Streaming of Netflix problem with Airport Extreme

Hello, I have netflix streaming problems, I have an Apple Airport Extreme that my main router, the problem is that I can access netflix app or website, I chose the title I want to watch that one and then an error message indicates

Oops, something went wrong...

Streaming error

You seem to be using a proxy or a plunger. Please, turn off one of these services and try again. For more information, visit

IM tried to plug my laptop directly into the ISP's modem and everything works normally on netflix, but when I go to the extreme of the airport something blocks streaming.

I tried to reset to factory settings, but still the same error.

Please a little help


As you know, Netflix began to crack down on people who use proxy or VPN servers to access Netflix content that is meant to be seen in countries other than their own. I'm not accusing you of doing, but Netflix thinks you are.

It happened always or just started happening recently? So recently, have you made changes to the network?

I assume you are using an Apple AirPort base station that has been designed to operate in your country. Is this correct? If Yes, then the only thing at this point, I can think is to perform a 'factory' reset on your airport base station again and reconfigure your network see if this helps solve the problem. Otherwise, I would suggest that you contact support from Netflix directly to find out how you can get this resolved.

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  • Problems with AirPort Extreme and Qwest Modem/Router.

    I have a Qwest ActionTec 1000 DSL VDSL2 gateway and want to disable the functions of router wireless and those through direct AirPort Extreme. I know that in the Modem I have to disable the functions of addressing and turn them in the AirPort Extreme to avoid address conflicts, but what are the settings I need to change in both devices? And what is "A Transparent bridging" on the side of the modem?

    But what are the settings I need to change in both devices?

    Sorry, we can't help on the settings for the modem/router, because it would be a question of Qwest as to if this is even possible and if so, if Qwest will support this type of installation. Sometimes the ISP lock modem/router settings, and although it seems as if you can change the basic configuration of the unit, you can really.

    Yes, it is possible that another user of Qwest has done with the same modem/router you have and an AirPort Extreme... and may know the answer... but the chances of the person who holds this information also to see this post are slightly above zero. But, I guess it's possible.

    If the modem/router can be configured to operate only as a simple modem, then the next step would be to get your Mac connected directly to the modem to test the connection in this way. If Qwest is going to help you, they will do it no doubt with your Mac connected directly to the "modem" as well.

    Once you know the exact details of the PPPoE authentication to establish a connection, these parameters can be transferred to the AirPort Extreme and removed from your Mac. To do this, you reset the AirPort Extreme back to default and then put settings in place again. The installer should detect the PPPoE connection and then ask for your login information.  After this, the correct settings apply to AirPort Extreme during the installation.  You can still use the same wireless network name and password you used before if you wish, or set up a new network name and password.

    PPPoE on the routers of the airport, at least in my experience, was not a reliable way to connect when I tried this in the past, but you don't really know how well... or even if... it will work until try you it. Unless you really want the airport to distribute IP addresses to devices on your network, things would be a lot more simple if you went ahead and used the modem/router "such what" and then let the airport works in Bridge Mode to transfer information in connection with network devices.

    When you have the modem/router converted to act as a simple modem and made a successful connection using your Mac connected directly to the "modem", post back and we can help with the configuration of the AirPort Extreme if you need more advice.

  • A network that extends with AirPort Extreme is causing Internet failure.

    A network that extends with AirPort Extreme is causing Internet failure.  When I unplug the extreme internet works fine.  What is the problem?  The extreme old used to be the main, but I reset when I bought the new Time Capsule.  Time Capsule is now the principal.  We had extensive network in the House for over a year with no problems until I put the Capsule in the mixture.  Why they arrive as well as the other?

    Is AirPort Extreme 'extension' of the network by wireless connection to the Capsule of time... or... AirPort Extreme connects to time Capsule using an Ethernet cable connection?

  • Why doesn't a USB drive I have previously used with AirPort extreme appear in the finder when used locally with my Mac?

    Why doesn't a USB drive I have previously used with AirPort extreme appear in the finder when used locally with my Mac?

    I tried to plug it into my mac to transfer files locally but will not be displayed in the finder or disk utility. Anyone know why?

    MacBook Pro (2015 retina) OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan

    Have you shut down / turning your Mac off... power off the USB drive... Connect the drive to the Mac... start up the Mac... then, turn on the USB drive?

    If no help, there are a number of posts to the thread in the forum El Capitan of support from users who have problems on their Mac USB.  You can post there to see if anyone has the answers.

