streaming of netflix with only cell data

Can I stream Netflix from my phone to the tv using only cell data. I have no internet service or wi - fi. I've got data unlimited phone data.


zahk72 wrote:

Can I stream Netflix from my phone to the tv using only cell data. I have no internet service or wi - fi. I've got data unlimited phone data.

Good question to ask Netflix or look at their support site, based on the wifi experience is necessary.

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    We want to transfer changed data from Oracle to SQL server for Data Warehouse solution. It is one-way replication (from Oracle 10 g 2 to SQL server 2005). We are having about 100 tables that must be replicated with SQL server, but only changed(Insert,Update,Delete) data will be replicated.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how can I perform this replication and what tools I use.

    Of course, the major challenge will identify changed lines. Assuming that you don't have a way to make his already (i.e. a LAST_UPDATED_DATE column in all tables, a table of audit, changes, etc.), Oracle provides a few different technologies to do this. For heterogeneous replication, I tend to focus on Oracle Change Data Capture (CDC), which publishes the changes in a table that your replication process can subscribe to. That also tends to be more conducive to the load of nightly standard an DW. You can also use Oracle Streams either using streams and heterogeneous services or by writing your own code to apply the XML representation of a CRL to the SQL Server database. If you need real-time data, it is probably the best solution, but for most applications of data warehouse, it is probably overkill.

    Once you can identify changed lines, - hand replication logic coding usually isn't too difficult. You can spawn probably most among the definitions of table on both sides (assuming these definitions to match). If you want to go out and buy an ETL tool, there are probably tools who can subscribe to CDC and push the changes to SQL Server. Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) would be the tool I'd look at first like most likely to be able to do. There are also third-party (i.e. Golden Gate) that sell software that mines redo logs and applies changes to all databases, but which tends to be quite expensive and a bit complex to install / configure / administer.


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    I have a single screen with only nested boxes that does not scroll. No fields or buttons, just displaying data.

    The funny thing is, the screen does not scroll at all.

    I tried a combination of:

                    | Manager.NO_HORIZONTAL_SCROLLBAR
                    | Manager.NO_HORIZONTAL_SCROLL);

    Any thoughts on why the screen is not Ahmed with only the data displayed?

    The screen does not scroll because he has no reason to scroll. BlackBerry auto-parchemins the field to receive the focus (or, more specifically, the focus of the field - field text rectangle has this rectangle around their position of slider, for example). There is no other mechanism of scrolling integrated for non touchscreen devices.

    If you have no Focus field, you can scroll through your Manager / screen programmatically with setHorizontalScroll() / setVerticalScroll(). Decide in what way is more acceptable to you.

    If you want to display some text (help screen?), put it in one (descendant of) TextField, FOCUSABLE and READONLY and let the user navigate through the text with the cursor. Remember - even if you can't change RichTextField, you can make it active and allow the user it work very well.

    Good luck!

  • If you buy a mini iPad 2 with only WiFi - can you add later cell?

    If you buy a mini iPad 2 with only WiFi - can you add later cell?

    No, they are different models.

  • Synchronization between two databases with only 2% of the data; Please help me

    Hi all

    I have two oracle databases in 2 different servers PROD and TEST instances. the two databases are in gr 10 2 in linux servers.

    My PROD database contains about 300 GB of data and is dedicated for production area.
    My Test database is dedicated to Spanish test for PROD database. (small server in terms of space and RAM comparing to PROD db)
    I would like to synchronize every week TEST db with PROD db with only 2% of the data and all the structures
    Could someone tell me, if you use a datapump export I can import only 2% of the amount of data and the structures ot theere is another way to do it?
    Thank you very much

    best regards,

    I'm not really sure what you're talking about. There is no option, expdp and impdp x % of the data, is that? And if Oracle can sovle repositories inetegrity (PK, FK), it cannot be assumed which tables are lookup table (to be entirely exported) and can not assume the logical data integrity.


  • Where with to_date returns only the data a month

    SELECT col1, col2 FROM bill WHERE
    trunc (TO_DATE(time_stamp, 'yyyy/mm/dd HH:MI:SS AM') = trunc (TO_DATE('2012/01','yyyy/mm');

    This only returns data for the first day of the month data and the need for a month.

    user2002208 wrote:
    Tank (14) and the sample data 20120204103342 and 20120204152550

    IMPERFECT, not professional & fully amateur 'design '!

    NEVER store DATE in the column of type CHAR, VARCHAR2 or NUMBER!

