Subfolders and Inbox Sync to blackBerry Smartphones

My mail detaches a Microsoft Exchange Server. In Outlook, I have subfolders in my Inbox. When I sync or reconcilliate only these subfolders that I slipped and fell in the messages (and only those who, after the initial synchronization) are visible. Subfolders containing a rule created in outlook for messages to go directly to those who do not display messages; However, I can see all the subfolders. I'd love to synchronize all messages for all the sub folders and be able to view them. FYI, I have the default setting of 30 days on the phone and all the messages in Outlook are only 3 weeks.

Hello and welcome to the community!

I'll guess that you're on Blackberry Enterprise Service (as opposed to OWA via BIS). You may need to work with your BES admins for all this:

  • KB04297 How to configure the folder redirection to receive e-mail messages sent to folders other than the Inbox

But I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for. If you want to show on your BB, messages in these folders that existed already at the time wherever your BB was originally set on BES, who is not quite possible. Some may be able to be made available on your BB, but BB are not only designed as complete a replica of the mailbox... rather, they are designed to help work with the new emails. For some older posts, have your BES admins investigate it thus:

  • KB13292 Not all e-mail messages are received on the BlackBerry smartphone after the enterprise activation process

Good luck!

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  • Contacts sync for blackBerry Smartphones

    I have a Curve 8530 and Blackberry Desktop Software 2.4.0 (build 17) using try to sync contacts and calendars with MacBook Pro.  Calendars seems to work, but when get near the end of the progress on the contacts bar get an error message

    An error occurred during synchronization, ZERO.  with button again.

    a new attempt to keep, but get the same error message.

    Press sync stop and finally sync stops.

    Hi Jamesfrombryan

    Please check these:

    Browse this KB:

    KB25958 : Desktop Software for Mac reports "an error has occurred in Contacts sync" or "lost connection to SyncServer" newspaper of.

  • Security and confidentiality of other blackBerry Smartphones

    Hello world

    I've had my blackberry 8900 almost a year now but there is something that really bugs me.

    How is it that an early model Samung which can hardly navigate correctly on the web have privacy settings so that the widely acclaimed blackberry "smartphone" can't?

    It really becomes a problem with other BB users I know as well. With the advance of technology and the RIM essentially put all your information in the Palm of your hand, they should be more concerned about the privacy of users.

    Now my emails come directly to my phone for example, when I used hotmail via my computer, a password is required, however, now that they come directly to BB anyone can view, read or delete my messages.

    I have children as well and they love the games that I downloaded on my phone (pacman in particular), but sometimes they leave games and do not know the phone settings to get back in sometimes obviously my applications are removed...

    I searched all forums on the internet of course that I can lock my keypad so outgoing calls and I can block my SD card so no one can access my photos or music, but it is also far's life private...

    If there is no solutions should it be posted in the appropriate forum if someone can send it on BOARD at least because I searched but could not find an appropriate forum like this hit all BB users.

    Thank you

    Hi there - indeed, RIM took the approach all or nothing to the safety of the appliance. But look at it this way... There are a ton of personal information on the device, across multiple applications (e-mail, calendar, contacts, memos, etc.)... .creating an app-by-app element or data security configuration for data element would exponentially increase the potential points of penetration (as well as the processing on the device overhead). RIM has elected that they accompany the bulletproof (and low overhead) method instead.

    See you soon!

  • Sync contacts blackBerry Smartphones Outlook 2007/Desktop 5.0

    I am a relatively new user of Blackberry (4 months).  I sync my Blackberry Curve 8330 with Outlook 2007 on a windows using Blackberry Desktop v 5.0.  While the right of the logic of the calendar synchronization, the contacts are not.  It seems that when I sync Outlook to the Blackberry, it just seems to ADD contacts, rather than MERGE them.  You can imagine that it means that the number of contacts on my Blackberry keeps on growing, with obvious duplicates.