    OS X El Capitan

  • How to configure DynDNS for camera IP with Airport Extreme?

    Hello... I recently bought an airport extreme 6th gen.

    I have an IP camera installed on my cabin, which I would like to access remotely for security reasons.

    My internet provider does not have a fixed IP address, so I need to be able to access my camera, even if my IP address changes.

    I understand that I must install a Dyn DNS, but I can't seem to set it up on my airport extreme.

    Is it possible to do?  If not, is there any IP camera on the market that is completely compatible with Airport Extreme for remote access?

    DynDNS don't think you can do this with an Airport Extreme>

    If you have another computer in the cabin, you can then run a DynDNS update utility on this computer.

    If not, perhaps you should consider a different router for the cabin.  You could put the Airport Extreme in Bridge mode and still use it.

  • Network with Airport Extreme problems connected to the Linksys switch

    I have a wired network in my house.  It has the following configuration: Modem base station Airport Extreme for Linksys switch and then all wired connections.  It is in a wiring closet in a room upstairs.  I have 2 other extremes from the airport, to spread out of the range, but they are currently disabled and disconnected from the network until I have found why I get auto ip address on several of my wired connections.  I have reset the modem, EI and switch.  More wired connections seem to be working very well, but there are 4 or 5 who say that the ethernet cable is connected, but it can not connect to the internet because of a self assigned ip address.  I thought maybe it was a problem with the port of the switch, but when I plugged a cable work in, everything worked again.  Thus, for example, on my iMac, in a study downstairs, I had plugged on the ethernet port in the wall.  He let me only to connect to wireless internet.  He says the ethernet connection had a self assigned ip.  I went upstairs and took the cable from the switch and directly connected to the Airport Extreme, and then connect to this iMac worked fine via ethernet.  So I'm really confused as to why it does not work when it is connected to the switch.  Why are only a few connections ethernet works and others not?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Why are only a few connections ethernet works and others not?

    Because either you have a bad port on the switch (unlikely, but possible) or a wired Ethernet connection bad, or maybe both ends of several of the Ethernet cables (99% of the time, the problem is in the wiring or connectors Ethernet... not the switch).

    But, we must test the switch first and then work from there.  It might be much easier to call a guy from wire or the custom installation specialist to do all this for you, but if you want to give it a try... Here's how.  It is not difficult at this stage, just take some time.

    Unplug the switch except the Ethernet cable that connects the AirPort Extreme to each cable Ethernet switch.  Label each Ethernet cable with a number or a letter you can install the wires in their original position on the switch.

    Use of a laptop computer with an Ethernet port and a short, spare Ethernet cable... virtually no matter what length will make... and turn off the WiFi on the laptop so it should use Ethernet to connect to Internet.

    Test an Ethernet port on the switch with the laptop and the Ethernet cable to make sure that you have get a good Internet connection. If you do so, test the next port of the switch. Continue until all ports of the switch has been tested.  With luck, they will all work.

    If this is the case... which is likely... then you know that the Ethernet switch is working properly.

    Now things get a little more complicated. Ideally, you have documentation that tells you what Ethernet cable goes to what area of the House. If you don't, just connect the Ethernet cable to the switch... then go to the other end of the Ethernet cable to the wall outlet and connect the computer laptop and short Ethernet cable to the wall socket.

    If you have no documentation to indicate where each cable goes, so go ahead and connect all the Ethernet cables to the switch.

    Still, make sure that the wireless is disabled on the laptop so that it can only connect to the Internet via an Ethernet connection. Check if you can get a good connection Internet in this way. If you can, then you know that the individual Ethernet cable and the Ethernet port on the wall are working properly...

    Test other areas one at a time the same way.  You are very likely going to find Ethernet cables or a wall of ports that do not work properly. The hardest part here is that you... or a wire guy... will have to check the Ethernet cable at both ends to ensure that the Ethernet Sockets have been installed correctly.  It is not easy. The wires are tiny and its easy to get involved.  Installation of new Ethernet cards, it's really a job for an experienced guy who will provide hopefully a cable Tester well when it comes.

    Some Ethernet will certainly be replaced.  In rare cases, the cable itself has a break somewhere... and it's not easy to fix something like this, without pulling new cable... that would not be possible according to the House provision.

    When you know that all ports on the switch are working and all ports Ethernet wall around the House work... so... we can get the network set in place and working properly.

