site Web Blackberry or PocketMac is there any

    clue on how to clean a calendar book or address munged. Maybe the next

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager will fix this problem.

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    HII everyone,

    In my application, we using mapviewer, which was installed locally on our server, for map rendering and showing the locations of a client like pinball machines.

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    It depends on how you got the map features.  Mapfeatures are usually stored in the cache.  If a change in database may not appear in the card immediately.  If, however, given the characteristics of the map as a vectorlayer, then simple vector update updates map.  You should consider two options with regard to the update database process.  You can store the geometry as a function that is updated on the fly as change attributes of database, or you may use a database trigger to update the geometry when the attributes change.  Thus, using a combination of correct space architecture and mapviewer correct functions.

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    try {}
    String::handle gridHandleCache = GridCacheName;

    if(hCommCache == null) {}
    hCommCache = CacheFactory::getCache (gridHandleCache);
    else {}

    "cost < <" Info: "< < GridCacheName < <" Cache already in a State of assets "< < endl;"
    {catch (exception::handle Vex)}

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    Edited by: 882600 August 31, 2011 05:51

    There are several ways to achieve this. Perhaps the simplest is to simply catch Exception as std::exception const &, or one of its derivatives, then call what(). However, if you want to use the specific exception hierarchy richer consistency, you can get the equivalent of the what() result by calling getDescription()-> getCString(). With regard to the rankings largely what types of exceptions are "fatal", which would be RuntimeException and its derivatives, but the scope which it was caught in general is going to be more telling.

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    Your address book is a collection of address books, such as the collected addresses and to personal address book. Yes, we must create a new address book for each external address book with that synchronize you.

    I run two address books google, each with its own counterpart in Thunderbird. One e-mail, another for use in my phone that is used for addresses phone numbers rather than by e-mail. I don't want my email list on my phone.

    If you email messages Thunderbird using typing and semi-automatic n so it doesn't matter which of your books addresses one address is taken.

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    I use Microsoft Outlook Express.

    1. turn on "Show hidden files and folders" by

    2. open a Windows Explorer search [Windows key + F]

    3. in the search box to the foreground, type, or copy and paste

    * .wab ~.

    then click OK or press ENTER.

    4 search result (s) will be the backup copy of your address book Windows automatically manages.

    5. to open such a file, right-click on it | Open with | Select address book...

    Now missing contacts are still included in the backup?

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