    SELECT col1, col2 FROM bill WHERE substr (time_stamp, 1, 6) = '201201';

  • How can I use only cellular data then a Wi - Fi network?

    I don't want to use the cell data only when the Wi - Fi connectivity is poor (for example turn on help Wi - Fi), I want to use cellular data 100% of the time. Why, you ask quite rightly? Because I have a data plan unlimited cell phone and I just want to play the channels of information and Netflix on my TV via AppleTV using AirPlay.

    AirPlay is only active when connected to a Wi - Fi network. I don't live anywhere near fixed services of any kind. I would watch my Netflix or other video services on my TV rather than on small screen of my phone.

    Are there any combination of parameters that will allow me to achieve this goal?

    Are there any combination of parameters that will allow me to achieve this goal?

    Sorry, but no.  The Apple and Apple TV routers require a wired Ethernet connection or a standard Wi - Fi connection.

    You can take a look at a router 3G / 4G... something like these for example:

    Good idea to check to make sure that your provider supports supported router before you buy if.

  • Indexes on columns with only "Y" and "n".

    Our transaction table has about 100 mn lines. Of these latter on 60 minutes the lines are not actively used.

    We have composite index on multiple columns, including dates, and these are used to regular queries.

    Will be adding a status = 'y' or ' don't column and the creation of an index on this column is useful to increase the performance of the query?

    For example, will add a condition like

    OÙ......... AND ACTIVE_FLAG = 'Y '.

    help increase the performance of queries?

    Creating such a column and adding a help index?
    What type of clue do you recommend?

    The alternative advocated by some members of the staff is the archiving of INACTIVE lines in a separate table. This will have a big impact on business processes. But we might be able to pull it off.

    Is there another solution.

    I am a beginner full performance although I am familiar with PL/SQL and queries.
    I'm on the constraints of very tight timetable for the first level of back. I'll have more time as soon as I know the direction in which to go.

    Forgive me if I broke a tag forum. I'm new on the forum too.

    Thanks for providing this information. This gives a much clearer picture of what you are facing.

    I will try to give you my answer your questions afterwards.

    You have indicated your data volumes have steadily increased and performance made that decline.
    Even if you do not say (I forgot to ask) but it may be that the number of users increases as and.
    so typical, many users use the system of the time.

    For me it's indicative of a systemic problem. In other words, the problem is not due to a
    a thing or a part of the system.

    There are two main components of a server: the instance and the database. This link sums up the difference
    between the two - and here is a link to recent forum
    for reference Re: difference between Oracle Instance and Database.

    To paraphrase, an instance includes background processes and structures of memory (SGA, PGA, etc.)
    Oracle uses.

    The symptoms you describe could mean that your instance is more configured size not set correctly
    for your current workload are originally strain throughout the system. Maybe the memory is too limited.
    Maybe your sorts are growing with addional data.

    I suggest that you start the new thread to ask for help in the evaluation and optimization of your instance. Use this
    as a starting point:
    Question/title - how to evaluate the State of health / instance and tune

    Our facility has a problem of increasing return.

    How can we collect and provide assessment of workload and configuration information, so you can help determine
    possible solutions such as: memory sizing, temp and segment again sizing, sort the issue.

    Statement of the problem
    1 oracle Version is? ?. ?. ?

    2. gradually return was degrading with more and more data. The UI response suffers and
    batch processing is also in hours. We expect volumes to only continue to grow.

    3. the volumes have continued to increase over the years and gradually performance issues
    accumulate over the past 2 years. Data volumes began to increase faster
    last year 1 due to changes in the company.

    4. the data in OLTP system is a combination of assets of 40% and 60% relatively inactive (financial history).

    5. a complete system near-live replecation on several sites. In my opinion, using streams.

    6. notice of the tech team is a few tables have too many lines. We know that our demands can be suboptimal.


    Now to your question:
    1. I do not know the index on the existing columns are not fully exploited. In the meantime can but, we still get some benefits from adding
    a 'Y' and the null column? What will be improved?

    It is unlikely the benefits you need. It's putting the cart before the horse. The first step is to identify a specific problem.
    Only then can examine you and evaluate solutions. for example by adding a new column or index.

    There are several reasons, this isn't the right solution; certainly not at the moment
    A. any new column and index, BY DEFINITION, maybe even this does not use except if one or more current
    queries are changed. This is obvious since no existing query could possibly refer to a column that does not exist.