  • Problem of AirPort Extreme with AirPort Express network expansion

    I have a dual-band Airport Extreme 802.11n that I bought in 2012 which is currently my home wireless network. I am trying to extend the network with a new AirPort Express with the AirPort 6.3.6 utility running OS 10.11 on an iMac. The Airport Express appears in the option other Wi - Fi devices. When I select it, AirPort utility tries to connect and then I get this message "an unexpected error has occurred. Try again. "Try again does not lead to a different result, and I can't seem to find useful information in the documents support or conversations. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    It should be easy enough to operate the express, but you must tell us all the info.

    Configure the Express in the same room as the extreme.

    Using wireless to expand? Then you simply plug power in the Express... and it should pretty much automatically connect to the extreme.

    If you want to extend through ethernet, you should connect the Express in the extreme and make sure that the configuration of the airport utility selects extend by wire.

    If the Mac does not work you have the iphone or ipad and use Airport utility for iOS... it tends to be more reliable.

    Still no luck does your Mac have port ethernet... in this case, you can plug it into the computer with ethernet and try again... more wireless implementation looks like sawing off the branch to that which you are sitting.

  • Help with airport extreme

    My router 'House' is a Belkin AC1200.  I have an airport extreme and an additional airport express.  I want to connect the units two the most convenient airport for the Belkin to use extenders.  The extreme currently directly connected to the Belkin but all up like the old network with the express acting as a bridge.  This seems to work OK sometimes, but the extreme tends to abandon the Belkin remains consistent.  Looking for assistance to resolve this before the purchase of new equipment.

    Thank you

    Your problem may be in a number of places.

    Sorry, but the details are important. We can not pass without descending to real connections and strength wireless etc.

    I guess the main router Belkin is fortunately network control.

    The extreme must be connected by ethernet to it... and the installer in Bridge mode.

    The Express could be either connected directly to wireless mode extend extreme or aid which I assume is what you mean by bridge.

    Now, it is important to know exactly how everything here is the installer... so please do some screenshots you can post... Especially look at the wireless between the extreme and express.

    Click on the extreme wired and give me summary page... and then one like mine... Move your pointer over the connection: still unknown since El Capitan. It will bring up then some details of the connection that is important.

    If your computer is a link to the Belkin don't expect Airport appears with reliability. There are a number of reasons for this, but one is local domain. Please define the Belkin locally if possible... but even this is often not enough to get Apple's DNS works reliably.

  • Loading slow web page and with Airport Extreme connection speeds

    About 5 days ago, I noticed a significant slow down the loading of web pages. In some cases, I see a blank white screen for up to a minute before the page is loaded. In others, the page never loads at all. And sometimes they load very quickly as expected. This happens with my iMac that is connected to a router via ethernet, as well as my Macbook Air connected via Wifi to Airport Extreme.

    I have a high-speed internet connection by cable Comcast/Xfinity: Blast 250Mbps.

    I tried to connect my iMac directly on the model of cable (Arris Surfboard SB6183), and there is no problem. Download speed was 30Mbps 300Mbps and upload.

    Then, I plugged my Airport Extreme router again and connected the iMac to the router via Ethernet. Download speed dropped to 100 Mbps!

    This suggests that the problem may be with the Airport Express. It is not a wireless problem, because as you can see the download speed went from 300Mbp/s connected directly to the model 100 Mbps when connected to the Airport Extreme.

    How do I troubleshoot/fix this?

    One last thing: I did a speed test with my Macbook Air that is connected via Wifi and the Airport Extreme router. Download speed dropped to 35 MB/s.

    Direct connection to the modem is so very fast, suggesting the internet connection Comcast isn't the issue. Speed falls even with ethernet to the Airport Extreme router connection, then decreases even more with the Wifi connection.

  • Speed degrades with Airport Extreme


    I have an Airport Extreme and need to extend the wireless range to improve the signal - so I added an Airport Express.  Setup was simple and I had no problems.  Firmware is up to date on both units.

    When connected the intensity of the signal is full, but overall wireless performance decreases over time. I have a 100 GB cable connection.  Sometimes it will get between 75 GB and 100 GB, but most of the time that it is of the order of 20-29GB.  When the Apple Express is connected it can go below 10 GB.

    I had the supplier go out and check on the signal of the street in my house and they claim that the signal is very good.  I have read several posts suggesting to change the channel of 2.4 Ghz 11-to-1, so I did.  5 GHz running at 149.

    Should I reconfigure the network so the Express is the main unit connected to the Arris SB6121?  Then set up a WAN to the extreme? Or any other suggestions?

    Thank you

    Extend wireless will slow dramatic wireless... that is part of what extend wireless because of the design.