    Note: I don't '1 way', that I need not change on my contacts on the Blackberry transfer to Outlook.  It's a one-way street.  In addition, I know the work around - from time to time, I'm doing a "replace contents" when I synchronize so that all of the contacts on the Blackberry are deleted and new Outlook contacts are transferred.  Because I have about 4000 contacts, he is a rather slow process, and I don't want to do it every time.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.  That "reset" seemed to have worked.   We'll see after I do some modifications, etc.

  • Calendar and address book to blackBerry Smartphones Comcast

    Is it possible to sync my Blackberry Torch 9800 with my calendar and address book from Comcast?

    Hello CAR49ers,

    It is currently unsupported to synchronize your account Comcast with your BlackBerry for your Contacts and calendar.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Problems sync outlook blackBerry Smartphones and blackberry Pearl 8110

    I have a similar problem with my Blackberry Pearl 8110, Desktop Manager 5.01 and Outlook 2003 SP3.

    When I try to synchronize my contacts from my Blackberry to Outlook, the process gets thru 'Read in the device address book' 90 and 90 files without problem.  It starts the process following "Treatment Device Address Book" and gets 86 90 files and stops and a pop error message window: [title bar] Intellisync. It has a red circle with 'X' white and says "Unable to read data from application." with an ok button.

    I uninstalled Desktop Manager 5.01 twice, deleted the folder Intellisync following "KB11703" with no luck.

    In the Intellisync [C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Research in Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync] folder I found this file: PtTrace.log (see below):

    Tue Dec 08 22:10:40 2009 - Intellisync Log file.

    {22:10:40.593: create an empty table C:\DOCUME~1\SonicXP\APPLIC~1\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Intellisync\{10A31DA6-8BF9-4767-9C2E-E4C4F4FF2310}. CFG\TABLES. ITB a.\startup.cpp line 500
    {22:10:40.609: empty table file C:\DOCUME~1\SonicXP\APPLIC~1\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Intellisync\{10A31DA6-8BF9-4767-9C2E-E4C4F4FF2310}. CFG\TABLES. ITB a.\startup.cpp line 519
    {22:10:42.656: create an empty table C:\DOCUME~1\SonicXP\APPLIC~1\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Intellisync\{C0116ED9-D020-4BF3-A38E-08A5B02C2528}. CFG\TABLES. ITB a.\startup.cpp line 500
    Tue Dec 08 22:10:44 2009: error 0 x 83110005.-2096037883.0 a.\syncconfigmanager.cpp line 1137
    Tue Dec 08 22:10:45 2009: error could not load CXLServer1.dll in the product directory... 4005.\callback.cpp line 3610
    22:11:07.343: start Session ILX, Source = Microsoft Outlook, target device =
    22:11:07.359: from Standard synchronization
    22:11:07.406: Phase = 10, user = XXXXXXXX: reading data from the device address book
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error could not retrieve the field on the device.4238 to the RIM: DeviceIConnector.cpp line 780
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error 4018.4018 to la.\sdk_data.cpp line 2494
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error 4018.0 on line 208 de.\cilfield.cpp
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: Birthday.4018.0 error at line 463 la.\cilrec.cpp
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error 4018.0 to la.\ciltrans.cpp line 589
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error 4018.4018 a.\ilx_sdk.cpp line 256
    22:11:18.625: translation unit status: user = XXXXXXXX, rc = 74, Phase = 10, TrErr = 4018, SysErr = 0 to the 596 ligne.\xlatev3.cpp
    22:11:18.640: end of Session ILX, time = 11,000 seconds

    Don't know what to do, I hope I don't have to do a factory reset on my phone.  ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPERICATED! Thank you!


    [It was an original message on 03/03/2009 and I still have the same described problem above.] sdgardne replied to my post:

    Try the steps in this KB:

    • KB02048 "Unable to read application data" error when configuring or synchronization of data from the organizer with BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    Honestly, it sounds like a bad record... If you can refine what folder and delete it, maybe then things move on.

    But the KB02048 is therefore more accessible because RIM has either deleted from the Knowledge Base or?


    I couldn't find a solution for this, ANYWHERE so I just decided to fix this problem just upgrade to the new version of the BlackBerry Desktop version software. And now, ALL my contacts synchronize with a problem.

