Stream Podcast shows of new episodes, but feed validators and subscribed itunes do not update

Hello everyone, I ran a rather strange problem this morning during the release of my latest podcast episode.  When I publish a new episode, it appears in the flow, but it will not appear in itunes.  I know that there is a delay for the itunes store to show the episode but the episode shows when I check with a subscribed podcast app.

Here is my podcast on itunes:

The last episode is in the RSS feed and as far as I know, everything looks ok:

But when I look at the flow through a feed validator, it won't show the most recent episode of today.

While trying to figure out what might be the problem, I tried to put the audio from today in last week's episode (108) and when I go there to play, he continued to play audio from last week even though the RSS feed shows that I put another file in the enclosure.  If for any reason, the stream no is not updated even if it is actually updated.

Thanks in advance for your help, I've learned a lot already just looking through this community.

The store, by subscribing in iTunes and the stream itself illustrated all episode 108 as the last and at the reading of the episode in iTunes that it promises to be 108.

Your web page to the shows an episode (number 14), dated today. It has a built-in Soundcloud player, which seems not to be the case with episode 108, and such a player will not work in iTunes (if it's probably why Wordpress is not placed in the flow).

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