    In addition, the Express is a slow device... It is not in the same League that the extreme... its absolute maximum speed by ethernet is 100mbit. So it is hardly usable as a primary router.

    I doubt, exchanging the roles of the express and extreme will help even if we can solve another problem.

    The airport the last extreme IE height Gen6 model is not compatible with SB6121 cable modem. There is nothing wrong with any of them... they do not work together. If you just test the express... but are not wireless extend with the extreme... Use ethernet or ethernet EOP (called homeplug United States) on the power adapters... which may or may not work... but when they are far superior to wireless technology extends the installation program.

    Is be another post down 3... It is a common problem.

    Airport Extreme & Motorola Surfboard SB6121

  • Everyone try to use app VLC with Airport Extreme by car?

    I have the new VLC app installed on my Apple TV4. I also have a USB drive connected to my current gen Airport Extreme. I have a video file (Video_TS) residing on the drive from the airport. When I run VLC on the ATV4, under the "local network" menu, I regard the airport as an SMB share. When I connect to the share, I get a message of "empty folder" app VLC.

    If I run the VLC app on my iMac I can select content from the airport drive and play it wihtout back issue.

    I learn about the network that I proceed. Any help as to how I would get VLC to see the files on my Airport Extreme?

    I'm having this same problem. I even tried MrMc with no luck.

  • Wmp54gv4 crashes the system with Airport Extreme

    I had been using my Linksys wireless-G PCI adapt WMP54Gv4 on a PC running XP (SP3) and a wireless router Airport Extreme for the past 4 or 5 years without any problem. Then recently, my wireless signal had become scaly on all client machines (on PC and Mac, who reported the signals low and kept down and looking for a new PPPoE my DSL line). AT & T verified our line was very good and even sent a new modem problems, so I bought a new Airport Extreme last week. This solves the problem of reliability of the network on the Mac very well.

    However, the PC with the adapter WMP54Gv4 now crashes whenever the new Airport Extreme is turned on. There has been no change in hardware or software on the PC, but it produces now surely a BSOD indicating "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". This accident also happens when you start in safe mode with network. I can avoid the system crash when starting in safe mode without network or start normally without my Airport Extreme on, although I don't see this error: "Linksys Wireless Network Monitor: access violation at address 0040756 D in module EMP54Gv4.exe."

    So I can't run all the tests of the PCI card on the machine when the wireless network is enabled, because the operating system crashes.

    Accordingly, the evidence points to an explanation where my wireless network against the new Airport Extreme is tripping the operation of the wireless adapter linksys in a way that hate the XP. I know that the wireless network is correct, because it works fine on my Mac. I confirmed that my (v3.0.3.0) driver is still listed under the current name of this PCI card, it is not a matter of having an out-of-date driver.

    Here is another observation that may be relevant: when I started the new Airport Extreme with WPA2 protection, the PC could run without crashing, but it didn't connect to the wireless network. I also had trouble connecting through my Mac. Then I changed the Airport Extreme to use WPA/WPA2 security, i.e. when the crash of PC networked ensued (Although Macs can connect very well now).

    Someone has encountered this problem before or have any troubleshooting tips? Thank you.

    OK, problem has been solved, thanks to some fine work of Ron Hubbert to (my offer of $100 tip went not claimed). Here's what he discovered:

    My PC power supply is gone belly up, why it could not be turned on. It is likely that before it is completely dead, bad functioning caused by the card to fail (and BSOD PC) as he tried to draw power in the presence of a wireless network. Feeding to bum probably damaged the card when it failed. With the new power in place now, the original card is unusable, and it prevents the computer from starting.

    So I have a new card after all, wireless network card if the attempt to install with a bad power supply could lead to the new card is fried as well. Fortunately, the food was not functional when I put the new card, so it was spared.

    I don't know if my story applies to the situation of MrQuizzle, but I suspect that it is related to food, because it doesn't happen only in the presence of a wireless network when the map starts demanding power. It's worth a try. Give a if you are in the SF East Bay, he'll fix you up.

  • Wifi configuration with Airport Extreme (A1143), iMac (El Capitan) running. Need of a direction.

    I recently moved to a City University and living in a housing facility run by the University. It's got broadband by Comcast for free with the room. I plugged all the necessary equipment (modem and cable) to the iMac and the internet works well for a week now.