    Also from the beginning of this problem and now I have also improved my Outlook 2003 to 2007 and then to 2010.

    So I do not know if the combo of doing all this software update fixed the issue of the contact crupt but its market not now and that's what I need.

  • Problems sync outlook blackBerry Smartphones and blackberry

    It's my first message and request information and/or assistance. I have a Curve 8330 and love it. However a day or there, I met with my blackberry with outlook sync issues, 2003. The problem seems to be an exception in the exception is "the exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in the application at location 0x07c3835d" desktopmgr.exe, I removed the Manager and reinstalled but it continues to fail in the same place. So now I have to keep two sets of books is a real pain. I expect that there may be an invalid date, but have no idea how to find him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Hello dgyeaw and welcome to support forums

    First try and delete the Intellisync folder and then try to synchronize again. Try the steps in this KB article

    What part on the synchronization stops to? During the calendar, address book, etc.? If she keeps in check stop even this database on the BlackBerry may be damaged and we would have to delete it and synchronize with Outlook.

  • Message icons and email separate from blackBerry Smartphones / inboxes

    When I set up e-mail (gmail) on my BB Curve 8900 I ended with the icon of a single message / Inbox called Messages and marked another ([email protected]).  Both receive all my email.  The message icon also has text messages.  I read the posts on how to change the SMS and e-mail to separate message boxes and they did, but I see no difference.  Two mailboxes still receive all my emails.  How can I stop this and delete duplicate emails?  I want to have the inboxes separated so I can more easily see SMS messages and I don't want copies of the emails because I guess that it takes storage space.

    Go to the icon that you don't want, tap menu then tap hide.

  • Contacts and calendar sync for blackBerry software

    Good evening

    Have experienced a complete failure to sync Contacts & Calendar (works well for photos & videos) for the past two weeks.

    This message appears several times:

    "CPreferencesManager:Configuration for/Preferences/Account_1_65538/SyncAccountld_2 not the value of TransConfig.xml for RimBB of translator.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the mixture twice, and link without modification.

    Would be very grateful for any solution...

    Thank you!

    Yes, it seems the other link for some reason any is broken, here's another one with the same info:

  • All of a sudden didn't Sync for blackBerry Smartphones

    Suddenly from 13/10/14 my sync: Curve 8520 to Outlook 2010/Windows 8 via the USB port has failed. Message on the desktop software: cannot load the previous settings Organizer to synchronize Organizer data between my computer and my BlackBerry smart phone.

    I tried to reset the "organiizer data select Synchronize" on the software and get the message that: the Organizer on your computer applications is not supported and suggested I check with Blackberry applications that are supported.

    Of course, BlackBerry supports Outlook. I have checked my Microsoft updates and find out who is a security for Outlook update has been downloaded and installed on 10-12-14 and wonder if this is the problem? Any help would be appreciated please.

    Thanks FrankieS, this solves the problem.

  • Sync to blackBerry Smartphones

    I currently have a PDA of WinMo, and I'm looking to replace it with a "BOLD". On the PDA, I use ActiveSync to keep files synchronized between computer and PDA, such as when I plug my PDA, ActiveSync will automatically synchronize my files (both directions).  Can someone tell me if there is a similar mechanism to do this with the "BOLD"?

    Thank you


    Yes, use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager > Syncronize asks for this function to sync your calendar, contacts, memos and tasks.

    If you need other synchronized files other than those above, look at ToySync (for synchronization of a folder on your media on your desktop card.

  • Problem with headset and speed dial combination blackBerry Smartphones

    My headset is a Bluetooth de Motorola 500. I can dial numbers on my speed dial list manually and via voice command and the headset works fine.  When I dial the same number to a speed dial I hear the dial unfold the headset turns off and I hear everything through the phone.  If I hang up and call another call, the headset is very good.  Verizon has replaced the phone thinking it was a hardware problem, but no change.  Did I miss a setting somewhere?

    In addition, since activating the new phone, the indicator message indicates 1 new message, but I have been through all the email and SMS accounts and cannot find anything unread.  Thoughts?

