Strange colors


A few days ago I pulled to the top of my Pavilion dv6 3240us and he did something weird. The colors are a little unhinged.

Bright white area shows as Cyan and dark (black) are a kind of Burgundy or dark red.  I can adjust the contrast a bit down and the brightness up to-13 and cyan for the most part goes, but the dark areas are still more red.

I update the drivers and the catalyst app and did a full update of Windows 7 (which took almost 24 hours and it still wants more time) without success.

How has it happened? One day it worked perfectly, and he stopped normally. The next day, it was screwed. Nothing happened to the machine between these periods. I would like to show you the pictures but I found that screenshots of him appear normal on other machines, for example: my office.

At one point yesterday when I tried to play a game on the problen suddenly cleared up. It lasted a few minutes before returning the State screwed up.

I write about; It does not work. But trying to watch videos or photos more or games looks really wild, too strange to see what is happening several times.

I tried looking for answers but describing in a few words, well that doesn't really work.

I'd appreciate it wholeheartedly any guidance I can get on it.

Thank you


Hello @sepulchre10,

I understand that your laptop displays a strange assortment of colors on an intermittent basis, and I would be happy to guide you to a resolution!

In accordance with the guidance in this document on the resolution of a dispute with screens of laptop (Windows 7 and Windows 8), the appearance of discoloration indicates a problem with the display or other hardware of the laptop. Since there is no settings or corrective actions for this condition, I recommend you contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

I hope this helps!


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    I have a Satellite A300-202 with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 card and after upgrading vista to windows 7, my external screen turned a strange color, seems to lose the color red. Never see white color, which should show the white color of the Blue Watch.

    I uninstalled and installed again the graphic card drivers and update the new drivers but don t solved this problem. My external monitor it of ok because I tried with the other laptop and don't have this problem. I also tried my laptop with any other monitor and have the same problem.

    Someone already had this problem, someone who can help me?

    Thank you

    Hi Zagga,

    This means that this only happens on your external monitor or internal monitor too?

    You wrote on the new installation of display drivers so that the drivers that you have installed exactly? You should only take on the official website of Toshiba display drivers as they are pre-tested.
    Check this box!

    Also, make sure that this latest version of the BIOS is installed.

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    This means that the graphics card is damaged? How to be sure what is the problem and what to do in such a case and not spendig a lot of money for the profesional service?


    If the image on the external screen is seems perfect so I thing t that there could be something wrong with the graphics card.
    It might be something wrong with the screen of the laptop.
    In this case the best way is to contact the service partner allowed in your country because it can do some diagnostic tests.

    But be aware that parts like display or motherboard are the most expensive laptop parts. If you have experienced failure and if it s 100% the wrong display work so I would recommend looking for a second hand laptop with the screen on the right.

  • Strange colors on Satellite L500-1GG

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 1YU with gorgeous video card and colours - natural. We bought a new netbook - Toshiba Satellite L500-1GG, which has strange colors and I try to change thanks to Intel Driver for Mobile on the control panel and yet they are not the same naturalists as the old mobile computer. We're supposed to new versions have better technical characteristics.

    How might solve the problem with the colors, brightness and contrast, so photos, web pages and videos will look like normal and naturally colored?


    I doubt that there is something wrong with the colors of the display.
    I think you used a different type of display in the past and so the colors are unusual.

    The L500 was fitted with a CSV HD 200 15.6.
    The A200 supports a LCD with screen 15,4 "WIDE XGA CSV

    I think that it s is the internal screen and it s not question the display settings

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    When I hade the image to 'fit' strange color bars appear. This glitter of colors in the image when I export to. The bars disappear when I put the image at 100%, but it will still be visible in the image after exporting. Help, please! This problem started after I did the El Captain update on my Macbook pro retina.

    Skärmklipp 2015-10-16 13.36.07.png

    Hi Henrik,

    Change the engine on "Mercury Playback Engine software" only file/project settings/general.

    For more details: Heads up on first with El Capitan

    Kind regards

    Navdeep Pandey

  • Why are the Images of the Nikon 810 turn turning strange colors when the previews make it?

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    Thanks for the help that we've thought of it

    It's a matter of card compact flash. I tried another card and it worked fine

  • strange color (red & green) spots appear after conversion of RAW files to JPEG, someone knows how to fix this?

    Strange color (red & green) spots appear after conversion of RAW files to JPEG, someone knows how to fix this? Thank you.

    Thank you all, I use rather than ProPhoto RGB sRGB and it's better now. Thanks again.