    (B) to try to obtain the Oracle to use the new index column / single lease request must be changed.

    C. in my opinion, you should never modify a query of production without knowing which allows to obtain the amendment
    a well-defined objective. You must evaluate the current execution plan to identify what changes, IF ANY,
    can improve performance.

    D. it can be and given your systemic problem is likely to be, some ripe fruit on the performance. That
    is that there may be ways to tune the query to use existing indexes or add a new index on an existing column
    improve things.

    E. assuming that none of the above does the work adding a new column and an index to identify
    a 40/60 split (40% of assets) is unlikely to be used by Oracle (see response of Centinui).

    2. notes that this calculation 'Y' is not negligible. I can easily reproduce this with a WHERE condition on the existing columns. We can have
    to run a batch on the weekend to check row groups and mark them as 'Y '. So it is not only the advantage of indexing on 'Y', but also some benefits of prior calculation.
    Given this info doing now more logic to have a 'Y' and the null column?
    My answer is no – there is no sense to have a Y/N Y/NULL column.

    A. certainly not for reasons of performance - as noted above above it is unlikely help

    Certainly not for commercial reasons.
    The calculation of your "non-trivial" is to demonstrate a business rule: identify groups of lines that have earned.
    If you perform this calculation, the result must be saved significantly. One way is to create a new
    column called 'DATE_NETTED_OUT '. This column name have meanings, and can be used as a boolean DATE/NULL type. This
    It would be much better that Y/NULL which is not really enter the business sense of the value.

    3 partitioning speed up queries on the minutes 40 active and slow queries on the full 100 minutes?
    Probably not to have one influence on the other. Allocation decisions are usually made to ensure easier data management and often
    have little, if any, a performance impact. All existing applications are unlikely to accomplish the any
    differently just because the table is partitioned. There are exceptions of course. If you partition on DATE
    and an existing query has a DATE filter, but there is no index on the DATE column, it will do a full table scan
    of the whole picture. If the table is partitioned on this DATE column that oracle would probably make a partition full
    Scan just the 40% or 60% of the table according to the value DATE. It would be so much faster.

    But if there is already an index on the column DATE I do not expect the performance to change much. It comes
    just speculation since it is based on data, the factor of grouping the data, and the existing queries.

    1. I still need to a particular column of partion, I do not?
    Yes, you do. Unless you use HASH Partitioning that don't really benefit your use case. You too
    says that "...". staff advocate is the archiving of INACTIVE lines in a separate table "."
    Partitioning can be used as part of this strategy. Partition by MONTH or by QUARTER on your
    new column "DATE_NETTED_OUT." Keep 1 or 2 years of data online as you do now and when a partition
    becomes more than 2 years you can 'transport' it to your archiving system. This is part of the partition
    management, which I mentioned earlier. You can simply disconnect the oldest partition and copy it to archive.
    This will not affect your applications other than the data not being is not available.

    2. "adds a column' or ' cut-and - paste lines of table created by copy" the worst idea?
    I don't know what that means.


    It is premature to consider alternatives until you know what the problems are. Only then you can try to
    determine the applicable solutions.

    I do it in this order:

    1. upgrading to a newer version of Oracle you are on an older (you said 9i which is not
    longer supported)

    2 assess the health and configuration of your instance. You may be able to significantly improve things
    by adjusting the parameters of configuration and instance. Post a new question, as previously mentioned. I don't
    have the expertise to advise you in details on that and the gurus tuning of the Forum the Forum can
    not to notice this thread (indexes on columns with only 'Y' and 'n') than even know you need help.

    3. identify the ripe fruits for performance problems. Is this one of your batch process? An individual
    request? You mentioned UI soon - that could be a problem of front end, middle tier or application
    not a database one.

    4. don't it make changes architecture (add columns) until you have tried everything first.

  • How to capture (record) streaming video online with his partner is on El Capitan?

    Someone can advise or recommend including many different programs available that I must use to capture (record) streaming video online with it's associated audio on El Capitan?  I tried MacX DVD Converter Pro, but believe it or not, it does not record the audio aspect of video stream.  They claim there is a work around, but after 3 days of trying various corrections, none seems to work for me.

    I tried the Safe Mode Terminal command string: turn off the csrutil. restart, but which did not allow audio capture of MacX DVD Converter Pro driver to install their Audio System driver.