    If Verizon replaced the phone and you still get problems, there are two potential problems that create this problem:

    1. Your phone is not properly the pairing with the headset.  Once Verizon updated their operating system (OS), this can be resolved as bluetooth was supposed to be improved in later operating systems.
    2. Your helmet is simply not fully compatible with the phone.  I used a Motorola H680 headset and a BlackBerry HS655 + with my Storm and had no problems.

    My best guess?  It's probably a combination of 1 and 2 and I'm sure that's all just a related software.  My only suggestion at this point is to wait for Verizon update the operating system for your phone, or you might try an upgrade to another carrier if you wish.  Let us know if you need help with this, but be aware that Verizon doesn't have to endure phones running operating systems that they do not officially support (you can go back if necessary).

    Now regarding your second question, so is the message indicator an indicator of normal message?  If so, start by going to your Inbox main and made scroll down through the list of all messages to see if he is here... it could be a PIN message, or something similar.  It could also be a message to the call log.  Go to the phone application (press the green phone button), then to top at the top, click way to call log button.  You may very well have a failure called message it.  In addition, my next suggestion would be to simply try a battery pull.  While the phone is turned on, remove the battery for 15-30 seconds before reinserting.  Wait for the phone to reboot (~ 5 minutes) and then see if he disappeared.

    Keep us informed!

  • Sync bluetooth blackBerry Smartphone problems

    New to the family of BBerry, palm used to date.  computer and BBry have paired but Office Manager | connections Bluetooth option is grayed out, cannot select.  Searched all the help that I can and all I can find are solutions to the cases where the units don't pair.  Any ideas out there?

    Well, I guess that if someone wants to help, they will need some info

    BBry - 8330 model

    Director of office v4.5

    Win XP v 3

    USB sync works without a problem (although I do not check all records of the changes rather than maintain a database of only changed records...)

    ONLY one reported so far to use the native drivers BT, I'll try it, but is it logical that devices have paired?  A hard time finding the drivers for BT


    I don't know if you have them already, but here is the official RIM instructions for the use of BT for the integration of DTM:

    I hope something in there will help you to solve this problem.

    See you soon!

  • Sync bluetooth blackBerry Smartphone problem

    New to the family of BBerry, palm used to date.  computer and BBry have paired but Office Manager | connections Bluetooth option is grayed out, cannot select.  Searched all the help that I can and all I can find are solutions to the cases where the units don't pair.  Any ideas out there?

    Well, I guess that if someone wants to help, they will need some info

    BBry - 8330 model

    Director of office v4.5

    Win XP v 3

    USB sync works without a problem (although I do not check all records of the changes rather than maintain a database of only changed records...)

    Hi cpeneff and welcome to the forums!

    There is a thread of introductions, the real work happens on the forums of the device!

    Open a thread on the 8330 forums, and we can give you some advice.

    Meanwhile, make sure your PC is not working native windows drivers,

    a battery replacement by the PC manufacturer.

    Thank you


  • How to separate work and personal e-mail blackBerry smartphones

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    By default, BES email is made only in posts emails BIS icon/App are placed in their own icons, but they are still contained in the main Messages application. This is how it works by default. It is not redundant - rather, think that Messages like the Tote place, with the BIS independent icons being a filter, traction (from message) to them only messages that relate to them... but if you act on an e-mail (read, delete, etc.) in one, the change will be reflected in the other.

    Your BES Admin can push an E-mail BES icon only to your device. This solution is free, but must be conducted at the level of the BES server and will affect all users on the BES server.

    Or you can get the application to empower BES Inbox. This solution costs (per user), but does not require a change at the server level and affects only a single user.

    Neither solution would do anything on Messages - will continue to contain what it contains today. All they will do is activate an additional icon on your home screen that is a filter for your BES emails only. You can hide or move the Messages icon/app out of the way, but beware - there are more that just the emails that arrive in Messages... it will come a day when you have a new message indicator and only by digging through Messages that you will be able to find this message.

    I hope this helps explain how it all works!

    Good luck!

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