Strange problem - Cluster of references

Hello guys

I had a strange problems using a cluster with references.

How to reproduce the problem:

-Open a white VI;

-create two charts in the front panel;

-in the block diagram, create references to two graphics;

-connect these references to a package (not);

-create an indicator across;

-run the VI once;

-Right-click on the beam indicator and change it to a control;

-remove the references and bundle;

-Select the control from the front panel, go to EDITION, CUSTOMIZE the CONTROL;

-change the type strict def;

-Save this order as Control1.ctl;

-connect the control to a unbundle by name;

-Right-click on the name unbundle and select one of the two graphs as an element (no matter that one select it);

-Create a property node and feed its terminal of reference with the reference of the unbundle by name;

-use of the 'Label.Text' property in the property node;

-create a flag for the node of the property;

-run the VI;

-l' indicator will display the correct label for this chart.


If you save the VI and run again, fine.

But... If you close it, open it again and run... you will get an error 1055 "object reference is not valid.

Why it worked before closing?

Find attached the VI and the control.

Thank you



Let see if I can answer before I start work.

Do a quick experiment.

Use Type casting to cast your Ref as a U32 and display this value on the public Service.

Save the VI race she and the registration number on the FP.

Mod the vi record close it open and run again. The number must have changed.

That is the question facing you, ref number changes if you need one that is valid when you run.

How do I;

I use a motor of Action (see this nugget to learn what is a motor of Action) as servse as a GUI controller and allows me to get in refs where even I need them. The following is a case study.

I first collect all th refs I need and combine them into a def type. I am pursuing a state machine to make the grouping if there are many.

The clsuter group are passed to an Action controller GUI engine

Inside Init, I check the referees to make sure that they are vlid. This has saved a lot of time wated no valid refs.

If they were valid I cache the arbitrators.

For major changes that require a lot of punching of GUI, I create Subvi to do the dirty work.

Every time the ref to the GUI needs to other codes, I have a method that returns the arbitrators.

The following is an example of an another VI using the MISTLETOE refs.

I hope this helps,


Tags: NI Software

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    Thanks for reading, and let me know if you need any additional info!

    Greetings from the Germany,

    Hello Sandro,

    To be honest I confused m.

    I would try to start talking about the drivers installed, since you changed the system for Win 7.
    All the network devices, such as card WLan and LAN card are properly recognized in Device Manager?

    As I m not wrong not the laptop was equipped with a network card Realtek-8111F (1000BASE-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T) and WLan RTL8723AE Realtek b/g/n card.
    If both should appear in the device properly Manager if you have installed the drivers correctly.

    2nd question:
    You said:
    > As soon as I unplug the cable, Windows starts looking for a network and actually found one!
    Are you sure that you speak of LAN and WLAN?
    For me it made no further since. If the network cable is unplugged, the notebook would connect to the WLan where WiFi is enabled.

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    This is a bug known on Skype servers.

  • Satellite L850 - 1 H 4 - a strange problem with the FN key


    I have a strange problem on my laptop. When I uninstall my PVAT my start "FN" key works, when I install it it s not working not properly. Its market not only the volume key (F9 and F10) without pressing the "Fn", if I want to press F9 or F10 I have to press FN + F9, even with the rest of the buttons.

    When I install PVAT I have to press FN, so I can use my F keys (e.g. F3 to search on the browser tool, alt + f4 - I have to press Fn + alt + f4), and I can't use real functions like mute, disable Touchpad etc. Use the volume keys only. Y at - it a problem if I run my computer without PVAT, this may affect its performance?

    Where could be the problem and can I fix it? I'm with Windows7 x 64, but the laptop was with no OS when I bought it. And there is a problem with this version, I bought its impossible to install the Pakc3 Service, it s with SP1, can be the problem? I put t know what to do... perhaps I run the laptop without PVAT, sounds good, because the buttons work fine without it, but I don't know if it interacts with something else.

    Thanks in advance!

    Its possible to use the function buttons by pressing another button without the use of the fn or FN.
    This option can be changed in the BIOS.

    Go to the BIOS by pressing F2.
    In the BIOS, choose Advanced-> system configuration Options
    Here you should find the option that allows to change the special function keys which allows you to use the function FN or without button Fn button

    By the way: this theme has already spoken here in the forum several times. therefore recommend that you use the advanced search to Forums before posting new thread

  • More strange problem with keyboard and mouse on Satellite 1900

    Clicking on files or folders, I wonder to confirm the deletion of the clicked elements. The "Left shift" is interpreted as a backspace. I was afraid of a virus; but no viruses or spyware are present. I reformatted and reinstalled evrything; the problem persists. Everyone has known and resolved this strange problem.
    Thank you for the help.


