Strange XPS Gen 5 startup freeze Seagate 256 GB SSD


I managed to finally find some time to upgrade my XPS Gen 5 faithful (but strong) to Windows 7. Major changed components were RAM (6 GB total = 2x2gb + 2 x 1 GB), a new SSD (Seagate 256Go SDSSDHP - 256G - G25) and newly purchased Dell Ultrasharp U2212HM monitor 21.5 ".

Everything seems to start well, except that it is never on the first power up: it still does not start after a long pause on the start screen, freeze temporarily so I can't select Configuration of F2, then finally showing a 'not found' error at the start of disk 0. If I cycle the power button for the start screen freeze or after the error message, there is no problem and the operating system starts normally afterwards (and quickly).

[I never had this problem before, even with the hard drive 250 GB of stock WD, except that change components often cause a delay starting for the first time only.]

I guess that's to be a particular problem with the SSD or the BIOS - workaround is manageable, but very annoying to have to turn on the computer twice to start.

Any suggestions?

Thank you



In the BIOS, your SSD seems properly under SATA port 0? If you start directly in the BIOS then the output, the system starts properly?

This SSD seems SATA 3.0, and I saw problems using SATA 3.0 on a controller SATA 1.0 drives. Sometimes, the solution is to install a controller card.

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    Hi, I just bought a dell xps 15 9550 with 6th gen i7, 8 GB of RAM, and 256 GB ssd. Is it possible to add an additional SSD for the location of hard disk 2.5 inches remaining. If possible do I need to buy the cable for SSD too or is that what cable already included here?

    Thanks in advance,

    There is a support and a set of rubber bumper needed to connect a disk 2.5 "hard.  In general, these are not delivered with the system unless it is controlled with a hard drive - you must remove the base of the cover to check if - some reports are that some versions can be delivered with the necessary equipment.  If not, they are likely available from spare parts from Dell and from other sources such as EBay and third Dell parts suppliers such as share -

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    Hi all. Well I've been poking around and found no solid information on what my computer can be upgraded to. Because my computer seems to be compatible with the Core 2 Duo. I was wondering if maybe there's even compatible with the Core 2 Quad, being that they have a 755 socket.

    Tried to look to the top of my service tag to see the info from Bios A04 and what the hell he adds compatibility but could not find any usable information. I plead therefore here my question now after repeated failure to search for.

    I have a Xps Gen 5

    Motherboard model: 0GC068

    Is current processor: Pentium D 830 3.0 ghz

    Thank you


    The XPS G5 does not support the Core 2 Duo.

    Pentium 4 single core or Pentium D processors only.


  • 500 GB timeshare + 256 gb SSD w / new iMac = Hmm?

    I'm looking to get a new iMac 21.5 "with a 256 GB SSD. I didn't bother me Fusion drives, but 128 GB SSD is just not enough for all my programs.

    My current computer HARD drive is 500 GB and is also full - backed up by Time Machine. My question is this:

    When I install the new iMac with the 256 GB SSD, how can I transfer parts limited the 500 GB I have Time machine on the new computer? I want that all my programs on the SSD and then everything on an external drive that I'm connected. Thank you!

    Unfortunately, your method is wrong. A 128 GB merged with a HD makes a single HD which is fast enough. A fusion drive resembles the SSD and HD as a single device. If you have an iMac with a 250 GB SSD and you have much more data than 250GB, so it's simple. Store your large external libraries on HDs.

  • Upgrated dm4t-1100 with 256 GB ssd drive


    I want to improve my storage unit with a 256 GB SSD:

    (a) 256Go crucial m4 2.5 inch Solid State Drive SATA 6 Gbps


    (b) OCZ Technology 256 GB 4 Vertex Series SATA 6.0 GB/s 2.5 - Inch solid state drive

    1. number and product name

    Pavilion dm4t-1100

    2 operating system installed (if applicable)

    Windows 7 64 bit



    I updated the bios of my laptop via hp web page; and I don't know if there is a problem with high capacity ssd 256Go, could be a problem for this old laptop? I need to something another special update or a player?

    and that could be the best unit ssd ( Crucial 256 GB 2.5 m4 or OCZ Technology 256 GB Vertex 4 Series 2.5 inches)

    Thank you


    Your laptop supports only the connection SATA II is a bit useless to buy any SATA III SSD that they will operate as SATA II disks. The service manual indicates that DM4 laptop support SSD 160GB drives, so all SSD should work as I do not think that the ability is a limit. OCZ, Intel, Corsair and a few others have good readers then choose one of the series SATA II of these manufacturers. I've seen some cases that a SATA III SSD did not work but a SATA II we did on older laptops. Maybe the newer controllers SATA and the old BIOS may cause some compatibility issues...