  • Satellite A210 - 1C2 PSAELE - strange colors HD2600

    I'm new to this forum.
    I have a Satellite A210 - 1 c 2 with a HD2600 512 MB and a problem with the Graphik. I use windows Vista pre-installed. Sometimes the display resembles the resolution goes to 8-bit or lower and all the colors become strange look. Unfortunatela I can't upload a photo here. There are some pictures in another thread𠆐
    (Radeon HD 2600 issue - computer laptop Satellite A blocks ati2dvag)

    Sometimes it will crash after 15 minutes sometimes after 4 hours. Then I have to restart windows and everything will be fine for many hours. I think there is no problem with the contacts or cables, because I don't have to move the laptop before restarting. I searched for hours on the net I have a solution. This is the first forum where I met someone with the same problem. Someone has an idea?
    I already did:
    update the drivers from the Toshiba site
    using 16 bits display
    disable the powermanagement (Powerplay) of the pole of catalyst

    Sorry for my bad English

    Pepe greetings

    PS: I try to answer in the thread above, but it will not show my answer. So I have tom open a new threat with my Question, sorry

    As said by Akuma, try a BIOS update.

    You also have the problem on an external monitor?

    I think the problem is a faulty graphics card or a problem with the driver. If you have not reinstalled Windows, try this.

  • Satellite L300 - strange colors of Windows Server 2003


    I use Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Release 2 for the test on Toshiba Satellite L300.
    On my laptop coolors are strange, not like XP. I tried to fix it manually by changing the setting in the video driver for each color channel but the color is not like in XP.
    I think it's a problem whith white point - white is not white exactle or etc. and all the images are brighter.
    What can I do to correct colors?

    And I have a poblem with cooler is always on while working with source ca, but temperatures of the CPU is normal (~ 46)

    Have you noticed that with original preinstalled and supported operating system Vista (factory settings)?

    Windows Server 2003 is not supported and I don't know what drivers do you use exactly.
    All the drivers for the operating systems supported are tested, but for Windows Server 2003...

  • Windows 7 boot logo is displayed in strange colors, printing of the bios is blurry and has a yellow tint

    I have been using Windows 7 on my desktop since mid-January of this year, first beta, then RC1 and now install Windows 7 Professional. I had not encountered this problem in one of my previous installations.

    Arriving at the "windows startup screen" the animated windows logo appears in an odd arrangement of green and purple hues. Windows itself seems to have no real color problem arriving at the login screen. What is more strange is that mother Foxconn BIOS for my card start page now displays the text extremely blurry and has a yellowish tint on the edges of the letters.

    Video card drivers reach this somehow similar? Or is it just something funny with my installation of Windows?

    Edit: I apologize if this is the wrong forum, couldn't really find anything specific enough for this. Thank you!

    Thank you to have moved. And you're right, this isn't windows, just a coincidence with the time of installation. I don't know what happened, but now everything is wobbly. I was getting a black and purple theme by entering in my bios instead of blue and yellow.

  • Photoshop Elements 9 strange color picker

    Hello world

    A few days ago I reinstalled Elements 9 on my laptop, where I had to replace the hard drive, and after the installation of Win 10 I reinstalled all the programs I used, including the 9 Elements. The strange thing is that the color chooser has changed and looks like an old windows a (look at the picture of what I mean):Colore PE9.jpg

    How can I retrieve the color picker to its standard appearance and behavior?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    In photoshop elements 9 go Edit > preferences > General and change the color selector for Adobe.

    Now she has set to use windows system color picker.

  • Strange colors in develop


    Everything looks fine in the library, but as soon as I turn to development everyting very strange... like a color negative. I tried to return to the settings of standars of LR but he always looks the same. With little raw and JPEG files everything looks like this. I can make changes and they work I can see if I have a screen secons and it seems normal, but not on the main screen. What should I do?

    Hi jenny_lucia,

    It's because of the graphics processor.

    Go to the Lightroom preferences > performance > uncheck CPU chart use

    Kind regards


  • Strange color in LR4.1 tasks. Possible bug in WB?

    When looking at a few recent pictures last night I noticed a strange, flesh like halo around some parts of my images.

    Ive not noticed before, but its quite worrying. DPP appear to be good, and if I drag the WB slider to the right, it disappears.

    Here is a crop on a picture to show what I mean

    You can see it in the people in the shot, as well as Polish and a barrel of oil.

    Drag the slider to the left shows an effect even strager (ignoring the BM is now off).

    Any ideas?

    Incorrect settings for new color defringe controls.

  • Strange color fill problem

    I'm having a strange problem in my version of Fireworks MX 2004. When I try to color fill a selected area of an existing image and I chose a specific web-safe color, filled it with a completely different color. For example, I am filling my bitmap with a green color (#666600), but it is filled with a blue color (330066 #). If I select another color in green, the color to another color changes. This problem occurs with the color fill tools... Paint bucket, Brush tool, pencil, etc.

    I have no idea why this is happening, so if anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    I found a work around for this problem, and I thought that after she. I saved the image to gif, then selected and filled color area. It has worked well. I guess it was something to do with her being a bitmap image. In any case, it's all good. Thanks anyway.

  • 2309v strange colors in the display text

    Just bought this 2309v. Without apparent reason, in the text some characters appear in different colors, well assorted black. Sometimes change the font seems correct.

    A mistake from my PC (who works near capacity) or monitor?

    Comments appreciated.

    WB, it could be caused by one or the other.  I suggest updating the driver for each of them.  Let us know if that helps.  If not, give us the model of the computer and the operating system if you have upgraded.

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