    It's very strange. Unfortunately I have no precise explanation. I suggest you check this with external keyboard to see if the keyboard is not defective.

  • Strange problem with Toshiba Express Media Player on Satellite M115-S3094

    I am facing a strange problem in my Toshiba M115-S3094, which has been pre-installed with Windows XP Media Center edition and which also had the Toshiba Express Media Player.

    I had already done a clean install of Vista on it, and then I decided to go back to XP with my recovery DVDs. I did the same procedures of first installation Express Media Player to backup (that I did when I bought the laptop) and then installing Windows XP DVD de Toshiba Recovery XP.

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    I tried to open it again and again, but the logo is displayed for 5 seconds and then my laptop stop...

    Laptop works fine when I connect to windows by pressing the power button / stop.

    Can someone help me on this strange question... ?


    The whole story is a bit confusing
    First of all, I would like to know if your laptop is already preinstalled with the Media Express Player and if you were able to use it on your laptop in the past.

    Now something about the Express Media Player installation;
    In order to use the media functions Express the Mediaplayer Express Recovery CD must be performed before performing the recovery from the recovery DVD-ROM products.

    In addition, on the HARD drive should at least 150-200 MB of free space available.
    This free space must be on the end of the HARD drive and there must be unallocated. To get these free space on party products 3rd HARD drive should be used as Partitions Magic 8.

    I m not 100% sure that on error ID system badly but maybe it corresponds to the DMI evil information stored on the motherboard. If we're not DMI, you will not be able to reinstall Express Media player using the recovery media express CD.
    In the DMI must be set properly the manufacturing: Toshiba, product name: for example by Satellite M115-S30

    Finally and most importantly, I found this thread useful forum on the Media Express recovery procedure:쩙

    Could be useful for you!

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    Hope someone can help me that this laptop is causing me a massive headache

    The P30 for 2 1/2 years now, had my share of problems, DC have to be repaired and overheating due to the obstruction of the fan/radiator etc.

    a few months I ve noticed problems again with the domain controller, connection, works ok, but if you hit the laptop a little, it loses its charge and the amber light turns off and it extends the battery, the laptop must be turned off in so he can be charged. Also, there is a hissing/crackling noise from the charger when it is plugged

    I downloaded ATI Catalyst software a few days back and since then I ve had nothing other than problems, I got a mom.exe error and since then I have times m restarting constantly randomly, I formatted my system using the master CD, the laptop was returned to the factory settings, but 2 minutes in windows, I restarted, I formatted again and put an original disc of XP SP2 and who used to put a fresh xp on my laptop. But once I was doing restarted without any warning. Of course, I had installed my hardware from Toshiba disk drivers.

    Now my system is totally messing with my head, I can't get into windows without problem, I can surf the internet without problem, I tested a game for 5 hours last night (set of high spec) there was no reboot at all, and the computer ran fine. If I open windows media player and search for songs my computer restarts, I have tried to install software like nero and System Mechanic it restarts again, I watched a movie using windows media player and who ran late, its when its looking for songs it turns off, I do not understand is how random, I don't see the problem is the video card (games will work perfectly) and I do not think that the problem are a nuisance power because the game ran fine with the fans spinning, got a little hot, but that's normal I guess. It s mainly when I m access some files on my drive C: is when it restarts

    Please can someone help with this strange problem?
    Thanks in advance

    Oh 1 still a thing, I also have problems with my m * a UJ820S mat, when I connect to windows, it is not in my computer, if I remove the Bay and restart the machine, it appears and works fine until my computer is off again


    I read all strange story twice and believe me, confuses the issue description
    I can't give you a solution to the problem, but I can try to make some suggestions
    To me, it looks like a motherboard problem

    Several years ago I also had a strange problem with my old no Toshiba laptop.
    The laptop always closes if I open the html files. But this happened only while the laptop was connected to the main power supply.
    It's very strange for me and the ASP could not believe that finally, the technician changed the motherboard and since this replacement everything runs great

    I think you should also try to contact the service provider in your country for detailed notebook verification.
    In your case, it s really necessary

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    So, as my wallpaper is all stored on the card microSD, I decided to turn off the power and remove the card.

    After plugging everything seems OK... So far, that is.

    I'm currently copy everything off the card on my PC and the test card and reformat to see if that takes care of it, and I'm going to order a new card just as a precautionary measure.

    No idea why these symptoms?

    Well, after doing a formatting FULL of the microSD card on my machine Win7 and retransfering files back to him, he seems to have solved the problem. I think that full format dealt with issues on the map.