  • Pavilion DV6433cl: What I can Uprade HP Pavilion DV6433cl to 256 GB SSD drive

    I have a HP Pavilion DV6433cl laptop and I would like to replace my 160 GB drive existing with a 256 GB SSD to speed things up. I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate and have bios f.2e installed.

    1 is it possible?

    2. If so, what are the specifications of the ssd I have to be on the lookout for and I need to install drivers or software to run easily and quickly?  Suggestions for specific ssd that work would be most appreciated.

    I think I read somewhere that I can replace/install the sticks of memory 2 X 2 GB (4 GB of memory in total) for the 2 X 1 GB sticks that are currently in the laptop because I have the system BIOS F2. E installed?  The next job? : Hynix full 4 GB RAM 2x2gb DDR2-800 PC2 - 6400S DDR2 200pin SODIMM memory

    Thanks in advance for your time and answers.

    Yes, you have true SATA hardware more early in order to be able to run an SSD. Your SATA is SATA-I 150 Mbps, but more recent readers SATA-III will downclock. Samsung Evo 840 years ago great records and we'll work for you.

    Your memory is officially maxxed to 2 GB, but 3 works for almost everyone. 4 will not. The memory is DDR2-667 DDR2-800 not.

    I strongly suggest upgrading to Windows 7. He manages the SSD better than Vista. With Windows 7, it is roughly homogeneous. Just install the SSD as a hard drive and make sure that the storage of BIOS has native SATA (ahci) value and not the legacy (IDE).

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  • Samsung laptop (series 7 times) has improved to a 1 TB of HDD to a SATA Samsung 256 GB SSD. Even with the disk msft key, windows is now "infringement"? Help!

    I upgraded my Samsung series 7 times from the original 1 TB of HDD to a SATA Samsung 256 GB SSD.  I bought this computer refurbished shop ebay with lots of positive comments.  I reinstalled windows 7 Ultimate edition (same computer version came with) and a utility to find the disk key and the installation seem to work very well.  A few weeks later, I started getting messages that my copy of windows is fake - not true.

    Is it a simple case of Microsoft without realizing there are HARD drive, I installed was installed on the same computer or is there something more sinister is happening with the seller or the original owner of the laptop?
    It seemed there was a solution to the problem of one or two members of the forum but the link to download the fix does not work, and I'm not sure it will work for my computer/drive specific anyway.  I have to be very careful with this computer that I use for my small business and I can't afford to speculate and the shot of the thing to the top.  Any advice for a not-very-tech-savvy user would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you

    Have you tried to restart by phone?

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • XPS 8900 / 6th Gen Intel Skylake freezing (updated WITH a RESOLUTION... EVERYTHING IN THE BIOS)


    -Go into your BIOS (after restart or turn on/off computer keep tapping F2 when Dell logo is present)

    -Scroll to the Performance

    -DISABLE State of C

    -Apply, save, exit

    -Disable sleep in your control panel power options

    Enjoy your 8900 now functional XPS to freeze several times a day.


    Here's what it was originally until I find a solution

    So I recently got xps 8900, immediately to install an SSD and upgraded the ram to 8 GB to 16 GB.

    I also used the old keyboard solar logitech and the old computer logitech wireless mouse (they use a usb receiver bit) and was only using these devices of today and it's frozen twice. Could not connect a usb mouse or keyboard and the computer is responding.

    For the first two days while doing the first ssd install and windows 10 updates this computer remained on two consecutive days, using the included wired keyboard/mouse. No problems with the computer freezing or boot the system.

    But when I gave this computer as a Christmas gift and then installed the old logitech wireless keyboard and mouse from the computer froze twice within 8 hours.

