StstusBar and menu bar are missing

When starting firefox or the menu bar or status bar appears.
Or above and/or below.

If you just upgraded to Firefox 3.6 you see is the new interface. There are a few explanations here - frequently asked questions after update to Firefox 3.6

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  • Toolbars and menu bars are too small to use

    I installed adobe CS 6 standard on a laptop of Lenovo windows 8.1.

    As soon as I opened Photoshop or Illustrator, toolbars and menu bars are too small to use.

    The rest of the programs on the laptop are very good.

    The user interface is set to wide.  I changed the display settings, and it did not help.

    I use a new laptop from Lenovo.  I have several licenses for my business and it installs fine on windows 7.

    The nanobook Lenovo isn't a good choice for the use of Photoshop CS6.  Photoshop CC has a feature of the user interface of 200%.

  • My address bar and the menu bar are missing, unable to save bookmarks or history...

    I disabled menu bar then uncontrolled address bar. Now I can't right click and check hide to make them appear. Now, I can't back up my story or my favorites. I don't have any help > or menu.

    Don't see the menu bar not (File, Edit, View, history... (Help)? Hold down the key (key in OSX) and press the following letters in this exact order: V T M
    The bar of menus must now appear permanently, unless you turn it off again (view > toolbars). Turn on/off the menu bar is a new feature in version 3.6.

    See the other toolbars under view > toolbars. By clicking on one of them will place a check mark (display) or remove the check mark (not shown).

    To display the status bar, view, and then click status bar to place a check mark (display) or remove the check mark (not shown).

    Mode full screen

    See also:
    Back and front toolbar buttons or others are missing
    Customize controls, buttons, and Firefox toolbars

  • I have "upgraded" to FF5 and now have no refresh or stop icons in the menu bar, are not available in the menu "personalize." How to make a comeback?

    I have "upgraded" to FF5 and now have no refresh or stop icons in the menu bar, are not available in the menu "personalize." How to make a comeback?

    I'm happy to have helped.

    It was something that many users asked when he changed first, and I initially did not know myself that the order of the buttons would make a difference as to if a button or a pair of buttons would be displayed.

    If you mark the post as solved while he is recorded in the answer will appear in the results of research and may help others.

  • The space on top of the menu bar is missing

    The space on top of the menu bar is missing. The tabs are right next to the orange "Firefox" button.

    Firefox displays the Menu bar or the orange menu Firefox button.

    If the Firefox window is maximized and the tab bar is on the top, then the tabs are drawn in the title bar.

    You can watch these prefs the topic: config page.

    • browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar
    • browser.tabs.onTop

    The current versions of Firefox only show the menu entry "Tabs" at the top in the menu "view > toolbars" and in context menus if the tabs are not in the default position on the top.

    If the tabs are on the top and the menu entry is not available and you want to move the tabs under the navigation toolbar, then you must return the pref browser.tabs.onTop false on the subject: config page.

  • How I always use the full width of my screen instead of only about 1/2 for the content? Menu bars are full width, is not the content of the page.

    I want to use the full width of my screen at any time.
    Menu bars are full-width but the content is not, in fact it is about 1/2 possible width.
    I bought a large wide screen to use it without having to increase the size of all fonts.

    Many sites Web uses a fixed width layout and do not automatically expand to fill the available space. It is perhaps for aesthetic reasons or for readability (it is more difficult for your brain to long strings).

    Firefox is not a built-in feature to change the layout, but there could be an add-on that does this.

    I understand that you do not want to increase the font size, but... Firefox zoom feature also expands the page layout and the image proportionally in order to preserve the overall design of the site. This article describes this feature in detail: the font size and zoom - increase the size of the web pages.

    If you find that you are constantly zooming all the sites by a comparable amount, there are modules, that you can use to set it as your default zoom level. For example:

  • menu bar is missing

    menu bar is missing

    See - why the menus (File, Edit, View, etc.) are missing?

  • Menu icons are missing T4i

    My daughter used my canon rebel t4i and now some of my menu icons are missing.  She changed a certain setting and I wanted to erase all settings, well, this is not yet an option Please HELP!

    I don't know if this is the problem, but if the unit is in automatic mode, taking the _out_ of the camera in this mode (for example using mode annual "M" is a good setting) on the mode dial.

    The menus are pretty short if you are in fully automatic mode, so it can be that your choice of menu is hidden.

  • I upgraded to El Capitan and some apps are missing.

    MacBook Air (13 inch, mid 2011)

    MacBook Air 4,2

    Intel Core i5 at 1.7 GHz

    4 GB memory

    I upgraded to El Capitan (10.11.3) and now the calendar and Contact applications are missing. I was not iCloud used for backup or restore.

    Before the upgrade, I was running 10.6.8. I had a Time Machine backup on an external USB drive.

    I went to Time Machine to restore the applications, but they are missing in the Applications folder. Strangely, the address book more older (v9.0) and iCal (v5.0.3) apps are here. I copied them to the computer and I can run them. My contacts reappear in somehow, but not my calendars.

    I had the calendar and Contacts before the backup, and they worked normally.