    Now I want Wifi for the apartment. I decided to dust off my old 1st or 2nd Gen extreme base station Airport. I read that it can still work with El Capitan, so I went and tried to install it. First of all, I updated the firmware and connected the appropriate cables. Everything seemed to go in the direction of the work, but I hit a bump on the road. Wifi works for the iMac. I unplugged the ethernet cable and it's receiving internet, but I tried to get my iPad Wifi and smart phone and it doesn't seem to work. I used the good passwords etc. Nothing.

    I found it odd that I get Wifi to my iMac, although the Airport Extreme light is orange. Normally, it should be green. Of course, I don't use this thing in forever and actually don't think it would work, but so far the iMac becomes Wifi, but aren't the other devices and auburn is turned on. So here's a screenshot of what I see in the Airport utility.

    Can anyone help or point me to the right direction? Also it has to do with the campus of the internet, I'm getting?

    The attached picture shows it's getting to the internet via wifi (not plugged into the modem) but he doesn't seem to get wifi on my other devices in the apartment. The Airport base station we connected directly to the Modem. I also followed the steps of my iMac had originally planned to make it work and it did, but only for the iMac. I expect the unit to green thereafter but he did not. What gives?

    The A1143 was introduced in January 2007 and arrested in March 2009, so the model you have is at least 7 years and older, and as much as 9 + depending on when the product has been implemented.

    The average lifetime of a router designed for home use is about 5 years, so we're not sure how much time and effort you want to invest in AirPort Extreme you have there.

    Frankly, it is remarkable that the product works for the iMac, because status messages indicate that you have an Internet connection.  We cannot explain this one.

    We also don't know if amber on the most convenient airport is flashing, or remains Orange fixed. Can clarify you on this, please?

    If you want to try to start over again and set up the AirPort Extreme, the first bit of information that we need is the number of brand and model of your modem.  We don't need a serial number, only the manufacturer name and number for the modem to the model.

    We will try to help, but who can give no assurance that we will be able to get things working for you.

  • Weak signal with airport Extreme

    Hello, we have an Airport Extreme tour in our condo. The signal is that two of our rooms is low. Is there a way to increase the signal? Not Apple or any other extenders of sale of business or boosters?

    Thank you

    Another extreme airport would be the perfect match to extend the signal of your "main" AirPort Extreme, but an AirPort Express pourrait point be good enough for your application, if the budget is limited.

    Ideally, the second airport would be located in the middle of the area where you need more wireless signal strength and then connect to the 'main' airport using wired Ethernet wired, permanent.

    It is possible to have the second airport to extend the first using a Wi - Fi connection... IF... the second airport is where he can receive a strong signal from the first airport.  A good location is at halfway between 'primary' airport and the area that needs more wireless coverage.

    Remember that when you extend wireless like this, there is always a loss of about half of the potential wireless speed on the network, then the result will be a network with the best range, but reduces the maximum speeds.

    The more you have line of sight between the airports, the network will be operated. Or, another way of saying the same thing, is the 'extension' airport to expand the speed of the signal it receives. It can make the stronger... wireless signal but can't go faster.

  • Slow wifi transfer rates with Airport Extreme network.

    I have an Airport extreme Rev 5 and am trying to transfer files between 2 Mac on the network. Everything works fine, but the transfer speed is only about 2.5 meg per second. Should get more than that?

    Everything works well, I get my full bandwidth from my ISP (11.8 Mbps) when downloading via wifi, it s just during the transfer of files within the wifi network that things are slowing down.

    Thanks for any help


    Wireless is inefficient when you double jump... This means that... both computers are transfer of files via the Wi - Fi because wireless deals actually double the packages... So he immediately reduces speed by 50%.

    Let us ensure that we are using right units first.

    1. your download from the internet is measured in bits per second... Please use b for forests.

    2. your file transfer is measured in bytes per second... Please use B for bytes.

    So, if you look at the monitor of activity... a copy of computer file wireless to NAS (ethernet) ran at 38-40 MB/s

    If I transfer to another computer that is also the wireless speed would be halved. Or worse... (see below, even with AC wireless is far worse) depends on the slower links.

    So how do you measure the speed of file transfer and is it bits or bytes per second?

    What is the speed of connection on each computer.

    Hold down the option key and click on the fan wireless.

    You can see that this computer has a 450Mbps link speed... It will never transfer files to that more than half, but you wait for connections at full speed to get the best links.

    My new computer...

    So if I transfer the computer file to another, it looks like this.

    Even with that wireless, it's much slower than the SIN that has ethernet and spinning drive... The computer has SSD.

Maybe you are looking for