    So I don't know if it's a problem of USB or the wifi card is at the origin of the problems because I've seen a few threads mention to remove this card or disable a driver wifi like they got BSOD or other problems.

    Computer looks great and seems to work perfectly, until these last two issues freezing. I intend to buy a new mouse logitech, but that worked perfectly for 6 years on an old XPS computer so I know who did not break at all.


    I just wanted to add that I checked a few minutes ago and it was frozen again. No control of the mouse or usb keyboard. I tried Windows key and numlock, capslock, no light on those.

    I have "sleep mode" disabled, while the monitor is disable. After this 3rd time freezing I advanced and disabled the driver wifi and am now under ethernet. At the rate it's freezing, it must be frozen again in the morning. Have a problem with that at all for two consecutive days...

    Update 2:

    -Ran Diagnostic Dell, checked everything well

    -Disabled some settings on the sleep under power options advanced settings

    Yet once, click page 1 and READ THE ALL FIRST POST

    Thank you

    It is easier to click on the first post and read the resolution, to read through multiple pages scattered to try to find the solution. That is why it is the first thing you read on page one, regardless of the date. All the info after are just the process leading to the conclusion.

  • Dell xps 15-l502x hangs / freezes on gaming


    A month ago, I bought a dell xps 15-l502x. It worked very well during this period. I played fifa 11, fifa 12, Medal of honor 2010, call of duty modern warefare 1 virtua tenniis4. all of these games went very well with minor problems. but now I started the call of duty black ops. and during gamplay he crashed several times. twice he appeared as BSOd but when I applied fixed releaesd of updates, the game crashes, but no BSOD. I Googled it and found a lot of people have problems on this laptop specially, not for this game, but also for other games too much on this subject. He wants your advice how to diagnose failure in portable or game atleast iwant to vaerify my laptop computer equipment. I use the dell pc support check fairly often, but it does no hardware problem. I found on the internet of people saying that you need to replace your borad because Valentine's mother problem .i also want to add that I also had the problem of game failure on fifa11 and cal of duty modern warefare. They games showed inadmissible mistakes, but I think it could be overheating. If iadded cooling pad for my laptop but now the problem has worsened on call of duty black ops. I have not tried other gmes. I also read some people saying that games hangs on their system while the power supply is plugged on I don't have noticd that thing on my laptop also dare not try this on my laptop

    I need dell experts on this issue and provide a solution and address this issue in the dell xps 15, because a lot of people have this problem on this issue.

    Thank you

    plugged my laptop problem of frost during the game with AC power cable, I check what whatever and also I check the hardware everything was OK, no parts have problem in software I have check the drivers and also, they have no problem so I use some programs like GPU - Z.0.5.7 and I check sensors tab in this program during game and I see no going to high temperature of the GPU! very high, about 80 C. He high temperature and GPU will be put out of service and gel system, I make only GPU core clock value 500, just low shader clock and gpu will be weak you can make this setting with nvidia Inspector! I put a link to download: If

    solve this problem with my help a friend in facebook, now I can play any game, no lag, no freeze, nothing wrong, the first of all the updates to update to the latest driver nvidia, intel, realtek audio and also the bios after that download this program and at the bottom of it you can see a button «See overclocking» , it ask u to make you click on Yes and you can see a page of the Chief, shader clock just weak about 999 and click on apply clocks and valtage, after a test game, I promise you this work: D and we can happy again<3 i="" play="" this="" games="" and="" work="" fine="" very="" fine="" :d="" nfs="" the="" run="" ,="" ac="" revelation="" ,="" b="" f="" 3="" ,="" cod="" mw2="" ,="" cod="" mw3="" ,="" call="" of="" juarez="" the="" cartel="" ,="" crysis="" 2="" ,="" l.a.="" noire="" and="" also="" taken="" 5="" with="" pcsx2="" 0.9.8="" (r4600)="" :d="" it="" work="" nice="" ,="" i="" must="" thank="" my="" friend="" oh="" i="" must="" say="" something="" to="" you="" ,="" when="" u="" shutdown="" or="" restart="" your="" laptop="" your="" setting="" reset="" and="" not="" work="" u="" must="" create="" a="" shortcut="" in="" nvidia="" inspector="" in="" show="" overclocking="" page="" and="" put="" your="" shortcut="" in="" startup="" so="" each="" time="" your="" windows="" up="" your="" setting="" will="" be="" done="" ,="" haaaaaaave="" nice="" time="" guys="" i="" love="" you="" wow="">

  • Pavilion dv6-1216sa: Startup freezes after upgrade to Windows 10


    I upgraded my computer pavilion laptop Windows 10. Everything works fine EXCEPT at the start where it freezes about 15 seconds in Windows startup. I have to hold the power button to do a hard reboot, and then it starts always well the second time.