    I tried sudo nvram boot-args = "kext-dev = 1 mode" method, but then again, playback of the recorded video was silent, even though I have heard the audio during recording. "

    I downloaded SOUNDFLOWER, but again, I have heard audio when the screenshot, but Quicktime playback was silent.

    I have hard to believe after that 3 days I am still unable to record what I see and hear at the same time on my screen a video streaming like a Charlie Rose interview with Martin Scorcese discussing Felini.  I don't like what it costs; I care only about the easy, professional and perfect results.  One of the two reasons why I BOUGHT this iMac 27 "with El Capitan was so I COULD record streaming video with audio if I choose so, and after a month, I still can't do and I ran out of the online help after searching dozens of sites to find answers!  So I now turn to the Apple community.  Thank you!


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  • Cell data is disconnected - iPhone 6s


    I noticed a few times where my cellular data disconnects or drops completely after it disconnects from the WiFi (but it says on the top left corner that 4G works but nothing works). I can't get the cell data to apply when I restart the phone. Does anyone have a similar experience? This doesn't happen often, but it happens about once a week. Kind of awkward however.

    I guess it's something to do with your mobile service provider.

    Please check with your MSP for the question. I hope this helps!

    See you soon!


  • Download all packages or just the sound with the latest dates?

    Hi, maybe it's a stupid question, but when you go to the drivers and it shows are all pilots who are selected to download to your laptop you wanted to install only those with the latest dates or each package that is there?


    You must install the driver with the most recent date if you are sure this is a driver that you are interested in.

  • How to create two different smart albums with photos with the same date?

    I created a smart album by using 'Date is' and ' keyword is EAA.»  (The photos have a keyword like "EAA" or "Flower".  Photos of keyword EAA & flower have the same date.)  When I use "Corresponding to all" are has no pictures in the album.  When I use "Match any" all the photos are in the album - EAA & flower.  I would like an album with only pictures of CEA for that date and another album with photos of flower with the same date.

    I get the same answer.  I can get the date and to a key word to work with 'all' selected, but not date and keywords.  So you will need two smart albums: one with date and ECA ('all' selected) and the other with date and flowers ('all' selected).

    Use the file menu option ➙ new Smart Album.

    Report the problem to Apple via

  • problem with the backup data in text file


    The problem I am facing wihile, saving the data in the text file is that everytime when I'm slecting the path of the façade, data that are recorded are added with the previous data, not only in the new text, the new data set is saved but also, is there any previuos run for the program , the corresponding data is also present in this text file.

    However, when I change the same ''(file path) to 'constant' in the control block diagram, and then add the path of the file, it doesn't have this problem. Basically, changing the "file path" constant in the diagram of control block (so that it is displayed in the front panel) is at the origin of the problem.

    Help, please!

    Thank you

    Your shift on the loop Register For is not initialized. It will keep the value of the string since the last time that he performed. That initialize and it should solve your problem.

  • Using asynchronous calls in a while loop. How 'Skip' node and only retrieve data as it is treated

    Maybe I'm not understand asynchronous calls... but I thought I should be able to call one another VI and essentially 'jump' it is the node and only receive data as the called VI treats.  In other words, similar to the Run of VI, I can wire a wait until done? with a fake and the main VI will not wait for the other VI end of race.  The main VI continues to function, and when it passes the called node of the VI, it will receive data if it happens to be there.

    How can I call a VI in a while loop and do not wait so he could spit out the results?  Data flow is my enemy on this one...

    The first VI treats its own figures (using the iteration count) and displays them on the PC.  Other indicators are the data of the called VI.  I want to be able to work around the blue circle node and receive data only that it will be available.

    Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.

    What I said OR the 'Start asynchronous call' is the preferred method for starting background tasks. This call is usually used to run background tasks. For example, you have a process of journal. When your application starts it would use the "asynchronous call Start" to start the process of journal and then move on to the other stuf. The process of the journal would then happily run in the background and the main application is free to do other things. Of course when implementing these types of systems you need a way to coordinate things like exit. This is where the queues and stuff come it.

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    Hi all I have a question for every N samples transferred DAQmx event buffer. By looking at the description and the very limited DevZones and KBs on this one, I am inclined to believe that the name is perfectly descriptive of what must be his behavior

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    I get an error code every time I try to install 3 updates inportant code is 646

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    I want a replacement power adapter for my beautiful new S7 but each provider that I can find who claims to have an adapter for the S7 is selling the bad tip size - 5.5 mm typical tip is too large. Should be approx. 3,5 mm, better that I can measure.