    I can't find a way to download the latest calendar and contacts applications. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like to reinstall OS X from your recovery disk. I do not know what effect (if any) installation of older applications will have...


  • How can I keep the dock and menu bar in the window

    How can I keep the dock and menu bar in the window

    First of all, go to System Preferences and select general:

    Under the dark menu and dock option, uncheck "hide and show the menu bar automatically".

    Go back and select Dock Prefs system:

    Make sure that "automatically hide / show the dock" is not checked.

  • Microsoft tools for restore the disk framentation system, and several others are missing. Is there a way to recover/reload?

    My computer crashed so I had to use my recovery disks that are about 8-10 years. When I reinstalled Windows service pack 2, the system recovery tools and several other microsoft tools not have installed on my system. Is it possible to recover these tools? The command prompt tells me that they are not on my system and get help from the Server Manager in the service (Net HelpMSG 2185) option. Can you tell me what that means and if/how I can do this?  I can't find a tab from the system restore on my computer. I guess that's because I have more access to these tools. My messages when I try to update things like Windows Media Player tells me that I can't set a date of restoration and that if I lose my installed programs that they can not be recovered. Guess that means I have to use my recovery again disks?

    <(Microsoft tools="" for="" the="" system="" restore,="" disk="" framentation,="" and="" several="" others="" are="" missing.="" is="" there="" a="" way="" to="" retreive/reload="" these="" tools?="" (assessories,="" system="" tools)="">

    Hey, take a look at the article and try the steps

    See you soon!

  • When I start thesystem I get 2 errors in netdolst.dll and qWaves32.dll are missing

    When I start thesystem I get 2 errors in netdolst.dll and qWaves32.dll are missing, how and where can I download free others these files, the computer works fine except that when I start the system is very slow, and then displays error messages I tried the system restore, but this does not seem worked either I don't think restore points do not appear to contain everything that I never really use the restore of the system but like I said system works well except that I am living in a retirement home and cannot afford these packages fantasies you can send me an email to * address email is removed from the privacy * I'd highly appreciate your help as soon as possible because I am one of those who dislikes computers I would prefer to give me error messages can you send me instructions instead of put in place on the forum you can do it too if you want to thank you for your help, I am not an expert in computers, so I need a step by step instructions

    qWAVE.dll (without the "s32") is a legitimate file for Vista and Windows 7 but not XP.

    Searches on Google for "qwaves32.dll" and "netdolst.dll" increase only highly questionable links.

    When a search in no hits or suspicious hits result, the answer is usually that the file in question is linked to the malicious software and your anti-malware application has deleted or quarantined file, but left to the Windows registry entry that tries to start the malicious software when you start your computer.  Given that you know on torrents (and downloaded them?) increases the likelihood that you had (or still have) malicious software on your computer.

    First of all, download, install, update and run both of these free analysis tools:
    MalwareBytes AntiMalware

    Do not run the scans at the same time.  They can take some time, so start an and then go for a non computer chore for awhile.

    If the scans does not solve the problem (and they can't, because the actual malware dll file has already been processed), then download and run Autoruns.  Click on the "Connection" tab and look in the column 'Image path' for the dll named in your error message.  If it is not displayed in the connection tab, click the "all" tab and use the file > search tool.  A characteristic of the search of Autoruns tool is that you must move the selection under the element line "found" before you "Find Next."

    Once you find the line with the file in question, either "delete" or (if you want to be safer) uncheck the box.  The latter prevents the line running, but you can reactivate it later by removing the check mark.

  • How to enlarge the text and menu bars on the Photoshop trial download?

    Text and menu bars appear as minute of my 24 "monitor - far too small to work comfortably on."

    Can someone tell me how to enlarge the display?

    Edit > Preferences > experimental features...  IU 200% scale

  • addresses of Firefox in the navigation bar are missing/replaced by different menu drop down

    When I type in an address, the drop down menu no longer contains the same list of addresses as always. Instead, there is a list of locations (less actual addresses beneath each) in bold and some places are repeated in the menu drop down but take me to a different site. Its a game guessing where Im going when I click on one. Next to each entry, there is a magnifying glass icon which was not there before. I was search playback for almost 3 hours trying to trouble shoot the issue and Ive tried to restore default with no luck. It's really annoying me... Any suggestions?

    It can happen because your some bars of tools and malware too...


    The reset Firefox feature can solve a lot of problems in restaurant Firefox to its factory default condition while saving your vital information.
    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions, open Web sites and preferences.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the button 'Reset Firefox'.
    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

  • Titles in the menu bar are small and blurry as well as all the text fields are reduced in Photoshop

    As you can see by the picture below, my menu bar titles at the top are small and blurry, most anywhere there is an area of text field (i.e. length & width text fields in the window in the size of the Image) she is collapsed vertically and so I don't see what are my values.  You can also see that the 3 boxes check mark at the bottom of the window the size of the Image are cut.  I have CS6 installed on a Windows XP computer without any problem.  Now that I "upgraded" to Windows 7, this is what I get results after installation.


    Straighten out your system fonts. All menu entries and pallets using the police hurt eitehr because you deleted the right a (trebuchet, Verdana), he is blocked or has another problem. Also update your graphics driver.


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