    This always occurs on a cold, but don't start not on restart, when it restarts fine without problems.

    I updated the Bios to the latest version and drivers that could be the cause, but I still have this problem. Any other ideas?



    It might help, I had the same problem and by disabling the quick start, it has been resolved. Go to control panel > power options > Control Panel. Click on "change settings that are currently unavailable" and the tick of the United Nations turn to the QuickStart area, click on save changes.  Turn off the switch and then back on and I hope that everything will be fine.

  • Envy 15-j101ex: HP Envy 15-j101ex - Windows Pro 10 x 64 - HyperV - startup freeze

    I have a laptop HP Envy 15-j101ex.  It is running 64 bit Windows 10 Pro.  There the last HP BIOS: Insyde F.65

    I need to turn on Hyper-V (hypervisor hyper-V).  I added the Windows features (enabled in the Control Panel Add Windows features): platform Hyper-V and the Hyper-V management tools.

    Work for the Hyper-V hypervisor, virtualization hardware support must be enabled in the BIOS.  The laptop supports hardware support for virtualization.  But when "Virtualization technology" is enabled in the BIOS (with active UEFI), it ends with a freeze on startup with the circle of rotation (under the logo of HP) and the laptop won't boot.  Virtualization technology must be in the OFF position or the will of the laptop does not start.

    I checked on the Microsoft site and ran the tools proposed: coreinfo.exe, check the SLAT, DEP status checked.  Everything on the laptop is as specified in the requirements for Hyper-V.

    > - what someone faced this problem?

    > all suggested fixes?

    Note: I've seen suggestions to turn Bluetooth off and uninstall the driver. But if I uninstall the Bluetooth drivers, Windows will automatically reinstall the Bluetooth drivers after a reboot. And if the BT device is just disabled in Device Manager (without uninstalling drivers), problem (defective start).

    Thank you very much!


    Problem finally solved manually!

    Cause: Windows 10 and HP site give BAD (old) version of the Mediatek (Ralink) drivers for this laptop HP Envy (15-j101ex).  Had to manually search for drivers updated on ALL HP websites.  And after many wasted hours (trying to locate the drivers and trying to disable bluetooth constantly) found the Mediatek drivers updated.  Please see the links below.


    Download the drivers for the adapter Mediatek Wireless LAN RT3290:

    Download drivers for Mediatek Bluetooth adapter RT3290:

    Install the drivers and then turn it ON "Virtualization technology" in the BIOS and you should be good to go!

    HP support could be more USEFUL:

    The web site for this laptop should provide access to the latest drivers for Windows 10.  And the database of drivers window must be updated so that Windows 10 provieds the LATEST drivers for HP laptops.

  • Power of Microsoft service and MMCSS causing startup freeze

    I have Windows 7 set to automatically download updates from one day to the next.  He downloaded a few of the latest updates (lot of September), I installed them, and then the computer started to freeze during startup... it would lock up just before the login screen.

    I went into safe mode and has a restored system.  Which corrects the problem.

    Then again downloaded and installed updates.  I woke up in the morning to find my computer frozen during startup, just like before.  So I tried to do a restore of the system, just like before.

    This time, the system restore did not work.  And after that, I couldn't even in safe mode... the computer freezes even when in safe mode.

    Then I booted from the CD with Windows 7 and tried a restore of the system in August.  Who has not fixed the problem... the computer always locked up at startup.

    Then I was the restoration of the image around August 20.  Who not has not yet fixed the problem.  I was able to get into safe mode now, but the computer still froze when I would start normally.  This has never been a problem before the latest updates of September.

