strange characters

I have a problem with a report created with Diadem 11.1.  The problem is when I use a comments box and fill it automatically get seats.  Is it possible to get rid of them and have represented as the characters they are supposed to be? i, e tabs, line breaks and spaces...

I joined the. TDR and a. TDMS file ro further explain my problem.

Siriusly Hello!

Most of your funky characters is tablets (code ASCII 9). REPORT not so much I know he discovers in the expected way. You can replace them with other channels, but will not result in a fair representation. You can try it in your first box with this expression:

@Replace (Data.Root.ChannelGroups (2).) Properties ("notes"). Value, Chr (9), ',') @.


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    Ok. I thank very you much for the fast support.

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    19 of Firefox, by chance?  See

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    Hi @JSvWyk,

    Am I assume it looks something like this?

    You may need to change the language of your operating system. Research I've done, it seems that some languages, such as English (United Kingdom), cause this hiccup. Please check or change your language to English ( States- United).

    To check or change your current settings, go to control panel and select clock, language and region, and then select change regions. On the Format tab, select English (United States). On the location tab you have the United States in the current location of falling down and then select apply.

    Please let me know if I indeed understood the question correctly, and if the problem is now resolved. Thank you.

  • String of DLLS in LabView in two strange characters

    Hello. I pass a string of DLLS in Labview and the result is correct, but there are two characters strange everytime "Gn".

    If the character that I spend is 'a', then the result is «a LARP»

    My DLL code is:

    void massiv_int(char *lv_ptr);

    _declspec (dllexport) void f_massiv (char hello []);

    _declspec (dllexport) void f_massiv (char hello []) {}

    char lv_str [10];
    char * lv_ptr;
    lv_ptr = & lv_str [0];

    massiv_int (lv_ptr);
    * Hello = lv_str [1];


    void massiv_int(char *lv_ptr) {}

    char lv_local [10] = "abcdefg";
    memcpy (lv_ptr, lv_local, 10);

    Could you tell me, what could be wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

    Try this:

    void massiv_int(char *lv_ptr);
    void massiv_int_NextLine(char *lv_ptr);

    LVSTR_API void f_massiv (char hello []) {}

    char lv_str [10];
    char * lv_ptr;
    lv_ptr = & lv_str [0];

    massiv_int (Hello);

    massiv_int (lv_ptr);
    * Hello = lv_str [1];

    void massiv_int(char *lv_ptr) {}

    do lv_local as long as necessary (no extra characters)
    Char [] lv_local = "abcdefg";

    copies all of the characters in lv_local to lv_ptr
    strcpy (lv_ptr, lv_local);

    Add the following line
    massiv_int_NextLine (lv_ptr + strlen (lv_ptr));

    void massiv_int_NextLine(char *lv_ptr) {}

    do lv_local as long as necessary (no extra characters, including LF)
    Char [] lv_local = "\nqwerty";

    copies all of the characters in lv_local to lv_ptr
    strcpy (lv_ptr, lv_local);


    But make sure that the external string buffer allocated by LV is long enough to contain all the characters!

  • get some strange characters for graphics (after upgrade)

    Instead of graphic characters/symbols related to the navigation (as + - > < etc) I see hexadecimal numbers in small boxes. I have highlighted them in an example on the attached photo. It appears only on (so far). I've recently updated to Firefox (many versions to jump) and went through a lot of obstacles to get Visual search the way I liked (e.g. the legacy/classic). No doubt these hoops, extensions and 10 year profile and liked are linked, but no idea where to start looking? I disabled hdwe acceleration but no difference. Also, I have switched to Unicode/Western, no diff.

    These boxes to identify a character that Firefox cannot find in the font he uses.

    The most common reason for this is that if you turn off the setting that allows the sites to choose their own fonts. You can check here:

    "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Options > content > button "Advanced".

    The 'Allow pages to choose their own fonts' check box must be checked

    A few other less frequent causes for this:

    • Disabled downloads of fonts in all: config
    • NoScript extension blocking police downloads
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    Hello ka5biw, this is a defect caused display extension Advisor to mcafee site - please try to disable or remove that in case you have a present that there is a mcafee update that may resolve the problem.

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    Hello, try turning off hardware acceleration and check again.

    Thank you

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    TTry open with Adobe reader, instead of Preview

  • Moxa Ethernet series with Visa showing strange characters

    Before going to the Moxa with these questions, I was hoping if someone could easily say "I saw this before and this is probably what is wrong." I use a Moxa device which is just ethernet to serial (NPort 5150). I can say I have everything match correctly in terms of run configuration, and I'm just a loopback test. However the data have some weird characters at the beginning, when I read again. They seem to spend as I add text at the beginning of my thong and maybe has something to do with the first space in the string? Someone has seen something like this before with Moxa or other ethernet equipment series? The device has a few options of delimitter but now that they are not chosen so I don't think that's the question.

    They have a DLL with functions I'd like to try in case they do something special under the hood, but I'm really trying to avoid writing a wrapper around a bunch of UIBC if native G will do. My next step would be to one of their example programs C compile and write data to see if I get the same results as my LabVIEW application.

    Marco, your question about the serial interface made me think, because Yes it is 232 but has 485 capabilities...

    Maybe that I just need to sleep on it, but I came this morning and looked at the settings. The default type is 485 serial device. I switched it to 232 and it worked (big surprise...).

    Thank you for encouraging my brain to start working again.

  • Suddenly strange characters French appearing instead of what the keyboard shows

    I have a brand new 520-1050 HP cleaner with a wireless keyboard.  I have the language set on Canadian English (and I double checked that by checking via the control panel).  There is a button on the keyboard (2nd from the bottom line to the left) that says Fn which I assume has something to do with the French.  I hit a combination of keys on the keyboard and now I get characters that are different from what appears on the keyboard.  For example, instead of getting an exclamation mark when I hit this key, I get this: e. or this e depending on whether or not I hit the SHIFT key.  How do I cancel what I have unwittingly given

    Hello MarmMM:

    Welcome to HP forum. Language of the Canada uses the English and the French. GoTo your control panel and top-right you see BY. Change it to veiw large icons. Now search for region and language, click on it. It should open the screen Formats. Now click on keyboard and languages (tab at the top) you will see choose a display language. It is at the bottom one if it is written in French. Select the language you want to use. If you want to check your keyboard state. Click on change keyboard and switch to the right language settings if changes were made there also. Please click on Bravo if this solves your problem. Thank you frrw.

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