    But, because I'm a FIRM believer in the CYA, I also ordered another card anyway. Figure better than cure.

  • strange problem of typing

    Then I searched through six pages and don't see my problem. I hope that I did not lack the thread for him.

    My problem is when I type with the physical keyboard, he decides to randomly not automatically correct. It will not capitalize the words at the beginning of sentences or add in apostrophes, etc. The strange thing is if I use the keyboard screen on and then back to the physical keyboard, AutoCorrect works again... briefly. It seems that I can't run contiunously and reliantly. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    This task manager up to cause some strange problems when used. I try not to use it and see if it solves your problem. A case in point is that if you kill Gallery it will stop the music player, so it can cause problems. I just leave it alone, unless I know a real application that is a problem. Let me know if it helps. Also after you have unchecked everything restart your phone.

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    I use the best keyboard for my screen keyboard on. I checked the settings for the best keyboard and the stock keyboard. I use Task Manager who came on the phone, but I don't have a best keyboard on the auto-fin list.

  • Strange problem after upgrade OR-Scope

    I noticed a strange problem with niScope Multi Fetch who broke my code that worked for years until that I upgraded to OR-Scope 3.9.6.

    In special circumstances, usually when there is more than 4 channels configured, this VI returns fewer points than asked, finishing ever acquisition. And this happens only when its entry 'channels' is wired! Weird how?

    I enclose you a snippet of my code that show this oddity.

    The jury was PCI-5105, LV 2010 32-bit sp1 version.

  • strange problem with Ericsson H5321


    I have a strange problem with Ericsson H5321 on my X 230. Until a few weeks ago, the card worked perfectly as a modem (at least on Linux, so I guess it would be too much work in Windows). Unfortunately, a few weeks ago disappeared from the network manager modem connection. I checked that all the special device for this files still exist:

    $ because I in/sys/class / * / * {ACM, wdm} * / device/interface; echo-n "${i}: ';" $ Cat {i}; fact
    / sys/Class/TTY/ttyACM0/Device/Interface: H5321 gw Broadband Mobile Modem
    / sys/Class/TTY/ttyACM1/Device/Interface: H5321 gw Mobile broadband data Modem
    / sys/Class/TTY/ttyACM2/Device/Interface: H5321 gw Mobile Broadband GPS Port
    / sys/Class/usbmisc/CDC-wdm1/Device/Interface: H5321 gw management of mobile devices to wide band
    / sys/Class/usbmisc/CDC-wdm2/Device/Interface: H5321 gw Mobile Broadband USIM Port
    $ lsusb | grep Ericsson

    .. .and I also checked it works like GPS (at least kind of: it generates data on/dev/ttyACM2 NMEA streams, but cannot get a GPS fix even after 45 minutes with access to an open sky).

    Then I tried to run windows 7 and the card is visible in the "Device Manager", but there is also no possibility to create the GSM connection in the connection menu in the bottom right.

    I tried a new install of Windows 7, I tried to reset the BIOS (even with the removal of the battery backup), but still I can't force them to work again. My BIOS is fully upgraded BTW: the problem appeared during the use of 2.61 and I also tried with recently published 2.62.

    My cell phone is always on the extended warranty, but as modem bought in line with the basic configuration it was only covered by the warranty of 12 months has expired

    Today it came to my mind that, as the modem itself seems a little work (present, responsive GPS device) then maybe it's a SIM card reader that is actually damaged (which would explain a bit why the camera itself is present, but I can't create a connection). Can someone confirm or deny my theory? If it is valid, then I could still replace SIM card reader because it is part of the basic configuration.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

    [Mystery solved: I managed to put the SIM card on a wrong side...;]
    [I hate myself so muuuuch;]
    ([btw: Lenovo could fix their SIM card reader, so there is only one possible way to put a SIM card using his corner of heart: it would have saved me 2 days of stress and an investigation;]) )

  • Strange problem with the KING and IMAQ find right 3 edges

    So first of all, I noticed that the KING produced by KING features seems to have an incompatibility with the entrance to find right IMAQ 3 edges:

    In my code, I have the strange problem "IMAQ find right edges 3" is the production of edges that lie outside the limits by the wired KING specifided: "."

    In this case, a return on investment, defined by a rectangle, I [476, 1559, 752, 1779], but the best line produced by VI shape is outside this rectangle (see ordered 1876).

    How is that possible?

    I finally thought to it - it was my fault. I was updating the global rectangle in the KING entered correctly, but not the contours.

    I fixed the wiring and now it works fine.

    Detective Conan!


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