    I then reduced what services were originally the lock upward.  It turns out that if I turned off the power of Microsoft Service, my computer should start normally.  Alternatively, if I disabled the Multimedia Class Scheduler service, my computer should start normally.  But if I have these two services running at the same time, then my computer hangs at startup.

    Right now I have the MMCSS off, but I can not all the sounds from my computer because of that, and the Windows Audio Service does not work.

    Now I'm in a situation where I don't know how to solve this problem.


    Method 1.
    Let us scan SFC and check that it prevents this error to occur.
    Use the (SFC.exe) System File Checker tool to determine which file is causing the problem and then replace the file.
    To do this, follow these steps:
    a. open an elevated command prompt. To do this, click Start, click programs, accessories principally made, right-click Guest, and then click Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on allow.
    b. type the following command and press ENTER:
    The sfc/scannow command. analyzes all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with appropriate Microsoft versions.
    More information on SFC scan found in this document:

    Method 2.
    Try to update the audio drivers to verify.
    Update your sound driver in Device Manager:
    a. Click Start and then click Control Panel
    b. click on system and Maintenance
    c. under Device Manager, click on devices and equipment display
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type your password or click on continue
    d. expand sound, video and game controllers
    e. right click on your Audio Controller, and then click Properties
    f. Select the driver tab
    g. click the Update Driver button.
    h. Select the option automatically search for an updated driver
    Windows will now look for an update for your Audio drivers locally and on the internet and then will guide you through the process of installing the driver.
    For more information see the links below:
    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly
    Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware
    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • HP Pavilion g7 Notebook black screen at startup (freezing applications)

    Hey everybody,

    I use a laptop laptop HP Pavilion g7 running on Windows 7 Home Premium (64 - bit, 6.1 Build 7601).

    Processor: Intel Core i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53 GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz

    Memory: 4096 MB RAM

    I use this laptop for two years and this is the first time I have encountered this problem.

    The problem:

    Whenever I turn on my computer, it goes to start normally.  Before the connection with my user name appears, there is a pure black screen on during about 5 minutes before.  During this time, all I can see is my move move.  Whenever I can finally connect, I wait until it has finished start up and continue to open an application.

    Whenever I was able to open an application, it will run for about 3 minutes, but then everything freezes.  After the use of CTRL-ALT-DELETE, I see a message on a black screen that says "Failure to display security and stop options." He then told me to press ESC or press the power button.  If I press ESC, the laptop is still frozen. If I press the power button, I go through the same process over and over again.

    Even with the SafeMode (Networking), I get a black screen for a few minutes before being able to see my username on the login screen. Fortunately, Safe Mode works very well.

    I ran scans using Norton and Malbytes, found tracking cookies and malware and removed them, but my laptop is still the same.

    I don't know what to do. I hope someone can help me solve this problem.

    Thank you!


  • "Windows XP" SP3 - startup freeze

    Hi - I get a lot of DCOM errors (10010) in the system event log (eventvwr.msc s).

    When I trace the CLSID in the registry, it shows that the culprit is "dwtrig20.exe.

    I don't know if this error is causing my PC to 'freeze' for around 60secs almost whenever I start Windows, but if I can eliminate the above error it will be useful.

    Thank you

    Hi - Thanks for the response.

    I did something different. I dumped Windows Live Mail, now I don't at all see these errors!
    Any suggestions?

  • XPS 15 9550 - BSOD freezes every day and randomly


    Since I got my laptop I've been tormented by blue screen freezes often and seemingly randomly. It doesn't matter what I do. It happens several times a day. I used to get kernel inpage errors, and Ive tried to update all the drivers and some of the solutions I found online. Finally reduced that it freezes almost every day and especially the autocorrelation event is


    Event ID of the core-PnP 219
    The driver failed to load the ACPI\INT3400\2 device \Driver\WUDFRd & daba3ff & 1. -> what is it exactly? and why?

    So far, my research shows that the driver so that the error is a collaboration Performance Control driver of Intel processor. There is no driver for windows 10 9550 available for this purpose. Any suggestions?

    Can someone please help? is this a hardware problem?

    I've updated again BIOS 01.02, the latest Dell drivers for everything.


    I solved my problem with the driver for Samsung SSD installation:


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